Aravinda: A Moral Masochist?
Posted on May 19th, 2015

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

Viragaya novel is a turning point in Sinhala literature. Literary genius Martin Wicramasinghe vibrantly portrays Aravinda’s character in Viragaya digging deep in to his inner psyche.  Arvada’s conscious experience and ideas running through his mind are central part of the novel.  His emotions, conscious and unconscious psychological conflicts are described in a literary style by the author. Viragaya can be considered as one of the first and best psychological novels in Sinhala literature.

Martin Wicramasinghe was excellent in character scrutiny. For instance he presents Piyal (in Gamperaliya) who is a round character that experienced personal   growth through a life struggle. Piyal is a type A personality – ambitious, highly status-conscious, sensitive, and impatient. On the other hand Saviman Kabalana (in Yuganthaya) is an egocentric intellectual businessman who has self-seeking needs to climb the ladder of prosperity. In Viragaya Martin Wicramasinghe introduces an atypical, sensitive but relatively inactive non hedonic character named Aravinda.

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