Surrender To The West Almost Complete JHU’s Silence Astounding:
Posted on May 10th, 2015

Pro Lanka Courtesy The SundayLeader

If Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, it seems that the West’s current conquest of Sri Lanka is being won, perhaps has already been won, on the paddy fields of Polonnaruwa, in the traitorous UNP Offices at Siri Kotha, and in the equally traitorous offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many Sri Lankans are watching almost helplessly while the Maithripala Sirisena Govt, is being led by the nose by the unconstitutionally appointed Premier  Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Foreign Minister, Mangala Samaraweera relentlessly towards almost total surrender to the demands of the US, UK and the EU, as regards not only our Foreign Policy, but also matters which are purely our internal affairs. The hallmark of Ranil Wickremasinghe’s /UNP’s and Samaraweera’s thinking and hence their policies from time immemorial has been that it is Sri Lanka’s obligation to, and in its interests to bow down to the West, and to India as well. In keeping with this outlook, and in pursuance of such anti-national policies, Sri Lanka is shamelessly genuflecting before the West surrendering our self respect, honour and national integrity on the altar allegedly of Human Rights Issues and Economic necessity.

In doing so, the so-called National Govt is totally dismantling the UPFA’s policies of stoutly defending our self respect, national integrity and non interference into our internal affairs. Whatever the crimes/acts of corruption, nepotism, abuse of power etc. that ex-President  Mahinda Rajapaksa was allegedly guilty of, and admittedly his administration saw such abuses taken to hitherto unparalleled heights, Sri Lanka has to be thankful to him for two major achievements, viz  eliminating the LTTE Terror and defending our sovereignty self respect and non interference into our internal affairs by the West and the UNHCR.

In contrast, the present Govt is clearly acquiescing in the wearing down by the West, the UNHCR etc. of these patriotic fundamentals. The evidence of this shameless bowing down to the West, resisted firmly by former President Rajapaksa is clear. Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, , goes to Washington to explain what our Govt is doing as regards HR, as if the US. Govt had the right to know, and the Sri Lanka Govt was under obligation to let them know ! Worse, Samaraweera explains not merely about HR, but even our positions as regards matters which are entirely and completely matters of internal governance. Explain to whom? To two of the worst predators of Human Rights the world has recently seen, namely the U.S.A and the U.K. Samaraweera’s treachery is then surpassed by that other West worshipper and stooge, (and a member of the British Conservative Assoc, or something ) Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. He too, according to press reports not denied to date, explains what we did , are doing, and what we propose to do, not only as regards HR matters, but even as regards what are purely our internal matters of governance.

To cap it all, the President  Maithripala Sirisena goes to Washington and London and excels the slavish conduct of his two Ministers in the art of abject surrender to those two Govts. A reading of the President’s and his two Minister’s so called discussions  with Kerry, Cameron & Co shows a sorry tale of yes sir, we are doing this as suggested, no sir that will be stopped ; sure sir, we’ll let UNHRC come and show how ignoramuses we are. To top it all our President & Co seem to be proud over their surrenderistic discussions with these Western leaders. The President’s, the Prime Minister’s and the Foreign Affairs Minister’s foreign policy, sharply divergent from that of the previous President, appears to be to treat Sri Lanka as being subordinate to the U.S. and U.K and the U.S. and the U.K as being, hierarchically Sri Lanka’s superiors. The downside of this insubordination to the West has two striking and abject aspects, as may have been noted.

One: Sri Lanka explains (is made to explain for economic benefits ? ) to the West, matters not only as regards International and UN, UNHCR Affairs, but even as regards purely internal and day to day matters so to say, of administration, a high watermark of anti-national, slavish policies and governance.

Two. The President & Co loudly brag that they have done well for Sri Lanka by such emphatically submissive pro-West Policies, and obtained benefits for the country thereby, oblivious to or more likely, deliberately evasive of and deafeningly silent upon two cardinal Issues that arise, namely (i) At what Price ? and (ii) Is the Price worth it overall ?

