Foreign-imposed regime change violates UN Charter: Who will defend Sri Lanka?
Posted on April 19th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge


The flagrant violation of diplomatic norms and general decency has been flouted by nations boasting to be ‘civilized’. Steered by America, contrived behind the scenes by Britain and assisted on ground by India there is a little doubt that a regime change took place on 8 January 2015. Of irrelevance was the faults of the former regime for even without or with faults if the former regime had relations with China, that government would have been doomed. Diplomacy cannot be written according to what suits the geopolitical agendas of corporate America, colonial mindset Britain (GCHQ Cheltenham in the UK operating from India) or arthashashtra following India. Countries should have the freedom to hold diplomatic relations without seeking permission from bully nations. Moreover if foreign-imposed regime change violates the fundamentals of the UN Charter when the UN itself now functions as a lackey of the West and Allies where can bullied nations go for justice?


Actions outside the Security Council would be illegal interventions and constituted crimes against peace or else aggressive acts, and those who decide on them would have to be brought to justice accordingly” so says US-American international law expert Professor Alfred de Zayas – when a handful of states make the laws, break the laws but applies the laws they break upon targeted enemies who is there to provide the justice? We find the concepts of R2P, humanitarian military interventions despicable in the light of realizing that the ‘terrorists’ against which the war on terror was declared were actually trained and armed by the very nations that invaded to save and bring democracy to targeted nations. Thus, it now emerges that Al Qaeda and its sub-units were created by the West, trained and armed by them too. With this knowledge available to the UN it becomes a mockery when its heads pass resolutions and allow R2P to actually occur.


The UN is a failure. It has failed to carry out what it was mandated to do in the UN Charter Preamble – to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. Moreover, the policy of non-intervention is clearly established in its aims and objectives. How is it that a UN formed to stop wars has become an organization engaged in facilitating regime change? The Libyan resolution was meant to overthrow a government. There are plenty of instances that can be quoted in the manner UN entities like the UNHRC adopted a hostile attitude towards Libya forcing onlookers to conclude the fate of Libya before its actual fall.


Where were the legal luminaries to take up Article 11 para 4 of the UN charter that clearly establishes the prohibition to use violence even the threat or aggressive gesture? Did this not happen to Sri Lanka by India in 1987 through the parippu drop violation of Sri Lanka air space and thereafter forcing Sri Lanka to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987?  


When one vote per nation at UN means that all nations big or small are equal, who has given some nations the right to dictate to others? How can a handful of nation cause crimes under the very terminologies they charge enemy nations but get away repeatedly? How many of these very countries have nuclear weapons when it was US who had no moral regret to drop the atomic bomb not once but twice in a span of 3 days after seeing the destruction the first caused. Does this not constitute pre-meditated murder?


All regime change programs have been led by a well planned and funded media glitz though Article 20 of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights says

1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.

All of US-backed regime change programs have been to project the targeted leader as ‘dictator’ his governance as ‘corrupt’ ‘autocratic’ ‘despotic’ ‘lacking human rights and freedoms’ as catch phrases to substantiate their involvement. Plenty of greased media hands are ever ready to provide the needed ingredients to colour the stories with ‘witness accounts’ well choreographed scenes and stories. There are also the documentaries, book launches and panel discussions with panellists appearing as if they cant sleep because of conflicts in these countries. Of course no sooner the show is over they happily take their payment and its business as usual until they are called in to do another show of emotional outburst.


How effective is Article 51 of the UN Charter – nations have a right to self-defense. In the case of Sri Lanka Article 51 was applicable when India violated Sri Lanka territory as well as clandestinely trained 35 Tamil youth groups in armed guerrilla warfare in 1970s to destabalize Sri Lanka from which LTTE emerged. But what could Sri Lanka do? Absolutely nothing and India continues to interfere in internal affairs of Sri Lanka claiming that India’s national security necessitates them to do so. Where are these laws writte?

