Victory Day, Remembrance Day & LTTE Flag
Posted on May 22nd, 2015

Ira de Silva London

Reading the news reports from Sri Lanka especially regarding the growing increase of the LTTE operating in the country without any inhibition, fully supported by the spokespersons of the LTTE namely the TNA and the Governor of the Northern Province, should be cause for concern for all Sri Lankans.

It is generally said that Sri Lankans have very short memories so it is imperative that on May 18th and May19th they be reminded that they lived in fear of their lives, that they were killed anywhere and everywhere in the country without warning by the LTTE terrorists, that at various times in the thirty years of LTTE terrorism, the GOSL at times, because of the dictates of the western powers, gave equal status as the GOSL to the LTTE and signed peace deals with the LTTE. Let Sri Lankans remember that because of the CFA the LTTE were given the right to roam the country to terrorize the population while the Sri Lankan forces were confined to their barracks and humiliated by the LTTE.  As required by the dictates of the so-called international community, they agreed  to share power with the LTTE, they recognized the LTTE/TNA as the sole representatives of the Tamil people a claim that the TNA makes even today, that they launched  programs such as PTOMS  to appease the LTTE, that they obligingly saluted the LTTE. When foreign powers came to Sri Lanka and held meetings in Killinochi with the LTTE and  it was the LTTE flag that was beamed to the international community. Making political statements that the country will be safeguarded from international forces and local representatives of separation, are not sufficient. Today there is pressure to once again limit the presence of the security forces in the north and curtail what they can do which is giving separatist forces strength. Sri Lankans should remember what the results of such actions were in the past.


The attitude of the current government regarding the remembrance of the defeat of the scourge of LTTE terrorism is, in my view, muddled and an insult to all those in the armed services who gave their lives and the thousands who were injured and their families, to rid all Sri Lankans of decades of LTTE terrorism. The leaders in the current government are the same as those who insulted and denigrated the security forces in the past. Once again the international community is dictating to Sri Lanka as was clearly evidenced by the attitude and dictates” of the  U.S. Secretary of State when he visited the country. The tone of U.S.-Sri Lanka relations was set when the current  Foreign Minister went to Washington and Mr. Kerry, advised by the LTTE diaspora and the Trans National Government of Eelam headquartered in the U.S., stated that Sri Lanka had a thirty year war on the Tamils. Our Foreign Minister did not have the courage to correct this false statement perhaps because he too has no respect for the security forces.


According to a news report on May 20th in Colombo Page the Sri Lankan government has strongly rejected the claims that the LTTE flag is being waved in Jaffna. For the information of your readers and as an eye opener to those in the government who have in the past done everything to “support” the demands of the LTTE with CFA’s, PTOMS and the never ending claim that the LTTE/TNA  should be given whatever they demand, no rebuttal by the GOSL when claims of genocide are been made to international organizations, I am forwarding pictures of LTTE activities which I received last week.  (see below).

It is despicable and insulting to our armed forces as well as the majority of Sri Lankans that they are deprived of celebrating the VICTORY against terrorism on May 19th which is a legitimate right. Although the current government follows the dictates of the west in what Sri Lanka should do, why is it that they do not follow what the west does regarding their soldiers and celebrating their victory at the end of World War 11? Seventy years after the war they are still celebrating not only the end of the war but even victories of various battles with military parades and are calling them Victory Parades. Their leaders make it a point to thank the forces for their sacrifices and give them the highest honours. Why must Sri Lanka not do so? Is it because of the current pressure on the GOSL by the west who are pandering to the LTTE to get Tamil votes in the west? Sri Lankans must be told why our security forces are once again being insulted in this manner because it is also an insult to all Sri Lankans who do not support the LTTE.


It is time the Sri Lankan voter remembers the sacrifices made by a few and demanded that the government stop  dishonouring our security forces, the same people that spoke disparagingly about  Thoppigala, compared our forces to the Salvation Army,  Alimankada to Pamankada etc.  It is time Sri Lankan voters demand that there be a Victory Day on May 18th and 19th because those days are pivotal and it is the legitimate right of the security forces. There can be another Remembrance Day as is done in other countries. Remembrance Day can be on any day they choose to remember all those who died in the long war and give thanks for the peace that was won.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva


2 Responses to “Victory Day, Remembrance Day & LTTE Flag”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The greatest dishonour to the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and the Ranaviruwoes is saluting the – arch traitors – Ranil, Sirisena and his coterie of other traitors. What is happening in the North is only a rehearsal for things to come and manifest in the coming days and months.

    The ‘waiter’ Sirisena is doing all he can to placate all traitorous whims and fancies of the United Christian Party aka UNP.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks for the exposure, Ira.


    Leaders of the current GoSL have to remember that the LTTE was grown in Tamil Nadu. The Vadukoddai Resolution is still NOT revoked. The call for a Tamil Federal State is still on the cards. Tamil Genocide Week has been declared. A Satyagraha is on in Jaffna re a Tamil rape/murder case (Tamil rape and murder of a Tamil schoolgirl). So all this means that Tamil leaders are of the opinion that the problems of Tamils have not been solved. What these special problems are no one knows.

    There was a problem of Tamil Terrorism which has been removed, thanks to MR, the Armed Forces & the MR govt.
    I am of the opinion that since they do not tell us what the problems are that are not common to others of Lanka, the Tamil leaders should be exposed for what they are – Fake leaders used by vested interests.

    In the meantime, the current GoSL has to act to protect Lanka and her People so that all feel safe & secure. We cannot allow anyone to use division of Lanka to solve Tamil Nadu or vested interest problems. Foreign sources have to solve their problems on their own soil.

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