Seeni bola to the Tamils and sowing seeds for the next Eelam war
Posted on April 8th, 2015

Ben Silva

I am gad that Asoka Weerasinhe has started writing again (I fully agree with the views expressed by him) and thankful to all the writers including HLD Mahindapala,  Prof. Hudson McLean, Dilrook Kannangara, Shenali D Waduge, Ranjith Soyza and others. I am thankful to Lankaweb for facilitating the forum.  Many writers have pointed out that Sinhala people  are facing serious threats.` It is worthwhile visiting Rangith’s   article   ref.

After terrorism was defeated by MR, MY3 gang has reduced the HSZ, released terrorists, indicated  its intention  to  remove 16 groups and hundreds of Tamils from a list of foreign terrorists, appointed Tamils who have committed alleged fraud to key positions, allowed the national anthem, a vital symbol in a unitary state to be sung in the language of people who terrorised the country for 30 years and on previous occasions destroyed our irrigation system. Prabhakran is my Leader, but Modi is my Political Model”, says a Sri Lankan  TNA Tamil MP (ref. New Indian exoress) . This MPs statement and Vigneswaran’s submission to the UNHRC, all point to the idea that Tamils are not interested in reconciliation,  but preparing for another war. It appears that people who wanted a ‘venase’ have voted in  a LTTE government, who are leading us to a precipice.   Have we not learnt anything from the 30 years of LTTE rule in the North and do we want a repeat performance ?  So the Tamil terrorist threat is real and  serious, and when they suspect we are weak sufficiently, they will start another war. How many times have we been taught this lesson ?. Appeasing them will make us weaker and make  racists stronger. We are now in the same state as we were before the racist war, appeasing racists, without making our defence stronger,  and without learning any lessons and completely ignoring the sacrifices made by the Sinhalese.  Some writers have also pointed out the dangers to Lanka by the proposed 19A.

Economic mismanagement by the present Government is indicated by the decrease in foreign reserves, poor performance of the stock market and the decrease in value of the rupee. It is also likely that there  would be high inflation, as money is allowed to go into the system, in the form of increased wages, without any increase in productivity.  It is shocking that this damage is done within   a short period of three months.

My view is that the treacherous acts of this LTTE government has to be passed on to voters at village level. If nothing os done, Sinhala Buddhists are doomed in Sri Lanka, by the voters committing an act similar to turkeys voting for Christmas”.

Correct mental state is needed for survival, rather than rely on  myths or majic. No  myth or triple gem  saved the Nalanda Buddhists ! nor those in the silk route. Unfortunately many want to turn a blind eye to these facts, without learning lessons!.

Many suspect that the acts of MY3 gang is more treacherous than the group that sold the country in 1815.  MY3 gang is   allowing themselves to be deceived by racists. Many suspect  that  MY3 gang came to power through deception and lies,  the scene  manipulated by foreign NGOs, agents and governments.  MY3 gang has even managed to antagonise the people who helped us, the Chinese. All the indicators are that the West has a plan to destroy Lanka and want to destabilise Lanka as they did in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

MY3  and gang is doing the ground work for racist Tamils  for the next Eelam war. The outcome of that war may even bring about the end of the Sinhalese in Lanka. What has the so called JHU and JVP  done to protect the nation. Some say the MY3 gang is a puppet govt. of the imperialists and Indians whilst others refer o it as  the  LTTE  government. They certainly have achieved a lot for terrorist sympathisers and even given our national anthem away.   It is time to have an organisation called the Sinhala National alliance to protect the interests of the Sinhalese and counter act the threats of racist TNA and this has to be done urgently,  before the final nail is hammered on Sinhala Buddhists.

We have to remember that funds for terrorism was  raised in Western countries    and initial training  of LTTE was done in India.  When we should try to become stronger,  MY3 gang is making the  Sinhalese weaker. Has MY3 got plans to lead the TNA ?  Most Tamil politicians have conducted themselves in a racist manner and promoted Tamil racism. Unless Sinhala people recognise the threats from racist Tamils, the future would be bleak and future generations of Sinhala people will not have a country to live in  Already if people look at a map or visIt various parts of Sri Lanka, they will find that  the Sinhalese have lost a good portion of the  only homeland. I have to mention that our hill country Tamil brothers and sisters are hard working group of people and have to be appreciated   and treated as a  valuable  part of the community.   Tamil brothers and sisters are hard working and In my view, all citizens need to work for the common good of the country and need to  conduct themselves in a non racist manner.

We need to analyse why we are lagging behind other communities when it comes to wealth generation.  My view is that religions and cultural constrains  and blind faith in myths are preventing us from reaching our potential.  More of it later on.

