News: Rugby player’s body exhumed & UNP Records !
Posted on August 13th, 2015

By mahinda

Wimal S. Surendra  who was my uncle by relationship, was the chief Photographer attached to the Upali Newspaper company, of the newly started newspaper Divaina in the 1978. He was married and had two children who lived in Aniwatte ancestral home in Kandy. I was schooling and was of the same age as his children.

Around July/August,  the same year we were shocked of the sudden news that he had died in an accident but story was other way about.

He had been returning from Negombo after taking of some photographs of an event participated by the then P.M. Premadasa’s wife madam Hema. On his way on the motor bicycle he was knocked down purposely at Wattala junction and John Amarathunga’s thugs beaten him to death.

It had been a clear murder and planned thuggery of the John Amarathunga who lead the underworld in Wattala area on Negombo road.

The truth was suppressed brutally and all investigations were drowned never to come up.

It is just a tip of an iceberg but one such an example to demonstrate how brutal the UNP is.

I am writing this to remind  all readers what UNP is and what they did since 1977!

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