Avant Garde issue similar to Millennium City incident – Marapana
Posted on November 4th, 2015


 Minister of Law and Order Tilak Marapana today said he believes the whole controversy surrounding the Avant Garde issue is a result of a lack of understanding regarding the floating armoury and police officers eager to gain points” with the new government.

The ministers made these remarks in response to a statement made by JVP leader and Chief Opposition Whip Anura Kumara Dissanayake in Parliament.

Dissanayake accused Ministers in the government of intervening to protect the Avant Garde deal.”

He also claimed that the President was sworn in on January 9 and that the following day he met with the owner of Avant Garde through Minister Vajira Abeywardena.

I think the reason for such confusion is due to the lack of understanding regarding the floating armoury,” the minister of Law and Order and Prison Reforms said.

The vessel was in the Galle Harbour since October 2014. It is a surprise if nobody saw it.”

However, referring to the ‘B report’ submitted by the Galle OIC to the Galle Magistrate, the Chief Opposition Whip said that the police were unaware of such a vessel and that it was birthed at the harbor.

The minister responded saying: I think you have not been properly notified regarding the fact. I cannot believe that the police did not see this. That is not what happened.”

The police jumped in to gain points as soon as the government changed, similar to the raid on Millennium City in 2002. That’s the reality.”

I don’t understand why any misconduct cannot be shown if there is any misconduct,” Marapana said.

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  1. douglas Says:

    This Minister refers to the case or Millennium City Raid in 2002 and very conveniently forgot who he was at that time. He was the Minister of Defense then under the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. He also must remember how many of our valiant intelligence personnel were lost due to that exposure. Now he represents his “client” in the Parliament. Didn’t he realize it was better to have avoided that speech because of his “client” “Attorney” relationship?. These Parliamentarians have no SHAME and that is our KARMA.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    When these IDIOTS leave office SL will be in deep sh*t economically, politically, security-wise. Everything is collapsing.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    At least he had the guts to defend Avant Garde against the foul mouthed and “Good For Nothing” Anura Kumara.

    I appreciate it, despite his folly of referring to Millennium city betrayal.

    It is “karma” that he mentioned the Millennium City incident because he had a hand in that betrayal (according to Douglas).

    Nice to see Karma at work.

    When all these traitors are at the death-bed, they will all get bad illusions and scary dreams due to their betrayal of Mother Lanka, which is equal to selling one’s own mother.

  4. Independent Says:

    Anyway , we have two more heroes here in Lokkaweb, Mara-Pana and Wije-Dasa who are true heroes for defending motherlanka.

  5. Charles Says:

    These yahapal

  6. Charles Says:

    These yahapalana idiots have no idea of what is important and what is not . The TV Media is composed of idiots, watching Satana or any other TV debate one gets so disappointed as they try to become super journalists putting questions not to know what is behind a politicians thinkoing but to implicate him as a Rajapakse follower and party to corruption. Balaya, Giraya are all not worth watching.

  7. douglas Says:

    We know,as I said above, how that “Millennium City” raid took place. Let us refresh our memory. A High Ranking Police Officer from the Kandy District, traveled down to Colombo and raided this complex that belong to the security forces. His reasoning for that raid was; a plot has been hatched in this complex to “Assassinate” the then Prime Minister, MR. Ranil Wickramasinghe. After that “Raid” staged by this Police Officer,( with his express desire to get into the company and confidence of the PM) the LTTE got all the information connected with this “High Security” outfit and tracked down each and every officer who were our “HEROES” in the fight against this terrorism and killed them at various places. If I remember correct, tow of those “Heroes” were gunned down in broad day light at Kohuwela junction. The last was gunned down close to Kandy. What did “Ranil & Co,” do?. NOTHING. We lost a batch of highly trained, dedicated, patriotic intelligence unit heroes. However, that Police Officer by the name “Udugompola” was arrested by the next Government, but, I do not know what happened to him or the case. I hope he would face the force of KARMA during this birth itself rather than postponing for an unknown future birth.

    Now the present Minister of Law and Order, Mr Tillak Marapana compares the above case to the “Millennium Raid” and he too blames the Galle Police to have conducted the “Avan Garde” inquiry in the same manner and with the same motive. If that is his ASSERTION and very CONCLUSIVE decision, my question to him is: WHY DON”T YOU ARREST THOSE POLICE OFFICERS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS AVAN GARDE INQUIRY AND BRING THEM TO BOOK; LIKE IN THE CASE OF UDUGAMPOLA? Isn’t that YAHAPALANAYA concept to be fair by that Avant Garde?

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    As Island Editorial says the government is like a two-headed donkey struggling to move in different directions at the same time only to get nowhere and make a spectacle of itself.

    Mr.Tillak Marapana should know the inside out of the deal. But apparently he can’t do anything with the two-headed donkey.

    Sirisena and his clan have used this issue as a main propaganda point against the Rajapakse Government during the last general election. They can’t just give it up now, so,Chanpaka and the Rajitha are the crooks still holding on even though they know very well that you can’t expect any positive outcome. Naturally this is one out of the hundreds of lies Sirisena propagated through media to discredit Rajapakse during presidential as well as general elections. So Sirisena is the one who is still instigating police officers to continue with the investigations.

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