In the case of Iraq invasion the UK Attorney General is on record to say ‘regime change cannot be the object of military action’ in other words regime change is illegal under international law. We all know that the Iraq invasion with concocted lies, media lies, foreign MP lies were all part of regime change and the 2002, April 6 speech by George Bush was a dead give away ‘we support regime change’. It is now obvious that with or without advice Bush and Blair and their teams of interventionists had planned to invade Iraq whether it was legal or not. The interview by Gen. Wesley Clark that US was to target 7 countries in 5 years shows the hypocrisy at play because this was planned well before 9/11 took place. We now realize that even 9/11 was preplanned ( / ). In such a scenario where does one place the international law books if they are only applied selectively by the parties that violate them?

From Iraq, we witnessed the occupation of Afghanistan, the independence of Kosovo & Sudan, killing of Gaddafi, ongoing attack on Syria besides the scores of Middle East/African nations with the latest jaunt of obtaining steady flow of brainwashed jihadists to be trained and exported to nations to start ‘rebellions’ as Islamic terrorists to enable the humanitarian charlatans to descend as saviour while a well-palmed international and local media gives all details of gross violations conveniently omitting to mention the role of their paymasters! Robin Cook resigned over the illegality of the Iraq invasion in 2003 and in an article in 2005 he confirmed that there is no AL Qaeda only ‘kharjees along with Mossad, CIA & RAW led and trained mercenary gangs like TTP who pose as Islamic jihadists and create justification for global information war and propaganda to launch a new war against another Muslim country’.  

Let us stop fooling ourselves. Since the end of World War 2, the US has overthrown more than 50 governments most of which were democratically elected. US has attempted to suppress populist or national movements in 20 countries and has interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries. US has also assassinated more than 50 foreign leaders. Since 1945 the US has carried out regime change in 69 countries in all the continents of the world. For 70 years the US has been functioning as a bully and meddling in the affairs of nations that are supposed to be independent and though we blame America in reality America itself is ruled by corporates and the general public are clueless about what its Government ends up doing on orders of those who actually rule America.

Who really does rule the world? It turns out that 80% of the worlds wealth is centred in 3 ‘cities’ (empire states which are sovereign and do not belong to any nation nor do they pay taxes but their wealth is controlled via the Rothschild owned Bank of England and Federal Reserve Bank which is a private corporation. Washington DC (refer Roman Law Lex Fori) is not part of USA, square mile City of London within Greater London is not part of England while Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Bank of England controls the world’s debt-base money system through the Bank for International Settlements, IMF and World Bank as well as through the central banks of every nation. In other words all currencies and money is controlled by them. This is why the news of the AIIB and BRICS has shaken them and China has become the enemy. The next startling news is that the US is possibly still a British colony because despite the War of Independence the agreement to pay taxes to the King of England continued and Americans are paying taxes to a corporation (Federal Reserve) that is owned by 8 families (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Lazards, Israel Moses Seif, Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb) most of whom live in Europe while IRS is an arm of the Federal Reserve and not part of the US Government (please do your own research)!


It is not difficult to now understand behind the veil of good governance, human rights, freedoms blah blah blah that are being preached to us by entities like the UN wasting millions on reports, conferences etc beneath all of this a handful of people own and control the world and they plan conflicts, invasions, occupations and economic collapse of countries. In reality the world and its people have become nothing but slaves in systems created by them for their profit and survival only. 90% of US media rests in the hands of just 6 corporations, the entire supply chain will naturally be determined by these 8 or 12 families who control the banking systems, governments and politicians, food and other essentials and the reason for regime change is nothing other than hunger for more profit by returning to colonial-led plunder of resources in nations now supposed to be independent.


Yet, the entire world cannot be wicked, evil or thinking of only making profit. Thus, amongst the media there have to be good people out there who realize that the world is going nowhere at this rate, they must now come out, similarly there has to be good lawyers who will bind together in a world-initiative of bringing true law and order, there have to be good politicians who will not be swayed by money for every evil stems from greed for money and people end up victims of money. When palms are greased people will end up doing anything but where is this all leading the world?


