The Historical & Constitutional rights of Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka
Posted on January 5th, 2016


 In 2015 David Cameron declared ‘Britain is still a Christian country‘, Christianity is the official religion of Britain. Germany’s Angel Merkel from the Christian Democratic Party says Germans must stand up for Christian values. There are only 58% Christians in Germany. The state religion in Norway is Protestant Christian (Evangelical-Lutheran). All Muslim majority nations have Islam as state religion. Roman Catholics are the only religion to have a country (The Vatican). In 2015 Liberia’s constitutional amendments include introducing Christianity as state religion. On what grounds is the foremost place given to Buddhism to be removed from the Constitution when over 70% of the populace are Sinhala Buddhists?

Buddhism was the chosen religion of the 180 rulers that ruled the Sinhale nation. Even Elara followed the precepts of Buddha. Buddhism was sent to Sinhale by royal invitation. It has been the endeavour of the colonial rulers and post-independent interfering nations to do their utmost to dilute the status of Buddhism because the nations they represent were either Christian or Islam with solid funding to cause mischief via NGOs, trade and other scheming mechanisms. This is a primary cause for Buddhism’s ceremonial status with these entities able to tap into the weaknesses of Sri Lanka’s post-independence politicians.

Thus with each change of government and in the present precarious case of attempting to change the constitution we see a well thought out plan to slowly remove the place of Buddhism because the enemies know that so long as Buddhism prevails the sanctity of the nation will remain and the Sinhalese would rally to save their nation and the civilizational heritage and legacy they are bound to protect. Why should individuals and organizations funded or on payroll of foreign nations be tasked with drafting a country’s constitution. These are civil society organizations working for the agenda of other nations and not in the interest of what is best for the citizens of this country.

New cultures, slogans like multiculturalism and multi-faith are attempting to enter the hinterland of the Buddhists, remove the foremost place given to Buddhism by plugging in Christian or Islamic values with a larger plan to make Sri Lanka into a South Korea or Maldives.

It is for the Sinhala Buddhist politicians who have selfishly contributed to the erosion of the space and place of Sinhala Buddhists to realize the historical mistake they are making.

It was with the Sinhale nation that the British signed the 1815 Treaty, the British should have returned the Sinhale nation in 1948 not as Ceylon. It is surprising that no political party of politician brought out this valid point.

The Sinhale Buddhists will continue to fight for their nation taken from them since 1815. It is the Sinhale Buddhists whose rights need to be restored and no one else. All other ethnic groups are not indigenous to Sri Lanka and came as migrants or traders and were allowed to stay on out of the goodwill and generosity of the Sinhale Buddhist leaders. The gratitude for that is now being shown by trying to displace the Sinhale Buddhists from the land they built over centuries where archaeological and historical evidence prevails of their existence from North to South and East to West in every inch of Sri Lanka.

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  1. Christie Says:

    “It was with the Sinhale nation that the British signed the 1815 Treaty, the British should have returned the Sinhale nation in 1948 not as Ceylon. It is surprising that no political party of politician brought out this valid point.”

    Dear Patriot: Ceylon means Sinhale or the land of the Sinhalese as India means the land of the Hindus.

    British should have returned Indian colonial parasites back to India or taken these Indian colonial parasites with them before leaving us. There were Christians and Muslims living in the island before 1815 in fact before 1792. There were only a small number of Indians mainly from the south of the Indian subcontinent living in the island before 1791.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The only Sinhalese Buddhist politician with a backbone is MR. West and the UNPelievably UNPatriotic party
    know it. That is why they used all their might to sling mud at him and sent him packing. Now Sinhalese Buddhists
    are in free fall. All the enemies of the Sinhalese Buddhists are overjoyed. The three group taking full advantage
    and slowly destroying Buddhism from Sri Lanka.