In simple terms, there is a need to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, information seeking skills, trading skills, communication skills and  business skills etc to name a few of the skills that we need to develop if the Sinhalese want to safeguard their only homeland. A single flag and a single National anthem would be symbolic in indicating a unitary state. Any deviation from this would eventually lead to fragmentation. Fragmentation would either lead to eternal war or the elimination of Sinhalese in Sr Lanka.  Because of our proximity to Tamil Nadu and after destruction of  our hydraulic systems by ancient   Tamils there is a need to look seriously on security.  This need is enhanced by  the destruction done to us  during the  recent 30 year  racist war.  We should have learnt lessons. Unfortunately we have not learnt  any lesson, even after the loss of 40000 soldiers, deaths of many women and children (Remember Dollar and Kent farm). My fear is that nature will wipe out those that are not fit enough to survive.  Politicians are on a competition to appease  Tamils and win Tamil votes. MR generated a unitary state and his defeat was celebrated in Tamil Nadu, surely this is telling us something!. It is vital that we stop the MY3 gang fragmenting the country. How can the Sinhalese stop the country from  being fragmented  by the MY3 LTTE  gang ?  May I ask again, . Has the MY3 gang being more  treacherous   than the gang who handed over the country  1815 ?

Thousands of poor people in NCP are dying from kidney disease. They appear to get  no seeni bola from any one. The sad and trajic thing is, whilst the Tamils get seeni bola from everyone, including seeni bola from Sinhala politicians after the Tamil votes, the voiceless poorest of the Sinhala people even have less of the pie. In comparison Tamils appear to get seeni bola from Indians,  NGOS, from bogus refugees abroad and from the MY3 gang as well. Indians favouring Tamils is racial discrimination against the Sinhalese and part of a divide and rule policy of India and should be stopped.

Recent ADB report states that Sri Lanka is lagging in innovation and application of technology  in comparison to neighbouring countries. In my view, wealth generation skills, innovation, application of technology  and activities generating wealth is far more important than Nivana seeking skills, to survive in the modern world.  How can a nation brainwashed on giving up desires and suggested to seek extinction (Nirvana) make progress on innovation ?  India, which produced these Indian myths and snake oil,  have dumped ancient myths and are making good progress on innovation. In deed if we do not innovate and  learn a move on and if we stick to ancient Indian myths, we would be made extinct, as the law of nature is survival of the fittest. I am a Sinhala Buddhist following precepts but do not believe in suicidal Indian myths. Our heritage and Buddhist culture has to be safeguarded, for cultural and historical reasons.

Who controls Sri Lanka’s banking and finance system ? Who runs most business organisations in Sri Lanka ?  

MY3 gang came to power saying that they will eliminate corruption and slim down the number of ministries. MY3 bribed the Tamil voters and gave them seeni bola by releasing number of LTTE terrorists, by allowing the national anthem to be sung in Tamil and shrinking the Sri Lankan  military presence  in the North, removing terrorist  Tamil groups from terrorist lists.  These  things appear to be attempts to bribe the Tamils to get their votes.   Such  actions by MY3,appeasing  Tamils  would be disastrous to Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese in general. Many feel that  such treacherous actions are  harmful to the Sinhalese, weaken them and sow seeds for the next terrorist war. Many wonder if   MY3 received seeni bola  from terrorist sympathisers or from  the West . The very people who came to power saying they will eliminate bribery and corruption  are the same people offering sweeteners to the Tamils. It is the Tamil racist terorrists that drained the blood of the nation and resulted in the ldeaths  of over 40000 Sinhalese. Before MR liberated Lanka, politicians were appeasing the Tamils just as MY3 is doing now. Such actions, rather than producing harmony created chaos. In countries such as China and Japan that had multiple rulers, war between factions were common and countries were in disarray.  Similar situation   would happen in Lanka, if there is devolved power. For national harmony and peace, it is essential that the nation is united under one flag and one national anthem, as it gives a clear message on unity of Sri Lanka. It has to be remembered that it is a UNP government that yielded to Indian power that produced the 13A, that will disintegrate the country. The Sinhalese, if they continue to ignore the situation, will lose Sri Lanka altogether and will not have a country to live and be second class citizens in their own country. Other  ethnic gropus  such as native Americans, who did not change or respond to the threats facing them have got wiped out.. If the Sinhalese continue to give up desires and aim for extinction (Nirvana), they would be there, extinct  before they even realised it.

MY3’s general performance so far and his  comments about  the queen shaking hands without gloves,  indicate that MY3 is a  naïve, ill informed, gullible person, not fit to govern a country, in a world full of extremely smart and cunning leaders.  It is sad to see that  MY3  and some traitors have joined the party  that many see as associated with the privileged  and Tiger sympathisers.

The extravagant spending by Mangala and  alleged boy friend  is revolting, as many in NCP are dying of Kidney disease.

It is reported by the ADB that Sri Lanka is lagging behind neighbouring countries in innovation and application of technology. I have repeatedly said that If the Sinhalese are to survive, then they will have to innovate and be good at applying technology and abandon giving up desires and abandon aiming for extinction (Nirvana). If the Sinhalese are not competitive, they will achieve Nirvana, automatically, as happened to many native American nations.

