Never Mind the Quality – Feel The Width! A British Sit-Com of Two Tailors. A Jew & An Irish Catholic.
Posted on September 7th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

An apt parallel to analyse the politics in Sri Lanka in a Global Theatre.  However, this is No Situation Comedy, but a Real Global Control Exercise by One Player.

Are the Global powerhouses trying to make the Mixed Pickle into a Sweet & Sour, or Spicy & Hot, or a Mango Chutney, or even a Mind-boggling Sinhala Achcharu?  Such side dishes are meant to facilitate the appetite. Likewise, the current scenario is certainly creating Confusion & Control, whilst creating significant appetite and opportunity to a selected few.

The Players.

In this vast Board Game of Politics, revolves primarily in Middle East & in Asia, where there are only Three Players of any Significance.  ie: USA as the Key Player with  China – Russia as Supporting Actors.

The next rung are Pawns of minor Significance, ie: India-Singapore.

The Main Reason.

The Expanded & Widened Suez Canal gives Strategic Prominence and potential Commercial Bucks to Asia in general and to Sri Lanka in particular! And India would like a piece of the pie, at the expense of China.

Commercial & Military (Offensive – Defensive) Sea Lanes of Suez through Malacca Straits to Oriental Asia, where Singapore is the King of the Road.

Sri Lanka has always been “The Strategic Sparkle” of the Indian Ocean, now with higher importance due to US$8,5bn Expanded Suez Canal, funds raised  ‘independently’ through Investment Certificates issued by National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, Banque Du Caire, and Suez Canal Bank.

Financial Interests to Sri Lanka – Singapore – India. 

With the widening of Suez Canal means, the current Suez Canal revenues of US$5 billion would rocket to US$13.5 billion by 2023, as forecast (Reuters).

That revenue stream follows the Tuna Belt, off the Coast of Sri Lanka.

The low-IQ Gang of Three, currently enjoying the Governance of Sri Lanka, sadly have not realised the potential political-economic Bonanza, which they have kicked-under-the-Indian rug, simply for their own short-term, short-sighted personal gain.  Fools with No Horses!

Beneficiaries of the Dynamic Increase of Traffic.

An increase of US$8.5 bn in eight (8) years?

That’s a damn good Pie in any language!

The commercial sea-freight and strategic military flow will be a boon to the main geographical points, Sri Lanka & Singapore, where India has  now entered by applying brakes or breaks” on Sri Lankan-Chinese development & co-operatiion.

However, with the impending Indian entry, the loss of trade to Singapore is marginal with the super-efficiency and lack of corrupt practices of professional Singapore management talent.

Bunker Fuel sales will still keep Singapore as the Global Number One, for years to come. The current Sri Lankan government has already handed Indians, the Key to control of South Asia Maritime dominance, by thwarting the Chinese away from Colombo.

Uncle Sam is now in cosy comfort cuddling Aunty India in the South Asia region.

Furthermore, Singapore maintains its Balance tilted towards the West, through its strong connections with USA and a tacit friendly touch with China.

And Singapore Rules the Roost in the ASEAN pile.

Russian Move to Crimea & the Needling of BRICS.

The Russian Rapid Reaction to retake the absolute control of Crimea,  in order to keep the Peninsular away from NATO-USA axis, was thwarted by the financial stock-market crash of China, during August 2015, which would weaken the Russian dreams of gaining Chinese markets to balance its losses caused by the Western markets Trade Embargo.

The formation of BRICS, the Union of Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa, as a Trade-Political centre-piece which added a Regional Financial Dimension as an option to the World Bank dominance, did upset the pride of USA. The Chinese stock-market hick-up may slow-down several economic considerations with Russian Far East, and as well as, might slow-down the Russian Natural Gas sales to China. This is a triple whammy on Russian budget recovery.

In any case Russia, still suffering from a post Soviet-USSR hangover, has never demonstrated a Grand Visionary Strategy to counter the American Global Creativity. The Oligarchs are continuously draining the Russian economy, and enjoy the Sun-Sea-Sail in their billion dollar mega-yachts.

Now the Buckle which held the Pants in the BRICS Belt is Unbuckled!

Control of Sri Lanka by India.

In one fell-swoop, somehow the Western strategy crippled China & Russia, giving a leg-up to India, in her dreams of gaining points over China. Thus any Regime Change in Sri Lanka, to upset the current balance, might create serious possibility with India taking control of the Island, with the blessing of USA, by creating Civil Unrest and with reasons to Protect Minority Tamils, parallel to Russian take-over of Crimea. The Sinhala electorate was “hood-winked” by the Indian RAW using the Gang of Three, as Pawns.

With China, temporarily disabled, and blocked-out-of-Sri Lanka, the only possible options for Sri Lanka is to gain political & military co-operation of Russia & Pakistan.

