An appeal to the patriotic members of the Sri Lanka Parliament
Posted on May 26th, 2015


As the Sri Lankan government crisis drags on, the patriotic members of the Parliament must not abandon their efforts to uphold the central issues pertaining to the sovereignty of the Nation. They should focus their attention immediately to the election of the members to the Constitutional Council which requires the parliamentary approval. The members should be elected on their knowledge, experience and also on the basis of their convictions to protect and foster the sovereign and unitary nation.

Let us now examine the credentials of one of the persons whose name is mentioned in the inner circles of the Government as a nominee for the Constitutional Council. She is Radika Coomaraswamy. who was holding the position of Under-Secretary General for Children in Armed Conflicts under the UN Secretary General , Ban-Ki Moon during the period Sri Lanka was exposed to barrage of unfounded criticism of the NGOs which were attempting to resuscitate the LTTE and its head Prabhakaran.  Radika Coomaasawamy, who joined the UN system thro the blessings of then Sri Lanka government played a crucial role in supporting the questionable role of the NGOs in undermining Sri Lanka ‘s interests.

She played a key role in the attempt to intervene when Sri Lanka was at war with the LTTE using the provisions of responsibility to protect. Rajiv Wijesinghe, who was the head of then Peace Secretariat described that Radika C has a long and chequered history of relentless interference with Sri Lanka while an official of the UN” . While the war against the LTTE

turning into a critical stage in 2008. she got her buddy. Gareth Evans , then head of International Crisis Group to give a lecture to Sri Lanka from the International Centre for Ethnic Studies Gareth Evans was warning Sri Lanka of the possibility of UN intervention on Sri Lanka from the podium of the ICES which was indirectly controlled by Radika C. She was also directly or indirectly responsible for sending Philip  to Sri Lanka whose fabricated allegation was that the Sri Lanka Government was using child soldiers.

In another instance, Radika C was responsible for giving publicity among the UN staffers about the screening of the Ch 4 ‘s killing fields” in the ABC. UN staff was perplexed to read the email sent by Radika’s office giving publicity to this venture. This was considered as an unwarranted attack on a member state.

One of the worst anti Sri Lanka actions of Radika C was when she sent a e-mail accusing Dr Dayan Jayatilleke for making obnoxious speeches’ at the UNHRC during the discussions on the motion against Sri Lanka which ended in favour of Sri Lanka.

Even though she was the UN official for Children in Armed Conflicts she never took steps to initiate any investigation into the use of the child soldiers in the conflict and also use of children as suicide bombers.

The patriotic MPs should reset their aims and objectives prioritizing the need to stop electing well known separatist and communalists to the Constitutional Council as if selected such persons will pave way for Balkanization of the country.



3 Responses to “An appeal to the patriotic members of the Sri Lanka Parliament”

  1. cwije Says:

    Previously Ranil wanted Jayadeva Uyangoda, former terrorist as CC member. So no wonder Radhika coming with Bradmon Weerakoon-types behind her.

    Lionel Bopage was denied dual citizenship recently, otherwise he could have got the job!!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Very nice to see patriots WAKING UP.

    CRANK UP patriotism to destroy the enemies of the nation.

    Look what is happening in Jaffna. Violence and riots EVERY DAY. Jaffna town, Punguduthivu, Palai, Chunnakam, etc. Yesterday a shooting incident in Batticaloa where one man was KILLED. DE JA VU?

    SL Buddhists should not perish like NALANDA Buddhists but FIGHT like SHAOLIN Buddhists. They have a duty to protect the teachings that will survive here in SL for the longest. It is a DUTY not a choice.

    Hyenas will hopefully run away from SL than face the awoken lion from a LONG LONG sleep.

  3. janakic Says:

    It is unbelievable that SLFP MPs can agree with Radhika C’s appointment as they are aware of her repertoire. This is a part of the agenda promoted by Ranil and Mr. Sirisena. It is only if SLFP/UPFA MPs unite can we bring back peace, harmony and development to the country. Hope common sense would prevail.

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