.The threat is not only from Tamils, but  from globalisation, with various countries and groups seeking Sri Lankas resources  such as  the coast line and its strategic location. In my view, it is time to recognise internal and external threats and develop appropriate skills to survive in a global  interconnected  market driven economy where money  and trading  appears to play a dominant role.  Whilst respecting our religious and cultural heritage, it is prudent to questions the validity of the underlying concepts. In a dangerous competitive world,  only the fittest will survive. My concern is that Buddhists are too passive and not aggressive enough to defend themselves in a dangerous world, highly competitive world   full of greedy people, where only the fittest will survive and the weak eliminated.  In my view, giving up desires and run away from the problem, seeking Nirvana is not the solution.  We have also to remember that the  country rhat produced these myths have rejected the myths after the Nalanda debacle. India is now thriving in an economy driven by desires and want.  Also remember that Buddhists in the Silk route have been wiped out. Tibet and Bhutan that have Buddhism similar to our Buddhism remains  as very primitive and underdeveloped countries. Following ancient myths to give up desires and seek extinction (Nirvana) appears to be a route to disaster, as found out by Nalanda Buddhists and Buddhist in the Sulk route I am a Sinhala Buddhist and I follow the Buddhist precepts, perhaps as Buddha intended but without myths that is not compatible with the modern world. Being passive and doing the minimum may be easy, but will not help one to survive in a highly competitive world. It has to be asked, why are the Sinhala Buddhists at the bottom of the pile with reference to wealth and wealth generation.  When  a group  is at the bottom of the pile, this group is disadvantaged in terms of education, access to information, health, housing and so on. My view is that  non Buddhists have desires and are motivated to generate wealth.  in comparison Sinhala Buddhists are informed of the virtues of giving up desires and seeking Nirvana (extinction). I would think twice  before accepting ancient Indian myths that Indians have dumped.

How many have bothered to find out what happened to the natives in North and South America.  In some countries the natives are second class citizens in their own country. If we want to avoid the same fate,  we have to learn lessons. Nalanda Buddhists and Buddhistts in the Silk route  experienced  the end results, when countries were  run under Buddhist principles. The  sad truth is that many in the world do not follow  Buddhist principles and we would  become easy victims to nasty people. It is however, good  to have good governance and values , but please leave religion out.

Religion could be used as a drug  by nasty people and  religion could be used to  stop us from evolving. There is irrefutable evidence that nations that do not adapt to the modern world and those that ignore internal and external threats and  are  not prepared to defend themselves  would be wipe out.

25 Responses to “Seeni bola to the Tamils and sowing seeds for the next Eelam war”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Very good writing by Ben.

    On Buddhism: as with EVERYTHING (including Christianity), not everything in Buddhism is applicable. We have to use KALAMA SUTRA to pick what is useful and drop what is not.

    All the marvels of the world were build by GREED and CRAVINGS.

    e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

    As long as greed stays within the law and common sense it is good. We must manage (NOT KILL) our greed and cravings at the HIGHEST legal and socially acceptable level.

    I’m happy to CRAVE MADLY for a SINHELA BUDDHIST UNITARY SL and die disappointed than live like a dead body without cravings.

  2. Independent Says:

    After long useless report based on other people’s ideas, Ben ( some people used a more appropriate name) displayed the same old trick of attacking Buddhism in the last 4 paragraphs.
    I can’t express how badly this foolish writer hanging on to his only invention for years.

    Now another Buddhist basher has joined him attacking Nibbaana by supporting “Tanha”. How foolish are these people not understanding that the basic foundation of Buddhism is Nibbaana, without it there is only ceremonial God worship like Hindusim or worst still Christianity or Islam.

  3. Independent Says:

    Amazing how an Anglican is able teach us how Kalama Sutta is applicable to Sinhala Buddhists.

    He has changed ” ඒහිපස්සිකෝ ” to “not everything in Buddhism is applicable “.

    Lorenzo now thinks he is the Buddha ( having helped to defeat Rajapaksa). His intelligence is greater than Buddha, he thinks.
    So, according to him , in Kalama Sutta , Buddha has said, “monks, Upaasakas , I am saying certain things not applicable to you but other things are not. Use you intelligence and check for yourself what is applicable.

  4. nilwala Says:

    Good to read Ben Silva back in these columns! Thanks and more power to your pen!

    Sinhala traitors of today plotting with the externals again in another cycle aimed at destruction of the Sinhala BUDDHIST people
    is the saddest and most disappointing event that we will witness in our lifetime.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t!

    But I take everything after considering likelihood. I don’t follow anything in a herd.

    Christianity has its limits and so does Buddhism.

    We have to go BEYOND Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam to SAVE SL.

    e.g. Dutugemunui didn’t build temples or was pious BEFORE killing Ellalan. He did what he had to do. AFTER that he became pious. We have a VERY LONG way to go.

  6. Asanga Says:

    I usually do not agree with your political views, but whole heartedly agree with your views on Buddhism!

    It also makes me frustrated to see these views of ‘Passive Buddhists’ etc being bandied about.

    No offense to you Lorenzo, I understand what you are saying about not being passive. I am not directing any of this at you.

    But what this writer above has done is to say that because of the alleged ‘passivity’ or ‘turning the other cheek’ as it were of Buddhism, its for all intents and purposes not a practical way of life.

    First of all, practically speaking, if Buddha actually SAID, ‘look sometimes you have to defend yourself, against others, defend your family, country etc.,’ what are the odds that some Jackass is not going to use that to gather a bunch of less intellegent but more brawny Jackasses and start killing and burning in the religion’s name? Hmmm, for some reason that sounds very familar doesn’t it?

    According to Buddhism, there is no judge at the end of your life, weighing all your actions to see which way you should go. According to Buddhism every action has consequences, pure and simple. That’s it, end of story.