However, with the current Sri Lankan Regime well under the control of  USA through its Indian-RAW, this is highly unlikely. Any moves by Russia, Pakistan, China to support opposing Sinhala factions might draw the Americans to move in their Naval Fleet to support India.

And the current ill-educated President of Sri Lanka, with a weak vertebral column, now being coached by the Indian RAW and heavily supported by USA-CIA, to continue to extend his Term, is the ideal Stooge,  It is rumoured that Erik Solheim and Rudrakumar have held telephone discussions on potential strategy.

The dream of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesingha to sleeve-into” the Presidential Seat, during the next five years, in a democratic manner, will remain a distant probability. The tables have changed, the Controllers are now being Controlled by an American-Indian Stooge.

The ex-President CBK is classified more as a redundant kitchen help, will be left to enjoy her sunset years with her grandchildren.

The Will” of Indian RAW & USA shall Find-a Way” to maintain the status quo.

With more Indian Tamils carving into the Sri Lanka Government VVIP Slots, and hordes of potential Tamil supporters moving into the Sri Lankan Tamil North and the North East, the take-over of Sri Lanka by India, may be compared with the Russian take-over of Crimea, in a passive gentle manner.

Dismantle the Chinese Hold on Africa – The China Syndrome.

USA has been getting stomach cramps due to the Chinese control of Africa, with Chinese investments in the natural resources, mineral and a vast potential market.

The recent visit of the First African-American President Barack Obama with his family, to his native Kenya, created immense goodwill between Africa & USA.  However one trip by an outgoing Black President is no match for Permanent Missions grounded by the slinky Chinese industrial & financial might.

Hence an attempt by Invisible Powers exerted to weaken the Chinese financial clout, was a success, albeit, a short-term temporary one. The Chinese funding and lending trillions, depending on the trading currency and the TOC, might have differing effect on the borrowers.

European Union Control through Confusion.

The fighting of Cats & Dogs now Restrained.

Furthermore, in a carefully spun strategy, USA has brought the entire European Union (EU) under a blanket of Terrorism, created due to Regime Change in the oil exporting countries, of  Iraq-Libya-Nigeria,  and severe unrest in Syria and Horn of Africa, with a multiple hit of initiating million Migrant Refugees exodus  stampeding into EU.

It is alleged that amongst the Migrant Refugees are serious contingents of ISIS trained terrorists, let loose into EU. Whilst keeping the EU governments under pressure with Humanitarian based publicity, ISIS  terror-cells may create distractions by initiating their lone-wolf” terrorist attacks in major capitals of Europe.

Hard hit by economic distress, surging unemployment, added to one million Migrant Refugees with a Dollop of Terror”, would keep the Circus Rolling.

The economic recovery of UK-Germany-France may take a few decades, with a surging Muslim population overpowering the Christian Europe.

It is relevant to Note that, the EU reluctance to allow the entry of Turkey into EU membership, was largely to keep a Muslim Turkey out-of Christian EU.

Ironically, due the influx of Muslim Refugee Migrants into EU, without Travel Restrictions within 27 Schengen countries, may enter the affluent Baltics & Nordic countries and create a Muslim majority, with a possible introduction of Sharia Law, in the foreseeable future.

Under the guise of the Russian threat to the Baltic States Poland & Ukraine, the USA Defense has moved in some of their ground troops and fighter jets to the region.

Has USA by Default, facilitated the entry of ISIS Terror into EU in order to Rule the Roost?

Thus the control of UK-Germany-France is complete.

The rest of Europe is insignificant & redundant.

Russia is kept in-check with severe economic discomfort from Moscow to Vladivostok.

USA Moves into GCC by Default.

The sheer fright of ISIS Terror has brought the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), comprising of  the dictatorial States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, crawling on their knees, into the arms of USA.

Furthermore, most likely, under the influence of USA, the Entire Arab World, especially the GCC, have flatly refused to accommodate the Arab-Muslim-Islamic Migrant Refugees!

Thus increased pressure and control on both EU and GCC, under the auspices of the trigger-happy Uncle Sam!

With a Great Walls of Water, the Pacific & the Atlantic Oceans, a friendly stable Canada,  a possible Donald Trump gaining the Presidency and building a Wall-on-Mexican border, USA will be a safer country, except for the trigger-happy Police.

The morning Diabetic Blood Glucose Test with LankaWeb.

One of the Fasting Sugar Level” monitors is the Social Media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and the Heart-Rate Monitor – LankaWeb, and checks the Pulse in Sri Lanka.

LankaWeb has its main flow of excellent scribes, who give a reasonably accurate, yet slightly wire-balanced, view of the political ambiance of Sri Lanka.

The list published by LankaWeb on the right-hand column, gives the list of main Contributors, of which in my opinion, HLD Mahindapala ranks Number One, whose  publications are Factual, Current, Reader friendly, although slightly in favour, and correctly biased, towards ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, whom I regard as the best Leader of Sri Lanka since Independence.

