My response to say “Sorry to Tamils”
Posted on May 19th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

18 May 2015

Dear Don Suraweera:

To continue with my response of 13th May to your Hello Friends: I just wanted to let you know about a great event that is organized in relation to reconciliation or ask forgiveness from the Tamil people.”

Let me ask a favour from you, not that I want to rain on yours and the organizing Christian Community of the Risen Lords’ (CRL) Parade.

Since the ‘Great Event’ of yours doesn’t seem to be kosher with me, and not cricket to many of us Sinhalese around the world, I tried to understand what the heck this great event” was all about!  The main thrust seems to be To ask forgiveness from the Tamil people.”  For what I wondered!  Is it a crock, or is it a fraudulent act, deceptive, pretentious, problematic, suspect, suspicious, won’t fly, queer, hoax and perhaps fishy?   After much thought I came to the conclusion that yours and that of the Risen Lords Great Event” were all of the above.   Hmmm…..doesn’t say much for your Great Event”, does it now, Don Suraweera!

My response to this as a Sinhalese-Buddhist, is to tell you and the Community of the Risen Lords  is by requesting you to display my concerns in a poster on the evening of the Vigil.  To carry my poster with my words on one hand and the other holding on to the lit candle to show the Sinhalese like me the wisdom of asking forgiveness from the Tamils.  Make my words written in the poster with visible and readable, sans-serif Helvetica 60 point letters..

These are my words, my message to all of you who will participate and those who will stop by to figure out what the heck you bleeding hearts are up to.

This is the message of mine to be shown in the poster.   Make it bold.  Make it attractive.  Make it eye-catching.



 Asoka Weerasinghe a Sinhalese-Buddhist domiciled   in  Ottawa, Canada, has rejected our call to say  Sorry to Tamils”     and join us in vigil today, and he says:

I will never, ever say sorry to Tamils until they say sorry to the crying chest-thumping Sinhalese-Mother’s whose sons and daughters, adults, children and infants who were killed by your ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists with exploding claymore mines, grenades, by bullets shot from AK47s, burning them alive and watch them die, and killed with machetes and chopped like a bleeding animal carcass in a butcher’s shop.

  Why Mother’s you may ask? Because they nurtured all those who you killed for 9 months in their wombs. They are life givers, they are amazing human beings, tender in their hearts, loving and adorable like my Mother, each one of them. They were the most who got hurt by the Tamil Tiger serial killings. That is why.   I demand that all you Tamil Tiger separatist-Tamils say Sorry” to my Sinhalese Mothers, as my knife cuts both ways, nor can I clap with one hand.  And that is the rub!  And that is how the organizing Risen Lord’s cookies crumble at my feet.  Asoka Weerasinghe.” 

Don Suraweera, perhaps you may want to convince one of the bleeding heart leaders of the evangelical Risen Lords wearing a white starched collar pointing towards heaven to do that favour for me.   Let me know if someone had obliged.  Let me know his name and you bet, I will thank him profusely, with my face turned towards the heavenly-sky with palms together and say in a loud voice,

Halleluiah ‘?Father John,  Jesus Loves You”.

Don  Suraweera, will you be honest with yourself and do this favour for me?


Asoka Weerasinghe

12 Responses to “My response to say “Sorry to Tamils””

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Indian terrorist arm trained, armed, managed, financed and branded Tamil Tigers by the Indian Empire. Jai Hind

    Asoka, in 1983 July the World Council of Churches held their world Church Leader meeting in Canada. India was behind some resolutions at the meeting. According to a Western Priest who attended the meeting told me he was amazed to see how all brown colored priests at the gathering were not interested about the religious matters but was interested about the events in the Island. It was that meeting that fed the Western media. Christie.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Don Suraweera’s advocacy of saying “Sorry To Tamils” …. those very same Tamils who cheered on “Our Boys” of the LTTE as they slashed, burned, bombed and blew to bits tens of thousands of our fellow Sri Lankan citizens during 30 years of Tamil mrder and mayhem … is LUDICROUS and LAUGHABLE!

