Posted on May 31st, 2015

By Cecil Atukorale

Sri Lanka today is not the country that was known to the world, some 30 years ago. In the past this island was known to the world as the Land of Dhamma. But today with the open economy, things have turned topsy-turvy. Hardly, a day passes without something being said in our media about gruesome murder or rape.

Today corruptions and vices of all sorts are endemic in the country much to the dismay of civic conscious decent citizens.

Open Economy is not all about export, import & free trade: – neither about road development and building construction: for it has derived almost  all its social objectives from  Hugh Hefner’s ( Philosophy : Competition , Consumerism , Drug trafficking , Sexism, Sex liberation and the likes of which are not visible to our open eye of flesh. We need an eye of wisdom to see things in its correct perspective. When this country got the open economy under the J.R.Jayawardena regime, we got the system in its entirety with all its inherent vices, which are not suited to a Buddhist country like Sri Lanka.

Today the country is endemic in all sorts of vices: Casino, Porn films, rapes, gruesome Murder & Prostitution.

Open Economy does not promote public morality: for it is committed to the needs of the rich that exploit the poor people. In open economy woman is deemed to be a super product for sale in the sex trade. Rich can survive well only if the poorer majority are made unintelligent fools. One needs knowledge in order to fight for ones rights and for the rights of others. Public ignorance of politics is a joy for them. This is indeed, one of Playboy’s purposes. But its overall program is a tool fashioned to pervert society with its dirty animal philosophy to lead people away from values that can be only described as bestial to distract them from struggle and activity and turn them into near animals moved by two instincts : Hunger & sexual abuse.

Under the guise of promoting tourism we have being promoting sexism and liquor. During the J.R Jayawardena regime the UNP government had taken steps to distort the content of school textbooks as well for some obscure reason.

In 1986, at the annual literary festival held at Matara, J.R.Jayawardena himself raised the question as to whether literature would help anyone to make a decent fair living. He humiliated the value of Literature.

During that period even the school Buddhist textbooks were distorted to suit the needs of the business class. Buddhist religion was equated with other religions. Accordingly we were told all religions were alike . This was the message the school text books conveyed to the learner.

Thus, Eat, Drink & Make Merry became the guiding philosophy of the life of the younger generation.

Now the present UNP leaders are shedding crocodile tears about the present messy state of the country’s education and also they are lamenting about the current indiscipline prevailing in the society

All this happened because we did not have educated learned elected representatives to launch a struggle against this disastrous economic development program of UNP government

The lesson we have to learn from all that is to be very cautious when we cast our vote at future elections.


  1. SenaD Says:

    “Lorenzo Says:
    May 30th, 2015 at 5:44 am”

    “Lorenzo Says:
    May 30th, 2015 at 5:53 am

    Next time please check facts before writing because some people might trust that and take action (or not take action) wrongly.”


    I have to give it back to you with the addition “check ALL the facts related to the topic”, because you have failed to do so.

    As soon as (i.e. the same day) MS declared that he would be the so called “common candidate” he was stripped of his posts and the membership of the SLFP, then he ceased to be a member of the SLFP.

    He could not have automatically become the leader of the SLFP.

    My own interpretation of the events following the PE is that the ex-president’s action of handing over the leadership of the SLFP to the new president could have been a case of making a virtue out of an inevitable outcome. He did claim “it was done to preserve the unity of the SLFP” and added that he has never left the SLFP making a jibe at CBK at the same time.

    The president MS would be the winner had there been a struggle for supremacy within the SLFP hierarchy, because he could and would have corralled the members of the SLFP Central Committee by offering positions in the govt. to effect that change.

    Alternatively, the president MS could have probably got a court order nullifying the expulsion from the SLFP. Either way, he would have won it and the ex-president would have been labelled as the man trying to split the party.

    However, the current perception among the SLFP voters is favourable more to MR than MS.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    Again you are wrong. Understanding this is important for the NEXT COURSE of action. So I’m willing to waste a bit more of my time on this.

    Click the link below for the full 3rd party report. Not mine.

    “Mahinda ends Bandaranaike era in SLFP

    PK Balachandran, Colombo
    Updated: Jun 30, 2006 17:27 IST

    In the political history of Sri Lanka, the era of the Bandaranaikes seems to have ended.

