Miliband’s Tamil New Year wishes – The cat is out of the bag!
Posted on April 17th, 2015


In a video message to the British Tamil Community Ed Miliband, the leader of the British Labour Party and the Leader of the Opposition has reiterated that his party will continue to  push for a full and independent, international investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, while wishing a happy New Year for the ‘Tamil’ community.

I want to wish everyone in the Tamil community a happy new year and I want to take this opportunity to thank the Tamil community for the incredible contribution you make to our country across every walk of life. The Labour Party has always been a friend of the Tamil community and will continue to be so, and we will continue to push for the full and independent, international investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka. It’s something I raised with President Sirisena when I met him and we will continue to push this forward, we will continue to advocate for your cause”

As Professor Nalin de Silva  has repeatedly stated in his valuable articles, it is the  British who created the so called ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Professor De Silva has clearly identified this fact in his book, ‘Prabhakaran, Ohuge Seeyala Bappala ha Massinala‘ or its translation  ‘An Introduction to the Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka ‘.

 Let me sight few sentences from the ‘Foreword’ of the book .

The origin of the problem can be traced back to the establishment of the legislative council based on communal representation, the educational reforms and other reforms deviating from the indigenous system in the previous century. These changes were the result of the Colebrooke – Cameron proposals of 1833.  The problem in the north and the east is due to Tamil racism which was initiated by the British Colonial rulers. Three phases can be clearly recognized in the evolution of Tamil racism. The main characteristics of Tamil racism can be identified; namely they refuse to accept the fact that the Sinhalese are the majority of the country. Secondly, they do not accept that at least the written history of the country and its identity is Sinhala Buddhist. Thirdly, Tamil racism considers the Tamils to be a separate nation in their so – called homeland and they want to live as a separate nation. They are not willing to share the common culture while retaining their own identity as an ethnic group.

As highlighted in this booklet, Tamil racism has acquired these characteristics while safeguarding the powers and privileges the Tamils enjoyed under the British rule. These powers and privileges were completely out of proportion with the population ratio and were not in harmony with history.

Tamil racism which was baptized by the British is nurtured today with the help of the western powers and their instruments which are the NGO’s. World imperialism which tries to eradicate non-Western civilizations, national cultures and nationalities across the world makes use of Tamil racism to destroy Sinhala nationality or Jathikathvaya. If these powers succeed in achieving their objectives, they will continue this very same process with the Tamils.”

The above expression of  Miliband on the interests of a particular race in our country while  wishing them a happy new year, completely ignoring    the interests of the majority community, is a clear indication of  the wishes of  the living grand fathers, uncles and brother in laws (BILs) of Prabahakaran who are fully active despite the elimination of the terrorist leader in 2009.

The book, ‘An Introduction to the Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka ‘,also identifies three phases in the evolution of Tamil racism. The first extends over more than fifty years from the ’80’s of the previous century to the 40’s of the present century. The second phase ends in the ’70’s of this century and the third phase has been with us for more than twenty five years.

We who witnessed the last stages of the second phase and are still witnessing the third phase of the  of the evolution know exactly what the west led by  British were doing directly or indirectly thorough their donor and  lending agencies, NGOs and other front liners of promoting separatism for the benefit of their agendas.  We remember, among other interferences throughout,  how  the brother of Ed Miliband, former Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, and his French counterpart, Bernard Kouchner, came  to intensify pressure on the government to halt its military operation to save Prabhakaran during last stage of the war against terrorist.

Those forces who are  behind  the current President and the Prime Minister , whom they managed to install as they planned, will do whatever possible to keep the duo as the leaders until they complete their mission entrusted.   To their advantage, both the main political parties   have become safe havens  for corrupted politicians who will do anything to uplift their personal goals.

The unfortunate result is that the current leaders will continue to dance to the tune of the living political relatives of Prabhakaran, as identified above,  while refusing to accept the fact that it is time for them to go for the benefit of the political parties they lead and  for the betterment of the country at large.