    Here is ONE MORE CONGENITAL IDIOT preaching appeasement of terrorists and their conniving bretheren to us! There were MORE of this kind of LILY-LIVERED CALLOW IDIOT in the past, and there will be EVEN MORE in the future as well! Consign them and all their ilk to the DUSTBIN of Sri Lanka’s History, and expunge them from our midst!

    Today, under the Yamapalanaya Government murderous terrorists are being hoisted on the long suffering people of Sri Lanka as “Reconciliation” and are being “rehabilitated” as “Innocent Victims”!

    When has “Reconciliation” with diabolical murderers worked to usher in peace and amity? Is that how the Western Nations who advocate this Reconciliation drivel to us acted when their own necks were under the guillotine of the Fascist Powers during World War II, or even now as they confront Al Quaida and the Islamic State? Hypocritical Balderdash and Despicable Double Standards, I say!

    There must NEVER be “Reconciliation” with Terrorists and the dogs who supported them then and now, and we should NEVER FORGET their CRIMES and the National SACRIFICE it took to restore the SECURITY of all of our People! That History must never be forgotten or deliberately hidden under the carpets!

    The Divide and Rule Strategy of the minorities, that held sway in Sri Lanka priior to achieving independence and SWRD’s Blue Revolution, returned the anti-national minorities to power as the Yamapalanaya government on that DAY OF INFAMY: January 8, 2015.

    They are now dismantling and carting away (eg. at Elephant Pass) the War Monuments honoring the Ranawuruwo who paid the last full measure of their devotion to their Motherland by sacrificing their lives for the nation and for us.

    “Victory Day” has been DILUTED and DUMBED down as “Remembrance Day”, confusing the roles of murderers and victims, and allocating equal responsibility to both … all to appease the Tamil Separatists and their Foreign Backers still conniving to engineer the disintegration of our sovereign nation!

    Foreign experts have now arrived in Sri Lanka from the United States and the United Kingdom to aid, abet, and supervise the fabrication of false evidence, and to indict, prosecute and imprison, the Rajapaksa Family and the War Heroes who ushered in an era of National Security, Integrity, Pride and Unparallelled Economic Growth never seen before in Sri Lanka!

    Are we, the Patriotic Sons and Daughters of Sri Lanka to remain passively supine while they RE-ENSLAVE us to a Foreign Yoke, and Impose upon us Rule by our Internal Enemies? I say … HELL NO! NEVER!

    RISE, O Patriots of Lanka! …. Rise in your MILLIONS against this DISMANTLING of your Motherland, the DENIAL of the fruits of peace, security and national integrity won by the sacrifices of your sons and daughters in their battle of National Salvation!

    RISE in your MILLIONS …. to PROTECT and DEFEND the RIGHT of your People to live as a FREE PEOPLE in their Sovereign andUndivided Nation!

    RISE … O Patriots of Lanka …. and VICTORY will be yours!

    Sri Lanka’s former President and former Defence Secretary celebrate war victory

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 18, Colombo: Former President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa today participated in the event organized by a group of opposition parliamentarians to celebrate the victory of the war.

    The event was held this evening at the Viharamahadevi open air theater. A large crowd joined the oil lamps lighting ceremony in remembering the war heroes.

    The celebration was held at a time when the government has declared a remembrance day to honor all Sri Lankans, soldiers and civilians, irrespective of ethnicity, who had sacrificed their lives to end the terrorism and unite the country.

    Former President has accused President Sirisena of aligning with the Tamil Diaspora and “changing the character of the Victory Day”.

    During the Rajapaksa regime, May 19 was celebrated as “Victory Day” with an extravagant military parade.

    The Remembrance Day will be held tomorrow in Matara and the President will take the salute of the country’s security forces.

    The former president has not been invited for tomorrow’s Remembrance Day ceremonies organized by the Ministry of Defense, Ranaviru Seva Authority Chairperson Anoma Fonseka said today.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Tamils in northern Sri Lanka commemorate war dead despite ban

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 19, Mullaitivu: Despite a court order banning pro-LTTE commemorations in the former battleground of Mullaitivu District in Northern Sri Lanka, few politicians of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and civilians paid tribute to the thousands of dead in the final stages of the war that ended on May 18, 2009.

