Tamil Eelaventhan takes Jack MacLaren down the garden path
Posted on December 3rd, 2015

Asoka Weerasingthe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada 

8 December 2015

Patrick Brown, MPP, Leader of the Conservative Party, and the Leader of the Opposition of the Provincial Government of Ontario, Queens Park, Toronto. Ontario.Jack MacLaren MPP
cc.Premier Kathleen Wynne,MPP
Yasir Naqvi MPP, Minister of Community Safety
Jason Kenney, Conservative MP
Pierre Poilievre, Conservative MP
Ralph Goodale, Liberal MP, Minister of National Safety

Dear Patrick Brown and Jack MacLaren:

Sweet Mother of Jesus!  I just happen to read Stewart Bell’s report of 2nd December 2015 in the ‘National Post’, with the head line ‘Ontario Conservatives ‘unaware’ their Queen’s Park guest was being deported for terrorism.’

So that is the result of you Conservatives not engaging the Sinhalese-Canadians  in your political palavers, as they would have told you so, as they do know more than what you credit them for. I know you Conservatives are a stubborn bunch, groveling at the feet of the Greater Toronto Area Tamils, and they know your weakness of begging for their votes and in turn they laugh at you  making you  parasitic-suckers.  Patrick you know what I am talking about and so does Jason and Pierre who had heard my voice clearly like the sound of the Big Ben for many, many moons on this file.

So the friends of Tamil Tigers did take you Conservatives down the garden path one more time. What a hoot!  And believe me Patrick and Jack, this won’t be the last.  There will be more jocular events in store for you, and don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you.

Stewart says, Last Thursday, MPP Jack MacLaren stood in the Ontario legislature to welcome a group of friends and guests he said had come to hear him read a statement about those killed during the Sri Lanka civil war.”  That was a bunch of lentil masala wade hanging from a string in the Curry Hut in Scarborough’s Little Jaffna.   Jack, you must be gagging on them now, with Jaffna chilli powder burning your throat with embarrassment.   Ha! What a hoot!!

The man who got you Conservatives sucking up to was M.K. Eeleventhan.  Woo-Man, Eeleventhan is a smart guy.  He certainly made you all look like a bunch of dunce-capped fools, didn’t he?  And you Conservatives deserved every bit of that embarrassment.

I hope you Conservatives, especially you two, Patrick and Jack.

Jack, you heard from me  last week, on your faux pas, standing at attention in the legislative chamber and reciting your statement for the Tamils  like a reverence-hymn for them to see and hear hoping that it would translate into Tamil votes for you lot…….Oops! Patrick and Jack, I feel sick….L am going to puke!

I was, once upon a time a strong Conservative from Preston Manning’s Reform days, and my mentor was the good and decent  Conservative politician  Art Hanger from Alberta.  Not any more.

The time has arrived for you Conservatives to take a good look at yourselves in the mirror tomorrow morning, and see how pathetic you look after being taken for another ride along the garden path.   But this time it was a smelly path having to dodge a maze of horse droppings as a horse cart carrying your Tamil separatist-friends had just rolled its way down the path and how ridiculous you look.

Hope you have learnt to Skip through the Tulips.

It is time you Conservative free yourselves by cutting off the umbilical cord attached to the separatist-Tamils.    Change gears and start meeting  with the Sinhalese-Canadians.   They will give you good and honest advice on the Eelam issue, and trust me, you will get the value  for your money and block votes from the Sinhalese-Canadian camp, who have shunned you lot not wanting to touch you even with a barge pole.  My stomach needs a rest having done somersaults all day laughing at you Provincial Conservatives.

So there you are and ‘ Merry Christmas’ to both of you Patrick Brown and Jack MacLaren, and stop sleeping with the Tamil terrorists in the New Year.


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “Tamil Eelaventhan takes Jack MacLaren down the garden path”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ASOKA !! I think differently. It is not going down the GARDEN PATH. These are not giddy Headed School Girls. These are GREEDY arz oles, collecting tamil buggers free money.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These greedy politicians know the truth. But what matters to those rascals is the tamil votes. So they
    lick their backsides all the times. If there are more Sinhalese votes, then they will lick their
    backsides. That’s how their consciences work.

    How many votes they can garner from whoever? That’s their policy.
    Maybe these low life politicians can answer, why they are against Quebec independence. Their double standards
    are unbelievable.

    By the way, Sri Lankan government should ask these eelamists to provide one ancient brick from their ancient
    kingdoms. Not virtual bricks from books or www. where these eelams exist.
    Tamils in Sri Lanka fall into 3 categories.
    The ones dutch took to work in tobacco plantations in the north (the oldest building in Jaffna is the dutch fort)
    the ones british took o work in tea plantations and
    kallathonis who came in the 60s.

    Now after a few hundred years (a few years in the kallathonis case), they all have become natives and want
    a separate country. Sinhalaya being divided by the Unpatriotic party have to dance to all these enemies of the
    state’s tunes!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is not too late to SOLVE THE WHOLE PROBLEM by REMOVAL of the Tamil language as a National & Official language of Lanka.

    So long as the Tamil language is in place as a N&O language in Lanka, Tamils of Tamil Nadu look at Lanka as an extension of Tamil Nadu, an extension WITHOUT CASTE.

    Readers must bear in mind that the over 15 Million Tamil Dalits are fleeing Caste & Poverty in Tamil Nadu ! Lanka is the target because the welcome mat has been laid via Tamil language, no Caste on birth certificates, free education & health care, jobs, etc.

    CBK has hinted at 13-A and beyond, which means a Federal State for Tamils only. This means GoSL does all the spending
    initially for the Fed state. Eelam is just a tiny step away, after the Fed state is strenghtened with help from vested interests ! Even a school kid of today can see through this whole game plan. India had better watch it, as Tamil Nadu separatists of earlier times will surely get active again …..

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Mr. Weerasinghe for standing up to the Conservatives for their BS. If you can please send them this article so that they can be enlightened on the truth about Tamils. Ask them why if the Tamils have migrated to every country in the world from Tamil Nadu to get away from poverty and caste problems that they create all the shindigs about bill of rights only in Sri Lanka. We have treated the Tamils better than all the other countries they have migrated to. Please see attached and send to the Conservative MPs if you can.


  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




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