    They put the foundation to it by stopping teaching Buddhism at school with the full blessing from pope’s
    new desciple maru sira, malwatte and asgiriye kapuralas etc. etc. Then there are a lot spineless Buddhist
    ministers in the cabinet. They under the iron grip of traitor chief pol pot ponil (dr death) and can’t utter a
    word against him. Those spineless Buddhist ministers have spine only to stand on their feet. They can’t utter
    a word to protect Buddhism or the Sinhalese race while mussies and tamils rampaging and destroying the
    only country Sinhalese have on this planet. There are a lot traitor Sinhalese like durjana renatunga, pon mongol,
    somersaulting banda (sb) etc. etc. list is endless. Mother Lanka is very very unfortunate to have so many enemies
    within plus enemies of the state tamils and mussies.

  3. nilwala Says:


  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Get the Sri Lanka CONSTITUTION right this time around. UNITARY state of Sri Lanka (or the preferred Sinhale as the name for the country) is foremost.

    What we need is more and more PATRIOTISM, from MPs and ALL govt officers, the schools and homes, to workplaces – govt & private, etc. etc. One and all, One Country standing together for all times !

    If populations are to be reduced, give FREE birth control material to all adults.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Please don’t say foolish things like “If populations are to be reduced, give FREE birth control material to all adults”.

    I AGREE with birth control but NOT this way.

    IF FREE birth control material are given to all adults ONLY Singhalese will go extinct. Tamils and Muslims NEVER shared SL govt. policy and NEVER will.

    In 1980s JR govt. had a “chinna chinna kudumbam” campiagn to reduce family size. Only FOOLISH Singhala modayas COMPLIED. Tamils and Muslims DELIBERATELY did the opposite and produced MORE AND MORE kids.

    Birth control should be lagalized but material (except PREVENTIVE and VOLUNTARY stuff like condoms, etc.) should NOT be available to all. They should be STRICTLY within doctors and monitored.

    It was alleged some South Endian and Arabic food shops mix abortion pills into food they serve Singhala pregnent women. This is criminal IF true. IF these practices continue I propose retaliation LIKEWISE with STATE sponsorship.

    Anyway SL has NO plans to control population. GOSL is in fact encouraging producing MORE babies as our population is ageing and not enough youngsters to work and look after the old.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    If no free birth control material is given and only the Sinhala/Buddhists use them, then Sinhala/Buddhists become cannon fodder ! This is already happening where blame is put on the Sinhala Buddhists for everything under the sun, using Pres MR and the armed forces of Lanka for the same purpose.

    Buddhist values get lost in civil wars – the meaning of a Sinhala Buddhist Nation becomes meaningless. It is the same for other religions – the religions are obliterated in killing to survive !

    Those who do not share common policy for survival will not belong to the Nation – they will feel like outsiders within Lanka. They will probably be socially ostracized. There are ways to bring about sensible thinking and PATRIOTISM, without riots, killing, etc. which some folks glorify as needed !

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Should read as : ” If no free birth control material is given, or only Sinhala/Buddhists use them, either way Sinhala/Buddhists become cannon fodder as they are the most tolerant, compassionate and forgiving, of all communities. This is already happening where blame has been put so easily on the Sinhala Buddhists for Tamil Caste problems of Tamil Nadu, Cold War problems, etc. using Pres MR and the armed forces of Lanka for getting rid of the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, the LTTE.
    Those who actually grew the LTTE, India and the Tamil leaders, have gotten away Scott free !
    Where there is no justice for them, Sinhala Buddhists have to get smart, get together and form protective laws and measures forever. They have been forced to do so.
    The JVP (all sections) have a moral obligation to join in”.

  8. Eusense Says:

    It is insane to make a country a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist only by name. How many of the citizens of these countries live by the teachings of their religion? In the so called Christian countries how many go to a church? More than 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Abortions are rampant. Extra marital sexual activities are common. If you take Sri Lanka how many Buddhist monks live by Buddha teachings? How many politicians and how many citizens live by Buddhism? Why do we need Buddhism to be identified with our country? It is a disgrace to Buddhism to do so.
    Please, get rid of this moronic idea of Sri Lanka should be a Buddhist country!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Buddhism is a PHILOSOPHY, not a religion as such. There is nothing wrong with Buddhism. Study of the Nature of Life and Reality of life, is beautiful.

