Sri Lanka Muslims
Posted on August 3rd, 2015

By Charles.S.Perera

The Moors came to Sri Lanka as traders.  When the Portuguese merchant vessels adventured into Indian Ocean  the Moors were chased away. These vagrant traders chased by the Portuguese sought the protection of Sinhala Kings who settled them in a village in the East allowing them to  marry Sinhala women. They have no ethnic  identity , therefore they identify them from their religion as Muslims.

Having descended from seafaring  traders, they have no great cultural background, they have lost their original linguistic connection and burrowed the language of the Tamils. Living in villages married to Sinhala women the Muslims were a peaceful people engaged in small trade and barter with the villagers.

As the original Moors the ancestors of the present day Sri Lanka Muslims were protected by the King and lived in areas allocated to them amoung the Sinhala villages the Muslims have a greater reason to be grateful to the Sinhala and build a more amicable fraternal relationship with them. But they followed the Tamils  and acquired the Tamil way of existence with a desire to be different. They were traders and built with the other communities a business relationship.

The Muslim having had no cultural leanings, and  being small in number paid more attention  in procreation of the kind. They became builders of mosques, living according to the Koran. They lived and lives with fear of their God, who according to Quran is every where watching what they do. Their God says in Quran that when there are two of them there is the third, when there are three of them there is a forth:

And He is with you wherever you are. (57.4) There is no private conversation of three except that He is the fourth of them, nor are there five  but that He is the sixth of them- and no less than that and no more except that He is with them wherever they are. (58.7)]

That means that the Muslims cannot take an independent logical decision on any thing, being constantly in fear of God.

Their God is cruel and therefore  cruelty has come to them from their religion, according to which they pray to Allah five times a day. They are generous, kind and compassionate only to the Muslims, the others are called the infidel and the God tells them to do away with infidels.

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non believers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers  and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight  are called  hypocrites” and warned that Allah will send them to hell if they do not join the slaughter.”

But the early Sri Lanka Muslims were not fanatics .  They did not put religion before every thing.  But it is later on that they burrowed fanatism from Muslim Arabs-Jihadists and Wahabists. Now have even changed the dress of  Muslim women according to Saudi Arabians.

However, the Muslim Community  began to prosper and there was even a Muslim Marcan Makara mentioned as having participated in the independent struggle apart from T.B.Jayah who was a Malay. The Sri Lanka Muslims remained a backward community until 1956.  It was not the UNP but the SLF¨P of S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike that emancipated the Sri Lanka Muslims bringing them into the  political mainstream.

 The Muslims of those days were not influenced by any foreign  Muslim fundamentalism or Whabism.  One did not hear the Muslims speak about Sharia Law or Halal.  They were simple living in harmony with the  people of the neighbouring villages  and towns.

The Muslim community in Sri Lanka prior to the formation of the people’s government of Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike in 1956 was more or less a community of serfdom depending entirely on the handouts from the rich traders, landowners in the agricultural areas, rich families in the fishing areas or from the owners of large herds of animal husbandry. An ordinary Muslim was voiceless and they had to dutifully oblige the master if they were to stay on their vocation and sustain their families. Due to these pathetic slavish status Muslims were forced to support and vote for the UNP of the elites, as dictated by their masters at times of election.” SWRD and Muslims A.A.M.Nizam.

It was SWRD Bandaranaike’s SLFP Government that gave a significant Ministerial Post to a Muslim C.A.S.Marikkar, and made a Muslim H.S.Ismail the Speaker of the Parliament.  The UNP had given an insignificant post of the Labour Minister  under UNP Governments.

This was a giant step taken by the truly Sri Lankan Bandaranaike Government to emancipate the Muslim community and liberate them from the bondage to Mudalalis and open a new vista for Muslim children to pursue higher education. It was a well-known that there were many villages and towns at that time without a single Muslim graduate, without a single Muslim Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or even a middle ranking Government servant. (SLFP Governments’ contribution to Muslim education


Then in 1977 Dr. Badiuddin Mohamud became the Minister of Education.  He was a Muslim Nationalist , who damaged the earlier Muslim tradition of  living together with the Sinhala in peace.  Dr. Badiuddin Mohamud’s nationalism was undoubtedly due to his association with Rajan Chelvanayagam, Chelliah Rajadurai, Nadarajah Moorthy- the  Tamil separatist. Dr. Badiuddin Mohammud started the Muslim girls’ and boys’ schools .