    For those who believe (like the learned writer of the above article) that Buddha believed in being passive, remember that in one of his visits to Sri Lanka he did use his psychic powers to create flames and other effects to chase away some errant folk who were about to start a war.

    There are several such stories of Buddha using his psychic powers to tame untamable characters through fear, so in this case I guess the greater good of reforming the aforementioned characters outweighed the effect or ‘harm’ on them.

    The writer says ‘ If the Sinhalese are to survive, then they will have to innovate and be good at applying technology and abandon giving up desires and abandon aiming for extinction (Nirvana).’

    …with all due respect to the learned writer in my opinon, the reason for the threat to Sinhala survival is not that we are not good at innovating, NOT that we are hell bent (no pun intended) on giving up desires and NOT because we are aiming for Nirvana; The reason we are facing extinction is that we cannot and will not work together, because of our jealousies, pettiness and egotism.

    And guess which religion, dear Mr. Ben Silva, has some really good PRACTIAL remedies for curing, or reducing petty mindedness, jealousies, and egotism?

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Buddhist Lankans were innovative BEFORE colonisation. See Lanka’s ancient civilisation and irrigation systems. Are we not proud of these ? I am. Colonisation brought benefits to the colonists and the indigenous Buddhists were left behind with damaged self esteem. It the Colonisation that has to be blamed for a lot of ills in Lanka society today. In comparison the benefits from colonisation are small.

    Also, winter weather and world wars that threatened survival in Europe pushed them to be far more innovative than those in the Tropics.

    However, we have to get up and innnovate ! MR was just setting out to make Lanka the learning hub of the region – I wonder whether he was doing too well as a leader and others wanted him out ….

  8. mario_perera Says:

    Lorenzo wrote: “We have to go BEYOND Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam to SAVE SL.

    e.g. Dutugemunui didn’t build temples or was pious BEFORE killing Ellalan. He did what he had to do. AFTER that he became pious. We have a VERY LONG way to go.”

    Such was also the case of the Emperor Asoka to whom we owe Buddhism and our Buddhist civilization. It was only after unifying his country that he became Dharmasoka.

    For the country’s religion and civilization to survive it is absolutely essential that the country survive. The survival of the country comes first. What that literally means is the integrity and sovereignty of the land. That survival depends on going BEYOND religious tenets. That is the lesson of the Duttugemunu-Elara war. That is the lesson of the recently ended thirty year war.

    The most basic law of a country is that every individual contribute to its survival. The survival of Sri Lanka has depended on WARS, especially the most recent, the war against Tamil Separatism. Waging war demands an appropriate MIND-SET which in no way is the mind-set of the Temple, the Kovil, the Church or the Mosque.
    This is clearly illustrated by the fact that to wage these ware MONKS SHED THEIR ROBES AND GRASPED THE SWORD.

    This most basic law is not only beyond religion but also beyond the politics of politicians. That law is inscribed in the BLOOD of the people who constitute the nation. While religions say: do NOT shed blood, that basic law says: shed your blood for the Nation. The blood shed for the nation IS THE BLOOD OF THE NATION. that is the primeval cry of the blood of the nation, that the nation survive. That is what blood is for: SURVIVAL.

    Mario Perera

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    I agree Ben sometimes tends to go OVERBOARD.

    But his basic argument is still valid. I agree with nilwala. BEN SHOULD KEEP WRITING.

    Let me give an example.

    When I was in SL last, a close family friend (older than my dad) told me to help his son’s business. Jaffna Tamil. Apparently he was EXPANDING his retail business around Colombo and Gampaha districts without ANY regard to anything. His aging dad thought this greedy man will end in disaster.

    So I went to meet him. I asked why he JUST expands shop after shop without thinking, analysing opportunities, etc. He said he will put a shop ANYWHERE a Buddhist is running a similar shop. With his KILLER mindset and UNDERCUT cost structure he is BOUND to succeed and “put the ‘modaya’ out of business”. I was SHOCKED. He is right. You don’t have to do market research if you know you are COMPETITIVE and your rivals are WEAK!!

    He employs 10 staff for a shop. Mostly kallathonis. Treats them like shitt and pays them LITTE. NO leave! Sick or dying MUST work. Abuses them and lends them to other work of relatives. With many sales staff, MANY customers can be served FAST. LOW salaries to staff, etc. mean MORE PROFIT. But after earning profit for a year, he raises salaries for all.
    Across the road an established shop was there run by a Buddhist man. I talked to him. He employs 3 staff. Pays them well. Gives them leave. He has NO ambition (GREED he says) to expand. ENOUGH for everyone he says. NEVER cheats.

    Within weeks he went BANKRUPT! All 4 families are in shitt now.

    This is what will happen to Singhala people IF they follow “ISMs”.

    Singhala people must shed parts of their beliefs that STOPS greed. Greed is a GREAT thing.

    “thanhaaya jaayathi sukhang”!

    (GREED creates prosperity.)

    (Call me whatever. As a 8 year old I QUESTIONED some Christian beliefs. My mum was furious and took me to a radical church in Negombo where they chanted prayers VERY AGGRESIVELY to chase the ‘devil’ in me. Obviously they failed!)

