President has no ethical right to select National List MPs, says Gammanpila
Posted on August 25th, 2015


The President has no ethical right to select Parliamentarians through the National List, Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Leader Udaya Gammanpila says.

The observation was made at a press conference held in Colombo this afternoon (25).

Gammanpila also severely criticised the manner in which the United People’s Freedom Party’s (UPFA) national list MPs were selected.

It is not a secret that the UPFA supporters are disappointed about the National List,” he added.

Gammanpila also vowed not to contest under the UPFA ticket with the present leadership at a forthcoming election.

He also charged that the new government is attempting to bring an international investigation on the alleged human rights violations in the guise of a domestic mechanism.

2 Responses to “President has no ethical right to select National List MPs, says Gammanpila”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Strange situation for our democracy in the island.Perhaps reinventing democracy,Sri lankan Style?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL is a DICTATORSHIP today.

    There is no hope within this ROTTEN SYSTEM for the country.

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