    However, the human brain has two sides to it – the ancient Reptilian side for sheer survival, and the other side for reasoning and positive creative thinking. The survival side has the Fight or Flight symptoms. This is common to all of mankind, whatever the religion.

    Buddhists have to Survive first to practice their Philosophy. So do others. So first get together and put forward a package for SURVIVAL IN SRI LANKA. Then we can all Survive and practice our respective Philosophies & Religions. Simple.

  10. Nimal Says:

    Please don’t drag religion and nationalism to make a point as you can see what a religion has created the present horrible situation in the Middle East. Our leaders are two toning hypocrites who hoodwink the people using the main religion though they amaze a lot of money abroad and making a fool out of the hardworking tax payers.
    This national sickness using the religion has come down to the people as well where they are non productive and deceitful as the politicians. We may be sadly on the way to a fail state like Afghanistan if the private sector, the wealth creators of the country fails as no incentive is what so ever given to them by the amude clad politicians that live on the vote of the ignorant masses and indulge with the hard earned taxes of minority of people who are making a honest living.

  11. Cerberus Says:

    Eusense, Not sure if you are in Sri Lanka or in the West. It sounds as if you are in the West. I agree with Fran Diaz.

    The main distinction between Buddhism and other religions such as Christianity and Islam are they are based on a belief system and not on direct experience. The definition of religion is that it is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. The definition of Philosophy is the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life. It is obvious where Buddhism falls. There is no belief in a Being up there in Buddhism and the responsibility is placed on the individual for their own salvation. Each one is encouraged to search deep within themselves for the Truth by cultivation of moral values, meditation and wisdom. However Buddha did refer to something unborn undying and eternal when asked about Nirvana.

    The entire culture of Sri Lanka is Buddhist. It is based on values of tolerance, compassion and acceptance of the impermanence of life. It is because of these values that Sri Lanka instituted free education, free health care and free food for the poor. It is because of this tolerance that Sinhalese tolerated 39 years of war with the LTTE even when they were doing the most brutal things to the Sinhalese. It is the reason that 6000 soldiers (final count over the years 27,000 plus) gave their lives to save 300,000 Tamils who had been taken hostage by LTTE. It is the reason why that immediately after war GoSL rehabilitated and released bulk of the LTTE taken prisoner. I can go on and on. Even the presence of the Muslims, Tamils and Catholics is due to the tolerance of Buddhists. The Sinhalese protected the Muslims when the Portuguese were killing them. It is the Sinhalese King who gave Matale to Catholics to practice their religion. Buddhism is non harmful and do not try to convert others to it, unlike Christians and Muslims.

    Therefore, it is very important to protect this gentle flower called Buddhism which can be easily wiped out by the more coarse and aggressive religions hell bent on converting the whole world to their faith. That is why it is important for the State to protect it as has been done for 2600 years in Sri Lanka by the Sinhala Kings.

  12. Nanda Says:

    “Buddhism is a PHILOSOPHY” is a way of belittling Buddhism. Which philosophy has something similar to “Noble eight fold path” , showing people a path to completely eradicate suffering ? Which philosopher aspired to become a Buddha billions of births by practicing ?

    Nimal’s argument of ” as you can see what a religion has created the present horrible situation in the Middle East….” is also wrong. Which practice of Buddhism encourages killing , public punishment and fighting ? Buddhism is a religion which can be practiced by a State and if practiced , State will become the best State in the world.
    The problem is our “State” leaders use Buddhism , sell Buddhism and carryout opposite of what Buddhism teaches and Buddhist are not even allowed to criticise that action.

  13. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    If you say Buddhisn is a Philosophy, it is not belittling Buddhism at all.

    Take out your recommended Text book for O level Buddhism, Dharmasangrahaya, by Rev Narada Chapter 17. Rev Narada says it all depend on how do you define Philosophy and Religion. Buddhist Dhamma has both characteristics of Philosophy as well as a religion.

