CHARGESHEET AGAINST LTTE : We demand accountability of 30 years of LTTE War Crimes
Posted on June 19th, 2015

 Shenali D Waduge

 No domestic inquiry should take place before the People of Sri Lanka are told by the UN & the International Community of what actions they will take against the LTTE for the following list of war crimes and Geneva Convention violations given that the organizations/individuals linked to LTTE are now banned under UNSC Resolution 1373.

War Crimes upon Sinhalese & Muslims

  • Pre-meditated murder – planning and executing
  • Ethnic cleansing – Chasing Sinhalese & Muslims out of the North though they had been living in North Sri Lanka even before independence and have valid deeds to lands as proof
  • Ethnic cleansing – Sinhalese & Muslims given 24 hours to vacate the North
  • Theft of lands & property – The Sinhalese & Muslims who were chased out of the North had their lands & property stolen by LTTE and these are occupied by LTTE families. LTTE destroying traces of evidence that proves claim to these lands/property belonging to Sinhalese/Muslims.
  • Mental agony to families who have had to flee areas they had been living in, having to search for new homes, no financial help from the state and the loss of property that remains unreturned.
  • The many Sinhalese & Muslims left injured some with grievous wounds that deny them employability and thus a financial burden on their already poor families having to pay for medical treatment since 1980s.
  • Armed LTTE storming villages and cutting people and children to pieces to instil fear in them to leave their villages so LTTE could expand their territory.
  • Targeting civilian installations and carrying out pre-meditated murder upon civilians getting about their daily lives.
  • Instilling fear among civilians who feared leaving their homes not knowing when or if they would return.
  • Loss of revenue for the country as a result of 30 decades of terror in terms of lack of investment / development / tourism etc.

Upon (selected) Tamils

  • LTTE denies Tamil children their fundamental right to education/ violating Article 26 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights ((1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory) – Abducting children (as young as 10) who were going/returning from school and taking them to be trained in LTTE camps. LTTE visited schools and addressed students as young as 14 to indoctrinate them. Principals or teachers opposing LTTE were simply gunned down  
  • Forcing every family to ‘donate’ a child for the LTTE cause (note: children of low caste & poor families had to donate – no Tamil children from high caste/class in Colombo, elsewhere or in foreign countries donated their children to the ‘cause’ and neither did LTTE demand it.
  • Mental agony for Tamils whose children were forcibly taken and died and the financial losses they are suffering
  • Forcible recruitment of Tamil adults as ‘volunteers’  
  • Forced unpaid labor – LTTE getting Tamils to dig bunkers & work as slaves for them (LTTE referred to this as Donor Labor) Those unwilling had to pay Rs.5000. Forced labour is a violation of Geneva Convention
  • LTTE violating Article 4 and 5 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights – that no one is to be held in slavery/servitude as slavery and slave trade is prohibited. No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment. LTTE prisons for both Tamils and Sri Lankan soldiers denied all these rights.
  • Denying freedom of movement (Restriction of movement is against international laws as well as violation of Sri Lanka’s Constitution) Tamils given passes issued by LTTE’s Transport Monitoring Division (TMD). No Tamil could leave LTTE checkpoints without permission. Tamils wanting to leave North had to leave a family member as ‘guarantor’ even land deeds had to be placed as guarantees of returning! Note Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s declaration that North is only for Tamils is also a violation of international laws & violates Sri Lankas Constitution