    (I told the Tamil man he could STILL succeed WITHOUT doing ILLEGAL and IMMORAL things as long as he has the DRIVE/CRAVING/GREED and he agreed to change these practices.)

    As Mario CORRECTLY says, SURVIVAL, SURVIVAL, SURVIVAL is what should drive people. NOT Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc.

    Christians learned this lesson LONG AGO. Heard the CRUSADE? Islamics attacked our holy places in Israel, etc. Christians were following their faith faithfully but SOON they realized their STRONG ADHERENCE to these GOOD beliefs RESTRICTED them. They SHED those beliefs. GAME ON! Not only they survived, they THRIVED!!

    Hindus were also very INNOCENT people fearing KARMA and other BS. UNTIL MOGULS attacked them. Hindus were killed, etc. like cardboard. UNTIL GURUJI formed the SIKH sect. They had NO qualms in killing moguls, their families, ETC. HINDUSTAN survived!! Today Sinks are just 2% of the population but 15% of the Endian army including the commander.

    Following the invasion of Israel by Arabs (let me NOT mention their leader’s name!!!) in the year 650, Jews were chased away from their homeland. Driven away across Europe and from place to place. Then came (S)HITLER who killed millions. PIOUS JEWS NEVER thought of fighting back. UNTIL a group of them decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Today the ENTIRE Islamic community fears JEWS and no one dares to hurt them. NOT because of JUDAISM but thanks to VIOLENCE. The GREED to see the birth of the great nation of ISRAEL paid off – the land of the morning star!! The ONLY oasis in the middle east hellhole.

    WHEN will the Buddhists learn? They are SLOW LEARNERS as you can see.

    (I must add Japanese, Chinese, etc. Buddhists are VERY VERY AMBITIOUS people who CRAVE for MORE PROFIT. As a result succeed.)

    (Anangarika Dharmapala tried VERY HARD but Buddhists called him violent, racist and left him. It will be GOOD people like my friend Independent who will one day KILL (or stop) PRINCE DIYASENA in his birth place because this boy will do horrendous killings against Buddhism when he grows up to save Singhalas!!!)

  10. Independent Says:

    Thanks for all those commented, especially Asanga.
    Asanga, our political views are not far apart we have the same basic agreements, but may differ with regard to that which politician is suitable at the moment and we should not be giving a damn about that. Country First should be the unifying factor.

    You claim you are one he most intelligent persons in the world. ( Remember there could be others who have not measured this here using “pattapa boru” methods. Nevertheless, I have given you enough material in the past to understand Buddhism, if you are honest and intelligent. Although you quoted KALAMA SUTTA , you have never read ANY Buddhism but hanging on to your God. That is fine with me , because we can be compassionate to those who understand Buddhism. Unlike ANY other religions (including yours) , when we know that it is IGNORANCE that people hanging on to other religions, we naturally generate compassion, not anger.
    But I am very angry at what you are trying to do (action) , being a person not “fully” enlightened. This is anger is also due to Thanha, craving – which is not good obviously- otherwise, if it is a good thing I would have arranged to kill you – like in Islam ( or Christianity some century ago).

    Anyway , as I said, my previous conversations are good enough for me to assume that you have been with those forces who understood that “Buddhism” is the backbone of the Sinhala Buddhist Culture and decided to get rid of it using various methods.
    When I was in a consulting assignment in a Middle Eastern country, I had the opportunity to be friends with a very friendly Sri Lankan Tamil (Hindu) and some of his Indian Tamil friends. We had heart to heart conversations about our country, sometimes until 2 pm at night. We both supported Rajapakse Government dearly(this is after wining the war). But we listened to each other’s problems (Tamil- Sinhala) and I hoped we learned new things. He was travelling to Sri Lanka frequently and meeting with one of the Rajapakse bothers too. For the sake of the country we both agreed not to talk about some degree of corruption, as it was not the main issue. He even agreed that Tamils are not the original owners of the land in the North but settlers mostly from Malabar in the 1500s. At that time I was 100% honest with him and I thought he would be the same.
    One day, back in the office I saw him talking to one of the Indian Tamil friends at his desk pointing to computer screen having some agitated talk in Tamil. I went there quietly and watched without their knowledge. They were discussing recent Chinese influence in Sri Lanka. They were considering this was a threat to Tamil Hindus and the Buddhist numbers grow exponentially if China get too close with Sri Lanka and I did not expect that at all. I said to them Chinese Buddhism is different and the countries do not become friend just because of religion. After a lot of discussion I got to know the “Tamil” way of thinking and specially the “LTTE religion”.
    Like Islam, LTTE religion wants Buddhism OUT even more than Sinhala. Once Buddhism is out, Sinhale will be a part of Tamil Nadu.

    Nibbaana is the core of Buddhism and There is ZERO Buddhism without Nibbaana.
    Nibbana is the “cessation of suffering ” , the third Noble truth.
    The second Noble truth is “arising of suffering” which essentially is explained user dependent origination in detail as ” Passa pacchya vedana, vedana pacchya Thanha , Thanha paccaya Upaadana pacchya Bhava……endless suffering”.

    Therefore a foolish FOOL with LTTE ideology will attack Nibbaana ( 3rd Noble Truth) directly and say we should give up Nibbaana and still keep Buddhism.
    A more intelligent FOOL with LTTE ideology will say Thanhaa is good as it brings us happiness , thus attacking implicity the 2nd Noble truth.