However another Muslim writer S.M.M.Bazeer says ;

Dr. Badiudeen never identified himself with the eccentric claims of Rasool or the other chanters and supporters of Kilakistan”. He was extremely concerned about the educational development of the Muslims and believed in national harmony as a true Sri Lankan. ”

Gradually the Muslims began to forget their beginnings, their protection  by a Sinhala King and the birth of a Muslim  Community with Sinhala women as their wives. This ingratitude was seen amoung the Sri Lanka Muslims in Madawala , who had also forgotten their past and the gratitude they owe to the Sinhala  having forgotten that it was the majority Sinhala who had accepted them and given them their rights

The Sri Lanka Muslims did not contribute in any way in patriotic activities.  They stood on the fringe of events and profited from  efforts and sacrifices of the Sinhala for their protection and even for their accumulation of wealth.   However there was an exception that we the Sinhala cannot forget though the Muslims failed to recognise that great heroism.

It is about  Late Lieutenant Colonel Fazly Lafir the man who made grate sacrifice, fighting the terrorists along side the Sinhala soldiers. The ambitious non patriotic Sri Lanka Muslim political nationalists  lead by Rauf Hakeem never give a thought to him or speak of his bravery.

Lieutenant Colonel Fazly Lafir, a 37-year-old veteran special operations soldier and one of the founding members of the Special Forces. Lafir and the first wave of SF landed under heavy fire on the exposed beach. The pilots of the SLAF’s No 6 Helicopter Squadron brought their Mi-17 transports suicidally close to the Tiger positions, one landing his SF stick” practically on top of a Tiger .50-in heavy machine-gun, so close that the Tiger crew couldn’t bring their weapon to bear in time. Led by Fazly Lafir, who was by now in radio contact with 215 Brigade, the SF fought through the rest of the day and, after being reinforced by a second wave of SF at dusk, into the night to secure the beachhead, making repeated assaults on the Tiger positions that surrounded them, and losing thirty-six men killed and sixty wounded. Already shot several times, Lafir continued to lead his men until finally killed by shrapnel early on the 19th. At one point during the night, surrounded by battle and the continuous mortar fire of the Tigers, he was heard to say, This is the most beautiful night of my life.” Lieutenant Colonel Fazly Lafir is the highest ranking member of the Armed Forces to receive the PWV.” (

Lieutenant Commander  Colonel Fazly  married a Sinhala woman accentuating his grateness keeping a promise he made to a dying Sinhala soldier he rescued in a previous daring exploit in the midst of terrorist shooting . The  Muslims of Madawala  had it is said demanded that he does not step into Madawala his birth placed as he had married a Sinhala woman.  This  poses the question whether the Sri Lanka Muslims who put their religion first could ever be patriots of Sri Lanka ?

No the Sri Lanka Muslims  are also a set of racist separatists.

M.H.M.Ashroff an ultra Nationalist Muslim formed the SLMC declaring their main motive was to form a larger  Provincial Council of the Muslims linking all the Muslims Towns and Villages to be administered from Ampara.  He began by bulldozing the ancient Buddhist ruins in and around  Digavapa, which is being repeated today in Vilpattu. Buy another fanatic Muslim Minister.

Hakeem is the worst of Sri Lanka Muslims. He is determined to have a separate Muslim State by hook or by crook as  the saying goes.  He entered into  a MoU even with Prabhakaran himself.  Having failed he joined  Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government.  And now thinking that finally the time has come  for him to form his autonomous Muslim Provincial State in the east has joined with Ranil Wickramasinghe with an MoU to have the East for him to form a Muslim Provincial Council under a Federal system.

Hakim is the most distrustful. He acts with no rhyme or reason according to the way his fez cap changes . He is not gentlemen he was with President Chandrika Kumaratunga, left her with no real reason allowing the break down of her government resulting in Ranil Wickramasinghe coming to power to  become her Prime Minister, costing Sri lanka the greatest disaster with  his trust on the whited signing  the CFA prepared by Solheim  with Prabhakaran. He almost sold out Sri lanka to the terrorists. Fortunately there was Mahinda Rajapakse  to put things right.

Hakeem is said  to have entered into an election pact earlier with Ranil Wickramasinghe during his Presidential election in 1905, that the Muslims should be given autonomy in the East and boasted that an autonomous region for Muslims would have been established if Ranil had come to power.

Is not that what the Sri Lanka Muslims are claiming today ?

In the meantime  it was recently reported that, Responding to the TNA’ call for the merger of the North and the East – based on Tamil leaders’ persistent call for a federal system of governance within a unified North-Eastern Province – Hasan Ali said the Eastern Muslims will continue to agitate for the creation of a separate unit of devolution consisting of all non-contiguous geographical areas where Muslims are settled, modelled on India’s Pondicherry Union Territory.”