    Buddhism, anyway — is a practice of contemplation and inquiry that doesn’t depend on belief in God or a soul or anything supernatural. Therefore, the theory goes, it can’t be a religion.Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion usually mean it as a compliment. They are trying to say, I think, that Buddhism is something other than the superstitious rubbish they believe religion to be.

    So Buddhism doesn’t fit neatly into either category of religion or philosophy.

  14. Nimal Says:

    You are right that Buddhisum is a noble philosophy without mentioning god that seems guide my life but I don’t like when that faith is hijacked by the politicians to hoodwink the people and they can’t be Budhists,Christians or Muslims and when they murder and loot the nation.
    One only have to sincerely open the eyes and experience ones self in the island. I don’t want to elaborate further as I still have my aging people there.
    I notice some of the people who comment and praise our wrong doers as heroes and saviours are either had the privilege of being entertained or fed by them seems to sing hosannas while living in comfort of a Western country. This is the same subservient mentality our people had prior to 1815 where they hero worshipped our tyrannical kings who never did anything for the suffering people but yet our stupid people hero worshipped them. This kind of madness was there in the ‘Christian world of UK’ where 500 years ago where stupid hero worshipping people went to kill thousands in Palastine and they called it a crusade but UK have grown out of those horrible times where it is one of the most stable and a decent country to live and one could say it is a Buddhist country in many ways. Can we say the same about SL,where one only have drive on our roads in SL and rest is one to find out.It is very late here and had a very busy day and good night or morning to you all.I sincerely wish our patriots go to the island and do a business without the patronage of the politicians may sing a different song, may agree with me,where I never sought their favours or help because I want the best for my people without gaining a reward as I am very well off in UK.

  15. Eusense Says:

    You correctly describe the difference between Buddhism and the other religions. But I don’t agree with your attribution of Buddhist values for what is going on in SL. Free education, free health care and free food for the poor is not confined to Buddhist countries and not given out in SL because we are Buddhists. These are work of Buddhist politicians who want to get re-elected and be in power as long as they can. Do you really think SL can afford to give free education, free health care and free food for the poor?? We are begging from the West, China and the world Bank to maintain our daily lives and it is insane to even think of giving these freebies to Lankans. The more free things humans are given they become less progressive. It is common sense, Buddhism has nothing to do with this.
    Sinhalese tolerated 39 years of war with the LTTE even when they were doing the most brutal things to the Sinhalese was not due to Buddhism, it was because we were helpless without any support from the outside world. Do you think if we had the military capability to destroy the LTTE instantly we would have undergone this terror and torment for 39 years? If there was no support from China, India and few other East European countries the LTTE would have overrun our forces and who knows there will be no more Buddhism in SL.
    Also, Buddhism is not the reason for the presence of the Muslims, Tamils and Catholics in SL. Would you say Christianity is the reason why hundreds of other religions including Buddhism to to be practiced in the US and UK? Your “Buddhism is the reason” for everything argument is weak and make no sense at all.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sinhalese tolerated 39 years of war with the LTTE even when they were doing the most brutal things to the Sinhalese was not due to Buddhism, it was because we were helpless without any support from the outside world.”


    Imagine a MINORITY was killing the MAJORITY in a MUSLIM country? IF SL was a MUSLIM country like TURKEY, there would be NO Tamils left by now!

    Imagine a MINORITY was killing the MAJORITY in a Christian country? IF SL was a Christian country like SPAIN, there would be NO Tamils left by now!

    Imagine a MINORITY was killing the MAJORITY in a Secular country like Endia? IF SL was a SECULAR country like Endia or GUJARAT, there would be NO Tamils left by now!

    Imagine a MINORITY was killing the MAJORITY in a JEWISH country? IF SL was a JEWISH country like ISRAEL, there would be NO Tamils left by now!

    Buddhists in SL are INCREDIBLY tolerant. GUJARAT, GAZA, NORTHERN IRELAND, RAQQA incidents NEVER happened in SL despite THOUSANDS OF provocations (except in 1983 which was just ONE incident).

