My Sweet Love
Posted on May 15th, 2015

Dr Ruwan M Jayatuge 


She is the most precious girl

Who lives in my heart

Her love is like the sunshine

Keeps me warm and satisfied


The beauty in her eyes

Like the jewels in the night sky

Her warm lips give me an eternal life


When she smiles

My worries and nostalgia fade away

She brings me everlasting happiness

Which I missed for many years


I have no words

To express my love for her

She is the only girl

Who lives in my world


Every single day

Our love grows

Like a never ending story


My heart beats for her

My princess and my angel

You are my everything

I cannot think of life without you


World without her

Is like a Robin without wind

Wasted and deserted

Without a single hope


Life without her

Would be like a drifting raft in the mighty ocean

Without any endeavours

Without any love and comfort


Now I know clearly

That I love my angel

For many centuries

She belonged to me


When I was the Pharaoh

She was my Egyptian queen

When I was the Maharaja of India

She was my Rani


When   Julius Caesar

Invaded Gaul

I took her to the distant mountains

Traveling many days on horseback


When Napoleon the anti Christ

Came near the frozen lands of Russia

I killed many soldiers with my broadsword

Who came to seize my lady


I remember her face

Filled with tears

When we were separated

At the Auschwitz


I promised to return

When I went to Vietnam

But I came in a coffin

You were crying and didn’t want to leave me at Arlington


I lived many lives

With my guardian angel

Happily and contently

And I will live with my angel

For another thousand lives




2 Responses to “My Sweet Love”

  1. L Perera Says:

    Whilst scanning Lanka Web news of Sri Lanka that is currently sinking , Doc Ruwan’s poetry , reminded me of the ships band continuing to play – in the last moments of the TITANIC.

  2. Independent Says:

    What to do ? He knows he can’t rescue the ship, unlike others who do not know that.

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