The Conundrum of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Should MR Run?
Posted on April 13th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

The question which MR should give his inner most feelings, deep thought!

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

If a lesson is to be learnt from a late Prime Minister of Ceylon Rt. Hon. Dudley Senanayake, refer to the well presented article below……..

The second Prime Minister of Ceylon. A Great Leader, a Patriot, a Statesman who put the Country before Himself!

Currently, the President My3 Sirisena government controlled by Jayawardane-Bandaranaike Dynastic Clan is sliding Sri Lanka downwards into a cess-pit.

The trio MS-RW-CBK have placed their personal agenda ahead of the Country they messed-up during their previous inept governments, handing the heritage to Tamil Tiger Terrorist LTTE. CBK is also considering introducing her next generation of the Bandaranaike Dynastic Clan into politics, on the back of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

(CBK, as cunning as she is, sees that since Ranil has no second generation to follow, and My3 Sirisena will be the First & Last of Sirisena family in politics, is hanging her sari on the RW-My3S effigies.)

With mud-slinging in high-gear in process, now with the brother of Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa, the previous First Lady, Nishantha Wickremasinghe Chairman of Sri Lanka Airlines, dragged into the limelight with allegations of Sex & Fraud. Until the allegations are served with a legal notice and presented in a Court of Law, and proven guilty, one should assume that Nishantha Wickremasinghe, is innocent. Fine. But thats not the way that the “Cookie Crumbles”!

However such logic of “Innocent till Proven Guilty” does not sell newspapers. The general readership in all countries love to read the sordid affairs.

One saliva dribbling headline below……..Read-on…..

According to allegations, the only qualification Nishantha Wickremasingha has, is that his sister is married to MR.

The main theme of the current government led by My3-RW-CBK, is to open any cess-pit to cover-up their own inadequacies.

The “crux” of the matter is that, there is No Patriotic Leadership in the current “Jokers Three” either!

The only option is to bring back (a) Rajapaksa!

Solution to  “Should MR Run?” …. meaning whether MR should Run for Prime Minister or Run Away for a “Pit-Stop” and let Gothabhya Rajapaksa Run for Prime Minister, until the “Storm” subsides?

Should Mahinda Rajapaksa take “Leaf Out of Dudley Senanayake”?  The second Prime Minister of Ceylon. A Great Leader, a Statesman who put the Country before Himself!

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21 Responses to “The Conundrum of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Should MR Run?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: I salute Duddley a great man. I remember him when he was at “Woodlands” in Borella there was a boy from Dedigama who was lodging there while doing a trade course at the Ceylon Technical College. The boy was a friend of mine and I visited him at his lodging and saw Duddley some times.
    The Governments of the Island since 1956 are Colonial Governments of the Indian Empire until 2005. Chandrika is more cunning than his father. I cannot see how we can come out of Indian Empire. Governor Chandrika, Kanakani Ranil and Coolie Sirisena or other appointees of the Empire will run the Island.
    Jai Hind

  2. Vimutti Says:

    He should only run if he can WIN!

    If he can’t win, he should step aside and promote whoever CAN win and carry on his enormous success in economic growth and development, international relations, and security of the nation.

  3. Kumari Says:

    No amount of talking is going to help. I watched the analysis by Bandula Gunwardene on the Bond Issue. These wolves dressed in sheep clothes have come for a purpose. Their intention is to destroy the country. From Jan 9th itself they started it. My3 doesn’t even understand what is happening, the foreign paid advisors must be giving the impression what a superb leader he is. RW has no shame, if not he won’t hold on to the UNP leadership after loosing 29 times. This time too he is a back door, pick pocket of a PM.

    Though lot of people including the 5.8m plus the repenting masses from the My3 camp now realise this, they are unable to take any action as the destruction is happening fast. This is not a time to find the ideal man. MR is the only leader with the back bone, who can stand up to the West and India. He can gather the troops in no time. He has the experience and does not shy away from protecting the country.