31 Responses to “Miliband’s Tamil New Year wishes – The cat is out of the bag!”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    When will our Foreign mission lodge a protest at the Labour party and Ed Miliband and the foreign office in SL send a suitable response to the British Embassy and summon the Ambassador to pass on our disgust. How would the UK Government deal with SL if one of our political leaders spoke in a supportive language for the Scots or the Irish here? Hypocrisy rules when our country is ruled by incompetents! – S de Silva -London

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Their plan is OBVIOUS – to ROOT OUT Singhalese and turn SL into a Tamil country.

    Already they assume ONLY Tamils live in SL.

    It is time Singhalese organize into ETHNICITY BASED POLTIICAL GROUPS like Tamils and Muslims.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    This part says it all : “As Professor Nalin de Silva has repeatedly stated in his valuable articles, it is the British who created the so called ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Professor De Silva has clearly identified this fact in his book, ‘Prabhakaran, Ohuge Seeyala Bappala ha Massinala‘ or its translation ‘An Introduction to the Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka ‘.

    I was watching Episode 4 of the BBC video series “Empire” where China is flooded with Opium by the British after the Chinese Emperor said he wanted no goods from Britain (made in Britain) as China had everything. On the Opium issue, China was forced to go to defend the country and go to war with British ships. China lost the war as Britain had a metal ship and guns against the Chinese war sampans. That is how Hong Kong was given to Britain on a 99 yr lease. This lease has now expired (1997).

    Beware the Brits are coming.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    These racist scum will be a minority soon in their own country. The Brits used to rule most of the world till recently. When I used to live in London in the mid 70’s, the young English thugs go at night “Paki Bashing”. Now the tide has turned against them. That is why those shameless crooked politicians have to beg for the minority votes.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    We know that the British flooded China with opium until it caved in and let British take over the trade and in the same way when they could not conquer Kandy they stooped to deceit and supplied alcohol to the King Rajasingha who in his drunken states became very cruel and had people executed in the most cruel ways. That was when the Chieftains in Kandy approached the British and asked their help to get rid of the King. However it was done with a treaty which had conditions to protect Buddhism and the Sinhala heritage. The broke all the treaties and to this date have not apologized to the Sinhalese for razing the Uva Wellassa area to the ground and for killing all the youth in the area. This was the most fertile area and it was completely decimated of people and all the fruit, jack, trees were cut down, the tanks broken and the people were killed. The puppet my3 goes to U.K and is transported to ecstasy because he shook hands with the Queen without a glove. The British are bending over backwards to install the Tamils in a separate state in Sri Lanka. One must ask why? We know the Tamil diaspora are supplying funding for the elections in Britain. However that cannot be the only reason. The unelected Prime Minister, the Singaporean CB Governor, Paskaralingam as advisor to RW and the Tamil Chief Justice are all working hard to make the British dream come true. The Central Bank Bond fund scam has almost Bankrupted Sri Lanka laying it wide open for exploitation by the West. The stage is now set for the division of the country.

  6. cassandra Says:

    What better time for Milliband to reassure the Tamils in the UK than now – the UK General Election is just around the corner!

  7. Christie Says:

    Namaste: UK elections in May. There are more than 2 million Indian votes in the UK and funds that they can provide runs in to billions of dollars from Indian Empire and vermin in UK. Jai Hind

  8. ranjit Says:

    British people will be punished very soon by evil forces because of the Idiotic comments and action by their politicians for cheap publicity. Like India they were not our friends although MY3 & Ranil worship them. These are the coup plotters who orchestrated the coup in Jan 8th. They will not sleep until they send MR on retirement for what he did to their friend and partner Velupillai Prabakaran.

    We the Sinhalese should learn a lesson from the past and stand tall against these white empire pigs. Only man who stood against those dogs like a true Sinhala hero was Mahinda Rajapksa not anyone else.They hate his guts and now creeping to this island in the guise of helping their two puppies MY3 and Ranil to break our land in to pieces. We should not allow that to happen. Sinhalese must be awake and be alert to take action as soon as they think that the Motherland is in danger because of these white Imperialists who are waiting to strike at any time. Cameron and Miliband you two Sinhala haters just remember it won’t be an easy game as you two think and plan. MR still alive and healthy.

