Unregulated Capitalism and the Persuit of Happiness…
Posted on January 6th, 2016

Thom Hartmann thinks it’s impossible for unregulated capitalism and the Declaration of Independence to co-exist.

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2 Responses to “Unregulated Capitalism and the Persuit of Happiness…”

  1. nilwala Says:

    Keynes, Galbraith and other giants in the field of Economics reiterated that Capitalism had to be “REGULATED” in order for a healthy, secure, free and contented society to be established. In recent times it was President Reagan who took the steps to De-Regulate the market followed by Bill Clinton permitting the functioning of an unregulated economy…and where has it got the USA? The Free Trade Agreements have resulted in loss of employment while the international corporate sector has gone on, blind to the repercussions on the country’s social fabric. Such FTA’s are now being suggested for other countries too and the repercussions will be the same. The big corporations will make out BIG, but the other private and public sector enterprises will gradually grind to a halt.
    Unlike every other industrialized and developed country the USA does not have a HealthCare system that provides decent health care for its citizenry. Even the ObamaCare legislation which took the first steps in setting right the situation has been now voted out in Congress and goes to the Senate for ratification. It is hardly a model to emulate.
    Thom Hartmann has it right…but I am not able to give a thumbs up to him in this clip since I do NOT subscribe to FaceBook or Tweet. So my congratulations to Hartmann remain private on this LankaWeb site.
    Thanks Tom Hartmann!! I like and endorse your message!!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Nilwala.
    I would like to add that Economic ideas from huge countries cannot be transferred to small countries. Countries like Sri Lanka are tiny morsels for large corporations – entire small countries can get swallowed up in corporate rule ideas.
    25,000 sq miles composing Lanka is peanuts for corporations to handle !

    Well stated Thom Hartmann !

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