Is ISIS Made in India?
Posted on May 24th, 2015

By Afshain Afzal

A pamphlet, bearing the name of ISIS, was recovered from the site of 13th May 2015 terrorist bus attack, claiming the responsibility of killing around 48 innocent members of Ismaili community in Karachi. However, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir Rao Anwar said that Police have no evidence of either ISIS or any banned organization’s involvement in Karachi bus attack. SSP claimed that Indian spy agency RAW is involved in numerous terror attacks in Karachi and a few locals of Karachi are part of that agency. He categorically said that in the 13th May tragic act of terrorism Indian RAW targeted Ismailis. In fact, as New Delhi has no control over its intelligence agencies so it was not surprised by such statements including Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry when he blamed RAW in different acts of terrorism inside Pakistan and disclosure that two persons recently arrested in Karachi confessed to having received training for militancy from the Indian spy agency RAW for undertaking terrorist bus attack in Karachi.

In the past too, New Delhi was exposed internationally for running terrorist networks abroad in Europe, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Interestingly, despite claiming that Indians are on the top hit list of ISIS, New Delhi is still officially sending its nationals to for different projects in Iraq including female workers as nurses, teachers and sex workers. If we recall, India claimed in June 2014 that ISIS kidnapped its 46 nurses and another 40 nationals, working on projects near Mosul in Iraq and successfully arranged their release but one wonders how India can have so much good terms with ISIS that they agreed for the release. Although, unofficially, New Delhi joined US in creating a global coalition against the ISIS terror group but its own national are working as members of ISIS under cover; destroying centuries old religious heritage of Muslims including one related to Hazrat Younas Alhe Salam. The facts cannot be denied that there is no ISIS but the supporters of Sadam Hussain are being hunted in Tirkuk and elsewhere after dubbing them as members of ISIS.

It is now an open secret that Indian Embassies in Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon facilitate Indian and other nationals, who pretend to be members of ISIS. It cannot be coincidence that initial inquiry regarding recent attack on a mosque in Saudi Arabia leads to Indian chapter in Saudi Arabia. National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India also arrested an Indian ISIS terrorist, Arif Majeed alias Abu Medhi, who claimed to be fighting against US forces in Iraq. The Indian Embassy arranged visit of Arif Majeed along with his four accomplices to contact ISIS handlers including Persian speaking Afghan national, Rehman Daulity and his Iraqi associate Abu Fatima alias Ali Mashadi. Interesting, ground facts as well as the integration reports of NIA reflects that there was no such thing as ISIS or Jihad by ISIS as Arif Majeed  himself confessed that they were involved in jobs of road construction and raping of women held hostage by the contractors.

If we recall, an Indian engineer, Mehdi Masroor Biswas was arrested from his apartment by Bangalore City Police on the charges of violent tweets about the activities of militants belonging to the ISIS. Mehdi kept posting pro-Jehadi tweets from his Twitter account @ShamiWitness attracting lacs of potential Jehadi around the world. Interestingly, Indian agencies came into action only when British intelligence started their probe against Mehdi and the international media house also exposed the Indian ISIS sympathizer. ShamiWitness acted as a leading conduit of information between Jihadis, supporters and recruits. According to a foreign media report, ShamiWitness was active since July 2009, posted over 1.3 lac tweets and had over 1,78,00 followers. The tweets by Mehdi were seen 2 million times each month. This proves that ISIS is a brainchild of India on which practical steps were taken in 2009.

We have also proof of RAW’s involvement in terrorism through European countries. Niaz Abdur Rashid was an Indian national who received military type terrorist training from India and had links with Al Qaida. After acquiring foreign nationality, he trained French and other foreign nationals on terrorist lines. He was a secular minded person, founded FPF with a military branch, claiming to help Muslims as well as non-Muslims in distress. He dispatched two French nationals to Pakistan to meet Al Qaida facilitator, Huzeyfa (Tahir Shahzad) to whom he transferred money through Western Union. After the arrest of these terrorists from Pakistan in January 2011, leads were exploited, leading to arrest of a network of 7 terrorists led by Niaz Abdur Rashid. During raid on the residence of Niaz Abdur Rashid books related to explosives were recovered, which were being translated in French and it was found that he regularly visited India. The terrorist network including its Indian leader was convicted by the court for recruitment of European and others for terrorism inside Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The fact cannot be denied that RAW controls self-created ISIS and other terrorist organizations to create terror, which are launched from India, Middle Eastern destinations as well as Pakistan through illegal immigrants from India living in Pakistan. In most of the cases, the RAW and other Indian agencies have joined hands with Western countries to malign Muslims by dubbing them as members of terrorist groups. It is so sad to observe that RAW is carrying out attacks on Mosques, Churches, Madrassas and schools but blame Muslims who are only protecting their legitimate territories against foreign occupation. One wonders that it is sad to observe that in bus attack incident in Karachi, RAW could not digest that members of Ismailis from Indian Gujarat and Maharashtra could peacefully live in Pakistan. India carried out this unfortunate carnage just to prove that freedom of various sects and minorities in Pakistan is in worst state but this time they partially failed.

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