August 17 – Voting priority is Unity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka! Let us not get fooled by the  Yahapalana Hoax nor by the Catholic Church calling for worthy candidates!
Posted on August 3rd, 2015


3 August 15

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Eelam Stamp 1980    Eelam as claimed today!

The challenge before the Sri Lankans nation on 17 August is not whether we need to bring in ‘squeeky clean’ , educated and capable politicians into the parliament.  This we must try to do as practically possible and not any further. Finding the best is another battle for yet another day. Right now the nation must get her priorities right. The nation’s highest priority is choosing the right Prime Minister and the political party that goes with it.

Sri Lanka’s future as a single, unitary state is at stake. Sri Lanka’s future as a single political and geographical entity as we knew for over 2600 years is at stake. Can you see how the mythical Eelam of yesterday has metamorphosed into what they claim today? Where will it end if the United Christian Party aka UNP wins and forms an administration with TNA and Muslim Congress giving in to their separatist demands?

If one’s house is on fire what would one do? Will we wait till the best Fire Fighters in the world to arrive with the latest fire fighting equipment? Or otherwise will we employ all necessary practical measures to put out the fire with available resources and fire fighters at hand?

They say road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Yes, there are a lot of good intentions in all that whish wash that goes as Pivithuru Hetak,  Yaha Palanayak, Maithriee Palanayak etc etc . Within just one hundred days this hoax that was put before the people got exposed. Not even 30 days into the Yahapalanaya administration biggest financial fraud in Sri Lanka’s history took place and got exposed. Yahapalana fraudsters dissolved the parliament before the ‘shit could hit the fans’.

The much tooted Hora Hora” simply ended up as a bag of bad wind in the face of the Yahapalana fraudsters. The Sri Lanka’s public is witness to all these promises  – how ever high they yell from roof tops that the Yahapalana promises of the 100 days are fulfilled  – the voters know the truth – that they are just empty election propaganda! The reduction in the price of gas, petrol and diesel are just election gimmicks and not those, which can be sustained for long without adversely impacting on the economy. Robbing Paul to pay Peter” is not what we expect from responsible governments let alone Yahapalanaya pretenders!

Sri Lankan voters must vote and see that they do so from the right side of history! The challenge before the nation is whether it can stay as one country if the ruling United Christian Party aka UNP wins. All Sinhala Buddhists must be clear in their minds whether Christian Ranil Wickramasinghe along with Catholic John Amaratunge, Catholic Joseph Michael Perera, Catholic Ravi Karunanayagam, Catholic Ranjan Ramanayake, Catholic Born Again Rosie Senanayake , Born Again Sajith Premadasa, Evangelist Eran Wickramaratne can be a force for good to the nearly 70% Sinhala Buddhist in Sri Lanka.

What can the likes of Sujeewa Senasinghe who even cannot remember what happened on 19 May 2009, Ajith Perera,  Wijedasa Rajapakse,  pocket economist Harsha de Silva who worship  Christian Ranil can bring into safeguard the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka? It is quite evident from their recent behavior – they are just pandering to the whims and fancies of the United Chritian Party – the UNP who are waiting to form a government with the avowed separatists TNA and the Jihadists who wants to carve out  Sri Lanka from within and establish Sharia in Sri Lanka.  The earlier tried Halal project, the encroachment into state land in Wilpattu and elsewhere –are just the tip of the iceberg that is Wahaabism and extension of the Salaafist Caliphate.

The challenge before the nation is to protect Sri Lanka’s unity and territorial integrity first and last. This is what is being challenged internally by the Eelamists and Jihadists and externally by India our closest enemy and Western Christian powers.  The only obstacle to this unholy project are the Sinhala Buddhists as Rosie Senanayake once said so succinctly. She wanted the Sinhala Buddhist establishment destroyed! Are the Sinhala Buddhists who have an iota of Sinhala blood listening to this truism? Will the women of Sri Lanka or the children be safe with her as the Minister in Charge? What would happen to them under her evangelical fervor?