    They have been pushed out of the Sri Lankan Presidency as well as the leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), which they founded and continuously led for 54 years.

    Last year, a determined bid by Anura Bandaranaike to succeed his elder sister, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, as the Sri Lankan President, had failed.

    The Presidency went to Mahinda Rajapaksa, a rival politician from the deep south of the island.

    And now, less than a year later, the Bandaranaikes have lost yet another key political position, the Presidency of the SLFP.

    On Thursday, a legal coup saw power in the SLFP going into the hands of the current Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    And by a political extension, it went into the hands of the Rajapaksa family, members of which, like the Bandaranaikes before, hold key positions in the government and the party.

    “Tangalle triumphs over Attanagalle” declared The Island daily on Friday.

    Tangalle is the fiefdom of the Rajapaksas, and Attanagalle is the fiefdom of the Bandaranaikes.

    Party constitution changed

    On Thursday, Rajapaksa got the SLFP Central Committee to amend the constitution to make the President of the country, President of the party also, automatically.

    The amendment said that if a SLFP member was the President of Sri Lanka, he or she would automatically become the President of the party also.

    Thus, President Rajapaksa became the President of the SLFP, replacing Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, a scion of the Bandaranaike family and the President of Sri Lanka from 1994 to 2005.”

  3. RohanJay Says:

    No doubt thousands of Sri Lanka’s vulgar beach boys benefitted immensely from the UNP open economy. For a start, how are these deeply sexually frustated Sri Lankan beach boys going to get their good sex. We all know Sri Lanka’s beaches attracts thousands of very attractive European and American, Australian Women who are very fine specimens of the female species. So when these women many them single walk on Sri Lanka’s beaches in a two piece swim suit, which would make even Hugh Hefner salivate.
    No doubt Sri Lanka’s very vulgar Sri Lankan beach boys must be thanking their lucky stars for the UNP open economy. I mean even many western men find extremely hard to get into a relationship with these glamourous western women in two swim suit.
    These Sri Lankan beach boys many of them quite poor however, can’t believe their luck and thank thier lucky stars that thanks to the UNP.
    These Vulgar Sri Lankan beach boys in their thousands get to watch much flesh at the beach, that even men in the west don’t get the chance to see in two piece swim suits sunbathing or walking on Sri Lanka’s beaches. Many of the western women tourists have much money and I understand that Sri Lankan beach boys have engaged every type of sexual activity imaginable with them. Like you would find in the most hardcore porn films in the west.
    Thanks to the UNP open economy, these Sri Lankan beach boys get to actual experience the sexual fantasies of men even in the west wouldn’t experienced. They must be surely envious of the Sri Lankan beach boys.
    I understand some of these Sri Lankan beach boys even managed to secure citizenship for western countries in Europe, Australia and America in this fashion.
    Yes Cecil Athukorale I think I am beginning to see the point of your article, Hugh Hefner would approve of the Sri Lankan beach boys phenomenon who manage to seduce attractive western women that even western males struggle to.
    I even heard a story that one Sri Lankan beach boy after watching western women in their two piece swimsuit bathing suit all day as you can imagine he got ogle at much flesh. He then went up to some women and masturbated right in front of them unable to control his sexual urges. Cecil UNP open economy at work again.
    Sri Lanka’s beach boys are grateful for two things.
    1) Sri Lanka’s fine beaches attract beautiful women from all over the world especially the west. Europe, America, Australia etc. Started by the UNP Open economy in the late 1970s onwards which opened up Sri lanka to tourism.
    2) The presence of the western women gives much opportunity for these sexually frustated Sri lankan beach boys to indulge in unlimited sex as they seem to be not sexually satisfied by their own Sri Lankan women in their neighbourhood who were probably brought up on consertive values, unlike the many western women who visit Sri Lanka and at the end of which they may form relationships which could lead to them getting cash, passport, citizenship through marriage in western country etc.
    I can imagine every night these vulgar Sri Lankan beach boys, must be going down on their knees,
    thanking the UNP open economy and that they were born in a country with such magnificent beaches that attract these women who show of their bodies at Sri Lankan beaches.
    LOL! Not even western men are as lucky as these Sri Lankan beach boys. LOL!

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