Countries & Leaders without Compassion suffer Karmic repercussions
Posted on May 21st, 2015

Shenali D Waduge


The tenets of a Compassionate Leader entails practice by example. This was how the Sinhale nation’s leaders led for over 2300 years following the dasa raja dhamma. It is the continuous of these noble and compassionate leadership qualities that will make Sri Lanka preserve its historical identity. We should not follow the teachings as prescribed by Abrahamic faiths because we have a scientifically proven religion, we have a 2300 history wherein our leaders led by example following laws that did not lead to any murder, mayhem or mass exodus of either the Sinhala majority or the minority Tamils and the alien Muslims allowed to remain on coastal areas of Sri Lanka. It is when flouting the tenets with which Sri Lanka should abide by that karmic repercussions can be seen.


The Island newspaper of 20th May 2015 carried an article titled ‘Stray dogs released to Wilpattu surroundings’. MP Gayantha Karunathilake told Parliament that the previous government had spent Rs.1094,294 to feed 203 stray dogs who had been removed from Colombo City for the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting in 2013. According to MP Pathirana these dogs had been put into Wilpattu jungles and a majority of them had died. MP Pathirana went on to say that the wife of the Opposition Leader being an animal lover was saddened by this and the question was why over 1m was spent on maintaining dogs at two compounds in Colombo before they were released to die in Wilpattu.


We seem to after being ruled by colonial invaders lost our Buddhist roots. The Sinhala Buddhist kings ruled Sri Lanka on the basis of the Laws of Manu and customary Buddhist laws upholding the Buddhist precepts that all living beings are to be protected with reverence for life. This was promoted on the basis of advice given by Arahat Mahinda thero to King Dewanampiyatissa. Thus, the governing rules of law were clearly articulated, boundaries defined and drawn so that people knew what was taboo and this enabled respect and to live in peaceful co-existence. While all non-Buddhists could practice their faiths they could not follow practices that over-ruled the Buddhist precepts and neither did they attempt to because what was allowed and what was prohibited were clearly conveyed to them.


The place of Buddhism in the Sinhale nation was inviolable and that place was also meant to be guaranteed in the Kandy Convention of 1815 ‘the religion of the Buddha professed by the chief and inhabitants of these provinces is declared inviolable and its, ministers (monks) and places of worship are to be maintained and protected’. That the British never intended to keep the promises made was seen by the methods they adopted to subtly remove the place of Buddhism.


But to have Sri Lanka post-independence leaders play lukewarm lipservic to Buddhism is far more disappointing. Both Christian majority nations and Muslim majority-nations all make clear what is acceptable under their faiths and what is not. Equality of religions always stops short of not allowing anything to eat into their religious space or their beliefs. Why have Sri Lanka’s leaders feared to do the same?


Is it not a noble and compassionate principle to treat animals with compassion in times where dogs, horses, camels are eaten despite they providing a service to people. Can we eat the very animals that serve us? It is because of the killing trait that we have depreciated to such low levels as humans. We have lost our humanity and the examples of behaving worse than animals abound. As Leo Tolstoy said ‘wherever there is slaughterhouses there is bloodshed’ and we can see that very clearly.


It is a trait whenever a calamity occurs to claim it is due to karmic repercussions. The same was said following the mass animal sacrifice in Nepal of lakhs and lakhs of animals just to appease the Gods and seek favors. A massive earthquake struck and repeated quakes are taking place still in Nepal. Our immediate thoughts were whether these were karmic repercussions for taking the lives of so many animals.


Similarly, the example of these dogs taken and dumped in the jungles and the fate that met them can be considered as a similar example. It is a habit for politicians to knowing the karmic repercussions to visit temples thinking they will be absolved. In their haste for merit they end up visiting temples of other religions too dumbfounding the Gods further since there is an overlapping and contradictions in the beliefs of the Vedic faiths and those of the Abrahamic faiths.


Nonetheless, for Sri Lanka to resurface and chart out a new destiny it must uphold the noble and compassion that Buddhism affords. In Europe a silent revolution is taking place with people realizing that wealth does not provide happiness and meat affects their health and their inner peace has been satisfied through Buddhism and happiness and health has come from turning to vegan/vegetarian diets.


Sri Lanka does not need to follow, Sri Lanka needs to champion Buddhist compassion starting with a new Constitution drawing on compassionate living and ethics for man and animal. It is the right thing to do and will provide a salvation to all the People as well – emotionally, physically and mentally as well.



