Hysteria, Morals and Politics
Posted on December 31st, 2015

R Chandrasoma

Let us begin with a few words about Hysteria. This a conditon of trance or transient behavioural aberration induced by powerful external stimuli such as a deep rhythmic drumbeat with plaintive or emotional singing to a large and frenzied audience. Under these circumstance some young wome lose all sense f propriety and behave in emotionally uncontrolled ways. Dancing, writhing the body and throwing off personal clothing is characteristinc of this hysterical state. Indeed, ‘’bali’ and ‘thovil ‘ ceremonies in Sri Lanka use this technique of deep rhythmic drumming and vigorous dance to induce hysterical state referred by the natives as ‘Avesa kereema’ In mediveal Europe a Dance called the ‘Tarantelle’ was used to shake off hysterical states in young women. These are preliminaries  – Let us get to the main point.  At  concert recently held in Colombo the deep rhythms and plaintive and movingly emotional singing induced a hysterical state in some unfortunate young women that led to the public discarding of clothing and bizzare behaviour that outraged the moralists who were not part of the audience and missed the causative context.

The affair w9ould have passed unnoticed but for the fact that the Presient of Sri Lanka – no less – saw this saga of the disorderly young women as  sybmbolic of the moral decay that has our Buddhist country in its thrall. While this proposition may or may not be true, it is sad to fing the President rushing to conclusions on the moral state of our nation based on a false reading of the supposedly incriminating data. The womwn concerned was possessed and acted in a manner that caused offence to arm-chair moralists but few others.. No moral rule was broken as she had lost possession of her senses and acted as a hyperexcited automaton. That this piffling incident was made the occasion for the moral condemnation of a nation by its anointed leader must astonish all good citizens of trhis country. A President must – first and foremost  -understand and heal. To act according to the drum-beat of an imagined moral order is mere pandering to popular sentiment.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Chandrasoma has a good point here. It could be also possible that the ‘hysterical event’ was pre-planned with a large piece of undergarment ready to be thrown at the star attraction, to cause the desired DISTRACTIONS !

    We think that a lot of flimsy and hysterical DISTRACTIONS are being thrown at the Lankan public, whilst the real damage may be done in underhand, subtle ways to accomplish brutish results such as division of Lanka, bridge to Tamil Nadu, flooding of Lanka with Tamil Dalits, etc.

  2. NAK Says:

    Pacha sira has jumped on the oppotunity to take revenge on sanga for not accepting his public offer. Now Muzza of CMC fame,John of vyagra fame and another lawyer has joined the band wagon to make life miserable for Sanga and mahela has become an innocent casualty.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NAK !! Sangha was not cut out for a Diplomatic Post. He had absolutely no Diplomatic background. Sangha most intelligently turned down the Offer. He was right in his decision. Maru Siraa was trying to make a feeble impression that he is the President, and that he can give anybody any job. Darn idiot. This is how his thinking has been, all along. Putting square pegs into round holes. I don’t think it was a matter of revenge, because Sangha had no expertise in a Diplomatic background, other than International Cricket. They are two kettles of Fish altogether.

    Sanghas decision saved humiliation for the Country. If he was High Commissioner, and got involved in this Sex and Love Ticket Fraud, what would be his position, what would be Presidents Position, What would be the County’s Position, what would be the International Diplomatic Community Position ??????? The answer would be “””DISGUSTING”””

  4. mjaya Says:

    Lets lighten up…watch to Enrique’s latest song parody ….. Cagando (the video is self explanatory!)

  5. sarathk Says:

    It is completely wrong making unnecessary blames to Sirisena. Look how badly and illegally Sanga and Mahela have organised that bloody bad musical show. You guys should be fair on this matter even though Sirisena is our political enemy. Their company should black listed. All the money they have earned by that show should acquired by the government.

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