The gains of 18 May 2009  are almost annulled by the Vairee Sirisena  administration.  Immediately on his allegedly fraudulent election to the post of President in Sri Lanka, he went on to appoint Christian Ranil Wickramasinghe illegally to the post of Prime Minister of Sri Lanka without even dismissing the incumbent D M Jayaratne. He went on to dismiss the Chief Justice, reinstated the deposed and disgraced former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake for a day and appointed another Chief Justice in place contravening the constitutional provisions.

Ranil Wickramasinghe became a traitor to Sri Lanka in September 2001in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre bombing in the US, when the Sri Lanka had the best chance and the goodwill of the world to defeat the LTTE. Instead he went onto offer an ‘olive branch’ and a ceasefire to the terrorists. Later he went onto sign an entirely one sided ceasefire agreement that went onto limit the armed forces to the barracks, prolong the Eelamist War and to further bombings, destruction of state property and thousands of deaths on all Sri Lankans. This is the traitor now before the Sri Lanka projected as a Mr Clean.  His traitorous deeds are just too long to write or even enumerate.

In the North Vigneswaran who lived for 70 years in Colombo enjoying the plums of life, got educated and rose to the position of a Supreme Court judge is out calling for the blood of the Sinhalese. Under his watchful eyes he has allowed the LTTE to re-surface and he himself is on a mission to finally declare Eelam in collusion with the Christian West who are looking for a foothold in Sri Lanka to dominate the Indian Ocean.  Meanwhile in the South the idiotic voters are being fooled to look for worthy politicians”!

The Catholic Bishops Conference have come to the fray to spread out this myth. The latest news says  The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka has urged all citizens to do their utmost in choosing worthy candidates for parliament in the forthcoming general elections. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka emphasizes that the traditional affiliation and loyalty to one’s own political party should not be the sole criterion in the exercise of franchise.

Catholic church which is not successful in finding worthy priests” who will not prey on innocent and vulnerable children is asking the nation to find worthy candidates! The Catholic Church which is involved in money laundering, people trafficking and white slavery and universally condemned for its crimes against children is trying to appear holy” in Sri Lanka.

Here too the Catholic Church is echoing the hoax of Rev Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero’s Pivituru  Hetak. The effort is to distract the voters from the main issue at hand which is by far the most important – the security and territorial integrity of the Sri Lanka nation.

Sri Lankan votes must not get fooled by these distractors. They must get their priorities correct and on the 17th of August vote for an administration headed by Mahinda Rajapakse – who we believe is a changed man’ and not the Mahinda Rajapakse of yesterday who went seeking Muslim, Christian and other non available votes and ended up at Meda Mulana empty handed. Thanks to a grateful Sinhala Buddhists he is back in the fray. However much he tries he will not get the Christian, Muslim and Tamil votes. This is the ground situation and the political reality!

It is the Sinhala Buddhist vote and Sinhala Buddhist vote alone that can bring back a Mahinda Rajapakse administration and safeguard the Sri Lanka’s status quo. Therefore they must come out in force, the young and the old and vote on 17 August to bring about a new administration whose foundation and bed rock are Sinhala Buddhists.  All Sinhala Buddhists of voting age without any distinction whether they are UNP, JVP, JHU of now traitor Patali Ranawaka should come and vote without fail to elect Mahinda Rajapakse as the next Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

The calling for good and worthy” candidates can end up in a hung parliament if people are hoodwinked to choose across party lines.  The higher priority is to ensure a single party win for the UPFA for Yahapalanaya can wait. Highest priority is to defeat the United Christian Party aka UNP. In the same way any Sinhala Buddhist vote that goes to the JVP or the JHU of Patali Champaka are wasted votes.

Otherwise we can say good bye to Sri Lanka as we know it on 18 AUGUST 2015! Let the Sri Lankan Buddhists rise to the occasion and save Sri Lanka from dismemberment and balkanization! It has already happened to many countries under the hands of the Christian West and under the watchful” eyes of the United Nations.  Just think of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yugoslavia and most recently Ukraine. Should this be our fate too?