  9. Kumari Says:

    Whether it is Miliband or not, UK’s policy towards Mahinda’s SL will never change. Until they get a puppet government they will keep threatening, bullying and breaking the back bone of the country. Whatever their puppets’ do is fine. Are they taking any action against Saudi Arabia, Qatar or any other Dictatorial regime in the world.

    This is why Queen had time in her busy schedule, Cameron and Miliband had time to meet up with their SL puppet. Now I hear John Kerry (such a busy man) is coming to SL.

    Mage Ratata, Theruwan Saranai.

  10. Sooriarachi Says:

    It would be a shame for UK to get a leader like Milliband, who has shown to the world that he is a low grade racist and even worst is he wouldn’t care two hoots for the rights of innocent civilians tortured or massacred even by terrorists, as long as he could get their vote at elections, just to be in power.
    Or maybe UK deserves to have such a small minded leader, having been guilty of giving refuge to so many evil men who have terrorised their home countries before settling down in the West.

  11. Nimal Says:

    Diaspora Tamil block vote is attractive to the politicians but if we keep SL as a truly a multi-ethnic country where no race or religion dominates another then all people will be at ease taking a genuine interest in the country. As a Sinhalese I feel discriminated and marginalized because I don’t want take unfair advantage of the political connections to get things done. One must feel for the big tax paying hard working minorities who are even worse off than us and they will continue to fuel the diaspora to find a role in SL.
    Should there be a fair society in the island then the interest of the separatist will fade by the next generations of diaspora living in the West. But I doubt that our politicians are ever interested in the long term welfare of the island as they seem to come to politics to steal the money and assets of the country and live happily ever after in the west and we are the fools that genuinely come back to our roots. So problems of the diaspora will be there as long as we have crooked bunch and country in a failed state.

  12. Kumari Says:

    To start with the New Year the Sinhalese celebrate in the month of April in SL is not Sinhala & Tamil New Year. It is only for Sinhalese. The Sinhala natives of the island celebrated this as the Surya Mangallaya even before Buddhism arrived in the land. This celebration dates back to over 33,000 years. It was the British who added Tamil in to this. Tamils have Deepavali (I believe this is the same as Light festival) as their new year.

    It appears to Ed Miliband this pure Sinhalese celebration has now become a Tamil only New Year.

    As the Sinhalese community join in the celebrations of Christian New Year in January, the Tamils, Muslims and other communities in SL too celebrate the Sinhalese New Year. The same way all the communities living in the island celebrate Vesak too.

  13. cassandra Says:


    It would indeed be a shame if the Brits get Milliband as PM. But would the Brits be any better off with David Cameron?
    I, for one, am glad I don’t have to choose between two equally unattractive contenders. Pity the poor Brits!

  14. Sooriarachi Says:

    Agree with you Cassandra.
    However, Cameron seems a bit more civilised than Milliband, as he was able to recognise that there are Sinhalese British Citizens and that the Sinhala new year is also celebrated by the Sinhalese.
    If I remember right, this man Milliband did the same thing last year too, and has proved to the world he is not only an opportunist, but a 3rd class racist too.
    I must admit, however much brutal they are, I admire the Tigers, who though unwittingly, has exposed these British opportunists, by unearthing their true qualities, which are quite a contrast to the image they try to project as impartial gentlemen.

  15. Sooriarachi Says:

    Agree with you Cassandra.
    However, Cameron seems a bit more civilised than Milliband, as he was able to recognise that there are Sinhalese British Citizens and that the Sinhala new year is also celebrated by the Sinhalese.
    If I remember right, this man Milliband did the same thing last year too, and has proved to the world he is not only an opportunist, but a 3rd class racist too.
    I must admit, however much brutal they are, I admire the Tigers, who though unwittingly, has exposed these British opportunists, by unearthing their true qualities, which are quite a contrast to the image they try to project as impartial gentlemen.