Shenali D Waduge


32 Responses to “Countries & Leaders without Compassion suffer Karmic repercussions”

  1. Independent Says:

    Agree that “Sri Lanka needs to champion Buddhist compassion starting with a new Constitution”.

    I remember soon after the war, rather than 100% standing on military solution which achieved peace, they always thought that it was “BAD” against Tamils. They themselves did not agree and started talking about “political solutions”.
    They started trying to be friends will all countries by suing stupid tactics. War against “baby elephants” was started by politicians. Started “donating” babies to other countries as “goodwill gesture” as if they are their subjects.
    Now we can see that even Colombo Magistrate was keeping a baby elephants. Legally or illegally one should not keep elephants captured.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    Shenali, you are very correct about the karmic repurcussions.Some times back,it was highlighted in certain news papers THAT FORMER PRESIDENT HAS STARTED MEDITATING ACCORDING TO BUDDHIST PHYLOSOPHY TO OVERCOME CERTAIN UNBALANCES.

  3. jay-ran Says:


  4. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Shenali ; Sinhalaya and Sinhalayo has a history of much more than 2300 years. You sound like another Indian begging and serving the Indian Empire. Sinhalese looked after animals for more than 2300 years. Jai Hind

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    I totally reject meat eating. Have been healthier since I stopped eating meat 10 years ago.

    BUT I totally REJECT KARMA nonsense too. Karma is a HINDU concept and there is NO EVIDENCE to justify it.

    Developed countries where there is NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER suffer NO harm compared to those suffered by poor countries where there is PLENTY OF COMPASSION.

    More animals are killed in SAUDI, SINGAPORE, NORWAY or UK than Nepal and NOTHING bad happens to them.

    We must SHED BOTH WRONG beliefs – meat eating and karma.

  6. mario_perera Says:

    “Developed countries where there is NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER suffer NO harm compared to those suffered by poor countries where there is PLENTY OF COMPASSION.” – Lorenzo

    This is exactly how things are. Countries that are developed, meaning RICH and POWERFUL do not have time for UNPRODUCTIVE THINKING. This country, underdeveloped, poor and powerless boasts of our thinkers. and what do they think about? Our glorious past, our glorious religion, our glorious but sterile hopes and expectations…thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, ineffective and unproductive, thoughts that are paths to nowhere. Just look at our Ph.D holders. . What are these theses about? They are comparable to cows chewing the cud. The same rigmaroles stated and restated from this angle and that angle and every possible angle. Nothing that will make this country richer and more powerful. Yet the bearers of such title strut on the stage like peacocks and pose as objects of adulation.

    Countries that are rich and powerful have circumscribed the ineffective and unproductive within tangible limits, and religion is one of such ineffective and unproductive phenomena.

    As long as we give pride of place to the ineffective and unproductive we will continue to remain poor and powerless. Ultimately even the great virtue of compassion will be nothing else other than SELF COMPASSION…compassion in our own poverty, misery and powerlessness.

    That could also be called the ‘mirror effect’. The poor man who looks into the mirror sees only himself as bedraggled and miserable, a figure that evokes only compassion.

    Mario Perera

  7. samurai Says:

    Anyone is free to accept or reject karma. But to say that karma theory in Hinduism and Buddhism is the same is to display ignorance. Although it requires a detailed article to explain karma according to Buddha’s teachings, let me cite the basic differences between the karma concept of Hinduism and Buddhism

    Hinduism confirms that despite the process of rebirth, there is an indwelling athma in all beings, also called the Self. It is changeless consciousness that is eternal, having no birth and death. Rebirth happens as long as there is the mind and subtle body. By thinking that one is the body and by failing to realize one’s own nature of being the changeless Self, man falls into cycles of birth and death. This is the Hindu’s perspective.

    Buddhism does not believe in existence of the changeless Self. They simple assert that everything is illusory. They do not believe that there is a substance/consciousness that transmigrates in this process.

    Hinduism affirms the existence of an entity (God) that dispatches individual karmic actions to all the beings. Otherwise how can an inert matter like karma govern its own existence and give results to a being that is alive? This is Hinduism’s perspective against that of Buddhism’s which is atheistic.

    The Hindu point of view is that with divine intervention and God’s grace, karmic effects can be altered and reverted to a certain extent by the actions of anugraha and thirodhaana. Buddhism however perceives karma and rebirth merely as laws of nature devoid of any divine intervention.