  • LTTE denies Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by denying Tamils right to life, liberty and security of person  
  • LTTE denies Tamils freedom of thought and expression and democratic rights – any Tamil opposing LTTE were shot & killed (journalist DBS Jeyaraj was also attacked)
  • LTTE confiscation of Tamil lands/property (we are yet to know how many LTTE families have taken over lands/property of Tamils by either killing them or making them flee to other parts of Sri Lanka)
  • Psychologically terrorizing Tamils (in Sri Lanka & Abroad) physically abusing Tamils if they did not contribute monthly to the LTTE kitty
  • Forced starvation for compliance – LTTE stealing the essential goods (rice, sugar, dhal, flour etc) sent by the GOSL for the Tamil civilians. LTTE gave these goods to LTTE families only.
  • Tamil farmers having to having to give a bag of paddy each to the LTTE
  • LTTE Taxed Tamils (in Sri Lanka & Overseas) – Business operators had to make a payment to the LTTE for each shipment passing its checkpoint. Households had to pay according to income (even India had to pay a monthly stipend because LTTE complained of lack of revenue in signing Indo-Lanka Accord)
  • Public executions for any Tamil who provided information to the Sri Lankan Military/Police
  • Ordering Tamils to commit suicide : Human Rights Watch declares suicide bombing a crime against humanity. HRW also declares that ‘political elites, commanders, and those that organize, facilitate, and encourage these suicide attacks are likewise guilty of conduct that offends against prevailing norms of international criminal law’. Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch says, [t]he people who carry out suicide bombings are not martyrs, they’re war criminals, and so are the people who help to plan such attacks.” * [Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Article 28(b), U.N.Doc. no. A/CONF. 183/9 (17 July, 1998), 37 I.L.M. 999].  
  • If suicide terrorism is a crime – LTTE and in particular Adele Balasingham cannot escape from its role in mass murder, recruitment leading up to death, destruction of life and intentional killing of others. ‘Accountability’ must start with charging Adele Balasingham for turning men, women and children into killers, kidnapping them from parents, giving them training in arms, placing suicide vests on them, drugging and brainwashing them into killing others and taking their own lives. Proof of Adele Balasingham being a LTTE key member is given in the Norwegian Government website (SL) where she is listed a member of the LTTE delegation during the 2002 round the world peace talk sessions held in Thailand (three sessions), Oslo, Germany and Japan.  
  • Suicide terrorism has no legitimacy under international or local laws. There is no ‘just cause’ in homicide. Suicide missions are all crimes against humanity. No suicide bomber or suicide commander/trainer can be more important than the life or lives they are intentionally planning to eliminate. Suicide attacks fall into the category of murder with a mens rea – willingness to kill and willingness to die
  • Assassination of Tamil leaders and killing of any Tamil going against LTTE wishes – over 200 Tamil politicians, parliamentarians, academics, intellectuals, public officials, religious leaders, civil society members, journalists, media personalities, rival militant groups and their leaders and Tamil civilians including children have been killed by LTTE since 1970s.
  • Tamils from whom LTTE plucked children to turn into cadres were all low caste & poor and they are too scared to demand justice from LTTE for killing their children. However some have filed cases against missing children kidnapped by LTTE & in particular Elilan LTTE leader and husband of TNA member Ananthy.
  • LTTE illicit international networked scams that range from narcotics, human smuggling, money laundering, credit card, boat smuggling, propaganda to turn economic migrants as asylum seekers.  

