Lest we forget- please sign the petition
Posted on October 5th, 2015

Ramanie de Zoysa

War hero Ratnayaka Mudiyanselage Sunil Ratnayaka is on death row at the age of just 38 for the crime of protecting his country from a 30 year pogrom of ruthless LTTE terror because the present Sri Lankan Government wants to appease the LTTE rump who enjoys much political succor in England, the US and Canada.

At the hour of the country’s need, when innocent men, women and children were being massacred by the LTTE, referred to as the ‘most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world’ by the US State Department, we as a country looked up to our young brave soldiers like Sunil to save us! No foreign country came to our aid and no global or local human rights champion cared two hoots about the innocent civilian lives that were being taken by the LTTE.

In case some of us have forgotten, some of the major atrocities committed by the LTTE in just 1995 year are (courtesy www.spur.org.au) as follows:

25.05.95           Kallarawa, TCO LTTE cadres have attacked the fishing village and hacked and shot to death 42 civilians (22 males,12 females and 08 civilians)

07.08.95           Torrington Sq. LTTE suicide bomber kills 21 civilians (18 males and 03 females) and injured 44 civilians

21.10.95           Mangalagama LTTE cadres kill 16 civilians

21.10.95           Padaviya LTTE cadres kill 19 civilians

23.10.95           Athimale LTTE cadres kill 19 villagers

25.10.95           Panama LTTE cadres kill 12 sinhala farmers

26.10.95           Tammennawa LTTE cadres kill 26 civilians

02.11.95           Mahakalugolla LTTE cadres kill 5 children

11.11.95           Colombo LTTE suicide bomber kills 15 children.

Then the LTTE started the 1996 year on 31.01.96 with a horrendous attack on the Colombo Central Bank where they killed 90 and injured a further 1,400 people also damaging other buildings in the process.

It was a traumatic time for the SL Army unable to retain its soldiers and their morale in the face of unimaginable inhumanity and cruelty and the apparent success of the terror organisation. Sunil, the youngster, came forward to redeem his country from obliteration because he had the back bone, the compassion and the sense of pride which many during that period lacked.

Sunil had no need to kill Tamils or any other person when he joined the army. He was never a killer! He came forward to safe guard the innocent from the death grip of the killers, the LTTE.

His valour was recognised by the Sri Lankan government itself with an award Rana Shoora Padakkama awarded by the then President Chandrika Coomaranatunga in 2001. He was awarded the Rana Shoora in appreciation of his valiant efforts which included walking stealthily 20- 30 km into the enemy territory to spy during the fight to liberate Chavakatcheri. It was no picnic for him; it was not a nine to five job in an air-conditioned office in Colombo. Silghtest hesitation meant a horrible death!

He was no ‘killer’ then; he is no killer now!

The majority of Sri Lankans are for ever indebted to these soldiers who rid the country of terrorists who were called ‘invincible’ at the time and their 30 year killing spree fills needs a decent size book to mention. These citizens will not stand and watch this soldier or anyone else being made a scapegoat so that the Sri Lankan Government can stay in power with the help of foreign agents of ‘regime change’

We understand that Sunil’s now destitute wife has also written a letter to you, the President, asking for mercy for her husband. She has the sole responsibility for their only child with no answers to give her toddler why her beloved hero of a father is being murdered by the Sri Lankan State!

Showing mercy to this heroic soldier who contributed so much to stop the blood flowing in the country will earn you, the President, a place of merit in the annals of Sri Lanka’s history!

On the contrary, if you allow this soldier be made a scapegoat to appease the Tamil Diaspora and the so-called human rights champions who cared not about the Sri Lankan civilians who were massacred by the LTTE for over 30 years, history will not forgive YOU!

You the President pardoned Sea Tigress Murugesu Bahirathi on 13 March 2015 who slaughtered many a true civilian just because she wanted to kill; she wanted to ethnically cleanse Sri Lanka to create a Tamil only State!

