Posted on December 11th, 2015


The newly appointed Prime Minister of Australia Mr Malcolm Turnbull has obtained the overwhelming  approval of the Heads of Governments of States and Territories in Australia  for the indefinite detention of terrorists.   A former Banker and a skilful negotiator Mr Turnbull has  successfully brought together all political parties of the country consisting, Labour, Liberal, National/Country Parties under one umbrella to address the serious threats of global terrorism.

In achieving this historic agreement at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting on 11 December, in his first meeting with the leaders, the Prime Minister said ” the proposal had “solid precedent” with other offences and has been considered and approved or approved as constitutional by the High Court. The Prime Minister further explained  the “post-sentence preventative detention scheme” would be a nationally consistent court-supervised process.”[It] would enable a continuing period of imprisonment for high-risk terrorist offenders“. “This would be consistent with the arrangements that apply in a number of jurisdictions for sex offenders and for extremely violent individuals.”

At a time the world is addressing the key issue of terrorism, the Ranil/Mathiree/Chandrika three headed donkey government of Sri Lanka is releasing the high risk terrorists to the free civil society. This spineless government is also reducing the security arrangements previously made available to President Mahinda Rajapakse, Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse and other senior decision makers of the former regime who were instrumental in the defeat of Tamil Terrorists in Sri Lanka.

The high risk terrorists who were recently released by the Sri Lankan government have vowed to remain peaceful citizens and never engage again in terrorists activities.    But is it possible for the Donkey Trio Sri Lanka  to obtain a “search warrant to find out what plans are in the back of the MINDS of the terrorists” when  they are moving freely in the civil society?

Will Sri Lanka again be a Den of Terrorists?


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Given the EXTREME DANGER SL is facing guardians of SL have to take some drastic action to save people and the unitary nation.

    These LIARS cannot be allowed to destroy SL. They never said these things BEFORE the election.

    Tamil terrorists will always be terrorists. They must be in hell at all times. Nowhere closer to human habitation.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Now 2 very strong pro-ISIS politicians are emerging in SL.

    One was arrested in 2014 and released. Not a MP.

    The other is a MP who is violent.

    Thajudeen’s underworld connections must also be investigated. He had a hand in many underworld activities. He was tortured and killed by his own buddies over a MONEY SETTLEMENT dispute after they were all drunk.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is news from 2001. This violent politician had a physical fight with another MP. Disgusting.

    “Fowzie tells Muslims: Demonstrations lead us to nowhere but to disaster

    Minister of Highways and Leader of SLFP Muslim Federation A. H. M. Fowzie in a press release on Wednesday appealed to the Muslims of Sri Lanka and organisations bearing Muslim names to desist from organizing demonstrations of any sort from the precincts of mosques and particularly to keep away such demonstrations from mosques and Jumma congregations.

    In the name of Allah, please keep away religious places from such demonstrations and protect the sanctity of Mosques, he appealed.

    He denied allegation made by Mujibur Rahman of the Muslim United Liberation Front that he and Minister Alavi Moulana informed the Maradana police about Mujibur Rahuman’s role in the Maradana demonstrations.

    The minister said he never informed police, but he became aware that Mujibur Rahuman was responsible for organising the demonstrations which put, unfortunately, some 23 youths behind bars while Mujibur is freely moving about. When he was denied of the support he called for from the JVP and the New Left Front of Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne and when he saw the police alert outside, he addressed his group of handful of men asking them not to throw stones, which indicated that such instructions had been already given.

    “He may have thought of gaining political mileage by staging a demonstration under cover of Jumma where he can make it appear that five to six thousand Muslims are behind him whereas he has only a handful of persons. If he wants to show his strength he has all the liberty to organise it from any other place away from mosques and other than on Fridays, without making innocent Muslim youths as scapegoats. I want to ask the question as to whether he is aware of the shudder that the Muslims went through in villages following his experimentalism of his political adventure. What a perilous situation it would have caused is even unimaginable, had not President Chandrika Kumaratunga acted promptly and enforced protective measures.

    Leadership should also be accompanied with responsibility. It is not manly act to incite innocent youths and hide somewhere when everything fails and to pass the blame on to others. I appeal to all Muslims to keep in mind the fact that demonstrations lead us to nowhere but to disaster.

    Do not let anybody make the Mosques as testing grounds for their adventurous tactics, the press release states.”


  4. Nanda Says:

    We don’t need to worship politicians.
    MDP Dissanayake has not written this properly.

    Sydney counter-terrorism raids: 15yo boy among five charged as part of Operation Appleby was known to police

    This boy has been under the police watch for a long time.

    What are we doing ? We have terrorist in detention only haven’t even charged and now releasing them. Police busy running Mafia ?

    Offenders who have been convicted of terrorism charges could remain in jail after they have served their sentence, under new laws to be proposed by the federal government on Friday.

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