    I am one of those, who always backed him knowing well that one cannot fight and win a war, develop the country, balance the budget, bring economic prosperity, work with crooks within and then on top of it rob the country. These don’t go hand in hand. Also, if anybody’s intention is to steel, that start showing sooner than later. For example, look at the actions of the present regime.

    It is important to take some action to show the rejection of the regime policies, may be by way of protest marches, work to rule etc., etc..

    SLFPers should not allow My3 to destroy the party, I am sure he could be voted out as he did not contest elections on the SLFP ticket. People must get together to save the country from My3, RW, CBK troika. How can SLFP not have Bandula Gunawardena in their central committee? He has proved to be a clean leader, excellent orator, superb economist and a go getter.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    MR was only good enough in his first term. After second time win MR only concentrated on hanging on to the power and steal the publicpurpose as much he can. Seychell affair, Dubai affair, Viet nam and Ukrane including Swiss bank accounts. He carried the cheque book with him. Started off with Sunami affair and if that womaniser Sarath Silva was straight enough MR will be in Jail to-day losing his civic rights. Mr’s bestman the lamp post CJ saved MRbecause Sarath had a grudge with RW for bringing in the impeachment motion. Sarath was powerful enough to desolve RW’s two year government through his personal friend CBK woman. In his first term MR asked the voters to call him “Mahind Aiya” (brother Mahinda). MR took the revenge from SF and Kotalawal and got Danuna hiding under the bed. Got that Karunanayagam the foreign exchange thief silent forever. Got his son a synthetic law degree. That rugby player murder, the fellow whose name involved without the pre-requisite to be made the Navy commander. It is not his money that was spent on the bogus scholarship. It is that Ukranian who donated his scholarship. Brother in-law destroyed the Air Lanka. MR surported the murderers, Son of kudu agamethi, Ethanol minister and Examination board thief who leaked out exam papers and so on and so forth and various other things. In that scenario MR should be treated like Musolini.
    IS THIS YAHA PALANAYA: CBK woman ran to China immediately after declareing the Presidential election to sign the contract on Norochchiolai. WHY? MS ran to china to sign the contract again on “PORT CITY. WHY? Piyadasa or WIJEDASA releasing the AWNTGAURD PASSPORT. iSSUING A CLEN BILL OF HEALTH TO aWANTGUARD. iS IT RS.400,000,000 that did all the hard work? WHY? RW’s appointment of a non-resident to the governer of central bank post. See the blunder of YAHAPALANAYA. fOREIGN EXCHANGE THIEF’s APPOINTMENT TO THE fINANCE MINISTER’S POSITION. Within that 100 days all the rouges want to make hay while the sun shines. This proves the saying of ” UNUTH HORU, MUNUTH HORU” Son of Premadasa saying he will start work at 5 a.m like his father and the joker campaigning day and night in Hambantota to save his seat. Only person one should admire is the GOTA who had the guts to say spade is the spade. CBK woman and Mahinda Aiya please get lost. Let the gentleman politician RW to run the country. Karunanayagam and your mother please return all that state belonging to Lalith Ethulathmudali to his only child. Please also wear your verti to go to sleep and not TIE AND COAT. Kiriella who is too shy to call his sir name PERERA is talking though his hole in the hat. YAHA PALANAYA SHOULD BE YAHAPALANAYA AND NOT JADAPALANAYA. GOD SAVE MY MOTHER LANKA.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR & GR are the trusted duo for the country and the people. Some of the people around MR were not trustworthy. These folk now stand exposed. MR could not control them at that time as he, the post War President, had enough problems to contend with from outside. Also, every govt has had its share of crooks during a development phase. Example, JRJ govt. which had intense development during that time. I think crookedness in government started with Sir Oliver Goonetilleke, who ended up with fancy Brit property after he retired.

    On the other hand, the Destructive Duo, CBK&RW have proven past records of ineptness and ‘selling’ parts of the country to terrorists and outsiders. It appears that they are at it again, using a weak President. Also, RW seems determined to bring in Capitalism and remove Socialism. Will this work ? No. I have pointed out before that two World Wars came out of Europe and Europe has now ended up as a group of Socialist states. Why should Lanka go backwards as we have Socialism already ?