Mr President, please show that you care and that you REMEMBER! You need to win the hearts of your citizens as a President- not those of the LTTE rump, the NGOs or the foreign Governments! Show your understanding and magnanimity to your citizens by granting a pardon to Sunil Ratnayaka.


Please sign the petition before it is too late at:




14 Responses to “Lest we forget- please sign the petition”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. ranjit Says:

    Ramanie the whole world knows already what Indian sponsored LTTE did to my country for thirty odd years. These American and Sri Lankan Sinhala traitors in this Yahapalana Govt is trying to hide the truth and take our gallant soldiers to hell.We should not allow that to happen at any cost. This was all a set up by Americans and the west to punish Mahinda nothing else. These stupid leaders in the current Govt is telling that West is angry because Mahinda took pictures with Qaddafi and other bullish stories. They should be ashamed to go behind evil white demons like America and the west.

    When people realized their mistake for giving their vote for this Jarapalanaya it was too late.The damage has done already and we have to suffer almost five years until we get rid of this shit Govt. They damn care about the country or it’s people. The current Govt is like a mixed vegetable soup doing nothing just going around making stories and blaming the previous Govt. for everything. Just look at the prices of essential foods nowadays? Everything gone up in price including vehicles and electrical items. These western backed Govt do not have a vision for the future but blaming each other and doing things on their own and making Americans and Indians happy. R.I.P my Sinhala nation.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    Ramanie, I fully agree with Susantha’s valid comment, please modify the petition. When there are inhuman lunatic creatures around we must be cautious. This is a noble act thanks.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Ramanie,

    Thank you very much for your great initiative here ! We will always be grateful to you for this. We hope that Sunil will be released soon and back with his family. I hope Sunil & his family know of your initiative to help him.

    May all be well and happy.

    Warm regards,


    We have noted that Sunil was incarcerated during the CBK/Ranil govt earlier.

    Such events must NEVER again happen in Lanka. Our children suffer too much from these tragedies. The mental and physical agony for some who are accused on trumped up charges cannot be imagined by others.

    Here’s the story :

    That the LTTE was grown in Tamil Nadu, India, by the then Indian govt is a shameful act, and few in foreign countries know of that.
    Sri Lanka wanted Cheap Labor for the tea industry which brought in foreign exchange, and therefore allowed many hundreds of thousands of Tamil Dalit labor to enter Lanka. Lanka Tamil Leaders used the opportunity to drum up the demand for a separate state for Tamils, from the 1930s onwards. All demands from Tamil Leaders for a Separate State met with stiff resistence from local people.
    Even though the Tamil Language (Special Prov) Act 1958 & the Prevention of Social Disabilities Act 1957 were given, it was not enough for Tamil Leaders. Free Education & Free Health Care are also given to Tamils as well as to others.

    Tamil Leaders must realise that the Cold War (1945-1991) is over and there is no need for war preparations now. Both Russia and USA are now wanting to remove terrorist groups (UNGA sessions 2015).
    Tamil Leaders must also realise that Lanka has no jurisdiction over Tamil Nadu govt to remove Tamil Dalit caste atrocities.
    That must be sorted out through the UNHRC and Delhi govt.

    Our children must STOP dying and getting charged on trumped up War Crimes charges whilst fighting in self defence in wars created for other peoples’ causes.

  5. Ramanie Says:

    Susantha and Anura, I appreciate your concern- it is true- there is an unprecedented level of persecution of dissenting views by the yakapalanaya! Even 16 years olds are being hauled into courts for critical comments they put on facebook! We have sunk pretty low!

    As I am using a third paryt petition site (Care2) I have only a limited amount of admin capabilities. For instance, if someone signs the petition with their name showing I can not hide their names. When people sign, the site gives you the option of going anonymous as I see some people have chosen that option. That is all we can do.

    The petition needs Sunil Ratnayaka’s name and my name needs to be there as the petitioner.

    Have I exposed any other names? Please let me know. I am doing this with extremely limited amount of time as I work full time- so I may not notice such errors! My apologies if I have exposed anyone’s name inadvertantly.