A high degree of Patriotism is generally visual in the content of Ms Shenali Waduge, with the odd prejudicial stab at the Christian-Catholic Sinhala.

Why LankaWeb? An Opinion!

During the past many years, LankaWeb has become an important medium to check the Pulse of Sri Lanka. The main contributors have chosen a Direct Drive into Patriotism, with some brickbats from the Tamil supported opposition.

The Gallery of Commentators are generally polite, driving their opinions in a civilised manner, whilst there are a few with a basic-to-low IQ (below 80), who do not comprehend what they read, and write off-course.  In this day & age, with Auto Correct facility, spelling should not occur, however the grammatical errors might be acceptable.

How a Tiny Little Drop of an Island Enters the Global Power Politics.

Compared to the global giants in Power Politics, Sri Lanka may be compared to the David” of Goliath fame.

As a David”, Sri Lanka could have been a non-aligned, non-aggressive, independent, peaceful  Asset to Global Power brokers, as a Services Provider.

An abundant enthusiastic educated low cost work force, strategic access to Middle East, Asia and Africa, is an ideal location.

The Island does not require any control from any major power, since the overall population is traditionally friendly, peaceful, non-violent and generally well educated.  Therefore the current alignment towards India, driven by the Gang of Three, is an unwanted liability.

The earlier relationship with the Chinese was more of an economic necessity, than a political bond. Furthermore, the Chinese were not a threat in any way or form.

Therefore, whilst the intelligent younger generation ponders into the global repercussions, might consider serious options on a possible change of the tracks which are now being used to Drive the Sri Lankan Train, in the wrong direction. Should the political options offer little hope, Sri Lanka must have one potential leader within the twenty million population to lead a People’s Revolution to Stop the Rot.

Hopefully, Sri Lankan politics have hidden talent and political leadership material, to balance the loss of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa who ponders relaxed retirement.  Ideally, Heavens Forbid” this new leadership material should not be from the families of next-generations of ex-leaders, who plundered Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka needs a Clean New Sheet!

Never Mind the Quality – Just Feel the Width!


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33 Responses to “Never Mind the Quality – Feel The Width! A British Sit-Com of Two Tailors. A Jew & An Irish Catholic.”

  1. L Perera Says:

    Two words for all this – Sinhalaya malaa!


    Prof, best leader since independence? NO YOU ARE WRONG. It was JR and his constitution. You get scared when one mentions 6th amendment. Lorenzo and his mother hides under a bed when one say 6th amendment. I must say rest of the paragraphs seems to be good but Don Mahindapala is not biased but opinionated he has a relative who JRJ chased away during the constitution writing.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    JR was a breath of fresh air after the stifling govt of Mrs B’s rule. However, he came in at the wrong time, during the Cold War times. Ultra pro-west JR was also unfortunatel to have pro-Soviet (at that time) PM Indira Gandhi next door in India. Tamil leaders took the chance to be in the Opposition to JR’s 2/3 strong govt. The 1983 trumped up Riot enabled a Million Tamils to go abroad to form the Tamil Diaspora, brought down the JR govt. and plummed up the LTTE.

    Prof is right. It is always INDIA mostly via Tamil Nadu that brings down Lanka, whether by intent or otherwise. Generally, India does not act, unless pushed hard to do so by one of the SuperP’s ! Tamil leaders always use the opportunity to form a separate state for Tamils and to off load Dalit Tamils to Lanka. Tamil Nadu has some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin.

    What has the new Exec PM, Ranil, to say about the ‘Tamil Dalit problem’ (disguised as the National Question) and the world economic situation ? Ranil is now Exec PM PLUS the Director of Development ….. I don’t know whether to “larf” or to feel sorry ! Only mentally defected non-Tamil leaders will take on the Tamil Dalit problem. 15 Million and growing – crickey !

    To me, it is thanks to JR for the Exec Presidency, but MR is the greatest Prez for his courageous stand to save the country.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    read ‘defected’ as defective.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Professor, Your analysis is very good. However how about the potential crash of the $. What effect will it have on the U.S. dominance of the world. Already there are symptoms of the $ instability. The DOW Jones is fluctuating rapidly. If there is another crash like in 2008 or worse then what will be the scenario. China is supposed to be dumping US bonds. Should we be doing the same?

    I agree with you about the three clowns in charge. They are very cunning and have used India and US to get their positions. However whether they can keep it is another question. Things can change in a way no one can predict. In USA, in a mere three months Bernie Sanders a left wing Socialist is gaining momentum in the polls over Hilary Clinton. In U.K Jeremy Corbyn another socialist is getting a lot of young people’s support. I think people are sick of b.s. We need politicians who will face reality and tell the people things as they are. If they do they will put up with a lot of suffering.