    Re CBK : She appears to have personal vendettas to run ! Her son, who rescued a boa constrictor recently, should also contain his errant Mama Boa – if he is wise.

    All in all, MR & GR combo is the best for the country. Yes, they must come back.

  6. Kumari Says:

    During the presidential election time, I too received lot of emails vouching the corruption personally carried out by MR. However, none of those emails had any name. Lot of people distributed emails as if they are performing their national duty.

    Now we know who was behind them. Those foreign countries who wanted to see the back of MR. I am one of the many, who do not believe for once, that 911 was carried out by a terrorist called Osama Bin Laden hiding in a cave in remote Afghanistan. We don’t know whether there was a real man called Bin Laden even. This is how the media work. The whole world believe the story. For most SL it is difficult to comprehend that deceiving can go down to that low levels. But, it has happened and is happening.

    When I heard that Anagarika Dharmapala and T.B. Illangaratne were accused as rogues during their times, I did not want to believe anything what the media or the emails said. If anyone has proof and has enough love for the motherland, let them file a case/cases and bring the accused to the books. After all Jayalalitha was jailed after a court case, why don’t we do that here.

    I am all for MR & GR. Don’t get side tracked and waste our limited time and effort. The foreign mafia will do anything to hold on to the power they got through their local agents.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    It is BEST to put forward ONLY GR.

    Other Rajapakshas are VOTE LOSERS.

    Don’t bring the others.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news. My3 has been admitted to Colombo army hospital with MINOR chest pains.

    He is expected to make a quick recovery.

    Will RUN-NIL become president, IF my3 dies?

    This is a DANGEROUS POSSIBILITY. We CANNOT let that happen. People didn’t vote for RUN-NIL to become president!!

  9. stanley perera Says:

    I support you Lorenzo whole heartedly. MR and BR are not real Lanka lovers. These two siblings only love power,money and women. BR and GR did not get their names mixed up with women. GR must be regarded as Lee Yuan Yea of Colombo. Give the devils dues, MR, BR and MR together brought the country to a developed state. If not for the mass scale stealing MR is fit to rule the country again. MR’s greediness to the power is major draw back to him. The corruption of MS government in that short period of time (not even 75 days) had MR retired from politics after the defeat the masses would install him power. Namal and Yoshitha babies’s corrupt behaviour including Basil’s and MR’s 240 thieves corruption lead to MR’s down fall. In that situation I do not wish MR’s attempt in getting into power through the back door method be successful.

  10. Independent Says:

    Lorenzo is spreading false rumours.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    It is not a false rumor. You will hear it in official news IF things turn bad. My3 was admitted to the NARAENPITIYA army hospital complaining MINOR chest pains. He will be discharged soon. NO health problem detected. He was advised by his ASTROLOGER to remain SAFE when the sun moves through the cusp (bad time before the new year).

    IF went wrong, it can POTENTIALLY have terrible national security issues. So we have to stay on top of it.

    1. Premathasa dies and Run-nil became PM.
    2. Gamini died and Run-nil became opposition leader.
    3. CBK almost died and Run-nil almost became president.
    4. My3 dies and Run-nil is the president.

    We CANNOT let that happen.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Stanley.

  13. stanley perera Says:

    RW is honest to a certain degree. A gentleman politician fit enough to run a developped country. But Piyadasa Wijedasa and the elephant in tie and coat are ruining the yasapalanaya. MS is also not 100%. That is Indian way of politics. Dutt dostaraya is talking BS. We know what he was when he crossed over. Amunugama is a deserving case. Hora Peera is a bloody hora and is a funny bugger. I do not have any faith in politicians no matter where they are. All politicians in the world are ripping off
    the masses. That Matara taylor fellow who is fond of b.ys had the nerve to approve three fold pay increase to MS’s brother. Unuth horu munuth horu. Why is that Piyadasa Wijedasa visiting all the politicians in the remand prison? By the way somebody said that Paskaralingam is brought back to the country by RW. Soon CBK woman will bring back ..Raja to the country. CBK woman is recipi for disaster to YAHAPALANAYA.

