Largest ‘media extortion’ – why the sudden change?
Posted on May 21st, 2015

Courtesy Adaderana

It has come to notice that a certain media agency, in which it once severely criticised a major China based project in Sri Lanka, has stopped its ‘hate campaign’ and instead started to promote it.

It has become a moot point as to what reasons had led to this sudden change. The ‘hate campaign’ against the certain project has come to an abrupt end and it has now started to promote the positive twists of the long term investment.

What makes this sudden change?

Has this media agency demanded a ransom to stop the ‘hate campaign’? If so, how much?

It is true that the demanded ransom was over Rs. 400 million?

Who is the ‘media terrorist’ behind all this drama?

In their bid to counter attack, the relevant media agency has launched a mudslinging campaign against the board of directors of Ada Derana as well. This came due to no other reason than revealing the bitter truth.

Ada Derana uncovered information regarding what is quite possibly the largest ‘extortion’ in the history of Sri Lankan media, skillfully carried out by this media organization, last week. The preliminary step of the scheme is to intimidate local and foreign investors by ruthlessly criticizing their projects, which are benefiting the country, by falsely portraying them as harmful. Following the intimidation process, the organization in question follows a new media trend of obtaining extortions from the investors after promising to boost the image of their respective projects, using the various platforms of media at its disposal.

2 Responses to “Largest ‘media extortion’ – why the sudden change?”

  1. Leela Says:

    I wouldn’t step in to ‘Sirasa’ even for a drizzle.

  2. Kumari Says:

    Shame on you Ranil. I hear Arjuna Mahendran of Central Bank and Raju Mahendran of Sirasa (part of Maharaja Organization) are brothers. Also that they are your nephews through marriage. It gives the impression that Mahraja’s bankrolled My3’s campaign and that is why he thanked the Majaraja Organization a couple of weeks ago. May be the CB robbery is part of the payback.

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