    In fact because of the erroneous belief in god’s grace’ many Hindus have become a confused lot. The worst example is the slaughter of thousands of innocent buffalos every five years in Nepal to appease unseen god, despite their belief in a distorted version of karma

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Today, the so called born again Christians are running the show in Sri Lanka. Rosi Senannayake is in charge of Children welfare and all members of Ranil inner cabinet are born again Christians. Beware of some of the commentators like, Lorenzo and Independent who were responsible for installing the present regime now trying to quote Buddhist and pretending to be Buddhists. I was in Sri Lanka for ten days and Buddhists are well aware of this fact.

    Now you can not find Sirisena supporters among middleclass.

    Miss management of economy is very much visible. All the development project have been stopped and IMF is very angry with the free handouts given by the government ruining the economy.

    Because of back dated tax claims in the last buget, government is not receiving billions of corporate tax due for year 2014/15. What a show?

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear Neela,

    I did NOT install this Rosi, Run-nil, Eran, etc. cabinet. I worked for Maru Sira only. Who knew Run-nil and clan will become ministers!!

    Now the latest of Maru Sira media is to link MR to the criminal who sexually assaulted that Tamil school girl in Jaffna. The picture shows MR with a former PLOTE terrorist now living in Switzerland. He was not even in SL during this time!!

    Dirty trick by Maru Sira camp.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    The fact is developed countries have better morals than SL.

    Compare Japan (a country of EXTREME cruelty to animals in land and sea) and SL in nationmaster. Japanese cut fins of live fish and bleed them and then release them to sea to die!! They cook fish LIVE and eat LIVE. They eat monkey brains sometimes of LIVE monkeys!!

    Japan is way better than SL in all violence indices.

    True Japan had earthquakes and wars but proportionately SL suffered more from British genocide, 2 insurrections, wars, tsunami, etc.

    MOST commentators here are living in CHRISTIAN MAJORITY countries including me because these countries are SAFER and prosperous than SL. Crime rates are lower than SL. Lets not pretend otherwise. Some people have changed their surname to USA!! It should be USHA.

  11. Independent Says:

    I had not power to install governments. I don’t regret repeatedly predicting Rajapakse’s defeat and I am happy he has been defeated. It is the best for the country.
    I am a devout Buddhist as much as a true Sinhalese.
    Don’t put me in the same category as Lorenzo the බෝදිලිමා who has only one aim, that is to claim that original inhabitants of Sinhale are Tamils.
    This LTTE mole has not joined Gon Silva attacking Buddhism and you shamelessly haven’t even read what he has written.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Samurai has brought up a valid point about the acceptance of a Soul in Hinduism but absent in popular Buddhist thinking.
    The Buddha however stated that “Truth is within You” similar to Christ saying that “the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You”. There is some confusion as to what the Buddha referred to as “Truth” with a capital ‘T’ as opposed to ‘truth’ with a simple ‘t’. The latter, as all of us know, is truth of anything mundane, a situation, event, etc. But what did the Buddha mean referring to ‘T’ruth ? I am of the opinion that he meant that ‘God’/Creator/Allah is within you.

    As Meditation is an important component in Buddhist philosophy (as in Dhana, Seela, Bhavana – Meditation) and Meditation is the key to God Realisation WITHIN You, I have to assume that the Buddha meant that there is a Godhead within each of us.

    The essense of Hinduism is lost in a great deal of religious ritual. The Essense of Hinduism is in the Four Great Yogas and Raj Yoga is focussed on Meditation. The Caste System of the Hindu people is also attached to Hinduism and brings many problems into society. The Caste System was i n place the time the Buddha walked the Earth and if he kept the word “God” out of the teachings or used a different word for same, it is understandable why. Above statements made in good faith and intent.

    Comments welcome.

  13. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    You have been accusing MR throughout the election period for corruption and was writing propaganda statement on behalf of My3 on this website and now say you have just been predicting only. By the way, Now Ranil and My3 are in real trouble because they couldn’t find any valid financial misdeeds done by Rajapakse family. You can help Ranil and My3 by sending your information whatever you had on MR’s corruption deals. Both Ranil and My3 will be grateful to receive these information otherwise voters are about to call them diabolical liars.

  14. Independent Says:

    NMY. I don’t lie.
    “writing propaganda statement ” ? please show me ONE. I have no intention to help Ranil.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Furthermore, the Buddha stated that a person is high born or low born ONLY through his/her actions. This is clear evidence that the Buddha stood apart from the Caste System and thus his Teachings gave comfort to all human beings making them self reliant and self sufficient in their quest for Self Knowledge of the Godhead within.