6 Responses to “August 17 – Voting priority is Unity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka! Let us not get fooled by the  Yahapalana Hoax nor by the Catholic Church calling for worthy candidates!”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    As we saw in the defeat by the Minorities of the UPFA Government of Sri Lanka on January 8, 2015, these Minorities, EGGED ON & FUNDED by FOREIGN POWERS to serve Foreign Interests against the National Interest, NOW serve as FIFTH COLUMNS and PROXIES within the country.

    NOW, they have acquired to ability to OVERTURN popular governments supported by the Majority of the Citizens of a Country, by DOMINATING the MEDIA and INCESSANTLY DISSEMINATING False Anti-National Propaganda.

    We saw this not only in Sri Lanka, but in the so-called “Arab Spring” that destabilized, overturned and sowed UTTER CHAOS in a large number of TARGETED countries, PITTING CITIZENS AGAINST EACH OTHER. This is the NEW FACE of Neo-Colonialism … the Bible and the Sword of yesterday’s Colonialists, has now transformed into the Bible, the Internet and the UN/ICC of today!

    Patriotic Majority communities in third world nations have to BECOME ACUTELY AWARE of the NEW STRATEGIES & TOOLS being DEPLOYED by Foreigners to more effectively use their OLD TROJAN HORSES, and RESEARCH & DEVELOP new NATIONAL DEFENSES needed to COMBAT and FRUSTRATE these moves, moves which THREATEN to RE-ENSLAVE third world countries to the Neo-Colonial Yoke!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Un-Patritic Party is at the ROOT of ALL EVIL in Sri Lanka. Desperate to GRAB POWER at ALL COSTS, the UNP sells the Motherland to ALL COMERS ….. ESPECIALLY the Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA) screaming for an Eelam carved out from Sri Lanka, the Muslims wanting their own Islamic State in the East, and Foreigners wanting a Pliable SLAVE STATE for Missionary conversions!

    Yes, INDEED President Mahinda Rajapaksa;s EFFORTS restoring SRi Lanka’s SOVEREIGNTY is bein UNDERMINED EVERY DAY that the Yamapalanaya Government REMAINS in POWER!

    Embala Deshapremi Sinhalayeni ….. OUST ALL of these DESPICABLE TRAITORS from Parliament on August 17, 2015 and SEND THEM HOME … FOREVER!

    Rajapaksa Fears Undoing of His Work in Ending LTTE’s Campaign

    Aug 04 (PTI) COLOMBO- Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) of working to undo his legacy by working hand in glove with the main Tamil minority party TNA.

    “I do not know what agreements have been worked out between the two parties. I fear if the country would see separation as a result,” he told an election rally here.

    The former president is running for a seat in the parliament in the election scheduled for August 17.

    Rajapaksa is making an attempt to retain his support base in the majority Sinhala community who favoured him for his military campaign which ended the LTTE’s over three-decade-old separatist war in 2009.

    “I unified the country,” Rajapaksa said referring to his military campaign which crushed the LTTE.

    The Tamil separatist group was running a parallel administration in the north and east of the island which they said were areas of historic Tamil habitat.

    Rajapaksa also targeted the TNA manifesto in which the Tamil party sought a mandate from Tamils to a federal form of solution based on Tamil right for self determination.

    He riled the UNP’s theme of its election manifesto, “A new country in 60 months”.

    “It will be a new country indeed without the north and east,” Rajapaksa quipped.

    Rajapaksa, who was ousted as president in the presidential election held in January, had taken the unprecedented step to run for parliament.

    None of his predecessors entered parliament after spending their presidential terms.

    Ethnic Tamils constitute about 15 per cent of Lanka’s population, but could emerge as the kingmakers if the majority Sinhalese community is split between the two major parties.