 LTTE crimes during the conflict

  • Forcibly abducting Tamil children despite appeals by parents
  • Shooting parents who tried to stop their children been abducted to be sent into battle
  • Shooting fleeing civilians (appeals made by UNSG and foreign envoys to allow civilians to cross over gives evidence that LTTE was stopping civilians from fleeing to Government controlled areas)
  • Sending innocent children and untrained men and women to battle and thus compromising their lives giving them guns and ordering to shoot when they had no training whatsoever and with the conflict described as armed conflict the rules of war applies entailing even civilian combatants who are engaged in combat activities & hostilities to be shot at by a military (soldiers cannot be faulted if civilians are put on the line of combat by LTTE).
  • Severely torturing forcibly abducted children who tried to escape and were caught
  • Parents of children who refused to allow children to be taken assaulted and some fathers put into LTTE prisons
  • Confiscating essential commodities including food, medicines and even fuel sent by the Government to the people of the North and East (this was done decades before & during conflict) Such stolen provisions were found inside LTTE bunkers after conflict ended and include UN/NGO food packs as well. Stolen essential goods sent by GOSL were sold in LTTE shops
  • pregnant females abducted by force were given medicines to abort the baby
  • Falsely using photos of LTTE murders and claiming them to be done by Security
  • Destroyed cultivation areas denying means of livelihood for villages
  • UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon has accused the LTTE of forcibly cutting hair of girls trying to flee the conflict to mislead the military into thinking there were LTTE. Those who have any doubts may like to read the report that confirms this –
  • LTTE using Tamils as human shields and not allowing them to escape to safer areas & away from combat is a violation of Third & Fourth Geneva Conventions & Additional Protocol 1 and International Criminal Court declares ‘utilizing the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render points, areas or military forces immune from military operations’ is a war crime (UNSG & foreign envoys have been public appeals to LTTE to release civilians & Ban Ki Panel report confirms Tamils were kept as human shields) – LTTE’s excuse is that civilians were Volunteer Human Shields (this is out of scope in IHL)
    • Article 5 of IHL says Civilian population and individual civilians shall enjoy general protection against dangers arising from military operations. To give effect to this protection, the following rules, which are additional to other applicable rules of international law, shall be observed in all circumstances” (Protection of civilian population).
    • Article 23 (Third Geneva Convention) specifically states that a prisoner of war is not to be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operation”. (Geneva Convention III).
    • Article 28 declares illegal the practice of employing human shields under IHL Fourth Geneva Convention the presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operation”.
    • Additional Protocol 1 to the Geneva Convention – Article 51(7) says the presence or movements of the civilian population or individual civilians shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular in attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favour or impede military operations”. This clearly applies to passive and active human shields whether they are voluntary human shields or not.
  • LTTE violation of No Fire Zone / Civilian Safety Zone – LTTE forcibly took civilians with them as they retreated. LTTE entered the safe zone meant only for civilians. LTTE violated The presence or movements of the civilian population or individual civilians shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular in attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favour or impede military operations. The Parties to the conflict shall not direct the movement of the civilian population or individual civilians in order to attempt to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield military operations.” What is the action of the IC on LTTE violations of the laws of human shields, shooting at civilians attempting to escape?
  • GOSL declared No Fire Zones – on 21 January 2009 & on 12 February 2009. Loudspeakers, leaflets were dropped directing Tamils where to escape to. Inspite of this LTTE took its heavy machinery and moved with civilians firing from among them. Having used civilians and shot from among them LTTE now claims civilians were shot by GOSL troops when civilians should not have been kept in a firing range. Returning fire is a perfectly legitimate action. LTTE was also not in uniform and were often in civilian attire.   
  • LTTE shooting at fleeing civilians – Anna Niesat of Human Rights Watch
  • LTTE using civilians to bargain and buy time.
  • LTTE violated Geneva Convention by hiding amongst civilians, keeping their weapons amongst civilians and firing at the Sri Lankan Army from these positions
  • LTTE killing of injured LTTE cadres – plenty of witness accounts

 LTTE fronts continuing LTTE activities abroad

  • Despite bans on 16 organizations as LTTE fronts and banning 494 individuals these entities are continuing programs to collect funds – Tamils living overseas are forced to send their children to these ‘Eelam Madrasas’ and fees charged go into the LTTE kitty
  • Tamil civilians living overseas are coerced into peddling lies over electronic media and children are forced to take part in demonstrations carrying Eelam flags which are illegal  
  • LTTE has misused the freedom of religion to control the kittys of the foreign kovils and many of these kovils are now under foreign surveillance. Churches should similarly be monitored as well given that some priests have been openly supportive of LTTE terror as Father Emmanuel of GTF is also named as involved in terror.
  • LTTE instils fear among Tamils – Tamil people are scared to say that they suffered because of the LTTE and fearful to condemn LTTE lest their families back home may suffer
  • Tamils are forced to feel that if any Tamil relations are living overseas (in better pastures) it is due to the LTTE and so Tamils must be eternally indebted to the LTTE. This forced psychological gratitude factor continues to prevail because remnants of the LTTE prevail still.  
  • LTTE fronts manipulating the social service systems of foreign nations – LTTE fronts have incorporated themselves as charities and humanitarian organizations channeling money accumulated by telling lies across the world; money raised tax-free from which they have even purchased arms and other sophisticated machinery for their terror campaigns while enjoying a luxurious life overseas.  


Other illegalities to be investigated

  • Immediately following 9/11 & War on Terror establishing the Tamil National Alliance to transfer LTTE ideology onto a political platform in the event drastic actions were to be taken against the LTTE internationally! Thus LTTE links to TNA – its creation, those linked need to be investigated.
  • Bias of UN/ICRC/NGOs officials towards LTTE that Tamils stopped lodging complaints with them
  • Complicity of NGOs/INGOs even UN and links to LTTE terrorists : In 2002 TIME magazine was taken to one of these female LTTE Tiger bases. Some of the foreign NGOs operating in the North held seminars at these training sites some of which went under the cover of LTTE run ‘orphanages’. None of these foreign representatives of agencies claiming to work on behalf of children and women ever wrote to their principals reporting LTTE violations.  
  • Investigating NGOs for gifting heavy machinery & other equipment which LTTE made use of for digging bunkers & making bunds!