    Cuba is a good example. In spite of all the sanctions the people there stayed together and the have developed a first class medical care system, training of doctors, protection of environment and values which are meaningful. In the same way we need to sketch out to the people of Sri Lanka the reality of living in a fertile country with a higher standard of living next door to a dirt poor country where the Tamil Dalits live in the Deccan desert in a form of institutionalized slavery, with no escape, where there are various myths floated by the upper class to get the Dalits move such as “crossing water” removes caste, So there is a lot of pressure from Tamil Dalits to move into Sri Lanka only 12 miles away.

    There are 15 million Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu and a total of 72 million Indian Dalits in total. Also as pointed out by you India is trying to annexe Sri Lanka through the Tamils. Hence the intense interest in Sri Lanka affairs by Tamil Nadu. These possibilities should be discussed in Parliament along with action steps to protect ourselves. I have never seen any of our leaders acknowledge openly this threat from Tamil Nadu. They have mostly ignored the issue hoping it will go away. May be as you suggested a military take over is the answer. However then the international community has an excuse to launch a R2P program and occupy the whole Island !

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    JR was the WORST leader SL had.

    JR passed the infamous 13 amendment. And JR signed the INDO LANKA PEACE DEAL with Endia.
    No one has done more damage than him.

    6 amendment is a fantastic piece of law but was NEVER implemented!!

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    They can do a R2P anyway. But without China and Russia supporting a R2P, it will not work anyway.

    This govt. will do more harm than a military takeover.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have said it BEFORE and I’ll say it AGAIN: This “Prof Hudson McLean” is neither a Prof NOR a Scot, but that EELAMIST AGITATOR Facebook Lorenzo in a sheepskin PLANTED in deep hiding at LankaWeb a LONG, LONG TIME AGO!

    Some POOR GULLIBLE FOOLS at LankaWeb STILL accord this “Prof” the benefit of this undesrved and is TAKEN to the CLEANERS everytime by that ARTFUL SHAMELESS EELAMIST AGITATOR Ado Yakko Facebook LORENZO!

    Gullible FOOLS ALL!

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    When I URGE Sri Lankan Patriots to RISE UP in opposition to the Yamapalanaya GoSL, I mean RISE UP PEACEFULLY through LEGAL and NON-VIOLENT means available to the citizens of the Democracy of Sri Lanka.


    IN CONTRAST, “Prof Hudson McLean” indirectly, and Facebook LORENZO directly are ADVOCATING the VIOLENT Overthrow of Sri Lanka’s Govt to cause MAXIMUM DISRUPTION of Governance and induce ANARCHY in Sri Lanka!

    WHY are these two people doing that …. you may well ASK. I TELL YOU WHY BELOW!

    I have said it BEFORE and I’ll say it AGAIN: This “Prof Hudson McLean” is neither a Prof NOR a Scot, but that EELAMIST AGITATOR Facebook Lorenzo in a sheepskin PLANTED in deep hiding at LankaWeb a LONG, LONG TIME AGO!

    Some POOR GULLIBLE FOOLS at LankaWeb STILL accord this “Prof” the benefit of this undesrved and is TAKEN to the CLEANERS everytime by that ARTFUL SHAMELESS EELAMIST AGITATOR Ado Yakko Facebook LORENZO!

    Gullible FOOLS ALL!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop spreading MISLEADING information and introducing what no one said.

    NO ONE (certainly not me or the good professor) advocates VIOLENCE or VIOLENT OVERTHROW of govt.!!

    We always advocate for the PEACEFUL transition of power within WELL ACCEPTED AND WELL GOVERNED HISTORICAL SINHELA BUDDHIST NORMS of Sri Lanka.

    Also note I have nothing to do with the persons USA claims me to be.

    They have been writing to Lankaweb, strategy page and other global defence websites the SRI LANKAN PERSPECTIVE even when I was in HIGH SCHOOL!!

    We owe them a THANK YOU for standing up for SL when NO ONE in the western community did. Not hateful INSULTS.


    Ananda-USA, you are right I believe in every word you have written about Lorenzo. Now you gave me an insight who this Professor Hudson McLean is If go back and read his articles; he says he is a Scott On Scott spells like that. It should be MacLean. Then he said that he is an accountant practicing in London. I did a search and there was no such person as a certified Accountant. Then he said that his father and grand father have owned tea plantations in Kandy. I think Lorenzo and the Prof are the same person. My question is as follows: Why doesn’t they like JRJ? 6th amendment? JRJ must have done something to Lorenzo’s mother or father that they suffered financially and got a way to get even with. IT WAS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MR to prosecute the MPs who took the oath and then went got on to public platforms to say they want ELLAM and Muslim east. And he did not do it. He admitted it in public.

    Ananda-USA I stopped using my real name after getting advice from Charles Perera. If any one challenges US State department, they could harm that person who is living in USA. Try to get more info about Lorenzo family of disinformation from KATA KTHA. This will be easy for you since you live in California. !