 Please Read:The Shape Of The ” Muslim Nation” In The East- A Reminiscence (Part 1) by. S.M.M.Bazeer

The Sri Lanka Muslims should not forget that Ranil Wickramasinghe the Leader of the UNP  the man who comes from the f       amily of  Thambi Mudiyanse”, a forefather of former President late Mr. J.R.Jayawardene, the traitor who handed  over Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe, the king of Kande Udarata,  last kingdom to the British.  It is with this Wickramasinghe  that Rauf Hakeem is now planning to establish an autonomous Muslim Province in the East.  Ranil Wickramasinghe  is responsible for the death of a  good number Muslim patriots who served in the Military Intelligence service who baffled Prabhakaran with their exceptional intelligence gathering.

  It is apparent that one of the matters of the secret agreement Mr. Rail Wickremasinghe had with tiger organization before the General Election was to expose this special Army unit and destroy it. Accordingly, after Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe came to power he employed a treacherous police officer and several others to fulfil the promise he had given to tiger terrorists. It is none other than this great betrayal of Athurugiriya.

The Sri Lanka Muslims have successfully carried their objective of procreation, increasing their population considerably.  This has necessitated  new

Muslim settlements and the Muslim Minister Rishad Bathiutheen following the foot steps of  Ashrof who bulldozed Buddhist ruins in Digavapi,  has allowed Sri Lanka Muslims to deforest reservations in Sri Lanka such as Vilpattu National Park for Muslim settlements.

Sinhala voters at the next parliamentary elections on the 18 August should take into account that we have not only a possibility of having a separate Autonomous  Tamil Province in the North , but also another Automomous   Muslim Province in the East and the Sri Lanka the country of the Sinhala will be reduced to a very small land  hemmed between a Muslim land in the East and a Tamil  land in the North.

Sinhala the question is are we allowing this  to happen by voting for the UNP and allow Ranil the divider of the Nation to come into power ?

 What we have before us is not a question of which Party we are going to vote into power at the Parliamentary election of the 18th Ausgust, but whether we let our  Sri Lanka exist as it had been for the last  thousands of years before the Tamils and Muslims started claiming parts of it as theirs ?

Put Ranil Wickramasinghe into power and say goodbye to a unitary Sri Lanka or put Mahinda Rajapakse into power and say long live Sri Lanka our unitary state our motherland be blessed for ever ?

12 Responses to “Sri Lanka Muslims”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    As we saw in the defeat by the Minorities of the UPFA Government of Sri Lanka on January 8, 2015, these Minorities, EGGED ON & FUNDED by FOREIGN POWERS to serve Foreign Interests against the National Interest, NOW serve as FIFTH COLUMNS and PROXIES within the country.

    NOW, they have acquired to ability to OVERTURN popular governments supported by the Majority of the Citizens of a Country, by DOMINATING the MEDIA and INCESSANTLY DISSEMINATING False Anti-National Propaganda.

    We saw this not only in Sri Lanka, but in the so-called “Arab Spring” that destabilized, overturned and sowed UTTER CHAOS in a large number of TARGETED countries, PITTING CITIZENS AGAINST EACH OTHER. This is the NEW FACE of Neo-Colonialism … the Bible and the Sword of yesterday’s Colonialists, has now transformed into the Bible, the Internet and the UN/ICC of today!

    Patriotic Majority communities in third world nations have to BECOME ACUTELY AWARE of the NEW STRATEGIES & TOOLS being DEPLOYED by Foreigners to more effectively use their OLD TROJAN HORSES, and RESEARCH & DEVELOP new NATIONAL DEFENSES needed to COMBAT and FRUSTRATE these moves, moves which THREATEN to RE-ENSLAVE third world countries to the Neo-Colonial Yoke!

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    What is our MAIN GOAL? Make MR the PM. For that we have to help UPFA win AS MANY VOTES.

    That in focus what should we do? Get as many Muslim votes as we can.

    So I request you NOT to do ANYTHING that will REDUCE Muslim votes. Ananda-USA’s comment is NOT helping. (Now I’m not here to fight. Just stating FACTS.)

    Hack-him was BOOED yesterday in Potuvil. So Muslims are realizing how this fool left his voters high and dry. They know he is going to MERGE east with MODI’s north when Tamils will become RULERS of Muslims. After that they cannot even eat beef which is HOLY COWS for Tamils!!