    Also look what HINDUS, CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS did in SL. HORROBLE.

    HINDUS got rid of ALL Muslims from the north FOR GOOD. They refuse to take them back. HINDUS in SL killed Buddhists, Muslims and Christians praying in BODHI TREE, DALADA MALIGAWA, KATHANKUNDI mosque, MADHU, etc.

    MUSLIMS got rid of HINDUS from parts of the east. Turned entire HINDU villages into Muslim.

    Christians in SL killed SCORES of Muslims. A damn foolish Singhala Buddhist king had to resettle them in AMPAREI to save them. They also killed scores of BUDDHISTS in WELLASSA. They also killed MANY HINDUS and desecrated HINDU shrines in the north and Trinco.

    Man, Nonsense, you really have to get your FACTS right.

    IF your “we were helpless without any support from the outside world” were TRUE, when we DID get help from CHINA and ISRAEL, SL should have got rid of Tamils totally. But SL did the OPPOSITTE. They used this help to SAVE TAMILS from the LTTE!!

    IF you want to turn SL SECULAR, go ahead and do it. YOU SHALL REGRET IT.

    A SECULAR SL will burn train loads of MINORITY people and the man who gave the order to do it will end up PRIME MINISTER with the LARGEST election win in history!! That’s what SECULAR Endia did!!

  17. Nanda Says:

    Thank you Nimal. What you said is true. It is not the FAULT of the religion but how thieves use it. But the solution is to punish the thieves not the religion.

    We did not finish the LTTE early, because none of the heads of government didn’t want to do it due to personal interests or personal FEAR. But unfortunately even the beating of LTTE became a personal benefit to some only, not to the Nation. Where are we now ?

    A golden statement which summarises ALL by Dilrook commented elsewhere worth pasting here.

    “In Sri Lanka, no politician stands for the country. They all stand for themselves with varying degrees of national interest. As 13A taught us, when personal interests and national interests clash, all politicians, always pick personal interests.”

    Unfortunately this statement should be extended to Highly Placed Public Servants, Armed Forces (including Police) too. To all those draw salaries from the State.
    It is natural to let “personal interest” govern your action. But what I beg from ALL is to understand what belongs to the Nation and what belongs to the “person”.

    1. Needless to say every cent spent by the Politician or any other Official belongs to the Nation.

    2. Every cent earned as salaries MUST be justified by providing the service you are paid for.

    3. Please understand who is a HERO. Basic prequalification to be a HERO is you must have made “personal sacrifices”. Otherwise don’t call anyone a HERO.

    4. Temple Trees , many Presidential Palaces belong to the NATION, not to the officials or politicians using those places.

    5. All the land, forest, beaches, mountains, trees , even the surrounding ocean belongs to the NATION.

    6. All underground treasures belong to the NATION.

    7. Our heritage structures , ancient temples, kovils , reservoirs, rock paintings, relics etc belong to the NATION.

    8. Animals belong to the Nature to be left alone, not to be used as “friendship symbols” to other countries and to tie up on your gardens.

    More items may be added to the list. But ANYONE misusing the above ? Please don’t call them HEROES.
    We should begin with this. Otherwise confusion will govern your mind and please don’t try to contribute even a word. It will go against the nation.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sinhala people were forced to tolerate a brutal 30 plus year war with the LTTE because :

    1. The Cold War war was on (1946-1991) and the struggle between the Super Powers were swinging both India and Sri Lanka to and fro, some years India went with the Soviet Union and now with the west. It was India that trained the LTTE when ultra west JRJ was in power in Lanka.

    2. The JVP (rural Sinhala folk) were also caught up in the same dissent and annihilated for their pro-Communist leanings, because Sri Lanka leaders are always basically with the west or Non-aligned.

    3. Tamil folk fought their own Caste Wars, riding on the back of the Cold War. Over 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin have caste on their birth certificates and have suffered atrocities for over 3,000 yrs. Tamil leaders of Lanka still have not revoked the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) demanding Tamil Eelam through use of violence.