    So I say to LTTE plotters,

    If you want to attack Buddhism DO NOT ATTACK 4 noble truth. Attack other things like Islamists do, start by saying monks are corrupt , why these Buddha statue everywhere ? , why so many temples .. et. etc.. which is not too obvious. These are the most intelligent FOOLS.

  11. Independent Says:

    Dear reader,
    Don’t get fooled by LTTE. They are not ALWAYS with UNP camp. They are also with the other camp.

    When someone is fighting intensely, one needs concentration, one needs to get rid of Thanha temporally. A F1 driver drives with intense concentration without Thanha. A batsman knows he has to keep his wicket but have to hit a six for the correct ball and he concentrates watching the ball coming at him at 150 kPh (without craving).

    To reach the very pinnacle of your success , you need to avoid entangled in dreaming but enhance “Right Action” which can only be achieved with discipline, concentration and wisdom. This is true for EVERYTHING.
    Craving makes you dream only, destroying the concentration. Proper concentration only allow you to make a good plan and keep to that plan, not craving. It may well have started with greed ( not craving) but at the time of critical moments there is no greed.
    Therefore Buddhism will teach you how to be successful more than ANY OTHER RELIGION. West is copying these techniques from Buddhism now.

    It is absolute rubbish to give that example of a the two businesses. A person treating his employees well WILL get better returns with less people with the proper discipline at work place and protocols to keep concentration high. This is called modern way of management. You don’t have to follow the stupid Kallathoni Mudalaali’;s tricks to become rich. If you did that there is no difference in Sir Lanka than the Tamil Nadu ! In that case that is what LTTE wants !

  12. Independent Says:

    Dear Moderator,
    I know it is your right not mine and up to you, but your action benefits LTTEers. I always had this feeling that you have no religion at all or your are not a Buddhist. I am not accusing you but I am pointing out the disadvantage I have reaching the reader against this “SMART” LTTE person. That is simply injustice at his best- even all other religions do not encourage injustice.
    I promise to write within your limits ( with regard to your political views) not worse than others. Please remove this obstacle.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    The million dollar question is who is going to do these. People have no leader to turn to. Even Mahinda is avoiding real issues. Weerawansa also avoids real issues. There is no leader to turn to as all available leaders are merely shades of the same.

  14. Independent Says:

    Agree with you Dilrook. This is the problem we face.

  15. Independent Says:

    Dear readers,

    Buddhism is not all about 4 Noble Truths and Kalama Sutaa ( which was not for the purpose of doubting Buddha’s word).
    Please read about Kalama Sutta and its applicability.

    Buddha has taught us “how to achieve the highest” too. Although these were taught towards enlightenment and higher achievement , these can be applied to achieve lower success such as wealth, power too, in the Buddhist way.
    The four prerequisites to achievements (4 සතර සෘද්ධි පාද – ඡන්ද, විරිය, චිත්ත, වීමංස ) are given in a separate sutta.
    Thanha, Greed(Lobha ) cannot achieve Anything. They are Akusalas and good for nothing. Foolish people get confuse with “Chanda” (or Zeal or urge to achieve) with greed (Lobha) and Tahnha. Chanda is a requirement for achievement. So is effort (Viriya) and Chitta ( application of concentrated mind to it) and even Vimansa ( Investigation). Which religion has give these four as prerequisites for achievement ?
    Different people are born with more maturity in one or several of these four qualities. We can practically experience this and select people for your need. A person who lacks “Chanda” may develop that gradually if he has the quality “Viriya”. Those who like to investigate too can develop other three if they living according to Buddhist way of life.
    It is the same when selecting “LEADER” for your vote. See whether which leader has these qualities.

  16. Asanga Says:

    My grief with his writing is not that he has gone overboard. My grief with his writing is his underlying premise seems to be something like this: Buddhism is a quaint part of your culture, but you have to ditch it if you are going to progress. Because really, along with other religions, its a primitive remnant of our past that we should walk away from.

    Pardon my language, but I think that is total and utter Bollocks, as the English would say.

    I repect your stand that you believe in being ‘greedy’ (your words) and aggressive, and altogether ruthless to progress. It certainly does appear that, that is the way to go. But I wonder if that’s a good long term solution.

    But let’s look at the example of Dutugemunu, as you and also I believe the writer has brought up. Its easy to say that Dutugemunu laid aside Buddhism to fight Elara. But really, did he? According to legend, Monks did accompany him during the Battles. In my most uneducated humble opinion, it seems to me that he never let Buddhism out of his mind.

    Maybe that’s why, after the Wijithapura battle, he managed to do all the marvelous works of building Stupas, Irrigation works, and other things.

    He could have just rested on his proverbial laurels, gotten a big ego, lived the rest of his life turning into a Megalomanic. After all, he was the mighty king who united a divided country. I am sure there were many hangers-on, who spent their time telling him how great he was, all the while, trying to get the maximum benefit out of him while they could. I think Buddhism kept him grounded, much to the benefit of future generations.

    But also according to Ben Silva, maybe what he should have done is not build any Stupas, because after all, what great king would want his people to live believing in a ‘Primitive’ religion?