    So the TIDE IS TURNING. Lets NOT disrupt it.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    correction:- LORENZO

  5. Dilrook Says:

    As we are bound to live under 13A, it is inevitable that Muslims will want their share of the territory and they cannot be faulted for that. It is only logical and equitable that Muslims also get what Tamils get. If Hakeem manages to create a Muslim provincial (or any other) council in the east (Kalmunai, etc.), then (Eastern) Muslims will be happy.

    However, UNP is not interested in it. UNP is more inclined to re-merge the north with the east whereby making Muslims second class citizens in a powerful (and the largest) provincial council. This cannot be justified. It is this possibility that we should fear most.

    As politicians of all camps (including UPFA) agree, 13A is here to stay. We should adjust our ways to save what is ours within this separatist system.

  6. Senevirath Says:

    mahinda had never said that he will scrap 13a.patriots pl ease force him to scrap it

  7. Christie Says:

    In the Indian Empire Muslims are second class citizens. The same has been brought to bear here. Most of the Muslims were part of the Sinhala nation. Some of the Indian colonial parasites were Muslims. Muslims had to learn Tamil the language of business of the island nation and Sinhala Muslims had to learn Tamil to stay in Business.

  8. Christie Says:

    සින්හල බොදු, කිතු. මුස්ලිම් එක්වන්න ජඩ ඉන්දියානු සතුරාට එරෙහිව නැගී සිටින්න.

  9. ranjit Says:

    I do not agree with anybody to give Tamils and Muslims more than what they have got up to date from every Sri Lankan Govt. 20% cannot hold majority hostage and demand more and more. They have every freedom and same treatment like the majority so what? They live here in luxury when you compare to other countries they live. Tamils and Muslims get everything and they enjoy the same privileges that we Sinhalese have. Most of the crimes,drugs,robberies etc done by them in my country. They are pain in the ass and we shouldn’t give them anything more than what they have got.

    This is my country and it should be that way for ever therefore we Sinhalese must safeguard it with our lives before anyone destroy it. UNP is a party which promotes terror and division. They almost hand over the country to terrorists once and planning again with the help of International community to do it again. It is a party of liars and pretenders. Aug 17th is not another day.It’s very important than in the war time.Every Sinhalese must unite to defeat these Anti Sinhalese gang of thieves. Sira/Choura/Ranil are the curse for our Motherland. Their minds and plans are evil and dangerous. Think,Think,Think hard before you decide. It’s a do or die game with these Jarapalanaya gang of western backed and Financed Ali Baba and Forty Thieves. Vote for BETEL vote for Mahinda to keep our beloved nation in one piece.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo the TREACHEROUS BACKSTABBER is back again offering ADVICE NO ONE WANTS from a BACKSTABBING LTTE Operative who helped to HOIST the Yamapalanaya Govt on us! It is that DISASTER we are trying to REVERSE NOW!

    This guy is SHAMELESS! He PRESUME that he is STILL QUALIFIED to PREACH to PATRIOTS after AGITATING FEVERISHLY to UNDERMINE & OUST MR/UPFA in the Jan 8th, 2015 Presidential Election!


    Remember ….ONCE a BACKSTABBER ….ALWAYS a BACKSTABBER! Now he is PRETENDING to STAB his new demi-gods Somarama Sirisena and Ruinous Ranil in the BACK …. it is ONLY a PRETENSE!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Un-Patriotic Party is at the ROOT of ALL EVIL in Sri Lanka. Desperate to GRAB POWER at ALL COSTS, the UNP sells the Motherland to ALL COMERS ….. ESPECIALLY the Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA) screaming for an Eelam carved out from Sri Lanka, the Muslims wanting their own Islamic State in the East, and Foreigners wanting a Pliable SLAVE STATE for Missionary conversions!

    Yes, INDEED President Mahinda Rajapaksa;s EFFORTS restoring SRi Lanka’s SOVEREIGNTY is being UNDERMINED EVERY DAY that the Yamapalanaya Government REMAINS in POWER!

    Embala Deshapremi Sinhalayeni ….. OUST ALL of these DESPICABLE TRAITORS from Parliament on August 17, 2015 and SEND THEM HOME … FOREVER!

    Rajapaksa Fears Undoing of His Work in Ending LTTE’s Campaign

    Aug 04 (PTI) COLOMBO- Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) of working to undo his legacy by working hand in glove with the main Tamil minority party TNA.

    “I do not know what agreements have been worked out between the two parties. I fear if the country would see separation as a result,” he told an election rally here.

    The former president is running for a seat in the parliament in the election scheduled for August 17.

    Rajapaksa is making an attempt to retain his support base in the majority Sinhala community who favoured him for his military campaign which ended the LTTE’s over three-decade-old separatist war in 2009.