  16. nilwala Says:

    Yes. that cat turns out to be the Tiger from whom both British political leaders have to coax an ‘en bloc’ vote at the May election, so each party will be shamelessly sucking up to the Tamils of Britain to get the votes and some filthy lucre off the LTTE’s hidden chest of blood money. With it will be offered quid-pro-quo promises by both Tories and Labour of a separate state of Eelam via the UNHRC.

    If the Tamils believe they will be delivered of their goal by the West they have to be very. very naive. The West will only use them and drop them when the time comes as they have done with other “friends of convenience”. India, on the other hand, knows that an Eelam in Lanka can only lead to the already stirring separatisms in India to bloom into full fledged secessionist movements. That will conflict with “Make India”…With it will go Modi’s dream.
    While China holds fast to her territorial integrity, India will succumb and disintegrate. India cannot afford to let the Eelamists fulfil Prabhakaran’s dream. What it might want is a continuing low level conflict that it can use to advantage in keeping Sri Lanka down.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kumari says Kerry is coming to Lanka. We wonder why. We hope it is not a Blake type visit asking for “C’Fodder ” for the west wars ?? Our poor men have had enough of war within Lanka for 30 plus years with an India trained LTTE. We hope that Lanka army may NOT be asked to get involved with fighting whatever foreign enemies …… ??
    Lankans fighting with other terrorist groups will bring those groups too to Lanka. We hope that Mr Sirisena has the spine to say ‘NO’ as MR did when Blake requested the same.


    The only bloodless way to stop Tamil illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu > bringing in Brit Empire interests to Lanka > Separate State for Tamils > endless strife, is to remove the Tamil language as a National/Official language in Lanka.

    Other related thoughts :
    * I remember that in the 1980’s we suggested that others boycott Tamil businesses in Lanka to stop the call for Tamil Separatism, a Catholic friend of ours said “you can’t do that” !! Why not, we asked. No reply to that.
    Some Lankans like suicide, provided it is done by others. Coloseum effect, y’know !!



    MR said before he left on retirement that he is handing over the Country to the People of Lanka. So we ought to use the MR image as an icon of courage, vision and decency, and our common sense in daily matters to guide us, don’t you think ?

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    You don’t have to protect Buddhism. You can protect your Ealaam using your own religion. Leave it to us. We have done this for 2600 years.- Golden word !!!
    Last our life time example, Have not even one of us ( include MR) real believe that we will get ride of VP & CO ???
    How this happen !!!!

    so live & let live until Eelam war V !

  19. mario_perera Says:

    The cat is out of Miliband’s bag because the British segment of the venomous and insidious Tamil diaspora serpent has slithered inside his ‘Ambudey’.

    Mario Perera

  20. Ben Silva Says:

    my3 modaya, also known as Gon sena will yield to Tamil racists and will destroy Lanka. Sinhalese may end up landless, poor and homeless. This naive, back stabber has to voted out of power. I agree with Fran Dias that MR has to be recognized as a national hero and icon of courage, vision and decency, and common sense. We have to be fair to our Tamil brothers and sisters and other fellow citizens, but should not give in to dominant Tamil racism.
    It is time we seriously think of a Sinhala National Alliance to oppose racism by TNA, but please leave Indian myths and ‘isms’ out that will lead us to Nirvana. Why is the Vinasha peramuna and Hora Urumaya silent on the antics of this modaya.

  21. Independent Says:

    Gon Silva,

    Article is identifying your problem in detail.
    It quotes from Nalin’s article

    “Secondly, they do not accept that at least the written history of the country and its identity is Sinhala Buddhist. ”

    So, you want to get rid of “isms” , there is only ONE , it is Buddhism. You have come back from hiding and out of depression temporarily to attack Buddhism.
    Your only aim is to kill Buddhism, to get rid of the term “Sinhala Buddhist” to achieve your Eelam and you are just pretending ,following popular demand, calling of the country’s president Modaya and so on.
    You used to write anti- LTTE writings , again for the same reason – be popular first and then to put you agenda. If you attack Sinhala , no one will be interested – so you attack Buddhism.

