Sri Lankan president: Organisers of Enrique Iglesias gig ‘should be whipped’
Posted on December 27th, 2015

By  Courtesy Telegraph

Women throwing their underwear at the Hero singer is “most uncivilised” behaviour, Maithripala Sirisena says

The Sri Lankan president has called for the organisers of an Enrique Iglesias concert to be whipped after the “most uncivilised” behaviour from female fans.

Maithripala Sirisena said the organisers should be punished after women threw their underwear at the singer in Colombo and he claimed some ran towards the stage to kiss the Hero singer.

The singer was performing at a rugby stadium in the capital on December 20 during his ‘Love and Sex’ world tour.

The president described how the punishment should be being “whipped with toxic stingray tails”, an ancient punishment, the BBC reported. The punishment apparently was used for criminals in medieval Sri Lanka.

“This is most uncivilised behaviour that goes against our culture,” Mr Sirisena said at a public meeting.

“I don’t advocate that these uncivilised women who removed their brassieres should be beaten with toxic stingray tails, but those who organised such an event should be.”

In conservative Sri Lankan society, public displays of affection are not culturally acceptable, even for those couples who are married.

As well as the behaviour of women at the concert, the president criticised the price of the tickets, believed to have been between 5,000 rupees (£23) and 50,000 rupees.

The gig’s organisers have yet to comment on the president’s remarks.

2 Responses to “Sri Lankan president: Organisers of Enrique Iglesias gig ‘should be whipped’”

  1. Christie Says:

    ගරු ජඩාදිපති ඉන්දියානු ගැතියා යහලුවන් සමග එකතුව විවාහක ගහැනියකුගේ මිනිහට ගහලා පොලිස් කූඩුවේ සිටි පුතා බේරාගන්න පොලිස් බන්කුවේ පැයගනන් ලැගපු දිනේ අමතක වෙලා වගේ.
    ඒ පුතා දැන් ලන්ඩන්වල යුරෝපියන් කෙල්ලන්ට කෙල හල හලා ඉන්නවලු උගෙ කෙල්ල ලන්කාවෙ වේලෙනවලු.
    ලොක්ක සිගිරි ලඳුන්ට තනපට අන්දන්න්න යනවලු. අනික මිනිහ සැලලිහිනි සන්දෙශය කියවලා නැතුව වගේ.

  2. Christie Says:

    This Indian sucker “Hon President” voted in by the Indian colonial parasites block vote has forgotten how he sat hours on a police station bench trying to get his son bailed out for attacking the husband of a woman who he wanted to have sex with his mates and no love.

    The President should go and see Sigiriya Frescoes and read Salalihini Sandheshaya to understand Sinhala culture.

    His son mentioned above is in London looking at East European lasses displaying their wares while his so called Sinhala girl frien is in waiting. What f–king bastards are they?

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