    “I unified the country,” Rajapaksa said referring to his military campaign which crushed the LTTE.

    The Tamil separatist group was running a parallel administration in the north and east of the island which they said were areas of historic Tamil habitat.

    Rajapaksa also targeted the TNA manifesto in which the Tamil party sought a mandate from Tamils to a federal form of solution based on Tamil right for self determination.

    He riled the UNP’s theme of its election manifesto, “A new country in 60 months”.

    “It will be a new country indeed without the north and east,” Rajapaksa quipped.

    Rajapaksa, who was ousted as president in the presidential election held in January, had taken the unprecedented step to run for parliament.

    None of his predecessors entered parliament after spending their presidential terms.

    Ethnic Tamils constitute about 15 per cent of Lanka’s population, but could emerge as the kingmakers if the majority Sinhalese community is split between the two major parties.

    Ethnic Tamils have historically favoured adequate devolution of power to the north and east regions which were ravaged by three-decades of bloody armed conflict.

    Rajapaksa, 69, who was unexpectedly defeated by his own deputy Maithripala Sirisena in snap presidential polls, has resisted all Tamil demands for autonomy.

    Sirisena dissolved Parliament last month and called fresh elections for the 225-member body on August 17 after the coalition he cobbled together with Wickremesinghe struggled to pass promised reforms in the parliament, where it lacked a majority.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE ELECTION GUNDU’s by the Un-Patriotic Party!

    Ever since the Yamapalanaya Govt got elected, they have been SUPPORTING the TNA to achieve its Eelamist Goals. First a Proto-Eelam and then OUTRIGHT SECESSION! ANYTHING to help them REMAIN IN POWER!


    NOW, the Un-Patriotic Party (UNP) wants us to believe them when they say …. just before the Parliamentary Elections … that the UNP too is against Federalism! DO WE BELIEVE THEM? HELL NO … NOT UNTIL HELL BOILS OVER!

    This UNELECTED Yamapalanaya Govt, that violated the Constitution by gaining power through the back door … DOES NOT SPEAK for Sri Lanka! It is MERELY a STOOGE and a PUPPET of the Minority Communities and Neo-Colonial Foreign Powers!

    MARK MY WORDS …. if the UNP remains in POWER for 5 years, at the end of that period Sri Lanka WILL NOT BE ONE COUNTRY, but a PATCHWORK of ETHNO-RELIGIOUS Bantustans, ONE of which will be goverened from Tamil Nadu, India!

    There is not ONE DROP of Patriotic Blood left in the Leadership of the Un-Patriotic Party! They will SELL our Motherland to its ENEMIES!

    Major Sri Lankan parties reject TNA’s demand for federalism

    Aug 04 (Hindu) Major political parties in Sri Lanka have flatly rejected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)’s demand for federalism.

    The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)-led United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA); United National Party (UNP)-led United National Front for Good Governance and the Janatha Vimukthi Perumana (JVP) have, in unison, said the demand, if accepted, would lead to division of the country.

    “Certain terms” will be interpreted to convey “different meanings” in Sri Lanka, said Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, general secretary of the SLFP. Federalism is one of them and “if you say federalism, people would think you are for separatism”, he added. The TNA has stated in its manifesto that power sharing arrangements must be established based on a federal structure, as they existed during the merger of Northern and Eastern Provinces. At the time of the manifesto’s launch, the Alliance leader R. Sampanthan had expressed hope that the major political parties in the country would accept the demand. Dinesh Gunawardena, leader of the Mahajana Eksath Perumana, one of the constituents of the UPFA, said the concept of federalism was “old”, and blamed the TNA for “trying to create an issue, which has settled”. Besides, by raising the demand, the Alliance has made a “huge negative statement”.

    D.M. Swaminathan, a UNP leader and the Rehabilitation Minister, said his party is for a unitary State.

    It is keen on turning Jaffna, the capital of the Northern Province, into a modern city with all facilities. The UNP manifesto has stated that devolution of powers can take place after taking the consent of all stakeholders.

    Vijitha Herath, a JVP spokesperson, said the TNA, which had raised the demand at the time of election to in Northern Provincial Council two years ago, has done it again to get votes as parliamentary polls are due this month. This is being used by “chauvinistic political parties” in southern parts of the country to seek votes from the Sinhala Buddhist community. “It is not healthy,” he added.

    While Mr. Yapa said devolution can take place under the 13 Constitutional Amendment, Mr. Gunawardena stated he was for participatory democracy – strengthening local bodies and ensuring people’s participation at grassroots levels.

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