Please  protect the Father of the Nation Mahinda Rajapaksa 
Posted on May 16th, 2015

Ben Silva

Before MR  was elected  to  power,   Sri Lanka experienced    30 years of terror and many innocent Sinhalese and Muslims  and Tamils   died.  Terrorists destroyed assets of the State and money was wasted and no funds were available for infrastructure development. There were  allegations that during  CBK’s time and that of RW’s time, corruption prevented the defeat of terrorism. There were no suitable equipment in the hands of our brave soldiers, to defeat the enemy, due to poor government , planning and organisation. People were afraid to travel. GR  started our own defence academy and laid foundations for development of our own defense capabilities. Both MR and GR have contributed massively to Sri Lanka, often putting their lives at risk. Our racist  enemies know the genuine friends of the Sinhalese and Sri Lanka and that is why there was celebrations in TN when MR was defeated. The North and the East were no go areas for the Sinhalese.  Sinhalese and Muslims were expelled from the North. If Lanka was not liberated by MR, GR and with  the sacrifice of over 40000 lives of brave Sinhala youth, we would have lost Lanka for   ever. If we look at our history, parts of Lanka were under the Portuguese, then under Dutch and  then the whole country was taken over by the British.  My view is that we got our independence, thanks to the world war 11  and not because of any effort on our part. During the recent past, MR is the leader that unified the country using our own effort ,  and the valuable lives of 40000 Sinhala youth. Just as racist Hitler used the lives of German youth, racist  Prabakaran used the lives of Tamil youth, to satisfy his hunger for power.   MR eliminated terrorism, unified the country and defended our sovereignty, self respect and non interference into our internal affairs by the West and the UNHCR  As such MR  is the father of the nation and modern Sri Lanka.   He  has to be recognised as such. We should have self respect and defending our dignity is vital.

There are media reports of harassment of MR and GR. This is something we should not allow and we need to protest.  If we have any sense of gratitude, we should not harass our liberators. My observation is that those people who harass our liberators are our enemies or funded by our enemies. This is the time to have survival and fighting spirit and to dump Nirvana seeking coward’s spirit, fearful of suffering! It is also time to recognise that if we do not evolve and adapt we will die. We could learn from the Japanese and even the Sikh’s who continuously reinvent  and modify  their beliefs to suit their needs and the environment they live in. In my view, it is time to modify our beliefs to suit the highly competitive world we live in, where desires are valued  and where it is recognised that the motivation for wealth creation is desires. Without wealth, we will end up at the bottom of the pile. In a nutshell, the whole economic system is driven by desires and if we act against known ‘laws’ of economics, we will be doomed. The most dangerous enemies we have are  those that hang on to ancient Indian beliefs (that  even  Indians have dumped )  and those that refuse to change.

We can always protect and  respect Buddhism for cultural and heritage reasons and use rituals in ceremonies as in Japan, so that Buddhism and our culture is kept alive.

We owe a great debt to MR and those who contributed to the liberation of our only homeland. MR and GRB are  true heroes of the nation. We owe a great debt to them and they have to be protected and respected. It appears that MY3 govt. and Samaraweera  are puppets of  of the US, UK and the EU,  and surrender to the demands of the West. RW looking at his previous performance, appear to worship imperialists, West and even Indians, hoping to get favours from them. Our true friends are the Chinese  and the people of Pakistan  who helped us in the hour of need.  The so-called National Govt is totally dismantling the UPFA’s policies of safeguarding our self respect, national integrity and non interference into our internal affairs.

Where is the self respect and dignity of Sri Lanka that MR so fearlessly defended ?  MY3 is well known for his famous’ handshake with the Queen’. Have we got no shame or self respect ? Have we lost our dignity and self respect again and want to end up as slaves or second class citizens.  Sinhala Buddhists appear to be a nation blindly or otherwise seeking Nirvana .  I want to have my dignity and self respect, along with others,  and do not want to blindly follow myths (that  even Indians have dumped)  and that  respected scientists have rejected. It appears that Tamil terrorists have regrouped and funded operations against the Rajapaksa family. The alleged 500 million massive fraud would have funded anti Lanka operations, There appears to be a Tamil terrorist link.

Let us look at  a  possible link. Raj Rajaratnam, a Tamil   is the billionaire founder of the Galleon Group, a New York-based hedge fund management firm,  He  has been accused and jailed for fraud.   He was the 236th richest American in 2009, with an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion. He was the 262nd richest American in 2008, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.  In 2009 he was the richest Sri Lankan-born individual in the world. In November 2009, Rajaratnam pledged to donate $1 million to help with the rehabilitation of the LTTEcombatants. He has donated generously to clear land mines in the war-affected areas in Sri Lanka. Rajaratnam has contributed $3.5 million to the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), a group whose assets were frozen by the USA due to its alleged close connections to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). It does appear that Rajaratnam’s funds have gone to TRO, which had close links with LTTE. (Ref: Wikipedea). With so much wealth, he  could do almost anything he wants and we have hardly any power to counter underhand threats. We have to recognise the problems we will face, if we blindly follow Indian myths, give up desires and end up with no wealth, as is the case now.