    Fran Diaz, The time period cannot be equated for JRJ and MR. both did a great job for their times. defeating the Tamil terrorists was the greatest achievement one can think since King Dutugamunu. But see what happed RANIL Punk gave it back to the Tamil Terrorists. The question is how did he do it? Using HORA slogan. Now Sinhala should have a slogan ” DEMALA UDDHYA KUDA DINNUVE”? This will resonate well just be fore an public meeting.

    L. Perera is right. Sinhalay Modaya cannot understand disinformation nor can they turn around the same disinformation then twist a little and attack it with it by saying look what these people are talking about.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Those about to be DESTROYED by God, invoke HIS name in VAIN to defend EVIL acts!

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    UPFA DISSENTING MPs …. 57 strong and a MAJORITY in the UPFA … voice their INTENT to form an Opposition block consistent with the UPFA ELECTION PLATFORM that rejected support for a National Yamapalanaya Govt, and declare their INTENT to CONTEST the appointment of TNA’s Sampanthan as Leader of the Opposition!

    Jayawewa! With this STRENGTH in the number of DISSENTING MPs HOPE SPRINGS in the HEARTS of Patriots that it may augur the formation of a NEW PATRIOTIC OPPOSITION Party in the future!

    Better still, the SLFP should AMEND its Party Constitution to REMOVE the requirement that the President of the Nation MUST be the Leader of the Party. With such an AMENDMENT, the SLFP can say GOODBYE to the TREACHEROUS BACKSTABBER Somarama Sirisena, LEAVE the Yamapalanaya GoSL and STOP ALL of its Anti-National moves to amend the Constitution to favor separatists, other minorities, NGOs and neocolonialist foreign powers now gathering like vultures to DISMEMBER Sri Lanka.

    If such a SCENARIO UNFOLDS, EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE, and the Yamapalanaya Govt’s days will be numbered.

    RISE UP in your MILLIONS …. O Patriotic Sons ad Daughters of Mother Lanka to RESCUE your Motherland PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY from the grasp of its ARTFUL ENEMIES who are attempting to STEAL your ancestral inheritance by MISLEADING & MISDIRECTING you!

    NEVER TRUST those who have FAILED to FIGHT for your Motherland, and now try to PREACH PATRIOTIC HOMILIES to you to BEND you to their WILL!

    UPFA rebels to function as independent group in House

    By Rasika Somarathna
    September 07, 2015

    A 57-member dissident faction within the UPFA will function as an independent group in Parliament after defying the party decision to form a national government.

    Former Chief Minister of Western Province Prasanna Ranatunga who entered Parliament on the UPFA ticket at the last election, said the UPFA rebels who has the support of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, will also discuss the appointment of TNA’s R. Sampanthan as the Opposition Leader with the Speaker and President Maithripala Sirisena who is both the head of the UPFA and the SLFP.

    According to Ranatunga, a majority of UPFA MPs (57 out of the 96) had informed President Sirisena in writing to appoint Kalutara district SLFP parliamentarian Kumara Welgama as the Opposition Leader.Speaking at a public ceremony in Gampaha yesterday, Ranatunga said since the SLFP central committee had given powers to the President to appoint the Opposition Leader they had not made any submissions to the Speaker.

    Ranatunga said the UPFA team will also discuss the matter with the Speaker when Parliament convenes on September 22.

    While noting that the Speaker had informed his group that he had received a letter from the newly appointed UPFA General Secretary Vishwa Warnapala that the party will not contest the post as it had agreed to join the UNP to form a national government, Ranatunga said there must have been a communication gap between the party Chairman and the General Secretary.

    The MP said the UPFA did not have a mandate to form a national government as the party had not voiced any such aims to the voters at the last parliamentary polls.

    Ranatunga said that Sampanthan’s appointment do have both good and bad sides. He said the TNA has not deviated from its position of seeking federalism as a means to devolving power and also its stance for an international probe against Sri Lanka to make a determination on the so-called human rights violations during the war.

    Ranatunga was of the view that if there is an investigation against the alleged violations done by security forces the same should apply with regards to the atrocities committed by the LTTE.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! CORRECTED Version …….

    With a Yamapalanaya Govt “National” in name only, and propped up not with consent of the UPFA MPs but technical dictats, is Somarama Sirisena SHIVERING IN FEAR that his National Government JUNTA of BACKSTABBERS and SHIP-JUMPERS may fall apart??

    Is he WORRIED that having SOWN the WIND with TREACHERY, he may REAP the WHIRLWIND of JUST RETRIBUTION???

    UNEASY lies the head that wears the CROWN of THORNS STOLEN in the dead of the night with DESPICABLE TREACHERY!

    The Stampede of the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Treason
    Into the Jaws of Dishonor
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Bribes to the Left of them
    Jobs to the Right of Them
    Power in Front of the Them
    Cudgels to the Rear of Them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Tears
    Driven by Nameless Fears
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Jostled from the Left of them
    Jostled from the Right of them
    Massed Asses to the Front of them
    Hoots of Rage to the Rear of them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    President: National govt. under threat … from Rajapaksa loyalists and separatist forces

    by Zacki Jabbar
    September 6, 2015

    Admitting that the national government formed between the UNP and the SLFP would face survival challenges, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday called on members of both parties, especially at grass roots level, to ensure that their historic partnership continued for the betterment of the country.