  16. Independent Says:

    “The fact is developed countries have better morals than SL. ” complete rubbish.

    This also a change of stand than big statement ” Developed countries where there is NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER suffer NO harm compared to those suffered by poor countries where there is PLENTY OF COMPASSION.” which is praised only by fools.
    Fools should squeeze a little bit of their brain to understand that “COMPASSION” is not the fault for having “those suffered by poor countries” but the “Thanha” of the idiots ruling those countries.
    The basic fault is the “IGNORANCE = GOD ” which is worshipped by the Anglicans, Muslims and Catholics.

    In Australia and Canada you can see moral values “moral values” by treatment of aboriginal people.
    You can go near clubs at 2.00 pm and see for yourself behaviour of high morals.

  17. Independent Says:

    Buddhist please be aware of LTTE propaganda and tactics..

    1. Give Tamil names to all Sinhala places and villages and keep on publishing these.
    2. Support violence (except form Tamils) wherever it arises and mention “military takeover” at the right time.
    3.Create and promote disharmony among races of our country.
    4. Attack Buddhism in subtle ways. Attack core Buddhist values like COMPASSION, EQUNIMITY, METAA, MUDITA.
    5. Promote Christian terms “PEACE” and Buddhist evil “Thanha”, “Aashaa”, “Lobha”.
    6. Try and convince masses that Hiduism= Buddhism.
    7. Spread that LTTE are not supported by Catholics.
    8. Always pro Israel and against Arabs.

    Final aim is to make an “ISRAEL” in whole of Sri Lanka. They will then say Tamils were there 3000 years ago before even birth of Buddha.

    Remember , for LTTE, Buddhism is the NO: 1 enemy, not Sinhalese.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Dham, Nanda, Independent,

    “Lorenzo the බෝදිලිමා who has only one aim, that is to claim that original inhabitants of Sinhale are Tamils.”

    What utter BS. I always believe Singhalese are the original people of the island of SL and not Tamils.

    You insult Buddhism by your conduct IF you are a good Buddhist as you claim. There is NO Gon Silva. Name calling is good Buddhism?

    Other commentators get their membership cancelled for abusing commentators and writers in LW but not Independent who can keep on making abusive comments.

    “I don’t regret repeatedly predicting Rajapakse’s defeat and I am happy he has been defeated. It is the best for the country.”

    How on earth it is the best for the country!! Don’t you have eyes and ears? If you are happy NOW that MR is defeated, you must be LTTE because those are only people who are happy NOW (not 100 days before).

  19. Independent Says:

    I am telling what I think correct. There is nothing wrong in it , according to Buddhism.
    There is no rule on name calling, name calling is your speciality and I acknowledge your are good at it.
    බෝදිලිමා is the garden lizard which change colour. Appropriate to you.

    Why I think MR’s defeat is good is he learnt a lesson, others learnt a lesson too. Of course changes will come to correct whatever worn things happening now. Even after 30 years , correction happen.

    You and LTTE will not succeed.

    YES. YOU SAID you ” always believe Singhalese are the original people of the island of SL and not Tamils.” But say only. Inside is different. Prove me wrong.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re Tamil Language issue, picture this :

    Britain is also an island nation as Lanka is. Britain is situated some nautical miles away from France. Britain has had many wars with France, prior to WW I&II which unified the area. Lanka has a similar situation with the Tamil Nadu area.

    Imagine if Britain had the French Language as a National/Official language, similar to Lanka having Tamil as a National/Official language ! Britain would be over run by the French by now. Britain would never do such a foolish thing as having the French on par with English !

    In addition, Tamil Nadu has some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin who would like very much to flee the low caste stigma. Now, I ask you, why is Lanka being so foolish as to allow these Tamil Dalit folk to come as illegal migrants to Lanka and who are being used by Tamil leaders to form Eelam, or Federal State leading to Eelam ?

    It is not too late to remove the Tamil language as a National/Official language. It is a Security Issue now.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    You said “developed countries which show no compassion whatsoever suffer no harm etc …” In truth, the so called Developed Countries of Europe lost about 80 Million people during WWI&II. That is not Karma ..?

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    MORE people died in Endia, etc. during that time from starvation!!

    Also Manchuria (a poorer place), etc. suffered enormously.