    Under heavy surveillance, TNA members of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) and local leaders lit oil lamps and offered flowers at a makeshift memorial in Mullivaikkal village in northeastern Sri Lanka, according to an Associated Press report.

    On the request of Mullaitivu police, the Mullaitivu Magistrate issued an order banning people from holding any LTTE commemoration events remembrance events in the Mullaitivu police division for 14 days starting from May 18.

    People have largely stayed away from the ceremony organized by the Northern Provincial Council while according to an AP report, intelligence agents and police were watching those attending the ceremony.

  4. helaya Says:

    Thanks Asoka. Who is this idiot? One thing wrong, his name is Don. This is the problem with our Sihala Christian. When they come to West, they become more extremist than Westerners. I have seen these people everywhere. The common thing is they do not consider they are Sinhalese. They are ignorant idiots.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Not only the brown coloured priests even the Christian Churches of all denominations, led by World Council of Churches are not interested in religious matters. All they are interested is in unlawful and degrading religious conversion of the most vulnerable in the world, converting them into easy pawns and through these newly created traitors, eventual world domination. Their grouse with the Sinhala Buddhists is because Sri Lanka is a 500 year old failure in their books. Now they want to dismember the country and achieve this unholy deed.

    In this unholy enterprise there are many Don Suraweeras who are willing to prostitute themselves and betray their motherland. Yes, they do not consider themselves Sinhalese – for now they are only robots at the mercy of their handlers! They are the lowest scum on this earth!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “I will never, ever say sorry to Tamils until they say sorry to the crying chest-thumping Sinhalese-Mother’s whose sons and daughters, adults, children and infants who were killed by your ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists with exploding claymore mines, grenades, by bullets shot from AK47s, burning them alive and watch them die, and killed with machetes and chopped like a bleeding animal carcass in a butcher’s shop.”


    Say sorry to terrorists, those who gave birth terrorists and those who refused to condemn terrorists? MY FOOT!

    Wait till USA says sorry to (S)Hitler and his gang. Then SL can say sorry to Tamils. DON’T jump the gun.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    My dear Don, I suggest you get your head checked to see if there is an iota of brain left inside your scull. I am a great believer in live and let live policy and reconcilliation process. But I cannot go down to that low ion the manner you plan your reconcilliation with Tamils. Tamils are on the whole interested in one way trade. Take and take and give no nothing. That racist Vigneswaran must go first for the Tamil people to reconcilliate with the other nationalities. The biggest hurdle for the Tamil people is Racist Tamil politicians.Sampanthan and a few like Douglas Devananda are becoming moderate politicians. What does Vigneswaran ask in devolution of power only to the North?

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera
    CM former High court judge Vigneswaran who gave maximum penalty ( compare to his Bhuddist Sinhala Judges have High human sence as always – All VP’s boys pray for Sinhala judge to be in their case ) to VP’S boys during his judge job & Colombo widover CM’s both of his daughter in laws are Sinhalase who cooked his Sooru & curry daily for him.

    Please tell me is he Tamil Racist ???

  9. stanley perera Says:

    Kumar, my simple answer is most of the Jaffna and Wellawatte Tamil people are racists. There are hell of a nice Tamil people amongst us. I know Skanda Kumar is one of them, the man appointed as the new High Commissioner.

  10. Independent Says:

    why kicked Tisara out ? He did a huge service in Aus completely tuning the Aus government around.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera
    my question is CM Vigneswaran racist? if he is , How come ? as explained his back ground.
    He is eating his Sooru & curry ever day cooked by his respectable Sinhala Daughter in Laws hand !!!

    live & let live my Sinhala brother as We both have lived last 2,500 (since Eelara time according to Mahavamsam ) in Bhuddas Holy land of Mother Lanka .

    We-Tamil 297,000 peoples ate (Karma) 3 meals ever day for 3 years cooked ( Tharma) by Sinhala Bhuddis Forces in IDP camp Manik farm !
    why that happen .all come to our Karma & Tharma .

  12. stanley perera Says:

    Nobody can do anything exciting except for Janaka Perera who did a marvellous job

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