    You have a companion now , your good long-term friend Lorenzo.

    Keep trying.

    Let me quote from the Religion of Nibbaana

    “63. A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed. ”

    Sounds like you ?

  22. L Perera Says:

    Message to all Sinhalese voters in the UK. Vote for the CONS in LABOUR strongholds and vice versa.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree. When it comes to SECURITY, NO RELIGION MUST GET IN THE WAY. Sri Lanka is far too vulnerable with Buddhism. State and Religion must be kept apart.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Add : But State MUST protect Buddhism which will get erased off the map by aggressive others, if left unprotected.

  25. Ben Silva Says:

    I agree with Fran DIAZ THAT Buddhism Hs to be protected as part of our culture and heritage. Unless we learn and continuously improve and respond to threats and opportunities, we may end up the poorest. We have to put effort, have desires and generate wealth.If we do that we should be able to compete with anyone.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    SA Kumar

    Elam War V will ALSO have a NANTHIKADAL!!

    I bet it will be Kottanchena and Wellawatte. Imagine the FUN.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    Ben was NO long term friend of me!!

    I used to think like you about him but now I SEE HE IS RIGHT to an extent.

    Ben doesn’t want Singhala Buddhism destroyed. He want BOTH PROTECTED by being PRACTICAL. As I have told you even king Dutugemunui broke at least 4 out of 5 percepts to SAVE SL.

    e.g. He called his father a woman for not going to war (=musavada)
    e.g. He KILLED even the good king Ellalan (=killing)
    e.g. He allowed a DRUNK commander (Suranimalan)
    e.g. He or his brother STOLE the elephant and Ellalan’s elephant, etc. too (stealing)

    IF you consider SF, he has done the other one too!!

    The CRAVING and GREED to see himself as the king of ENTIRE ISLAND made the king the GREATEST EVER.

    Don’t just believe because it is repeated, etc. Accept what is good for the country by observation, etc. (KALAMA SUTRA).

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    I commend Ben as a TRUE practitioner of KALAMA SUTRA unlike some who follow Buddhism like Islam. They believe whatever written to the letter as extremists do without thinking in the context.

    1. Ben and I also can go on calling people “FOOLS” but that will show the BANKRUPTCY of the “ism” we follow (if any).

    2. Independent and I were FOOLED by My3. My application of Kalama Sutra was WRONG. I should have better applied it using OBSERVATION to reject My3 BEFORE the election. Independent’s EXCELLENT knowledge of Buddhism also FAILED to help him see the TRUTH. I remember Independent using HEAVY Buddhist concepts to REJECT MR and support YAABALANAYA of My3!! So it is time he accept his PATH is wrong. To do that he should apply KALAMA SUTRA to what he thinks Buddhism is which is wrong.

  29. helaya Says:

    Welcome back Lorenzo. My3 is not the person you thought he was. He is a pussy cat now licking RW,s boots. He told his party members recently that no matter what the results of general election he has to nominate RW as the prime minister due to pressure from UK and US. What fool, he does not have a back bone.

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    Like me 6,250,000 people were FOOLED by bloody Maru Sira, Charm-Paka and other god damned cunning idiots. Only 5,800,000 people thought differently.

    But I supported My3 with GOOD INTENTIONS. We needed a change. MR should have done that change.

    During MR’s second term, SL was in deep dirt. Ministers slapping top diplomats (whatever his shortcomings are), bringing 6 foreigners from UK, USA and Endia to “investigate” our war heroes, ministers kids massive corruption, Tamils getting everything, reducing army camps, etc.

    In that context, it was normal to get rid of MR. Now we have to get rid of Maru Sira and UNP too.

    GR should be the PM and then PRESIDENT.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    You exaggerate negative aspects of MR’s 2nd term. Yes, there was negativity, but it was not his doing. The same stuff is continuing now, some of it worse than before, like the Central Bank scam.

    MR & GR should come forward. But spineless -MY3 says he HAS to appoint Sir Pottu Ranil as PM per west wishes. What do you say to that ?

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