What is the National Problem in Sri Lanka?
Posted on December 28th, 2015

Missaka A

From Ranil, to Sirisena, from CBK to Samantha Power, from Pakiasothy to Cameron and the invasive Indians we are being told to solve the national problem. Ask Sambanthan he will give some wishy washy reasons, ask Wigneswaran he will give another set of confusing answers, ask LTTE agent Father Emmanuel living on foreign shores and he too will come up with a new list, same too with all other tiger agents all holding foreign passports. Blake, the Soros funded NGO racketeers will have templates of reasons prepared from so many other regime change success stories. Similarly, greedy politicians will have their own lists little realizing the damage they are doing…. thus we have been performing a circus all these years without simply asking what the National Problem is and thereafter look for the solutions. What is happening now is people are putting forward solutions without even putting on the table what the National Problem is.

  • Did we have an Ethnic Problem or a Terrorist Problem.
  • If anyone says we had an ethnic problem can they explain why more Tamils died by LTTE gun than from road accidents!
  • If anyone says we have an ethnic problem can they also explain why there are more Tamils living among Sinhalese than ever before….and can the census produce statistics of Tamil migration from North to South throughout LTTE defacto rule.
  • If anyone says we have an ethnic problem can they also explain how Tamils can survive and thrive businesswise because unless Sinhalese buy from Tamil shops Tamils or Muslims will not be able to sell their products or services.
  • If the federal camouflaged division of Sri Lanka is being attempted by traitors Ranil, CBK and now Sirisena what is going to be their solution to asking all Tamils living in the South to return to the North where ONLY Tamils are supposed to rule. We cannot expect a Tamil Only nation while majority of Tamils are living in the South… this is nonsense and the most stupidest thing the Sinhala dumb politicos can agree to.
  • Why should Tamils have a Tamil Only nation – they cannot prove their indigenous status. As Tamils they are descendants from Tamil Nadu who came via invasions and to escape from harsh weather and economic conditions to Sri Lanka and settled with the Sinhela people who are indigenous to Sri Lanka… the only indigenous race/ethnicity are the Hela people as there are no Sinhela people elsewhere in the world. Their language the Sinhalese, customs and culture are all indigenous to Sri Lanka alone whereas everything that the Tamils follow find their roots back to Tamil Nadu…so there is no concrete evidence that Tamils (however much they scream and shout) can produce to showcase their argument.

For the Sinhalese it is time they wake up to realize that it is their race that is being endangered.

Sinhalese are just 14m against 76m Tamils and over 3billion Muslims.

Shouldn’t this scare the Sinhalese???



Missaka A

10 Responses to “What is the National Problem in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Vijendra Says:

    Sri Lanka must go back to it’s old name Sinhale, as it was called at the time of colonization by the westerners. With the new constitution being proposed, this would be the ideal time to get the name changed and rally all around a common Sinhale. If the National government is up to it, most would love them for and keep them in power for ever.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    I remember, sometime back, it was the Tamil National Problem. Then, since they were embarrassed to say what their National Problem was, they changed it to ” THE NATIONAL PROBLEM” I spoke to a tamil in UK, and asked him during a conversation what the Tamil National Problem is. He laughed and told me he has no PROBLEM, but the Tamil Politicians have Erectile Dysfunction PROBLEM, …EDF, and he could not stop his laughter. SO, THIS IS ALL A BLUFF.


    The Tamil Politicians, if they have EDF, they can start taking GOAT WEED.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils in SL are DISPLACED PEOPLE from Tamil Nadu. But Endia refuses to take them back.

  4. Christie Says:

    Stand up to Indian Imperialism and colonialism. Let us lead and free othercountries like Guyana, Mauritius,

  5. Cerberus Says:

    The National problem has been summarized very well in the article which appeared in the Lanka Web. I am giving the link to it here.


    It is the Sinhalese who are under threat of extinction due to the invasions from Tamil Nadu. The entire so called “Tamil Problem” is a hoax which has been perpetrated on the Sinhalese to get more and more benefits from them. Now they have reached a point where the West want to divide and control of the Island. We need to as a people act decisively and quickly to eliminate this threat. We need to do exactly as recommended in this article.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is true to say that there is NO “National Question” in Sri Lanka for Lanka Tamils.

    It is true to say that there is a goal to form TAMIL EELAM in Lanka, by hook or by crook, by Tamil Leaders.

    There have been attempts to ARTIFICIALLY create Sinhala vs Tamil problems in order to create Tamil Eelam (backed by Cold War players). The 1983 Riots were such an artificially created event (during JRJ’s time), enabling nearly a Million Tamils to go abroad as Refugees to form the Tamil Diaspora, the GTF etc. This artificially created “Beggar’s Wound” is still being used for division of Lanka. The goal is creation of TAMIL EELAM.

    Then there is also the creation of the LTTE via the Vadukoddai Resolution – Eelam through Violence – (1976), to form TAMIL EELAM.

    All this is to unify the Tamils of Lanka, to erase the Tamil Caste structure, using foreign powers (Cold Wars), to form TAMIL EELAM.

    The REAL problem is a Human Rights problem in Tamil Nadu due to Tamil Caste structure creating over 15 MILLION Dalit Tamils. No Tamil leader has brought this up in HR forums of the world.

    What does this mean ?
    Attempts at EELAM creation in Lanka.

    Will this solve the Tamil Caste problems of Tamil Nadu ? NO. Dalit status is in their Birth Certificates.

    What is it then ?
    A DISTRACTION, a HOAX. If Eelam is formed, Tamil Eelam will come under Tamil Nadu social structures, and the Caste Structure will be imposed on Eelam too. In other words, it is a land acquisition project and getting their own country for Tamil Nadu.

    Other points :

    Eelam in Sri Lanka is DIVISION OF LANKA via LANGUAGE, as done in India.

    Remove the Tamil Language as N&O language of Lanka to prevent Lanka being divided, as well as save the People of Lanka, including the Tamil folk. Removal of the Tamil language can be phased out.

    Comments welcome.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Some of the national problems of Sri Lanka as I see it

    This current government in Colombo that is pro Indian, pro Tamil and anti Chinese
    The official status of Tamil. that has to be removed.
    Sri Lanka should become a Sinhalese Buddhist theocracy.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    YOU SAID IT, BERNARD. Good to see you. sus.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    National problem is to get more and more of the cake and eventually have it all.
    Sinhalese in their own country not supposed to live in the north and east. They aren’t even supposed to
    live in Colombo. Sinhalese can’t go to universities in the north and the east. They are for the
    two sets of foreigners, tamils and mussies. They want their drealam in the north and east. Also want to keep
    Colombo for themselves. We give them FREE education, free medical and they become doctors, engineers etc. etc.
    and contribute to kill the Sinhalese and form their drealam. These are the national problem. Faced by the native Sinhalese.

  10. anura seneviratna Says:

    Thanks Missaka very good write up. National problem in SL very simply is of the SINHELA NATION in the ONLY Sinhela country in the world due to giving SEPARATE national status to settler communities without making all settler communities as INCLUSIVE SINHELA NATIONAL CITIZENS. This justifiable universal national concept practised in all national countries is brutally violated in the SINHELA COUNTRY firstly by giving it a nickname called Sri Lanka.

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