Veiled threats directed by a VIP of the Government to Sunday Divaina Defence columnist,
Posted on October 8th, 2015

Ranjith Soysa

Keerthi Waranakuslsuriya the veteran defence columnist of Sunday Divaina was reporting from Geneva the treacherous role played by the individuals and NGOs et during the sessions of the OHCR for last two weeks. He had been covering the Geneva OHRC sessions for last 10 years and had set a record of 25 years of reporting as a defence correspondent of a Sri Lankan paper.

Keerthi had left Sri Lanka to Geneva when the VIP of the present Government had almost instructed the newspaper owners to be have a tight control over the reporting of the OHRC sessions. When Keerthi commenced detailed reporting from Geneva the irate VIP had summoned his henchmen to check about the whereabouts of Keerthi and publicly stated that the reports are written from Sri Lanka pretending the origin to be from Geneva. He has commanded some people to visit Keerthis’s house to check where he was.

The latest report filed from Geneva by Keerth W provides information about a number of NGOs and civil society members who were operating hand in glove with the shakers and movers of OHRC in finalizing the resolution against Sri Lanka. He mentions the names of the Centre for Justice and Accountability which had a special meeting with the USA representative to the OHRC, 11 pro Eelam organizations which had submitted a number of petitions to the OHRC members, the Global Diligence a London based organization which had provided legal advice , the collective of Democracy, Sri Kugan’s –brother of TNA MP

Sri Dharan- Eelam radio service in Europe, the Liberation organization which worked closely with the OHRC officials. The MPs of Sri Lanka Parliament , Suresh Premachandran, M..Sumanthiran, and Northern PC members, K.Sivajilingam, Anandi Sasaidhran were seen actively lobbying the OHRC members, M.Sumanthiran had a one to one meeting with the High Commissioner Hussian, A TV station based in Tamilnadu, Kanthi relayed all incidents relating to Sri Lankan resolution to Tamilnadu from Geneva to India.

The report demonstrated the strength of the anti- Sri Lanka lobby and the obvious partiality shown to the anti –Sri Lankan lobbyists by some officials at the OHRC and finally how Sri Lanka was compelled to acquiesce with the resolution of the USA and the West.

The freedom of expression is vital for the good governance propounded by the present Government and it is expected that Keerthi Warankulasuriya will be allowed to continue unhindered his very useful contributions to create awareness regarding the national defence and security of Sri Lanka.

3 Responses to “Veiled threats directed by a VIP of the Government to Sunday Divaina Defence columnist,”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Ranjith, thanks for your article. Who is the VIP?

    We Sri Lankans are ungrateful people. Five hundred years ago, in 1521, King Vijebahu was murdered by his sons and Kingdom was divided. This led for our subjugation till 2009. Now we have done it again. Mahinda was defeated by Sri Lankan voters for perceived short term gains from Western powers. Americans are hell bent on getting a foot hold in Sri Lanka and division of our people and the country.

    Our traitors have let them in. Sirisena is only the Trojan horse. All the killers are hidden inside. We dug our own graves. This ungrateful nation can still change course!


    Aravind, thanks for the explanation, but how can one change the government when there is NO PARLIAMENT? OBAMA the MUSLIM did this with his Muslim ambassador ATUL CATSUP. Can the people up rise, my answer is NO because
    1. Printed disinformation is distributed by the government even in small villages, (HORA is the slogan)
    2. MR sits down and does nothing even his secretary spends time in JAIL.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Root Causes :

    * Tamil Leaders have ‘sold’ Lanka to foreign sources by their demand for a Separate State in Lanka. This demand has gone on since the 1930s culminating in the formation of the LTTE and the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) calling for Separatism through use of Violence.

    * Cold War/s.

    * Economic & political dominance of various parts of the world.

    * Internal dissent, insecurities, competition, etc.

    * Tamil Caste based problems coming from Tamil Nadu (Caste System over 3,000 yrs)

    Looking at the overall picture, Tamil Separatism is the worst part of it all. Where is the ACCOUNTABILITY from the Tamil Leaders ? Where is the Truth & Justice toward the citizens of Lanka ?

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