MR/MS FIRST MEETING – Reply to Prof. Nalin De Silva
Posted on May 7th, 2015


Dear Prof. De Silva

Read your views with sadness. But you should not be too frustrated, as President Mahinda Rajapakse need to walk on a tight rope now, to deliver the aspirations of majority Sinhalese. MS is not driven by any political philosophy, but by anti-nationalist elements.  MR is not weakened by meeting MS, but has shown his flexibility and respect for the Chairman  of the SLFP and President of the country.  No one can now complain that MR was a stubborn man.

MS is surrounded by crooks, that is why Dr Rajitha Senaratne was put into the meeting to annoy MR. MR/GR’s names have never been tarnished as  CROOKS. Any attempts to do so will further strengthen their hands.

In theory “If you cannot destroy the enemy from a distance, then bring the enemy close to you and then shoot” translated to  Sinhala as “NAPURA THAMA WETHA KENDAWA NASTHIKARA DEMEEMAY PRATHIPATHTHIYA”.  This  was followed by MS to its very letter as demanded by CBK and RW gang.

MR has a long journey before the next election.  MS/CBK/RW will do their utmost to defeat MR, which will end his political career .

Therefore, MR and team must further consolidate their vote base.


6 Responses to “MR/MS FIRST MEETING – Reply to Prof. Nalin De Silva”

  1. helaya Says:

    So true MDP. Agree 100%.

  2. Sirih Says:

    Danger is nationalist voter based getting split. This will bring in anti national UNP and Ranil to power and hope My3 understand this and will have some space for MR supporters minus crooked ones.
    I would say My3 cannot be trusted as hones broker… Man is already under foreign control.

  3. Kumari Says:

    I too agree with the writer, but why are we always saying MR should be careful. I know he should be, but it was from the people within. Now all the crooks have left. The people who are staying with MR are the genuine lot. His 5.8m voter base too has gone up significantly as the 100 day programme and the well publicised B&Cs haven’t been proved. National security is severely compromised.

    MR and his supporters plan should be to converts this 5.8m plus votes into electoral seats. MR has done so much to the country, we need him and his able team now more than ever. MR is by far the most popular politician in the country. He himself is the party and the brand.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is up to the People who want the country intact and dignity restored to bring back MR & others with him.

  5. nilwala Says:

    The People of Lanka realise what a mistake had been made at the last presidential election in which they were made fools of to believe the current bunch of crooks. The RW/Mangala/RaviK bunch have already proved what they are capable of in the way of financial fraud and cover-up in the Central Bank fraud episode. THE PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF THAT CROOKED DEAL THAT HAS PUT THE COUNTRY IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE FOR YEARS TO COME…AND NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DONE AGAINST THE CROOKED PERPETRATORS!.
    Sirisena continues under the influence of the Yahapalana foghorns Rajitha and Mangala who are inventing fraud accusations thinking they can convince the people of their fictitious short stories…. WHEN THEY THEMSELVES ARE CROOKS??.
    The country that was proceeding with stability and peace under the MR/GR regime steered into rocky shores by people who could not care less about the shattering of the State that lies ahead with their maneuverings.

  6. NAK Says:

    It is foolish to hope to mend fences with Sirisena just beacuse he is the chairman of the party.He is holding on to the chairmanship of the party to thwart any attempt by MR to come back.
    MR has two options here. One is to try and take back the party and the orther is to get busy organising another outfit to face the elections.
    Sirisena seems content in sacrificing the party in order to consolidate his power with a UNP government for which he gets the full backing from the west.

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