An appeal to the patriotic members of the Sri Lanka Parliament
Posted on May 27th, 2015

Rahul says,

I must compliment Ranjith for drawing our attention to an issue which has gone almost unnoticed.

To add a few points to your excellent observations:

Gareth Evans, Darusman and Chandrika Kumaratunga are in an exclusive ultra right NGO of 38 members called Global Leaders Foundation. Reportedly the Darusman report was written by Chandrika.

Radhika Coomaraswamy has been a dismal failure when it comes to doing a job of work. As United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (1994-2003) she did nothing for the cause of women when Paul Kagame was involved in murdering and raping literally millions of women in Rwanda.

At ICES a financial audit reportedly revealed a major loss/misappropriation of funds during her watch.

Radhika C has all the hall marks of a great lover of Western Imperialism and exhibits the classical characteristics of the comprador class.

Whilst confusion reigns in the political arena, in a country that is in the throes of a virtual counter revolution, NGOs have insidiously crept into our body politic in the prevailing atmosphere that encourages them.

About 90% of our NGOs are US funded organisations; they are funded by the Big Corporations and/or the US government. (Corporations control the US since they control both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party)

Are they independent organisations? No, they are not; they have to dance to the tune of the piper and he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Are NGOs Civil Society Organisations? No they are not; which part of civil society do they represent? They are up – down organisations and not down – up organisations. For this reason they are not grass root organisations but astro turf organisations.

Who are those who manage NGOs? They are US (paid) civil servants.

What roles do NGOs play in third world countries?

Many, they are the eyes and ears of the US; NGO taken together as a whole is an unelected parallel government set up by the US and running alongside an elected government; the ‘NGO’ government has more funds at their disposal than the elected government.(Each NGO mirrors a government department and government departments taken as a whole is government).

Why did the US set up NGOs? For many reasons; primarily to break down Nation States and break down the concept of sovereign governments.(To this end they spread the Neocon economic models of Milton Friedman and Von Hayek where finally an individual is pitted against the big Corporates).

When was the NGO concept born? At Bretton Woods; it is one of the five planks of US imperialism.

What is the ultimate aim of the US? To set up a one world government without boots on the ground if possible (Viz US imperialism or the US Empire also called globalization).

In what forms and shapes do NGOs come? In all forms and shapes; each government department and more is mirrored by an NGO; NGOs take the form of political parties, religious organisations (of different faiths), terrorist organisations, think tanks, newspapers etc.

What do NGO think tanks do? They manufacture consent in the minds of the people to US policies

What do US and their NGOs fear most? Universal suffrage, the fountain of governments which Neocons are attempting to devalue.

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