“New Sri Lanka Freedom Party (NSLFP)  under  the leadership of ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse – Great News!
Posted on March 28th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Thank you M D P DISSANAYAKE for Great News on the resurgence of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The new government under Maithreepala Sirisena, actually driven by Ranil Wickramasingha & Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has become a universal comedy series.

It became pretty obvious that the power-boost for the My3-RW-CBK was generated by India-UK-USA, as demonstrated by the warm welcome given to President Maithrepala Sirisena by the Indians, and especially by the British Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth.  In fact, as mentioned by several contributors in Lanka Web, the Queen shook hands with the Sri Lanka President, without her traditional gloves. A very special gesture!

With a “fatherly” arm-touching by David Cameron Prime Minister of Great Britain, to a man whom he has never met before, is rather un-British.

The next debacle of My3 visit was his subservience to the Tamil demands to hold the official reception in a Hotel than at the Sri Lankan High Commission. What next?

So the President of Sri Lanka is dancing to the Tamil – Tunes!

Next might he even mark his forehead with a spot of Pink?

The public response by the Gay Mangala Samaraweera, the Foreign Secretary, on his official trips to to USA & India, was unceremonious, to say the least.

The Stop-Start of the Port of Colombo development project by the Chinese has cost the Sri Lankan tax-payer a massive Billion Rupees, as published in media.

The unsubstantiated allegations by several Ministers of My3 including RW, on the Bribery & Corruption by the Rajapaksa Administration, of several billion dollars and still counting, have only demonstrated the political “Witch-Hunt” by My3-RW.

Hopefully LankaWeb readers & contributors have not forgotten the alleged corrupt illegal doings of Singaporean Arjuna Mahendran, the Chief of the Central Bank and his son-in-law. Also the jail-bird Raj Rajaratnam and his association with two members of the current cabinet.

More important are the acts of opening Sri Lanka doors wide to the potential Tamil Terrorists, supported by ISIS, due to reduction of HSZ defenses. Immediate action is needed to prevent any resurgence of terror.

This will also increase the appetite of Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka, who is now virtually barred from entering the political arena, but received the Baton to launch a military Coup d’état, if & when disturbance occur.

Rumour has it that Basil Rajapaksa intends to return to Sri Lanka from USA after completing his medical treatment, to face allegations against him.  This is vital to clear the Rajapaksa image and maintain credibility.

It is tragic and utterly disgraceful that My3 Government is possibly making allegations without substance, against the Rajapaksa family, simply due to political fear.

Is it possible for Sri Lanka Customs & Excise to produce any evidence of importation of ultra-luxury motor vehicles, such as Lamborghini, and the cost of the vehicle, taxes paid, and the name of the importer?

Hopefully, the Treasure Hunters & the Rumour Mongers of the My3-RW-CBK will get their act together and present all evidence before the 100-day honeymoon ends.


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17 Responses to ““New Sri Lanka Freedom Party (NSLFP)  under  the leadership of ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse – Great News!”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: This is Indian imperialists in action. You don’t see who is behind it and blame what you just see. Take UK and there are more than three million Indians (Bharat Prawasi Desis). Both major parties are sucking to this minority for funds and votes. Jai Hind

  2. L Perera Says:

    Christie : You don’t have to say it – we all know that Cameron and Miliband are the biggest suckers ……………………

  3. ranjit Says:

    We dont care which party or symble great Mahinda represent we will give our life to him for bringing our great country to the level we are in today. Jarapalanaya do not have any vision for the country except vision for themselves. Three different views in three different heads of three stupid idiots (my3/rani/CBK) we will fight until this Jarapalanaya falls. Truth will prevail.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    It is good news to here Mahinda is planning a come back to active politics. But he should not forget why he was kicked out in the first place.

    To win back lost support he should convince his lost supporters that he is a change man and admit his mistakes.

    1. He should work out a manifesto that clearly show his determination to protect the country from all the enemies, local and foreign and a five year development plan.

    2. Declare he will hold a referendum to repel the 13thn amendment soon after the election.

    3. Select good, honest and capable candidates (including GR) to contest every seat not puppets like the ex PM.

    4. Select a smaller cabinet on merit not on family ties.

    5. Groom a suitable candidate to take over reins from him.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with the short list by Sarath W. Above all he must understand it was Sinhalese who stood by him right throughout his political career since 1970.

    Understanding why he was defeated is the most important thing he must fix before coming back to power. However, he is under severe pressure from the very forces that defeated him to stay loyal to them. As many have pointed out, provincial councilors are Mahinda’s biggest supporters. It is an obvious ploy to steer him away from repealing 13A or promising to do so. Unless he takes bold decisions to do what is right for the nation and the people irrespective of who is supporting him from political camps, there is little chance he will succeed. As we all know, politicians cannot be trusted. All those who support him barring a few now do so for personal gain.

    For an ex president, Mahinda is exceptionally popular. All previous presidents were extremely unpopular at the end of their rule.

    Mahinda is yet to come up with a catchy slogan to win back the majority. However, it is impossible for him to become the executive president again as elections will be held in 2020. SLFP’s best course of action is to bring a motion to abolish the executive presidency altogether. Mahinda can become the Prime Minister sooner.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    All the ideas on what MR should do in the future for Lanka are well and good. But, do people consider the fact that there is still a War Crimes charge from the UNHRC against Mahinda Rajapakse, his govt and the armed forces of Lanka ? That has to be removed first if he is come forward. What are the educated folk and other concerned people doing about that ?

    The present new illegal govt does not make matters easy for MR & his family and past govt either, as this new govt brings in false charges against them all on a daily basis.