    Ethnic Tamils have historically favoured adequate devolution of power to the north and east regions which were ravaged by three-decades of bloody armed conflict.

    Rajapaksa, 69, who was unexpectedly defeated by his own deputy Maithripala Sirisena in snap presidential polls, has resisted all Tamil demands for autonomy.

    Sirisena dissolved Parliament last month and called fresh elections for the 225-member body on August 17 after the coalition he cobbled together with Wickremesinghe struggled to pass promised reforms in the parliament, where it lacked a majority.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE ELECTION GUNDU’s by the Un-Patriotic Party!

    Ever since the Yamapalanaya Govt got elected, they have been SUPPORTING the TNA to achieve its Eelamist Goals. First a Proto-Eelam and then OUTRIGHT SECESSION! ANYTHING to help them REMAIN IN POWER!


    NOW, the Un-Patriotic Party (UNP) wants us to believe them when they say …. just before the Parliamentary Elections … that the UNP too is against Federalism! DO WE BELIEVE THEM? HELL NO … NOT UNTIL HELL BOILS OVER!

    This UNELECTED Yamapalanaya Govt, that violated the Constitution by gaining power through the back door … DOES NOT SPEAK for Sri Lanka! It is MERELY a STOOGE and a PUPPET of the Minority Communities and Neo-Colonial Foreign Powers!

    MARK MY WORDS …. if the UNP remains in POWER for 5 years, at the end of that period Sri Lanka WILL NOT BE ONE COUNTRY, but a PATCHWORK of ETHNO-RELIGIOUS Bantustans, ONE of which will be goverened from Tamil Nadu, India!

    There is not ONE DROP of Patriotic Blood left in the Leadership of the Un-Patriotic Party! They will SELL our Motherland to its ENEMIES!

    Major Sri Lankan parties reject TNA’s demand for federalism

    Aug 04 (Hindu) Major political parties in Sri Lanka have flatly rejected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)’s demand for federalism.

    The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)-led United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA); United National Party (UNP)-led United National Front for Good Governance and the Janatha Vimukthi Perumana (JVP) have, in unison, said the demand, if accepted, would lead to division of the country.

    “Certain terms” will be interpreted to convey “different meanings” in Sri Lanka, said Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, general secretary of the SLFP. Federalism is one of them and “if you say federalism, people would think you are for separatism”, he added. The TNA has stated in its manifesto that power sharing arrangements must be established based on a federal structure, as they existed during the merger of Northern and Eastern Provinces. At the time of the manifesto’s launch, the Alliance leader R. Sampanthan had expressed hope that the major political parties in the country would accept the demand. Dinesh Gunawardena, leader of the Mahajana Eksath Perumana, one of the constituents of the UPFA, said the concept of federalism was “old”, and blamed the TNA for “trying to create an issue, which has settled”. Besides, by raising the demand, the Alliance has made a “huge negative statement”.

    D.M. Swaminathan, a UNP leader and the Rehabilitation Minister, said his party is for a unitary State.

    It is keen on turning Jaffna, the capital of the Northern Province, into a modern city with all facilities. The UNP manifesto has stated that devolution of powers can take place after taking the consent of all stakeholders.

    Vijitha Herath, a JVP spokesperson, said the TNA, which had raised the demand at the time of election to in Northern Provincial Council two years ago, has done it again to get votes as parliamentary polls are due this month. This is being used by “chauvinistic political parties” in southern parts of the country to seek votes from the Sinhala Buddhist community. “It is not healthy,” he added.

    While Mr. Yapa said devolution can take place under the 13 Constitutional Amendment, Mr. Gunawardena stated he was for participatory democracy – strengthening local bodies and ensuring people’s participation at grassroots levels.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I meant to say……….

    “Ever since the Yamapalanaya Govt got APPOINTED …..” it was NEVER ELECTED!