Mahendran,  Rajaratnam links  and RW links

Media has indicated  alleged connections between f the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendren  and Rajaratnam. MP Nanayakkara said that Mahendran had been involved with Rajaratnam. The MP said that Prime Minister Wickremesinghe should be held responsible for the rip off in the bond issue. (The Island Wednesday 13th  May 2015 ref: )The entire business community was shocked with the blatant abuse of power of the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendren. (Lanka web news ) It is well known that RW ia associated with the appointment of Mahendran.  Is the link between Mahendran and  RW , through  Royal College ?  RW is a well known fool and could be deceived by anybody and LTTE can easily fool RW. The present administration has ‘ sold’  our National anthem, it is alleged that Sinhala land given to Tamils, persons and organisations removed from terrorist links, security arrangements in the North reduced. The above acts along with the harassment of GR and MR indicate a possible LTTE connection and has to be investigated. Clearly there is evidence of a possible connection between LTTE and the present administration. This possibility has to be further investigated. It appears that there has been a smear campaign against MR  and a well funded and planned conspiracy against Sri Lanka, with expert propaganda warfare being carried out.  With the skill displayed in the propaganda warfare,  and the ‘coup’ type conduct of those involved,  it appears that there is foreign involvement We will sink and get wiped out if we blindly follow Indian myths, as we will be naive and gullible in a highly dangerous competitive world, seeking our resources.

 It appears that we are slowly on our way to Nirvana, just like the Nalanda Buddhists. Indians have learnt that, in the real world,  seeking money, wealth and power is far more useful  and practical  than seeking  mythical Nirvana.  It is time to wake up, just like the Indians did. To stop our decline, we have to stop blindly following  very questionable Indian myths, that will lead us to economic ruin and extinction.

Acknowledgement –  Pro Lanka Courtesy The SundayLeader

9 Responses to “Please  protect the Father of the Nation Mahinda Rajapaksa ”

  1. Independent Says:

    Cowardly hiding behind Mahinda Rajapakse and LTTE this terrible පාපතර​ fool shows his real agenda in the concluding paragraph. Anti-Buddhist Sunday leader is helping him with Sonali.
    But nothing to worry, as fool is a fool.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Ben.

    But I DISAGREE with the heading. DSS is the father of the nation. He settled Singhala people in the north, north central and east. MR did NOT.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Ben I feel ashamed and sad when I see how these bloody traitors treat the man who saved us from death and destruction for thirty long years. How many past leaders failed to stop the blood bath? How many leaders sacrificed their lives fighting terrorism for so long? How many valuable lives were lost, How come our ungrateful people forgot all those bloody dark days so soon? Ho come people forgot the leader who sacrificed his own son to fight the enemy? This genuine man should be protected at all cost as Buddhist monks says. The enemies of this land will try every trick of the book to harm him but we as people of this country must always should have a human shield around him to protect from any harm.

    MR and his team should start now itself to go around the country from one village to another and explain to the people about their 100 day bogus promises and what they are going to do in the future with the help of Indian parasites and their western stooges. He must prove that Sira is a fraud and a traitor to this land.He is working for western and Indian interest not for the Sinhalese. MR needs the full backing of the people at this stage to counter all bogus accusations by this treacherous Govt of UNP thugs. Ben all what you said was correct and there are millions who believes and willing to offer their lives to protect MR.So May God helps him and his family.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mahinda is the Father of the Nation of Modern Sri Lanka ! I agree.
    D.S. is the Grandfather of the Nation.

    The new slogan should be “Save Mahinda”.

    This silly game of trying to take our Heroes to jail has to STOP NOW. Ranil/CBK etc who GAVE IN to terrorists by hiding behind the skirts of the foreigners, must retire now to their respective handlers countries and let those who LOVE the Nation and the People carry on.

    Those bed bugs who hid under their beds in the long felt fear of LTTE have now come out to suck HOPE and the life blood out of the Naton. They must go away to other pastures.

    Long live Mahinda Rajapakse !

  5. Kumari Says:

    The only crime Mahinda did was Finish the War. If he to was a western pleaser like the Troika then he too will have friends in high places.

    Long live our Leader! May the triple gem bless you and your family.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    You have so much HATRED in you. IF you are a DHAMMA school teacher as you say, I PITY your students!! They learn hatred, not METTA.

    PLEASE do some meditation and clear your mind. As you know hatred ruins the person who harbors hatred. NOT the intended. RECITE in your mind a hundred times,

    “May Ben Silva be healthy, safe and happy.”

    At the end of it YOU will become healthy, safe and happy, NOT Ben.

    I did the same for Ananda-USA. I recited a hundred times,

    “May Ananda-USA be healthy, safe and happy.”

    After that I felt good. NOT Ananda-USA.

  7. Nimal Says:

    I agree with your last paragraph where you say that money and wealth matters but we Sinhalese have little chance doing that in SL,See what happened to the likes Kothalawala where they pulled the rug under him, giving him a bad name etc.I too going through the same motions in SL though the SL inland revenue had been giving me gold awards year after year but get little comfort from the others. Very little credit or hearing is given to the hard working taxpayers,

  8. Ben Silva Says:

    Ranjit and others have made very valuable points. I believe it is worthwhile mentioning that Praba had his own state with an army, Navy and a air force. He had very rich Tamils, focussed on generating wealth, funding him. If MR did not liberate Lanka on time, PRaba would had his own state under International law, as it was run for a certain length of time independently. Any delay in liberating would have meant losing Lanka. Enemies of Lanka wanted to delay, as it would have meant the creation of two states, legally. Is there a national organisation to Protect Lanka and the Sinhalese ? I am aware that there are enough orgs protecting Indian myths.

  9. Ben Silva Says:

    Lorenzo has given excellent advice and I fully agree that it is bad to have hatred against any one. Following his advice let me wish Independent be healthy, safe and happy. To respond to Nihal, please keep generating wealth and help others as well. I try and do it myself. Wealth is necessary to get organised and also to be in a position to help others. Generating wealth is also utilising time efficiently and competing for resoutces efficiently. By following Buddhist precepts and following Kalama sutra we can be good Buddhists too.

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