    4. We hold India and Tamil leaders responsible for a lot of the troubles in Lanka which have now got exported through the Tamil Diaspora which formed after the trumped up 1983 Riots. Who pays the bills for the damage done to Sri Lanka ?

  19. Eusense Says:

    mr. lorenzo,
    Do you really want to put your two cents to this? Your explanations and scenarios are horrible. Your speculative assumption that SL could do nothing about LTTE terrorism killing close to 100,000 of our citizens was because of our Buddhist faith is laughable. After 39 years and later accepting foreign help we were able to put an end to this carnage, if not we would be still going through that blood bath of more citizens being killed. What is more laughable is to say “They used this help to SAVE TAMILS from the LTTE!!” In fact we had to save our citizens first and for this Buddhism didn’t help us. You need to grow up before you write this kind of nonsense!

    If we were trying to eliminate all Tamils from our land the support of those countries would have ended. Your scenarios of minorities killing majorities in other countries is another childish argument. Palestinian Muslims are suicide killing Jews in Israel. Muslims are suicide bombing and shooting citizens of the US and UK. The World Trade Center was brought down with close to 3k of Americans by the Muslims. Did any of these countries eliminate their Muslim minorities? Or are you saying Christianity had to do something for this, the same way you say Buddhism did for SL?? What a concept?
    You say “when we DID get help from CHINA and ISRAEL, SL should have got rid of Tamils totally. But SL did the OPPOSITTE. Are you considering Sri Lankans as idiots? Why should we “get rid of Tamils totally” when we very well know the LTTE was less than 1% of the Tamil population? It is not Buddhism it is common sense that was applied here.

    US being a secular country is doing well and leading the world at its best. Religion bring more conflicts and misery to people than it brings good. Religion can show us what is good and bad. But we don’t have to kill each other because of religion. How many of our leaders are practicing Buddhists? How many of them use Buddhism to get elected and stay in power? Open your eyes and look around.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    In overpopulated, small and under resourced countries, when out of balance, religion (and philosophies) fly out of the window. When intensely threatened, the reptilian side of the human brain takes over and only Survival issues become truly important.

  21. Nanda Says:

    (CNN)—An ISIS fighter has executed his own mother before a public audience, an expat Syrian rights group said.

    The 20-year-old killed his mother in the Syrian city of Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto capital, as hundreds looked on near the post office where she worked, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    ISIS had accused her of apostasy after her son turned her in, the activists said. She allegedly had been “inciting her son to leave the Islamic State.” She wanted to escape with him and told him “that the coalition will kill all members of the organization.”

    The observatory reported that the victim was in her 40s. The activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently reported that she was 35.

    CNN has not been able to independently confirm the reports of the rights groups.

    ISIS has fostered a reputation of extremism by carrying out staged killings such as beheadings, mass shootings and burnings on camera and posting video of them to social media.

    Young woman slain by ISIS for daring to ‘swim in a sea of dreams’

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    I said,

    “IF your argument “we were helpless without any support from the outside world” were TRUE, when we DID get help from CHINA and ISRAEL, SL should have got rid of Tamils totally. But SL did the OPPOSITTE. They used this help to SAVE TAMILS from the LTTE!!”

    This is a well known FACT. Look how many Tamils including child soldiers are FREE TO LIVE today thanks to our war win.

    “In fact we had to save our citizens first and for this Buddhism didn’t help us.”

    Are you DUMB?

    Over 95% of the army was BUDDHIST. SL is at peace today thanks to Buddhists!!

    Of course Buddhism is not a war method. When it comes to war, you must war, not preach. It was Buddhism that made people TOLERATE 100s of Tamil terror attacks on civilians.

    IF SL was a secular country like Endia, Tamils would have been burnt alive in TRAIN LOADS like Modi did to Muslims in GUJARAT.

    This didn’t happen in SL because it is a Buddhist country.

    Not this shows what an idiot you are.

    “US being a secular country is doing well and leading the world at its best.”