    About your tamil businessman who succeeded while the ‘Nice guy’ Buddhist sinhala guy didn’t, do you not think its more a matter of the sinhala guy not having the motivation and skills to succeed in what he was doing rather than a case of a Buddhist background? If you walk into a shop owned by a Tamil or a Muslim, versus a shop owned by a sinhalese, most of the times you see the difference immediately. The Tamil or Muslim shop will have a level of customer service miles ahead of the sinhala shops, usually. That customer service in turn, leads to many returns on the part of the customer.

    And, with respect to you Lorenzo, this lack of customer service ability has nothing to do with a Buddhist upbringing.

    Are Buddhists slow learners as you say? Yes maybe in the case of SL they are. But not in the way you say of always being passive and ‘turning the other cheek’.

    I believe its in letting things like greed, jealousy, selfishness (which by the way are contrary to ANY religion) run their lives. (Not all of them mind you, but enough to make it matter)

    You talked about the Jews. Don’t you believe that many Jewish people made an extraodinary amount of self sacrifice when they decided to abandon their comfortable lives and go to Israel to toil the land of their homeland? Were they being ruthless and greedy to carve out something for themselves, or were they being selfless and working for a greater goal? I think its the latter.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    “According to legend, Monks did accompany him during the Battles.”

    Is that Buddhism? NO! He USED Buddhism for war! I AGREE with the great king.

    This is EXACTLY my point.

    Of course he did NOT forget it for a second. The PURPOSE of getting rid of Ellalan was to SAVE Buddhism at its INFANT stage in SL. That is my point. To SAVE Buddhism for future generations, we have to do things CONTRARY to Buddhism. I want SL to be and remain a SINHELA BUDDHIST UNTARY country.

    You have missed my examples.
    For Endia to remain HINDU SIKHs had to do things AGAINST Hinduism. And they DID it.
    For Europe to remain Christian they had to do things AGAINST “love thy enemy” bullshitt. And they DID it.
    For Israel to remain Jewish they had to do things AGAINST Judaism. And they DID it.

    “this lack of customer service ability has nothing to do with a Buddhist upbringing.”

    NO. In the example 3 people cannot match 10 people who are paid the same total!

    Your last para is VERY PERTINENT.

    BOTH. The GREED to see the establishment of the nation. This is the same GREED I have for SL.


    I wish BEN SILVA will continue against all those LTTE losers who try to use Buddhism to destroy Buddhism in SL. NO ONE should go to NIRVANA before establishing a SINHELA BUDDHIST UNITARY SL and putting in place checks and balances to ensure its continuity.

    If we need to bring Buddhist monks to war, so be it.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    We have to be PRACTICAL.

    That’s what your ancestors did. WAR tactics are NOT mentioned in Buddhism but they were world’s best warriors.

    What is the most popular religious shrine in SL?

    Kathirgamam. The shrine of the WAR GOD. Buddhists, Hindus, even Christians and Muslims go there.

    Why Buddhists praise the god? Because he guards Buddhism. But does he follow Buddhism? No.

    You and I both supported My3 not so long ago. I was FASTER than you to realize the disaster of My3. You are yet to realize it. The speed of learning is different.

    I wish SL Buddhists are as GREEDY as others in business, education, warfare, profit, nationalism, productivity, good sex, good food, good health, etc. OF COURSE within LEGAL boundaries. These are ALL worldly material things. NOT “lokoththara” things. Then only we can build a better SL that can survive in this DOG EAT DOG world DURING THIS KALIYUGA.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Communism FAILED because it failed to TAP into the great human spirit of GREED.

    China twisted communism to ALLOW for greed. That saved China. ALL successful and powerful countries are driven by greed.

  20. Independent Says:

    What ? Why Buddhists praise the god?

    can you give just 1 Pali or Sinhala Gatha praising THE GOD ?

    THERE IS NO “THE GOD” in Buddhism.. There are GODs some are Buddhists and some are deluded FOOLs.

    Buddhist do not act out of FEAR

    Sri Lankan Buddhism has survived 2600 years with Nibbaana and 4 Nobel truth. Who are you to teach us Buddhism ?

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    SL that can survive in this DOG EAT DOG world DURING THIS KALIYUGA.-Mother Lanka & Great Sinhala Bhuddisam survived last 2,600 years & will another 2,000 more years with We-Saiva Demilaya Kathirgamam The shrine of the WAR GOD ( Murugan ) that is history of this Holy land of Kavuthama Bhudda ,

    eg: 1505 Landed your great great parants where they now ??? Indian (Palavar to IPKF) invated here where they are now ???

    Sinhala Modayas & Thamil Sakkiliyas live for ever in Mother Lanka because both believe in same concept Karma & Tharma !!!

  22. mario_perera Says:

    YES, and there are no two words about it. GREED is the driver of the vehicle called ECONOMIC PROSPERITY.

    It is GREED that helped turn countries into invincible Empires. It is their greed that turned the continent of Africa into an open SLAVE market.

    Then, under the guise of respect for morality, they abolished the slave trade and gave it a re-birth under the camouflage of INDENTURED LABOUR. Thereby they transformed the whole of INDIA into the new born slave market.

    It is GREED of the modern empires that has disseminated wars all over the globe.