    I am beginning to think that the new illegal govt is bringing the country’s ECONOMY & FINANCIAL sectors DOWN for reasons best known to them. Possible end game is too horrific to write down ….

  7. helaya Says:

    Fran, UNHRC can not do a thing about it. Firstly they have ti refer to the permanent members (i do not remember the name of the committee, including Russia, China and other super powers. Decision has to unanimous. China and Russia can override it. Also SL is not in International court.

  8. Marco Says:

    As Dilrook points out above (penny finally drops) and what I have been saying all along MR depends on Provincial Councilors to garner grass root support. The PC members have been MR life blood the past 6 years and even more so now when he cannot use the state machinery. The silence on the 13th Amendment from MR is deafening!

    The interesting question now remains who is going to bank roll him with hard currency or which media mogul is going to back him. All but few National politicians in the SLFP have deserted him. Wimal Weerawansa for all his excellent oratory skills and entertainment value is all but a crowd pleaser with a good following of voters. Even he has lost the common touch with his arrogant attitude towards his supporters as displayed in his local surgery.

    There was talk about MR contesting via the Labour Party which is highly unlikely.
    I do however wish that he enters Parliament and even as Leader of the Opposition to keep the elected Govt in check.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for response.


    One wonders if the UNSC has been approached on this ? What is the new illegal govt of Lanka doing about it ? The new govt has to protect the past President, the past govt and the armed forces of Lanka on this matter.

    The UN Security Council comprises of :

    Current Members

    Permanent and Non-Permanent Members
    The Council is composed of 15 Members:

    five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States,
    and ten non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly (with end of term date):

    10 Non-permenet members :
    Angola (2016)
    Chad (2015)
    Chile (2015)
    Jordan (2015)
    Lithuania (2015)
    Malaysia (2016)
    New Zealand (2016)
    Nigeria (2015)
    Spain (2016)
    Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (2016)

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    UNSC permanent members have the power to VETO single handedly. So its majority decision will NOT work.

    MR LOST because he was SCARED of UNHRC threats and started to APPEASE Tamils.

    Forget about UNHRC. Tell them to do whatever they can. They have NO power. UNSC must approve everything.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    I disagree.

    MR lost because of cheated elections (per Dilrook’s articles).

    What I am now saying is that MR has to have a clear field to work in if he is come back without falsehoods aimed at him, his family, the past govts and the armed forces of Lanka. That part is up to the present illegal govt to give a clear field instead of further messing up the country as they are now doing. I also think it helps to have a clear not guilty verdict from the UN, whichever quarter. Do you agree ? Now don’t go ‘Roo jumpin’ on this. Say yes or no.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Forget about UNHRC. Tell them to do whatever they can- very cunning statement …. USA-Ananda you Demila friend after some thing …..


    Marco POLO, (I put that in to make it rime). Have you forgotten, YOU TRIED TO EATE ASFALT as soon as the elections were over! This sentence was given to you by your Kappan Karayas in the OBAMA ADIMNISTRATION, TAMILS working in side the US State Department. Answer to your “Who is going to bank roll MR” the very Tamils who got him defeated by Ballot box stuffing. Raj Rajarathnam is very concerned that TAMILS who were in MR administration is getting exposed. So he wants MR back. Do you think MR is stupid? NO ! because he wants crowds to surround Ranil’s house and CBK’s house surrounded by SRI LANKEN PEOPLE and the military to take charge like in Thailand and Egypt! BURINGNG QUESTION OF THE DAY; THAT EVERY ONE IS Scared to ask is about the constitution that this DISGRASEFUL PUNK JVP MUDERER THE ELECTION Commissioner is writing. There are 58 “TAMILS FOR OBAMA” FROM USA IS WRITING THE NEW CONSTITUTION. WHO IS PAYING FOR IT? OBAMA WHITE HOUSE. John Kerry authorized it soon after the elections. OBAMA HAS 50 million dollars to spend in Sri Lanka, how much he has already spent no one knows.

  14. Marco Says:

    Thank you for your response.
    I’m not sure how to respond to it except to say you appear to have penchant dislike to the Election Commissioner who happened to (in my opinion) have done an excellent job irrespective of your allegations which you have yet to provide evidence and/or proof of his misdemeanors. (telephone calls from Obama! seriously?) or ballot box stuffing.

    Incidentally, the EC is not writing or amending the Constitution- would you be able to provide the source or evidence to that or 58 Tamils for Obama writing it.

    Where are you getting this information from? oh- Is it from Dr Mendis?

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    IF elections were cheated, why on earth MR didn’t challenge it in supreme court????

    ONLY 3 options.

    1. Elections were NOT cheated as claimed.
    2. MR voters also cheated.
    3. MR cannot find a lawyer to file a case.

    Which one do you think is the most likely?

    But I AGREE there is the POSSIBILITY of cheating in elections in Jaffna and Colombo. I STILL have my name in BOTH those places despite NOT being a SL citizen for the past so many years! People ACTUALLY doing it is REMOTE.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    The elections were cheated. You haven’t yet arrived at the real cause for non-challenge …. I too was puzzled till I read some of the new articles in the L’web.

  17. Dilrook Says:

    I’m afraid Mahinda has been led astray again. Now he plans to win back Indian trust and hopes to come back to rule. A strategy destined to fail. In fact Mahinda is one of the strongest defenders of 13A today. Even Weerawansa is silent about the elephant in the room (13A). My prediction is UNP will win over 51% at the June election unless Mahinda’s team make a u-turn. Ranil, Ravi, Mangala, Karu, Sajith, etc. team is a national disaster.

    Instructed by Modi, Muslims are totally alienated by the regime giving Mahinda the opportunity to team up with them.

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