Do Sinhala Need Enemies When Sinhala Have Sinhala to Self-Destruct?
Posted on September 10th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

History has demonstrated that, Sinhala are their Own Worst Enemy.

The bird-brain” mentality of some of these ill-educated Sinhala ”pundits” (sic) migrated to USA & Europe, especially the ones who are stuck in mediocre jobs, not professions, gossiping in their own Ghettos, have nothing better to say, but to criticise even those who are trying to support the Sinhala cause.

The reason why Tamils have climbed-up the ladder in commerce in Colombo, and now in VVIP Government positions, is mainly due to the Total Inept, Incompetence and Blindness with jealousy, and Back-stabbing of the Lazy Sinhala!

One  very good example is the current President Maithipala Sirisena, stabbling the back of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Saviour of the Sinhala Sri Lanka from Tamils & Indians, in a typical scenario of Brutus stabbing Julius Ceaser!

Et Tu Brutus” Thanks for the Knife!

I come to Bury Ceaser Not to Praise Him!

As a non-Sri Lankan foreign citizen, I have tried to help bring investment to Sri Lanka during the times of late President Ranasingha Premadasa.  The members of his Sinhala delegations including all but, with the exception of Paskaralingham, were corrupt to the core.

When I brought a potential US$ 5 million Foreign Investment Aid related project, into a Colombo project, the Sinhala Chairman, a close friend of late Gamini Dissanayake, prioritized and  requested that I guaranteed the costs of his personal Cardiac Surgery in London plus First Class Air Fare for him and his wife, plus luxury Hotel Accommodation in London for his wife. Recuperation costs to be included in London luxury Cumberland Hotel at Oxford Street, with easy access to Lords Cricket Grounds.

I have personally funded expenditure of various Ministers and their cohorts, during their visits to Europe, including some costs of ACS Hamid – Foreign Minister at Kensington Hilton, Ronnie de Mel – Minister of Finance, and had breakfast with Prime Minister Premadasa during which I handed a cheque for US$5000-; for his Housing Project, got photos to prove.  Must add that Hon. Premadasa invited me to attend the inauguration of one of his projects. No further details!

However, some of the Sri Lankan Sinhala clowns in LankaWeb in their tiny warped minds”  are more interested in insignificant bits and pieces, without engaging and focusing  themselves in the main problem, and the core issues.

And when following the Main Thread of Contributions, these jokers tend to run -off-track, indicating their lack of focus, and basic sense of logic or intelligence.

The question should be, If or not, Prof. Hudson McLean is Scottish or Nigerian, or if Hudson is related to Lorenzo, possibly be a cousin of Prabhakaran, but whether  McLean is making any contribution to the Sinhala Cause?


Get a Life and Grow-up!


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16 Responses to “Do Sinhala Need Enemies When Sinhala Have Sinhala to Self-Destruct?”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Prof
    Very sensible and appropriate reply to those idiots who try to shoot the messenger instead of reading the message.
    I have been a regular reader of your column for the last twenty years since the inception of Lankaweb.
    Once you wrote that you have witnessed Sir John Kotalawala’s outburst immediately after announcement of elections results in 1956 at one of the posh clubs in Colombo and you were a British expatriate in Ceylon at that time.
    If I remember correct, your wife is also a Sinhala lady.
    It is unfortunate that some of the contributors are still questioning your nationality.

  2. helaya Says:

    One very good example is the current President Maithipala Sirisena, stabbling the back of ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Saviour of the Sinhala Sri Lanka from Tamils & Indians, in a typical scenario of Brutus stabbing Julius Ceaser!
    I could not agree more. I am sorry about some commentators egregious behavior. I know you through Jaliya. I worked tirelessly to help war effort during the war. Thank for the support for the Sinhala cause. I live in US and not all foreign dwelling sinhals not the same.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    My salutations to Prof. McLean’s words of wisdom.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Prof, I totally agree. Sinhalese are easily divided and are very envious of each other. They will be only too glad to vilify the best of their leaders. CBK is a good example. Even though the election is over she is still speaking ill against one of our greatest leaders President Mahinda Rajapakse even when she is abroad. I am surprised that Paskaralingam was one of the honest people. He was well known as Govt servant who made enough money to live in luxury in the St. Johns Wood area of London which is a expensive area. There is still speculation as to why he took off so fast as soon as Premadasa was assassinated. Net result of Sinhala stupidity is that now we have a ridiculous Govt lead by an 8th standard educated person who seems to be getting his script from Tamil leaders.

  5. Ben Silva Says:

    Well said prof. I have said many times that Buddhist Sinhala modayas are on a self destruction mission seeking nirvana as the Nalanda buddhist did. Sinhala modayas do not ned enemies to destroy them, they will willingly do it themselves.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said Prof.

    What matters is not the name, the race, the country, the caste, the religion, etc. but the SUBSTANCE of what we say.

    Fighting over the name and nationality are for PETTY MINDED people.

    Please keep writing HARD HITTING TRUTHS.

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

    – Eleanor Roosevelt

  7. Christie Says:

    Dear Professor, Behavior of Sinhalese are not different to the behavior of subjects and victims of the Indian Empire.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks for further exposure of troubles that beset Lanka.