    They treat us like slaves and WE? We turn the other cheek and pride ourselves about our religions and their principles.

    Religion may be the path to Nirvana or Heaven or Paradise or whatever. I say MAY BE because NONE of the beloved departed has come back to tell us that they got there. But religion is in no way the path to economic success. If so Sri Lanka should by now be an economic empire and not the country that it is, the one of the begging bowl.

    This obsession with religion has been this country’s undoing.

    Mario Perera

  23. Independent Says:

    If people of other religions honestly want to explore the splendours of Buddhism, they should learn and practice it still keeping there religions. Kalama Sutta is for them.

    I have clearly explained how Buddhas have differentiated between Greed and Zeal ( closest word for “Chanda” the Pali word. However Kaama-Chanda is Zeal driven out of Kaama Raga , a normal animal instinct which also creates FEAR to protect the body. Without practicing Buddhism it is hard to find out how the Ultimate positivity of Buddhism.

    Lobha ( closest English word is Greed), Thanha (closest English word is Craving) do not contribute to ECONOMIC PROSPERITY of a nation. Temporary contribution to individuals, I must say YES, on the surface. But inside these thieves suffer like hell while living. They suffer from continuous FEAR. Lobha driven desires without “SEELA” ( discipline) will make individuals rich but his life is ruined, the society is ruined.
    This is where 5 precepts for Buddhists is of utmost important. Keeping the precepts properly will turn ones Zeal for wealth earning in the proper direction to make oneself truly happy and also help others immensely to build a justice society.

    Religion may be the path to union with the God , Heaven or Paradise or whatever, but Buddhism will be the path to Prosperity, Civilization, Generosity, kindness, equality , economic success of a Nation and happiness to ALL. Sri Lanka was an ECONOMIC EMPIRE long time ago, even though they did not invade other countries, killed natives, pioneered Genocide, robbed the underground wealth, bombed the masses to build CONCRETE JUNGLES.
    It is our Greed inspired by foreigners that has ruined that empire and made our country “the begging bowl”. However I must confess that I am happy to hold the Buddhist BEGGING BOWL and teach people how to be happy and survive at the same time ,than to rob people and engage in fiesta.

    I wonder whether it is a subtle attack on Buddhism to take “Begging Bowl” as an example ( beggars do not carry bowls, only monks)- I hope not and urge you never to use that phrase again, if not as I am one of the rare fans of Mario Perera – a rare true patriot.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    But Buddhists DO WORSHIP gods. Even there are small HINDU shrines dedicated to the 4 gods inside MOST old Buddhist temples.

    In addition they also worship Kali, Saraswati, Luxmi, Pattini, Siva, Parvati, Ganesh, etc. They also worship Buddha statues, the Bo tree, a holy book, etc.

    This is a FACT. Call them fools or whatever and they will call you a fool in return. It is not going anywhere. They are WISE people.

    They have a belief there are 330,000,000 gods. Am I wrong?

    We have to ACCEPT this FACT (and MOTIVATIONS for Buddhists to MAKE MORE AND MORE MONEY to SURVIVE) to safeguard NOT JUST Buddhism but also the BUDDHIST CULTURE and Buddhist people’s survival.

    e.g. Look at Nalanda. We CANNOT let that happen in ANYWAY.

    Let me give you a lesson from the GOSPEL.

    At 30, Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights fasting and refarining from all worldly pleasures meditating in the Sinnai mountains. Then he got the temptation to JUMP from the mountain top to the bottom. He believed angels would hold him and no harm will come. But he didn’t as he wanted to trust and test his own abilities.

    We cannot let Buddhism or its guardian deities save it. Will NOT work. We have to save it. Buddhist people MUST survive.

    e.g. SL kings FIRST killed the invaders. After that they dug up tanks to store water so that people can eat fish, cultivate and eat rice, etc. From the soil dugged up, they made bricks and THEN built temples. Not the other way round.

    Their GREED to have SL to themselves and to EAT MORE drove the process. They even turned SL into the GRAINERY OF THE EAST! Otherwise they would have let the Ellalans live and gone hunting and gathering. In hunting and gathering you ONLY take the minimum you need. NO greed. Humans have come a long way. Now we produce MORE to save for the FUTURE out of GREED. Its a great thing and it MUST stay within LEGAL limits. Excessive greed is BAD as with ANYTHING.

    Deng’s golden words turned China from a backward country to the world’s largest economy.

    “It is great to make money!”. A shocker from a supposedly communist. Meanwhile some foolish Americans and Greeks are now worried about making too much money!! They go bust.

    I wish SL has leaders like Deng and LKY who were driven by great greed to make their countries RICHEST in the world not just have barely sufficient to survive.

    I don’t wish SL to end up like Thailand where women are commodities and begging bowls are aplenty.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    Of course kindness, compassion, forgivance, helping people, saving animals have a place because the able people will realize these living beings also have the greed to succeed and I must help their greed not just their daily bread.

    ZEN BUDDHISM – If a man begs for food give him a fishing rod so his greed can give him MORE than enough food which he can sell and buy other things. Next day he will catch double. ——> productivity and prosperity

    Thailand – If a man begs for food give him food to eat. ———–> begging and jealousy. In SL begging is an industry! Some even use cell phones.

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