Posted on December 18th, 2015

Sugath Samarasinghe       

(Published in ‘The Island’ newspaper on the Opinion Page of 17th Dec, with the last two sentences of the first para to look rather sanitized)

Norwegians who negotiated the disastrous CFA between Prabhakaran and Ranil Wickremasinghe in 2002 are back in business. This time on Constitutional reforms according to your news report on page 2 of ‘The Island’ of 9th dec. Again, they have come on the invitation of the National Unity Government”. This time, it is a Kave Vollen who is said to be a ‘global electoral expert’ who has already come ‘for consultation with political parties represented in Parliament as well as other interested parties’. And whom does he meet with first? Some representatives of minorities and of course, Dr. Pakyasothy Saravanamuttu of the Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA). Curiously, he does not meet with representatives of the rest of the community in this country who constitute 76% of the population, to ascertain their concerns and fears.

He has come to advise a country that has already drafted and tried out two constitutions and a democracy that had regularly changed political parties which should govern them smoothly, and had overcome a Coup d’tat and three violent attempts to topple democratically elected governments, and the last attempt after a militarily struggle of 30 years. Right now this country has adopted a new concept of a ‘national unity government’ to be tried out, in an attempt to accommodate conflicting interests. What better test to ourselves? Incidentally, have they learnt any lessons from their contrived Cease Fire Agreement brokered by them here in 2002? We recall how ineffective their one sided Monitoring Committee was, during this process. I think if there is any lesson that they should draw from this experience is, not to interfere with other countries. Once burnt, twice shy

Interestingly, SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem had told him by implication that they are happy with the Presidential System which was fair by the minorities and advantageous to them. Now where would Mr. Vollen go from there?

Why don’t the Norwegians and the UNHRC etc leave us to solve our own problems by ourselves?

Sugath Samarasinghe


  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Constitutional changes are being pushed by the West to accommodate Tamil demands of self-rule. Under the present constitution there is no provision for self-rule by any minority. Under a new constitution the provinces will have more power to do their own thing without going to the centre, which is exactly what the TNA and pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora has been pushing the West to demand from the present regime in Sri Lanka

    Norwegians are the ones preferred by the West, and especially by the Tamil Diaspora because they always side with the minorities, as we have seen them in the past as the peace mediators during the war. Now they are back to drive the final nails in the coffin, with the help of Ranil, Chandrika, and Mangala who are willing to do anything that the West will demand.

    In my opinion, Sirisena does not seem to understand, or clueless when its come to the constitutional changes as all these are cunningly orchestrated by Ranil, Chandrika, and Mangala, behind the scenes, with the help of the West (US, UK, Norway), and the Tamil Diaspora.

    The West loves and full of praises of the new regime because they know that this puppet regime will do anything the West command, which would have been impossible with the previous regime under MR..

    Unfortunately, Sri Lanka is no longer a sovereign nation that capable of solving its own internal matters. Those sovereign rights have been handed over to the foreign nations like US, UK, India and now Norway, by the traitors in the present regime who are ever eager to please their Western and Indian masters.

    In my opinion, the majority Sinhalese who are utterly foolish when its come to saving the motherland, are entirely responsible for selling out the country, by electing bunch of corrupted losers like Sirisena, Ranil, Chandrika, Mangala, etc, whose track records show that they have done absolutely nothing to protect the country when they had the chance in the past. If anything, both Chandika and Ranil nearly handed over the Eelam when they were in power, with the help of Norway.

    Now, that they are back in power with a brain-less, puppet President of their own, they will destroy the country in no time. Sadly, we are witnessing slow death of a nation and its majority, due to their own utter stupidity and selfishness.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lasting solutions can be found only if Root Causes of problems are identified and dealt with, swiftly.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Catholic norway tried to break up Sri Lanka with catholic pira(mala)paharan and failed. Now catholic
    traitor chief pol pot ponil, catholic bandit queen and trying to be catholic don juan maru sira at
    the helm and they are at it again and going to succeed!

    You get the full blessings from malwatte and asgiriye chiefs and a lot of traitor Sinhalese and the enemies of
    the state tamils and mussies.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The enemies of the state, tamils and mussies, have been given everything by successive governments
    for their votes. They are never loyal, never grateful, never content. So there is no solutions.
    Only thing they will be happy with their separate states, while keeping Colombo to themselves.

    UNPatriotic party is the root cause of the enemiesof the state’s attitude towards Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese since
    they divided the Sinhalese from 1946 having two major parties. Every time they get into power with some traitor
    Sinhalese and the enemies of the state’s support. Soon after get into power, the UNPatriotics always stabbed the Sinhalese
    in the back and did everything to please the enemies of the state. Now the generations have been used to preferential
    treatment and they want more. The ungrateful rasacals chant national question, national question. What national question? Sinhalese living in Colombo? Not enough tamil and mussie doctors churning out fromm universites TOTAL
    FREE EDUCATION? They got more than the native Sinhalese. Still never happy, never grateful, never good word to say,
    never enough! That’s the problem.

    The enemies of the state will say I can speak french, german, swedish, etc. etc. never utter a word in Sinhalese or
    reluctant to admit they can speak Sinhalese. That’s the treatment you get from the ungratefuls for giving more than their
    fair share! Still national question, national question! What a farce!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Questions :

    * Are Tamil leaders PATRIOTIC ?

    * Why has the 6-A never been activated ?

    Nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation, Cold Wars and Tamil Caste Wars together with the 30 yr LTTE Separatism/Terrorism and the JVP Communist violence (no talks ever held with JVP by then Govts here !), have brought Lanka to her knees.

    All Colonised countries are still suffering, after 70-80 yrs of Independence !

    “Singha Lae” is apt !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    PS: Ex-colonisers now have ‘pimp’ countries working for them !

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    When we had the 2/3 we should have done a HOME GROWN CONSTITUTION. We FAILED and now pay the price. Opportunities don’t come every year but when they come we should grab it.

    CBK and Run-nil can’t do anything without NORWAY. But we could.

  8. Nanda Says:

    100% agree with Lorenzo.
    Reason was FEAR. Cowardly FEAR of India and the West. Unless we recognise it there is no future.

    Same people will comeback to power to repeat the mistakes even worse than now.

    The best example is 13A. It was the worst enemy of Lawaweb readers until 2014, now it is not. This is wrong and foolish.
    From the noble cause of “gratitude for the country and its people” , readers shifted to “gratitude to individuals”.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Cold War politics forced even the ultra West JRJ UNP govt into submission to pro-Soviet India. No one came to rescue the JRJ govt. then and JR just gave in !

    * Then Pro Soviet INDIA trained the LTTE.
    * INDIA forced the 13-A on Lanka’s JRJ UNP govt.

    The 13-A was foisted on Lanka during the UNP times. The UNP must remove it.

    It should be the UNP through Yahap govt that ought to remove the 13-A. That is the right and just thing to do. Let us see how PATRIOTIC and BRAVE RW & CBK duo are.

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