 Some questions yet to be answered by the International Community:

  • LTTE violated Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions that prohibits acts aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. What was done against LTTE’s ‘acts of terror’? These acts had no military advantage except to create mayhem. Why are the 32 nations that continue to ban LTTE not taking action especially since LTTE fronts are now declared banned under UNSC Resolution 1373?
  • What are LTTE’s obligations under IHL given that the conflict is described as non-international armed conflict and what are the actions to be taken against LTTE for these war crimes as the offenders (initiators of terror) shouldn’t LTTE crimes be investigated first, GOSL was only defending its People a legitimate right that a sovereign government has?

a) Did the LTTE respect and ensure respect for IHL by all those acting on its instructions, or under its direction or control.

b) Did LTTE allow and facilitated rapid unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief.

c) Did LTTE keep hostages – a violation of Geneva Conventions.

d) Did LTTE keep human shields – a violation of Geneva Conventions.

e) Did LTTE blur distinction between combatant and civilian.

  • If LTTE does not have any legal status under IHL but LTTE is legally obliged to as an armed group to ensure that its members respect IHL what is the international community doing about LTTE violations? (simply saying Prabakaran is dead won’t do and is not acceptable)
  • The crimes of LTTE over 30 years and during the conflict is given above, what are the criminal charges LTTE will face including the LTTE fronts banned for links with LTTE
  • LTTE cadres (captured enemy fighters) are not prisoners of war. In non-international armed conflicts LTTE can be prosecuted for taking up arms. Prisoner of War is a special status given under Third Geneva Convention to captured enemy soldiers or ‘combatants’ in an international armed conflict only. LTTE is not entitled to these provisions.
  • It is unfair to only demand IHL amnesties for the final conflict when throughout 30 years the unarmed civilian victims have been given no sympathy or empathy from the International Community.
  • If the Sri Lankan military had been indiscriminately firing at the No-Fire Zones since 21 January 2009, how did 11,000 LTTE combatants live to surrender themselves to the military and why would the elimination of the LTTE have taken till 19 May 2009 to complete?
  • Why would 5,000 or more soldiers sacrifice their lives, when going by the genocide and mass-killing argument, the Sri Lankan military could have blown the entire area to smithereens? If the LTTE was firing from within the civilian safe zone and the army retaliated with fire, who was primarily at fault?
  • In short ignoring the suffering of unarmed civilians who either died, were injured and continue to suffer mental trauma outside of a war terrain throughout of 3 decades of LTTE terror and the pro-active efforts by UN & international entities to demand accountability for only the last phase of the conflict is a violation of the rights of all Sri Lankans who have been ignored. Where is the justice for them. The IC must remember that it was LTTE who took to arms and began killing and it is against the initiator of violence that the justice system must function against.
  • 9/11 was just one incident but US/NATO ended up invading and occupying a country that did not have any role in 9/11. Sri Lanka’s military option was taken after 30 years of suffering and only after local and internationally mediated ceasefires, peacetalks, negotiations all failed to deliver any outcome or stop LTTE’s killing.

These factors cannot be overlooked with such vengeance by the IC /UN & its associated entities because it is showing a clear bias and lack of empathy for the real victims who did no wrong to the LTTE to be targeted and killed by them.

Therefore, we are against any new domestic investigation until and unless the UN/IC commence war crimes trials against LTTE using the already incorporated provisions of the UNSC Resolution 1373 and take action against all individuals and organizations that had been linked to LTTE over the years.

 Shenali D Waduge

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14 Responses to “CHARGESHEET AGAINST LTTE : We demand accountability of 30 years of LTTE War Crimes”

  1. Christie Says:

    Come on Shenali, I don’t think you read comments on your articles. The Indian terrorist arm financed, managed, trained and branded Tamil Tigers is what you are talking about. Indian colonial parasites were the members of this terrorist arm and Sinhalese were the members of the Sinhala terrorist arm financed by India and Indian Colonial Parasites called the JVP. It is Indian Empire that should be investigated by the UN.