    Addressing the UNP’s 69 anniversary celebrations at Sirikotha, the President who is also leader of the SLFP, described his participation in the celebrations of the SLFP’s main opponent as an unprecedented occasion.

    Describing his presence as an outcome of consensual politics, Sirisena warned that forces connected to the last Rajapaksa government and those with separatist agendas were doing their utmost to scuttle the UNP-SLFP Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the national interest in mind.

    Appealing to members of both parties, he said that it was with their support and cooperation that the conspiracy to destabilise the National Government could be overcome.

    Acknowledging that he could not have become President without the UNP’s support, Srisena expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the UNP leadership and rank and file.

    He also personally thanked the then Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga for their encouragement and support, at a time when he and his family’s very existence was under threat.

    Among those present on the occasion were leaders of the constituent parties in the UNP led United National Front. They included Rauff Hakeem, Patali Champika Ranawaka, Palani Digambram, Rishard Bathiudeen and Mano Ganeshan.

    Convenor of the National Movement for a Pure Tomorrow, Athureliya Rathana Thera and Democratic Party Leader, Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka also graced the occasion.

    Leader of the UNP and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe recalling the difficult times that the party had to face in its history, thanked the membership for their efforts to making the UNP victorious once again.

    “We have ended nepotism, anarchism and corruption,” he noted while urging all those committed to good governance and the rule of law to ensure a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka, where all its citizens would have equal opportunities to succeed in life.

    Deputy Leader of the UNP Sajith Premadasa, Assistant Leader Ravi Karunanayake and General Secretary Kabeer Hashim addressed the gathering.

  17. NAK Says:

    In my view, I hold three poeple responsible for the misery that we had to undergo for the last few decades.

    The first place goes to JRJ, who’s short sighted ego centred policies and practices that led the country down the path to hell. His open economic policies made people run after money and shed all our cultural values. His 83 episode made Sri Lanka a pariah state that allowed the international players to play games of death in our country and he paved the way for the 88-89 JVP distruction. He started making Sri Lanka an indebted country.
    He brouhght undesirebles in to politics and today we suffer the consequanses. He started allowing excessive remunerations to politicians. He messed up the transportation in the country by allowing single owner private bus operators without any controls and paved the way for the demise of the state transportation system including the railways. He started Air Lanka with massive corruption and massive losses. By following IMF advice he invested and wasted huge amounts in industries like Nylon6 and the list goes on.
    The worst thing he did to this country was that he destroyed the judiciary and law and order.He allowed the under world to be born and grow.

    The Second place goes to V. Pirabaharan for his three decade long destruction of life,property and the economy.

    The Third place goes to Rohana Wijeweera for his misguided creation of a culture of death in this country by calling for irresponsible, unwanted and unfeasible revolutions.

  18. Independent Says:

    Whaaaaat ? How about Ranil Wickie, My3 and Choura Kumara ?

    Surely you cant blame only the dead ones. There are a lot of ALIVE and WELL ones named and not named here.

  19. Christie Says:

    “The next rung are Pawns of minor Significance, ie: India-Singapore.”

    I have a different view based on events in the British-Indian Empire now the Indian Empire. Who runs the economy of Ceylon. It is Indian colonial parasites. The people who run the economy run the politics.


    NAK, you paid disinformation punk. who pays for you comments, it will be interesting to know. You gave one clue “Nylon6” you or your family lost lots of money. Think before you write you dumb clown. There is always a reader who can detect disinformation. I live in USA and I am exposed to disinformation on a daily basis, so I can detect it by using a single word or a sentence. When you write something THINK! How can one “He started Air Lanka with massive corruption and massive losses. How can one start a company with losses? At that time only IMF had the money to give loans to developing countries. Air Lanka was the republics pride. Before it was QUNTAS and BOAC, etc. He invigorated the railway system so tourists can be attracted, and foreign capital inflow. (I think it was a DANISH company did this upgrade) Judiciary was a complete mess before the republic was formed. JRJ team had brilliant set of people in his team. Law and order is something that cannot be changed overnight in a new republic. We can see how the America was started where out laws were every where. Any child can see who got the Chinese to build the Supreme court complex, which was against US state department advice. Judges had fans in their offices and now they have air conditioning. Judges had their out put doubled because of fatigue factor was not there. YOU DISGRACEFUL PUNK FROM THE GUTTERS you should be treated the same way like Rohana Wijeweera, burnt alive! Before that a Spike should be put through your back passage (ULATHIYAWA). What you attempted to do was to call JRJ a terrorist. Yes but failed miserably. Yes there was an article few months ago calling JRJ and terrorist. If I did not intervened, your next comment would have been JRJ is a terrorist. Next read Christi’s comments (I normally don’t agree with his comments but this time I do). INDIA waits and at the right opportunity they wake up and attack. INDIA does not want a republic, a constitution and people elect the president by one man one vote. India want a Parliamentary system so that they can change the government by paying the right kind of money to the Prime minister and the cabinet. You disgraceful Nylon6 NAk Punk, answer my questions .