    Thank you Fran for your kind remarks, as always! You are such a kind heart!

    Thank you for your comments too Ranjit! We all need to do something- knowing the situation is bad is a good start.

    Please get everyone you know to sign- let’s reach a million signatures! One of the first three to sign the petition was a Westerner from the US- God bless him!

    Regards! all!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Ramanie.

    Sunil was harassed for no reasons since the time of CBK through MR and now Maru Sira.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    Ramanie, Thank you for this initiative. Is there a senior trust worthy person or group collecting funds for our soldiers who are incarcerated. I am sure there will be many willing to send some money.

  8. Indrajith Says:

    I signed, but not with the usual name. Thanks Ramanie. May the Holy Triple Gems be with heroic Sunil Ratnayaka!

    Lorenzo, I haven’t heard Sunil was harassed during MR’s time. Can you substantiate it?

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Check for MIRUSUVIL MASSACRE case.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Ramanie,

    I AGREE WITH CERBERUS’ IDEA TO START A FUND FOR UNFAIRLY INCARCERATED SOLDIERS ! A very trustworthy person/s must start it. We will contribute. Have it as a Trust Fund ?

    We also suggest that a door to door campaign to gather signatures in Lanka will get the numbers required.

    We do hope the projects work out.

    You are the best, Ramanie. Few actually act on their ideas.

    Best wishes,


    In any case, all cases such as Sunil’s ought to be tried in Military Courts, isn’t it ?
    Why has Sunil’s case gone to the Civil Courts ? Is that legally proper according to Lanka Law ? Since it was started up during
    CBK/Ranil rule, it must be examined properly by Military lawyers – it is incumbent on Pres Sirisena to allow that.

  11. nilwala Says:

    Ramanie…thank you for this initiative. It is sad to see Sri Lanka take retrogressive steps re the Death Penalty when other countries are moving forward towards restorative justice. In Sri Lanka any restorative justice will be extended only to Tamils and Minorities…
    Hirunika is promoting the motion to reinstate the Death Penalty; the Hybrid Court is getting ready to go after the Defense Forces…WHAT A BLOOD-THIRSTY COUNTRY THIS HAS BECOME!! THE STRANGE KILLINGS OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED IMMEDIATELY AS THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY FISHY GOING ON.

  12. Ramanie Says:

    Thanks for signing Indrajith!

    Fran, there was a petition that started in Sri Lanka on the same day that I started this on-line version. It was done by an organisation called Ravaya headed by Akmeemana Dayarathana thero. Ravaya has a significant following and they are also targetting 1 million signature. The petition has started well, I hear. I timed the online petition to coincide with the Sri Lankan foot petition. We will do what it takes to get the result we want.

    The death penalty is suddenly a top need for political prostitutes of Sri Lanka- the proponents cite the couple of rapes that occurred in the country recently as the reason for this urgency to bring the death penalty back. The Colombo call girls were out “protesting” with their trademark candle for this to be brought back. I think the ones to be hanged would be our soldiers; because all the rapists , murderers and drug merchants these days go to parliament.

    As for the monetary fund, I think it is good idea too- in fact it is a must. First, I would like to concentrate on what I can do to safeguard the soldiers’ lives; if someone starts a fund no doubt I’ll contribute.

    On the military court issue- the first investigation after Maheswaran’s allegations were conducted by the Military Police. After that no one knows whether the proper protocols were followed. Judging by the contempt yahapalakayas have for justice, fairness and (funny!) good governance itself I doubt if there was any rhyme or reason for the way they arrived at this “court decision”. Soldiers in question seem unconvinced.

  13. Jag Says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, you can always sign this petition with your correct details. There is a box right below the name column that you tick in order to remain anonymous.!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks very much for update. The more organisations that collect signatures for Sunil’s release, the better.

    We hope and pray that this unfair incarceration and all charges against soldier Sunil will be dropped.

    I am wondering why a pro-LTTE NGO is taking up the lawyer’s fee ?

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