  2. Dr.K Says:

    What Shenali says is very true. Thank you.

    It’s a very clear fact to be understood by any fool that the Sri Lankan government have fought for nearly 30 years against an internal terrorist group, LTTE to bring peace and harmony to Sri Lankan nation. It’s the duty of a legal government.

    Tamil Diaspora, LTTE carder, westerns and some of the Sinhalese who cultivated LTTE for their own personal benefits are now crying of war crimes and are trying to punish our war heroes who destroyed those terrorists.

    We Sri Lankan Sinhalese are not too late to raise a ‘Charge-sheet against LTTE’ and demand accountability for the damages that those LTTE terrorists have done to our nation for 30 years.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Shenali you should be an adviser to MR.It’s a great article and all these stupid politicians must read this atleast to know the real truth about the LTTE war and what those monsters did to our country. No need to please one section in this country.First these crooked politicians must think about the majority Sinhala people and talk about them and the atrocities LTTE murderers did to to them for thirty long years. India is guilty as LTTE organization. Those who trained,help,financed also guilty as terrorists once American President told the world and India is definitely must take the blame for the creation of a movement of mass murderers.

    Sinhala people should not sit idle.We have to organize mass protests against LTTE atrocities and question the UN and other organizations to investigate LTTE crimes against Sinhalese and others including Tamils. Those killers killed a President and a Prime Minister in two different countries and many famous sons and daughters in my land and surely they should be brought to justice and given the death penalty rather than releasing them to please Tamil Diaspora and America. Sinhala people should not allow any Diaspora to come to Sri Lanka specially Tamil Diaspora and have rallies,seminars and parties etc. We all should protest en mass and show this Achcharu Govt our displeasure on this event that they are going to have at the end of this year. Also should stop all evil NGO’s coming to this land pretending they come to help us. MR,Gota are the only two leaders we can trust and have the courage to stop foreign Mafia coming in to this land of ours. Sinhalaya must get united to bring them back in the next General election if not we have to live under this Jrapalanaya for another five years which will be like living in hell.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Sri Lanka has to be FORWARD looking, not backward looking. The backward focus is being pushed by those who want to see the country fail and become a poor dependent neocolony of the West like Vietnam and the Philippines.

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    To put in one sentence, the main thrust of Shenali Waduge’s article – the LTTE committed genocide of Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils opposed to the LTTE campaign and they were aided and abetted by the Tamil LTTE diaspora. The proof of this is that prior to the 30 year conflict, there were many Sinhalese and Muslims living in the North but at the time LTTE was defeated in 2009, the North had only Tamil residents (many of whom looked more like South Indian illegal immigrants).
    If what is reported is correct, that, Wigneswaran ants the North only for Tamils, then, he is endorsing what Prabakaran’s LTTE achieved up to the point of their defeat. So is Wigneswaran a suitable leader for the North or any other Province? Could he have been a supporter of LTTE crimes, as these crimes only realised the mono-ethnic result, Wigneswaran wants. Anyway this contradicts Sarath Fonseka’s assertion during or after the conflict, (if it had been reported correctly), that Sri Lanka is the land of the Sinhalese and all other ethnic groups are here as invitees, or something to this effect.

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    What Shenali Waduge has listed here are obviously grave war crimes and those TNA and Tamil Diaspora leaders who supported the LTTE should be investigated for war crimes. However, Shenali might be wrong as those “famous human rights watchdogs”, the HRW and AI, have not seen any of these criminal acts as otherwise, surely they would have mentioned these in their reports. Or maybe HRW and AI leaders are just good for nothing hypocrites.

  7. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Even though the author is correct – the LTTE committed SERIOUS war crimes – their leadership is dead for the most part, so there is no one to be held accountable. This is the gambit the West is trying to get Sri Lanka to fall for – they ‘say’ they want to hold all parities accountable, but they know that really means holding only the government accountable since the LTTE leaders are dead.

    I would throw the West a bone with one or two with a ‘sex’ war crimes prosecution (having sex with dead bodies) of a couple of people based on the Channel 4 video, and attribute the safe zone bombing to the human shield plot of the LTTE. This puts the West in the awkward position of having to defend the human shield practice of the LTTE which is a war crime.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There are thousands of witnesses from all the communities to speak about the atrocities of the LTTE. There are also ample photos, videos of atrocities by the LTTE. Lanka authorites and concerned people should flood the media with these facts and proof of what is said by thousands of witnesses to the atrocities by the LTTE.