It is now time for the good to rise instead of waiting in slumber, in reality it is only a very small handful of people who have taken over control of the world. If the good can come together using the same platforms that are being used to divide us, we can turn the tables on the evil and expose them.


The hypocrisies of international law can be seen in the manner Israel has violated over 65 UN Resolutions while if another country did the same they would have been invaded by now! From 1970 to 2004 the US has used its Security Council veto power 39 times to shield Israel and every time the UN puts a resolution against Israel is it almost always vetoed by America. It has always been a case of ‘you are either with us or if you are against us we will use all the international systems under our control to bring you and your nation to its knees until you become a puppet state and we install puppets to lead you’.


With this level of hypocrisy known when media is paid to lie, when human rights organizations are missionaries funded by Western governments sent on missions to continue the doctrine of discovery (series of papal bulls existing since 15th century that allows Christian nations to cease native lands) refuse to be revoked, it is not hard to put the dots together to understand that the ultimate aim is to take over lands, plunder and profit and keep the people in eternal servitude while science and laws are being used to depopulate and reduce world population.


With so much wrongs taking place is it not time the good come out to say enough is enough!


Shenali D Waduge

8 Responses to “Foreign-imposed regime change violates UN Charter: Who will defend Sri Lanka?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “With so much wrongs taking place is it not time the good come out to say enough is enough!”

    We should know WHAT to DO. Our options are limited. Our resources are NOTHING compared to them.

    We MUST stop attacking unrelated Jewish business tycoons. Jewish war strategists SAVED SL and we must be grateful. We NEED them again. MR, GR and GL (then foreign minister) realized this. They are NOT our enemies. NEVER.

    Endia is SL’s enemy always. Who destroyed Buddhism in its BIRTH PLACE?

  2. Independent Says:

    Evil forces acting on Sri Lanka always take Israel as their Role Model , mentor or Aim whatever you call it.

    They do not tolerate anyone accusing evil Jews who are running the world. ( I mean not the Jewish community).

    Why ? Their aim is to set Sir Lanka against India, West and Middle East by various means and create a real killing field in Sri Lanka , which will allow western or Indian forces to invade, the same way Israel was created. Their main problem is Buddhism, which promotes peace.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Indian Empire and Indian Colonial Parasites did it in 2005 and 2015. In 2005 ICPs abstained from voting. In 2015 they voted in droves. Jai Hind

  4. ranjit Says:

    India is our enemy always as Lorenzo said.It’s true to the word. These shit devils are truly a pain in the ass for us if we don’t stand up in our two feet and tell them to bugger off.

    Shenali you should be in the UN. If I become the President of Sri Lanka surely I will appoint you as the UN special envoy to Sri Lanka. Actually after Banki Moon became the head of the UN this organization became the puppet of western Govts and did nothing to bring peace to the world. How many wars and how many were killed not in thousands but in millions across the world after this Moon bugger came as head. Good strong countries were reduced to rubble and some countries were like Ghost towns in the west. NO # 1 enemy USA is the cause for all the troubles in the world and that’s my personal view. I hope and pray the nature will punish these monsters and make the world a better place to live.

  5. Christie Says:

    Namaste: India changed the regime in 1956 and no one believes this but we have paid a high price and still we do. Jai Hind

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    All the cats are out of the bags !
    This ought to UNITE Lanka.

    Thank you Shenali ! May your Pen stay Mighty !

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    There is an allegation during MR’s time the SL ambassador to Russia arranged weapons transfer to Ukraine rebels. FANTASTIC if true.

    SL should do these operations against Endia too but through a THIRD PARTY. Endia has more to lose than SL in regime change. If there is no strong regime in Delhi, Endia will collapse into small pieces we can manage better.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    What if Tamil Nadu breaks away ?
    What are the repercussions for Lanka ?

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