  14. stanley perera Says:

    The way is going CBK woman will sell Air Lanka for the second time. This woman will also sell Diyawanna oya for a song for the second time. The lephant will sell CWE for two bucks for the second time.

  15. stanley perera Says:

    who gets the best of the both world? It is dirty Harry the names dropper.

  16. ranjit Says:

    Nature will punish all those traitors who brought our great country to it’s knees and shame. MY3/RanilCBK trio should and must get out if not they will make us poor and the country will break in to pieces. These three has revenge in their hearts towards the man who brought us fame by beating the hell out of LTTE murderers. UNP & MY3 is working as per the wishes of the white Imperialists and India because they were the ones who brought them to the place they are in today. They were complaining about MR but they do the same by appointing all king of thieves in to their Govt. Ravi is the biggest crook of them all. Already billions have robbed in eighty days. Four trips abroad in 80 days by MY3 and his family.FM has done 19 trips abroad in 80 days ( No family because he is Gay) Just calculate how much they have robbed in 80 days and see without say Hora Hora to others.

    What ever said and done nobody can stop MR/GOTA tsunami in the future just wait and see. Join MR if you want to see a peaceful Sri Lanka.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    People have forgotten how the LTTE destroyed THIRTEEN airplanes (Air Lanka) during CBK time as President. The Terrible Trio ruling Lanka at present are heaping lies and exaggerations daily about MR, his Family and his past govt to cover up all the new illegal govt mischief to Lanka and her People.

    I have never lived through such a ghastly time in Lanka. May all the forces of good see Lanka and her People through this mess.

  18. stanley perera Says:

    It is not LTTE destroyed thirteen planes. Ratwatte and Fernandopullay are the ones who are responsible.

  19. Sooriarachi Says:

    I do not believe RW is honest at all. He is a cunning politician and apparently all his needs are looked after by NGOs mainly from Norway and USA. If he is honest, then why is he having a policy of not submitting audited accounts of his own party for scrutiny by the membership? Also, why did he take over the Central Bank under his ministry and appoint a foreigner like Mahadevan as Governor of CB and a man like Ravi as Minister of Finance and a close UNP friend as Bank of Ceylon boss? It did not take long for all these people to get involved in the Central bank Bond issue scandal.
    As for leadership of Sri Lanka, I too believe GR could be better than MR, however, for strength and stability and to withstand pressure from powerful foreign forces, MR is more suitable. Let GR hold the same position as before as he should not waste time dabbling in politics. He is more useful to the nation in a position directly linked to security and economic development.
    Nevertheless if the SLFP vote is going to get split in the middle if MR contests, then that should be avoided, as that could be Ranil’s strategy to creep through to power.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Lorenzo is spreading false rumours.
    first he said
    My3 has been admitted to Colombo army hospital with MINOR chest pains ( rest important info He omitted)
    than change to
    My3 was admitted to the NARAENPITIYA army hospital complaining MINOR chest pains. He will be discharged soon. NO health problem detected ( than make his first verdict logic? he add BS his ASTROLOGER to remain SAFE when the sun moves through the cusp (bad time before the new year)

    My Thamil brother ,Sinhalaya are not modaya any more at least after 19th May 2009 show us Our Thesiya Thalaivar VP with his under wear ( kovanam).
    They have fooled all world to get VP’S head do you thing you or me can fool them .
    no more play mate do not thouch their Bhuddist Sinhala Lanka live with them they are well civilized people as we live them from last 2,600 years history. just image if We-Tamil were in their passion do you thing we would have left 297,000 to IDP camp & feed them 3 meal per day for three years released them .

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    297,000 to IDP camp & feed them 3 meal per day for three years released them — yes This is Modayas work that what We-Tamil think but reality is here come Bhuddist /Saiva concept Tharma !!!
    This Tharma would prodect them what ever Karma they have done in the Eelam war IV.

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