  21. douglas Says:

    It is not like those gone days to get a chance to express my views here. Yet for study purposes I go through the presentations and comments. So coming back to NAK’s reference to Air Lank, I agree with LANKAPUTHRA. It is not sensible to say that anyone can start a commercial venture with “corruption” and “losses”. NAK: Let me provide you with some information as regards the formation of Air Lanka. It started in 1979 with the dissolution of the then National Carrier viz. “Air Ceylon” that ran for more than 50 years and JRJ started Air Lanka as its replacement. The first Chairman who headed the new carrier was one Cpt. Rakhitha Wickramanayake who was at the time was a “Commander Pilot” attached to the Singapore Airline. The first members of the Board of Directors were: Capt. S.R.Wickramanayake, Mr. G.V.P.Samarasinghe (who was the secretary to the Cabinet), Mr. V.C.Gunatillake (Solicitor General) Mr. R.Coomaraswamy and Mr. D.C.Wijesekera (practicing Chartered Accountant). That Air Lanka also entered into an “Management Agreement” with the Singapore Airlines in terms of which a batch of “well rounded and experienced” personnel were seconded to start the initial operations. It’s first General Manager (CEO) was one Mr. Kulasegaram – who was the Financial Director of Singapore Airline in addition to him being a member of the Monetary Board of Singapore. Air Lanka spread its wings very rapidly with the unique trade mark of “MONARA” and the slogan “TASTE OF PARADISE”. For your information, just within five years it acquired wide body aircraft plus two “747 Big Tops” that were the “pride of flying” at the time. You will also be SURPRISED to know that it had an initial capital injection of ONLY Rs. 5 million from the JRJ Government. With all the “Leasing” of aircraft costs and running expenses Air Lanka reported an “Operating Profits” and by 1984 the entire Engineering and Management functions were taken over by the Sri Lankan trained staff. Also in 1984 it “Loaned” technical staff to Saudi Air for its maintenance work on a contract for two years.

    There were so many achievements of that airline but suffice to say and agree with LANKAPUTHRA’s words “PRIDE OF THE REPUBLIC”. Also let me tell you, I have never heard of JRJ’s interference with its functions and it was a NO NONSENSE MANAGEMENT. That is how it achieved its glory.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    Arch CONSPIRATOR Somarama Sirisena of Gang-of-Three INFAMY, now FEARS CONSPIRACIES!


    UNEASY lies the HEAD that Wears the CROWN of TREACHERY!

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Salient points of error since Independence 1948 :

    * No talks held with JVP by then GoSL. All uprisings were allowed to happen and crushed killing some 80,000 Sinhala/Buddhist youth.

    * The trumped up Riots of 1983 during the JRJ time, truly crashed Sri Lanka. J.N. Dixit was the Indian Envoy in Sri Lanka at that time. He was called the Vice Roy of Lanka !
    Knowledgeable people should write in again about the 1983 Riots, giving all the gory, unpleasant details and who did what.

    CBK has apologised twice to Tamil people.

    * JRJ appointed Ranil Wickremasinghe as the Minister for Youth Affairs. Was he mature enough and fit for that post ?

    * Tamil leaders are unrelenting re call for Separatism which was the cause of all ethnic troubles from the early 1950s onwards. The 6-A has NEVER been implemented.

    Let’s keep the Focus and Unitary status of Sri Lanka with Socially Progressive Development.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Many more errors …… and even more correct actions, brave actions, wonderful actions, by one and all.

    Having survived all that, we can survive yet again – never give up hope !

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : “Let’s keep the Focus on the Unitary Status of Sri Lanka with Socially Progressive Development”.

  26. nilwala Says:

    Hudson McLean is of course neither Prof. nor Scot, as Ananda-USA states….but he does contribute to the discussion.
    The current attempt engineered by Chefs CBK and MS to make an “Achcharu” pickle out of Sri Lanka has as heart, the division of the Sinhala into Red Onions and Bombay Onions.
    I agree with Fran that whatever they do IN THIS HATHMALU attempt, IF the Unitary status is kept SACROSANCT and intact (and NO eyewash please!), there might be some hope for the nation to survive this current fiasco of democratic principles being thrown to the winds. I just cannot understand, but do hope that the calmness with which people are accepting this negation of the people’s Franchise might mean that the LEGAL process is what will be pursued.

    The country might have some chance of survival without another war if the SUPREME COURT respects the separation of powers, and points out to President Sirisena that he is out of line with the Constitution in several of his actions, and directs Parliament to act in a way that a proper Opposition is put in place.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Now there are 115 MINISTERS and NATIONALIST SPEACH is BANNED in parliament!!

