Dirty linen
Posted on January 6th, 2016

Ainsley de Silva, Kohuwala  Courtesy The Island

‘Flog them, flay them,’ screamed the head of the yahapalanaya administration. Not to be outdone, the leader of the BBS joined the clamour. And, whose scalps were they all baying for? Those of the organizers of a music show featuring an iconic international singer!

It is hardly the fault of the organizers (or the singer himself for that matter), that a woolly-headed bimbo threw her bra at her idol. This sort of behaviour is usual at musical shows in the west. If our young women decide to ape the West––why is it always women, one never hears of young men throwing their jockstraps and amudes in this fashion––must it necessarily be the duty of the leaders of the land to correct it?


To get back to this flagellation business, OK, let’s go for it, but with a proviso! The treatment must be extended to much more serious transgressions such as looting the public purse, defrauding business partners, inciting racial tensions, defender abductions, etc., yes, even bribery and corruption and of course, nepotism. Would that not send a powerful message to the sort of people really ruining the country’s morals? Why are our leaders getting their priorities consistently wrong? The public is left dumbfounded.

This whole business points to a huge attempt on our leaders’ part, to draw our attention away from the more serious stuff taking place with abductions and the like, currently on show. The chaotic web of lies and deceit our current set of politicians are weaving is fooling nobody. The general public sees through their white clothing.

So, come on you, the self-professed representatives of the people! Forget the business of enforcing cultural purity through the adoption of corporal punishment. Start doing some constructive work to reduce the burden placed on the masses. Their patience is surely running out. If you do not pay attention to this, you may soon be voted out of office by an exasperated public.

Ainsley de Silva, Kohuwala

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  1. Indrajith Says:

    This is a good one. Short and sweet!

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