    PLUS during colonial times poor country people in Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America died more.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    Doubtless a large number of people died due to various natural causes in other places. Also, we cannot compare land mass of Europe and number of people there vs rest of the world as the latter area and population is vast compared to European land mass and population e.g. African continent, Asian continent, Australia, the Americas etc. The time frame for comparison must be considered too.

    All in all, the numbers who died in WWI&II in Europe were like in no other time pf war. But the wars have to stop now as a measure to control populations and more humane, kinder methods like free birth control put in place. Also, far better fiscal practices must be put in place with equitable distribution of wealth in any country. Germany went awry earlier due to poor distribution of wealth, as did the rest of Europe. Today, Britain is a Welfare State and the rest of Europe is Socialist (not Communist or Fascist).

    As for India, here are the actual figures :

    “The Bengal famine of 1943 (Bengali: পঞ্চাশের মন্বন্তর) struck the Bengal Province of pre-partition British India (present-day West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Bangladesh) during World War II following the Japanese occupation of Burma. Approximately 3 million people died due to famine. Generally the estimates are between 1.5 and 4 million, considering death due to starvation, malnutrition and disease, out of Bengal’s 60.3 million population. Half of the victims died from disease after food became available in December 1943.Generally it is thought that there was serious decrease in food production during that time which is coupled with Bengal’s continuing export of grain.However according to Amartya Sen there was no significant decrease in food production in 1943 (in fact food production was higher compared to 1941). As in previous Bengal famines, the highest mortality was not in previously very poor groups, but among artisans and small traders whose income vanished when people spent all they had on food and did not employ cobblers, carpenters, etc.] The famine also caused major economic and social disruption, ruining millions of families”.

    Also, another interesting article re Indian deaths due to starvation :

    24 MAY 2015

    Churchill blamed for 1m deaths in India famine
    Sir Winston Churchill may be one of Britain’s greatest wartime leaders, but in India he has been blamed for allowing more than a million people to die of starvation.

    “According to a new book on the famine, Sir Winston ignored pleas for emergency food aid for millions in Bengal left to starve as their rice paddies were turned over to jute for sandbag production and supplies of rice from Burma stopped after Japanese occupation.
    Between one and three million died of hunger in 1943.
    The wartime leader said Britain could not spare the ships to transport emergency supplies as the streets of Calcutta filled with emaciated villagers from the surrounding countryside, but author Madhusree Mukerjee has unearthed new documents which challenge his claim.
    In her book, Churchill’s Secret War, she cites ministry records and personal papers which reveal ships carrying cereals from Australia were bypassed India on their way to the Mediterranean where supplies were already abundant.
    “It wasn’t a question of Churchill being inept: sending relief to Bengal was raised repeatedly and he and his close associates thwarted every effort,” the author said.
    “The United States and Australia offered to send help but couldn’t because the war cabinet was not willing to release ships. And when the US offered to send grain on its own ships, that offer was not followed up by the British,” she added.
    The man-made famine and the contrast between the plight of starving Indians and well-fed British officers dining in the city’s many colonial clubs has been described as one of the darkest chapters in British rule on the Indian subcontinent.
    Miss Mukerjee blames Churchill’s ‘racism’ for his refusal to intervene.
    He derided Gandhi as a “half-naked holy man” and once said: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”
    He was known to favour Islam over Hinduism.
    “Winston’s racist hatred was due to his loving the empire in the way a jealous husband loves his trophy wife: he would rather destroy it than let it go,” said Miss Mukerjee”.

  24. Jag Says:

    My apologies for publishing the following note on this thread. I could not publish this response on the previous thread because it said ”Limit exceeded”..

    Shenali, my heartiest thanks to you for sharing this story with us. Please on-pass my sincere gratitude to Diannah. We know that we keep on asking the same question from rich and the powerful international community, ”why do you treat us like this?”…. well, I honestly don’t think they give two hoots about Sri Lanka or the majority Singhalese Buddhists who made Sri Lanka. They are only after votes and money that is thrown at them by the Tamil diaspora. That is the bitter truth.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    That is only for a VERY SHORT TIME. Consider the effects of LONG colonialism. Enormous deaths in SOUTH ASIA, Africa, etc.!!

    e.g. In SL in 1818, 1848, etc. massive number of people were killed and livelihoods destroyed killing even more.

    MORE PEOPLE DIED in poor countries that are relatively with MERITORIOUS leaders in the past 500 years than in countries with EVIL GREEDY leaders.