    Former terrorist supporters like GONASON threatens nationalist MPs with violence.

    Some fools still think there is hope within this DICTATORSHIP.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    MOST problems of SL were CREATED by JR.

    1. This CRAZY constitution where the president can do ANYTHING.

    2. This CRAZY election system where LOSERS win!!

    3. Endia-SL peace agreement

    4. Endian imposed 13 amendment passed by JR

    5. Corruption and political violence trend.

    6. Releasing WIJEWEERA, KONAWALA SUNIL, etc. to kill more people

    7. Bringing his USELESS nephew RUN-NIL into politics.

    8. Making that most violent Singhala youth killer Premathasan the PM.

    9. JR was one of the MAIN SUSPECTS in SWORDB assassination.

    10. War started under JR’s rule.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    “The country might have some chance of survival without another war if the SUPREME COURT respects the separation of powers, and points out to President Sirisena that he is out of line with the Constitution in several of his actions, and directs Parliament to act in a way that a proper Opposition is put in place.”


    Supreme court has an ILLEGALLY APPOINTED chief justice. ANY judge who has a backbone are FRAMED with bogus charges and replaced.

    There is NO CHANCE SL can survive under this TAMIL NADU DICTATORSHIP.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am referring to some points you have brought out.

    1. SWRD was killed because of the Tamil Language Act of 1958. The Tamil Language Act was seen as an Anti-National act by some of the Buddhist clergy. I also propose here that SWRD’s Prevention of Social Disabilities Act (1957) would not have made him popular with the Vellala Tamils of Jaffna.
    This is the first time I have heard that JR was even suspected ! Are you inventing some false padding to the story here ?

    2. You say : War started under JR rule – JR rule was during the Cold War time. JR was ultra-west. India was pro-Soviet at that time. Unrest and destabilisation of Sri Lanka was started by INDIA.


    Most of Lanka’s troubles came/come from Tamil Separatism combined with dissent over Capitalism vs Socialism (earlier Communism).

    Most of the other problems have been resolved. The Tamil Leaders call for Separatism remains. Why is that ?
    * Note that the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) is STILL in place.
    * Note that the 6-A has NEVER been implemented.

    These are internal/local problems and ought to be resolved soon.
    Keep the UNITARY status of Lanka ! Socially Progressive Development has to happen !

  31. Lorenzo Says:


    1. NO. No Tamil was involved in SWORD-B assassination. ALL suspects were Singhalese. One of the admitted to it and converted to Christianity in prison caliming a Buddhist could not have killed a Buddhist.

    2. YES. But unlike MR and GR, JR MISMANAGED foreign relations. He was not BALANCED.

    6 amendment was NEVER implemented. 13 amendment was implemented!

    MOST problems faced by SL were done by JR.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please read what I have written carefully.

    (1) I have NOT said that any Tamil person was involved in the SWRD killing. What I have said is that the TAMIL LANGUAGE ACT of 1958 displeased some Buddhist clergy, and therefore that SWRD was killed. Let us bear in mind it that the main accused were Somarama and Buddharakhitha. They were supposed to be Buddhist priests. They both converted to Christianity (I presume for “forgiveness of sins”) before death, one through death penalty and other of natural causes later.

    I think it is high time Sri Lanka stopped trying to solve the 3,000 yr old Tamil Dalit Caste problem coming from Tamil Nadu. It is bringing down the country and is an impossible goal that not even the Buddha could resolve.

    (2) JR had a hard time as President as it was the Cold War period (1946-1991) and the aftermath of the Cold War was as bad till MR and the Armed Forces and the MR govt. came along and liberated Lanka from the LTTE terrorism.

    (3) The Presidency created by the JRJ govt was what eventually SAVED Sri Lanka. The Economic sphere of Lanka leapt forward by leaps and bounds during the JRJ time. He did warn Lankans ‘let the rouge barons in’ re the free market.
    We recall weevil infested bread with Mrs B’s govt, the bread queues even for that scummy food. JRJ govt was a breath of fresh air after Mrs B’s dumb and joyless economic policies, even though Land Reform had to happen under her. Under Mrs B. even the basic necessities like sugar, rice and flour were not available. However, looking at just how the govt owned Tea Estates are run today by the earlier Brit Agency Houses, is highly questionable. As we know, the EPF monies of the tea workers were pilfered and the MR govt had to cut down govt owned timber lots to make good the loss (per D.E.W. Gunasekera Commisson of Inquiry).

    We all have long memories ….

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    The last MR govt was a Nationalist govt with a good record on Law & Order and Economics.

    Two cheated elections have produced a so called National govt with NO Democractic norms, NO proper law & order, and pitiful Economics.

    I will give the INEPT, NON-NATIONAL NEW GOVT. a F- for their joyless Fascist policies.

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