  5. Sarath W Says:

    I Was born to a strong Catholic family and was educated in a leading Catholic school in Colombo. But now I am ashamed to call myself a Catholic. Catholics in Sri Lanka, mostly in Colombo are like most Tamils, selfish ,thinking of themselves only and always want the best. They are a privileged lot because of their Catholic school education. Our foe fathers became Catholics just to get favours from the Portuguese and we still favour the white skins and do not think as Sri Lankans. Just like most Tamils, most Christians do not care about our country.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sarath W:

    I was born to a strong Buddhist family of 8 children and was educated in a leading Anglican Christian school by the sea in Colombo. I received my Buddhist religious education in Sunday school and at our local temple, although no one was more influential in that area than the elders (parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts) in my own family. Although Buddhist, we were always encouraged to be kind to, and inclusive of, our non-Buddhist neighbors, exchanging food, gifts and visits with them on religious holidays and significant family events. On the whole, it was a wonderful wholesome upbringing.

    Many of my childhood friends were Christians (both Protestant and Catholic), and included Tamils (Christian and Hindu) and Muslims. I also had many Catholic batchmates who attended eFac at Peradeniya with me.

    They are STILL my dear friends, but the politics that led to DAY OF INFAMY on January 8, 2015, and my own personal discussion during that period with others, were a real shock to me.

    It showed me, BEYOND ANY DOUBT, that of the minority communities n Sri Lanka, not even the Christian community, that I thought had integrated itself into the mainnstream Buddhist fabric, could be relied upon to help preserve the nation.

    We, as a nation, have still not TRANSCENDED our communal affiliations and adapted to, and adopted, the view of being ONE INSEPARABLE people, in ONE INDIVISIBLE country, sharing ONE NATIONAL destiny, in a society that banishes communal diversity solely to the personal and private sphere, and does not consider it in how we govern our country. We are STILL INCURABLY communal!

    In general, my Christian friends tend to follow the guidance, really clerical directives, that they receive from the PULPIT. When it comes to politics, they do not identify with the Buddhist majority. Why they have not been able to do so … I don’t know and it saddens me. Why they cannot, or will not, espouse the aims of the larger Buddhist community, that is CLEARLY WILLING to ACCEPT THEM as fellow citizens without any differentiation on the basis of religion …. I don’t know. That too saddens and depresses me.

    Nevertheless, I am CONVINCED the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka should maintain its tolerance of the minority communities, according to our Buddhist tradition of compassion and tolerance, while exercising DUE DILIGENCE in taking ALL THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS to defend itself and cut off at the pass ALL attempts of the minority communities to dominate Sri Lanka’s government and economy, become kingmakers, and to alter the religious demography of Sri Lanka through conversions.

    If we MAINTAIN that POSTURE of TOLERANCE combined with DEFENSES, DECADES, perhaps a CENTURY from now, the minorities WILL GIVE UP THOSE ATTEMPTS at a separatist exclusive existence, and will adjust to being ordinary citizens of the nation, with ONLY the same EQUAL RIGHTS as the Buddhist citizen, and NOT ONE IOTA MORE. That is the very DEFINITION of DEMOCRACY, isn’t it?

    To ACHIEVE that end, the GOSL must take all legal and administrative measures necessary to prevent Foreign Powers from INTERFERING and DESTABILIZING Sri Lanka’s internal society and governance.

    Only a TRULY PATRIOTIC Government with broad support of the Buddhist community, would have the MOTIVATION and the MANDATE to so ACT.

    At the present time, only the UPFA GOSL can be that government. No government led by the current YAMAPALANAYA JUNTA of the Un-Patriotic Party (UNP) and its assorted TREASONOUS collaborators and GREEDY co-conspirators can play that role in Sri Lanka, EVER!

    On August 17, 2015 the DESIRED CHANGE will come to pass with an Electoral TUSNAMI that wash out the TRAITORS and USHER in the PATRIOTS into National Governance!

    We can then RESUME the FORWARD MARCH of our Resplendent Verdant Isle towards becoming the New Wonder of Asia with a RENEWED Purpose and Dedication! Jayawewa, Sri Lanka!

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