    Really? USA is responsible for MOST conflicts in the world. Look what they did to peaceful countries? USA started regime change operations that killed MILLIONS. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. are other US SECULAR operations that killed tens of millions.

    Can SL ever produce a mainstream politician like TRUMP? He wants to get rid of Muslims from USA, deport Latinos, kill all in the middle east and bomb Russia. NO different to SECULAR Endia’s MODI.

    Nonsense, you have to get your head checked.

    IF you want to turn SL SECULAR, go ahead and do it. YOU SHALL REGRET IT. A SECULAR SL will burn train loads of MINORITY people and the man who gave the order to do it will end up PRIME MINISTER with the LARGEST election win in history!! That’s what SECULAR Endia did!!

  23. Lorenzo Says:



    ALL SLs were forced to put up with TAMIL TERRORISM because our foolish leaders thought there was a POLITICAL SOLUTION.

    When they realized there is NO political solution and the only solution was to KILL MORE TAMIL HOMELAND BELIEVERS than their vaginas can produce, we started winning the war.

  24. Eusense Says:

    You are a waste of my time. Good luck!

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    I cannot accept your fuzzy logic on important matters of life and death for Sinhala/Buddhists & Tamil folk.

    We believe that PREVENTION is better than cure.

    No need for further debate. Our minds are made up. G’bye.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    So you DON’T understand the war winning logic. I’m not surprised.

    Prevention is better than cure but NOW the sickness has returned. It has to be CURED.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    People like you are a burden for SL.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    Message to Sri Lanka :

    Einstein said : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”.

    The Buddha said : “Hatred begets hatred”.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    It was war that brought us peace, not BS.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    The peace from war is peace, but is an uneasy one. Look at the difficulties faced by the former Pres MR, his family, his govt members, the Army & Navy etc. Just how long the actions against the former govt and the armed forces will continue, no one knows. Where is all this leading to, no one knows.

    The real trouble makers, that INDIA imposed the 13-A, the Tamil leaders’ Vadukoddai Resolution (Eelam through violence) and those who push for separatism even today, get off Scott free. In fact, they seem to be rewarded !

    We want a just and permanent peace, not an unfair and uneasy one.

  31. Lorenzo Says:


    “The peace from war is peace, but is an uneasy one.”

    Nonsense. That is what DAYAN J said in his book LONG WAR AND COLD PEACE. Total nonsense.

    This is the ONLY peace SL will ever have. Take it or live under the LTTE.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    We reiterate that the Peace in Lanka is an uneasy Peace.

    This is because inspite of winning the war, the Root Causes of war with the Tamil Separatists Terrorists have not YET been addressed.

    *. Living next door to Tamil Nadu which is a Caste infested unhappy place for 3,000 yrs for Tamil Dalits is the main cause of Separatism and Terrorism in Lanka.
    *. Next reason is Cold Wars and Trade Routes and Ports.
    *. Another major cause is having the Tamil language in place in Lanka as a National & Official language. More welcome mat stuff for illegal Tamil Dalit migrants (and other illegal entrants) in the form of free Health Care, Education (incl. Uni), jobs, status, free stuff, etc.
    *. Not mechanizing the tea estate tea plucking work (done by Tamil labor), with machines as done in China, parts of India, South Africa, Japan, etc. One machine replaces 4 workers. Smaller machines can be used on slopes.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    SL will NEVER have a better peace.

    The crooks that put VIGNESWARAN in chief minister’s chair must be cursed. Now Vigneswaran has joined LTTE SIVA PASUPATHI.

    BOTH know the LAW very well. This is EXTREMELY dangerous.

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    BLACK FLAGS movement on 9 January FAILED BADLY.

    Maru Sira is spending millions on marketing himself. Somewhat like CUTOUT Mahinda.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo says SL will NEVER have a better peace.

    Then what we will have to put up with is a Fascist Dictorship with ultra Capitalism, for that is where Lanka is headed, fast. How pathetic ! How sad !

    NMY says that heavy taxes are in the offing – so what happens to ultra Capitalism then ??

    We say : Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee ….

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