    In the aftermath of the JVP wars and after the trumped up 1983 Riots, Lankans have been reluctant/afraid to show up the crimes of the LTTE.

    Lankans must now get past all that and protect their country and expose the atrocities of the LTTE.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is high time that the leftover people of the LTTE apologise to the rest of Lanka, and Tamil leaders apologise to all other Tamils and the rest of Lanka for the 30 yrs of war created within Lanka, which damage will take a very long time to repair.

    It is time that Tamil Nadu solve her Caste divide by issuing new birth certificates sans Caste to one and all there.

    It is time for all countries to look for permanent & peaceful solutions for their internal problems without exporting their troubles abroad.

  10. Asanga Says:

    Guys, I am not sure if this news clip has been noticed or not, a staff sergeant from the SL army has been sentenced to death for the killing of 8 tamil civilians.

    What has not been noted that clearly is that the soldier was a member of a LRRP squad during the war. Also in custody are several other members of his patrol and a couple of officers.

    The alleged incident has happened in 2000, during the war. The soldier has pleaded not guilty. Correct me if I am wrong, but should this case be heard in a military court?

    Is this a message being sent? the LRRP units, were responsible for great successes during the war and their tactics of taking the battle right to the enemy’s stronghold was a major reason for the causing fear and panic within the LTTE high command and contributed greatly to the defeat of the LTTE.

    What is the message? ‘Do this kind of thing again if a war starts again, and this is the punishment that follows’????

    I would not advice anyone to read the dailymirror comments on this article in the website. It might lead to a strong urge to scream out loud and throw your monitor out of the window in frustration!!!

  11. Kumari Says:

    Can a Lankaweb writer please give us full details of this soldier’s case? I don’t read most of the national newspapers these days.

  12. Independent Says:

    This is not a new case started by Runil MY3Pala.
    This is sentencing after 13 year trial. MR could have stopped the trial if he wanted to.

    But any murder like this should be investigated and criminals punished.

  13. Independent Says:


    Is karannagoda a “Dhrohiya” who reported navy man abduction people ?
    Karannagoda responds

    With reference to our lead story on Wednesday, former Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda has sent the following statement. The lead story of Wednesday’s Daily News carried an article stating that “Karannagoda aware of Navy abductions”. I wish to state that I was not aware of such abductions carried out by some naval personnel, until the incident was brought to my attention during the first quarter of 2009. Immediately upon hearing of same, the matter was reported to the DIG CID requesting to investigate the matter whilst keeping the Ministry of Defence and the IGP informed. I wish to clarify, that the naval personnel involved in the incident have carried out this dastardly act in their personal capacity and not as a representative of the Navy in whatever form or manner. Sri Lanka Navy and I, as its Commander at the time, had no connection to this abduction whatsoever. Therefore, the headline of your paper which states “Navy abductions” is incorrect and conveys a wrong impression of the Navy and myself being involved. I further wish to state that the ongoing inquiries by the CID are based on the report made by me in early 2009. This was also disclosed by the media spokesmen of the Police, few months ago, and all the TV channels carried it as a news item. The article today referred in paragraph one above does not depict the total picture of the incident and as a result could tarnish my good name and reputation. Therefore, I would be grateful if could give the correct picture to the readers of your esteemed paper, with the same prominence as given to today’s article, which would clear my name. Editor’s note: Our reporter says the news item which referred to Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda was a verbatim report of what transpired in the Magistrate’s Court on June 23. – See more at:

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    1. Sunil Ratnayaka was a soldier who REPULSED a LTTE attack in Jaffna in 2000 killing 8+ LTTE terrorists. Of course their relatives, TNA, NGO jokers argue they were civilians. This is a DISGRACEFUL judgment.

    2. He is not from SF3.

    3. He was arrested in 2001 under CBK and the trial stopped and continued through RW and MR times. IF CBK or MR wanted to release him, they could have.

    Similarly the STF guys who killed 4 LTTE terrorists in Trinco in 2006 while the terrorists were planting a BUS BOMB targeting a navy patrol were arrested in 2014.

    4. Chief justice is a Tamil too.

    These are some FACTS to consider to make up your own mind what is going on.

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