    I am assuming that Mr Paskaralingam was the chief Distributor for the Premadasa govt 10% Fund ‘Santhosam Fund’ and so appeared ‘clean’, after the collection of funds had been done by some other people ?


    To at least partially overcome the squabbling over the 10% ‘Santhosam’ money from projects :

    We propose that a COMMON FUND be created of all the usual 10% takings from projects that come into Lanka. Such a Fund could be taken up into the Parliament Expense account with the Central Bank/Treasury (I presume that this is the route to follow). Funds from such an Account could be used to help out MPs in dire straits.

    The Fund moneys could be distributed throughout al the Parliament members. Funds could be doled out on a percentage basis depending on seniority of service to the Nation, age, private income etc. There ought to be a ceiling of amount given on a per capita per year basis.

  9. Christie Says:

    Dear Professor it is important to analyse and see why the Sinhalese are corrupt? Mr Paskaralingam was a very rich Tamil and he had access to any amount of money from the Indian colonial parasites. Sinhalese are poor like the Fijians in Fiji, Creoles in Mauritius and Guyana or the Zulus in Durban. These are facts. Just because we got freedom from the British it does not mean we are free from the Indians. British-Indian Empire is gone but Indian Empire is moving from strength to strength.

  10. ranjit Says:

    You are very correct in your article about the stupid Sinhalese. Sinhalaya Modaya Kevun Kanna Yodaya not a phrase just wrote for nothing. There isn’t a single politician in my country whom we can call MR.Clean at the moment. In some way or the other everyone takes commission in every transaction they do. The whole purpose they go to the parliament is to get rich not to serve the people. Politics is the best way to get rich in no time. So how about become a politician?

    Prof you find more corrupt politicians in the current Govt than any other previously. They preach something and do something else. We shouldn’t go behind party politics but chose between good and bad and who has good educational qualifications. We need young blood who are more educated and have new ideas to be people’s representatives not dumb drug addicts or bookie owners like we have currently. We should send these old good for nothing politicians on retirement for the good of the country. I hope someday all will change and we will have a peaceful beautiful country to live as a happy family.

  11. aloy Says:

    “The members of his Sinhala delegations including all but, with the exception of Paskaralingham, were corrupt to the core.”
    So much for the integrity for the exception. Time is a good cleaner and a launderer. However, nothing to match macleaning.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    What you say is true. However, we have to ask how it is that the Sinhale built up a fine civilisation for a period of some 2,500 yrs. ?

    I tend to take the view that the Sinhala/Buddhists (wealthy and poor) were crushed by the Trader Colonists who came with the gun and Bible. In their extreme pain and poverty, the ordinary Sinhala person has acted emotionally and irrationally. Not stupid, but crushed. We have to help them recover ! I shall never forget the great good Hearts of the Sinhala villager we knew as children. I stay with the firm belief that the Sinhale shall recover and so shall the Tamils with good Hearts.

  13. nilwala Says:

    Shouldn’t Prof. McL have made these accusations about Gamini Dissanayaka’s pal etc. etc. years ago, not now when some on these threads have questioned his own integrity? Besides, what we’ve been told is that Paskaralingam ran off to London the very evening Premadasa was assassinated, and took with him all the money he had “collected” for and on behalf of Premadasa. And that was how he purchased expensive Real Estate in London. How can Parski then be called the only honest administrator by McL? And why is he now in SL under an assumed name per press reports?
    Most of the govt. servants of that time were honest Sinhala & Tamil folks, but there may have been a few well knowns like PWD Overseers who arranged for payment by ‘conning’ the Treasury. The corruption phenomenon is more recent, and came after the opening of the economy by JRJ, which the latter himself acknowledged as inevitable by his statement “Let the robber barons come!”. It has gradually ballooned with Commissions (euphemism for ‘Bribes’) being acceptable for govt. servants and politicians who were negotiators, and as more officials and legislators became aware of others getting away with paybacks.
    Sri Lanka’s Sinhalas, and Tamils being confined to a little island wherein the population is ever increasing and competing for space and jobs, have an envy problem re land and wealth… it is not ONLY among the Sinhala but also among the Tamils although the latter talk less about it, but which is what led to the famously isolating “cadjan fences of Jaffna”. This human frailty should certainly be curbed through consciousness education from destroying the moral and social fabric of the nation. It does not mean that corruption should be tolerated, but that those in glass houses should not throw stones at others, especially in public in pretense of their own incorruptibility. The Yahapalana era has demonstrated this in all too short a time frame.

  14. Nimal Fernando Says:

    [“History has demonstrated that Sinhala are their Own Worst Enemy.”]

    Thank you, Professor … such a bitter truth. The ultimate in DIY!!!

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    That is just a MINOR point the good professor makes. Look at the BIG PICTURE.

    I agree Paskaralingam was corrupt but in the corruption ranking the TOP PEOPLE are all Singhalese.

    COPE reports also prove this.

    But the WORLD’S BIGGEST BANK ROBBERY may have changed all that. 2 of the TOP culprits are Tamils.

  16. Nimal Says:

    Sad to read this about our people.Paska perhaps have a house in Medavale,Carlton Terrace?

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