SLFP and joint Opp. will not keep quiet-MR
Posted on December 20th, 2015

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The SLFP and the Joint Opposition will not keep quiet about the changes that were taking place in the country today, former President and Kurunegala UPFA MP Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

Speaking at the 80th celebration of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) the former President said the citizens were now witnessing an age where they were waiting for ships to bring in supplies.

It is an age where school children have been given coupons instead of uniforms; parents spend more on getting the coupons than the material taken from coupons. The system was brought on, to stop giving out uniforms,” he said.

The former President went on to say the country would again be divided on racial and ethnic lines and development has come to a complete stop. They said we pocketed 90 per cent and made the roads with the remaining 10 per cent.

They asked us if we made the roads in gold and then they said they would make the Colombo – Kandy expressway, a plan that we brought in, with just 10 per cent of the original Rs. 2 billion that was proposed.

Now they are saying the cost of the expressway is Rs. 4 billion,” he said. The former President also said the LSSP with other leftist parties should lead the protest against the current government and even though the party was not represented in parliament it could not be taken away from the people.(Muditha Dayananda) –

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