    Also look at wealth. Countries with GREEDY leaders robbed and amassed A LOT OF WEALTH from poor countries with MERITORIOUS LEADERS. That is why they are RICH.

    e.g. UK, Japan, USA, Germany, France, Italy, etc.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    I think there is something called ‘Collective Karma’ happening in areas. It has nothing to do with good or bad leaders.
    The Collective Karma of all the citzens acts at various given times, and depending on the opportunity, Karma acts. Also, teh Collective Karma of other countries will impose itself on the neighboring countries or even the rest of the world. It is like a family member suffering a life threatening illness – his Karma acting through the illness affects the entire family, the neighbors, friends, etc.

    In Physics, Newton’s 3rd Law states : Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, referring of course, to measurable energy.

    Bearing all this mind, mankind has to act always for the common good, isn’t it ?

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    It is NOT karma. It is NATURAL. The earth and its beings have gone through many disasters. Dinosaurs went extinct. IT WAS NO KARMA!!

    These things happen. One day the entire solar system will crash. It is not karma. It is a certainty. Before that an asteroid will hit earth and it will start all over again. It is not karma.

    “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

    As you CORRECTLY say, this has NO relevance to karma BS.

    IF it were to be applied to human feelings it will be like this.

    X hits Y with a cane, hard.
    Y suffers caning from X, hard.

    The harder X hits, the harder Y suffers. Action and reaction are equal in amount and opposite in direction. That’s all.

    Or X cheats Y to the sum of $100. Y gets cheated by X to the sum of $100.

    The more X cheats, the more Y suffers cheat. Action and reaction are equal in amount ($100) and opposite in direction (one gains, the other loses). That’s all.

    It does NOT mean seconds, minutes, months or years later X will “pay for it” or suffer similarly. No way. That is utter BS. Some people don’t know how to apply Newton’s laws. Glad, you know.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    Karma & the oridnary person :
    Also, if ordinary people have a choice, they would most probably choose to live with basic comforts of food, clothing, shelter with a good education. They would choose good health & happiness & a sense of security for himself and his family.
    If leaders of countries and governments can deliver these feelings, then leaders can be called good leaders creating good Karma.

    In modern Economic Theory which has been thrust on the world by the lead (fire power) powerful countries, it is hard for countries with established old values to change fast to suit and be measured by modern Economic Theory methods. Fortunately, a humble farmer with basics of food, clothing & shelter, may be far HAPPIER than a man in the city having a great deal of ill gotten wealth. That sort of example can be seen as Karma in action for individuals, whatever standards the world imposes.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    In the world of human beings, there are Universal Laws in operation. Same for dinosaurs, at that time.

    If human beings do not have basic Laws to guide daily living and have a dog eat dog attitude as populations increase (only 9 months to create a human being), then life on Planet Earth will vanish sooner or later. People will kill each other for money etc. and only pirate thugs will survive.

    The Laws of Karma do operate. For instance, if Lanka keeps on with the Tamil language as a National/Official language, then it is INEVITABLE that Lanka becomes an appendage of Tamil Nadu. As you agree, Action & Reaction.

    In Lanka, Buddhist ‘Compassion’ has got mixed up with the State. State must be neutral in order to be successful in protecting the People of Lanka. The ‘aney pauw’ will not work in State matters. Security first.

    However, Buddhism must be protected by the State from aggressive others.

  30. Independent Says:

    Forgoing is an argument between one who worships ignorance and one who believes in wisdom. A fool and a wise man. Obviously the FOOL wins.

    GOD= creator of all formations = Avijjaa (” අවිජ්ජා පච්චයා සන්ඛාරා ” ) = Allah.

    There is no law. Avijjaa creates all. Dinosaurs were created by ignorance and so are us.
    Get rid of ignorance and be free of LTTE.
    Be free of Ealaam.

  31. Independent Says:

    It is NOT karma. It is NATURAL. It is natural to create “sankhara” due to ignorance within. B/S is also sankhara. If you don’t smell, if you don’t see it as B/S , it is only consist of the 4 matter, same as the brain of the ignorant man.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    Karma is just a word for Action & Reaction.

    What we perceive through our senses is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of this Creation ! Any A-level Science student will confirm this.

    Dinosaurs were part of the ‘ongoing experiment on Planet Earth’. They, along with other organic material provides gasoline to human beings of today – to fuel cars and make hundreds of other products (dino-juice).

    I close my case.

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