Regarding (i) Not a word stated. Part of the price is the damage to our relations with China and Russia, two countries which consistently stood by us at UHRC, Geneva against the very two countries that are doing their damndest to punish this country before that Tribunal, and to whom this Govt is now paying pooja. Despite assertions to the contrary for diplomatic reasons, by the Govt and the two countries concerned these Relations are strained.

Regarding (ii) if Chinese and Russian support for Sri Lanka is internationally lost or diminished, and Asian /Non Aligned countries show concern, the Price the Govt is paying for going overboard in making up to the U.S, U.K, and E.U, despite economic benefits is questionable. It seems President Maithripala, surrounded /governed as he is by, in my view, the high priests of treachery

namely RW, the Premier (the sell out CFA, endless peace talks enabling LTTE military build ups, exposing identity of our Intelligence personnel  leading to the LTTEE assassinating many of them in the millennium affair ) Samaraweera, Foreign Minister (Blue Nelum”, the so called Peace movement, hindering recruitment when men were badly needed) and Chandrika Kumaratunga (the 2000 sell out Package, offer of the N & East to the LTTE for 10 years, without elections, P/Toms Pact, ) is pursuing UNP policies, not UPFA’s. The latest is approving the National Anthem in Tamil too, a UNP sponsored decision which has raised Constitutional Issues. But that is another matter. It is surprising and regrettable that some National minded Groups have not objected or otherwise indicated their stand on all the above issues. I refer chiefly to the JHU, the JVP, and the National Patriotic Movement of Dr Gunadasa Amarasekera. They must come out and state their views before it is too late. Does the JHU, which is in Govt, approve of our current Foreign Policy, specially as regards the attempts by the U.S and U.K to bring this country to heel through the UNHRC, on alleged HR violations by our Armed Forces during the latter part of the war ? Does it approve of the Govt’s and Minister Samaraweera”s readiness to accommodate without question most of the demands made by the U.S and U.K on that score? Should not the JHU require Samaraweera to question the U.S/U.K Govt’s right to demand accountability from Sri Lanka when they themselves have avoided accountability as regards worse HR violations in Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Diego Garcia and where else? Samaraweera should study the Statements made at UNHRC Sessions by our Geneva Envoy Ravinath Aryasinghe, as well as the Statement of former Geneva Envoy Tamara Kunanayagam which was a tour de force of analytical bludgeoning of the hypocritical American/British HR allegations against Sri Lanka.

Let Samaraweera also study Dr Dayan Jayatilleke’s brilliant performances at UNHRC earlier, before Samaraweera genuflects to the West again. Anyway, judging by their ear -splitting silence, one wonders whether the JHU, Champika Ranawaka, Ven Ratanasara Thero, Sri Warnasinghe and others of the JHU have, in joining the Govt, abandoned their former strong nationalist stances in matters concerning Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and non-interference in our internal affairs by the West, by India or whomsoever. The JHU should examine the records of the meetings the President and Samaraweera had with US. UK, and Indian politicians and officials, and undertakings given to them by President Maithripala and Samaraweera. Some of these were reported in the Press. Samaraweera is highly thrilled by U.S Minister Kerry coming here, and by a likely visit by President Obama as well. To judge by his euphoria about it, he seems to think it is a visitation from God himself! Many Sri Lankans will not be bothered. Ranil and Samaraweera think they see these visitors are wearing new clothes. Many Lankans know they are stark naked, coming here in their own interests, though hypocritically parading it as mutually beneficial.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Sunday Leader another Indian Imperialists mouthpiece, deflecting our attention to the West and leaving the Indian Empire. Jai Hind

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    Brilliant, factual and honest analysis . In a nutshell, MR saved the country from terrorism and upheld our dignity and was fair to all. The present lot havre sold our national anthem, destroyed the security arrangements. Unfortunately, Sinhalese do not have a leader or even a website to voice rheir opinion. We have a situation, like the piped Piper,lead to destruction. In my view, giving up desires and seeking extinction is dangerous and amounts to insanity. We can keep Buddhism for rituals as in japan & China, but should challenge crazy beliefs, as Buddha said in the Kalama sutra. I believe, if the Sinhalese have a good leader, they will be fine.

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