Posted on January 30th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeyseketra

If one could hear what the daily exercise walkers along solar lamp-post installed walking paths were discussing a year ago before 8th January 2014, one would know how unpopular previous regime was and the wish to get rid of a doomed regime

Being a regular walker among super secretaries ,future  secretaries ,ex commanders ,CEO’s ,judges ,doctors and even some Buddhist priests also with  the cream of bureaucracy   ,I listened to them and even spoke  about pro’s and cons of a dictatorship with a democratic outlook .I even wrote opinion about the need of a benevolent dictator

They all has one topic to talk about,

Not about the terror we saw during many years and how it was eliminated by the same regime  , but the corruption and nepotism and stalling development and strikes!

We saw how the water fronts were maintained and solar lights were replaced and even security forces wearing civil clothes were walking around monitoring the strict discipline, chasing away dog walkers who were not allowed along the paths .

The country was growing as well as the brothers and sisters and their siblings of the ruling class and every one had dreams! How good to topple them and put new people in the government??

Today after a year I keep walking, and see a big difference

But when you walk with them today, it is a totally different story

They talk about how better previous regime was and how the roads were built and there were no strikes by the elite doctors, farmers, bus owners ,students  and even the city administrators .

Walking along Galle Face last few days, we saw the crushing of tusks confiscated during the transit from Africa and noted the colossal Elephantine expenditure incurred to satisfy Save the Elephant” NGO perhaps” ?

My opinion is that they should have used that money to put up electric shock wires to protect the villagers from elephants ,and save the elephants from the poachers .

Today I saw the colossal amount spent by forces getting ready for the Independent day celebration by showing off the mighty armoury idling in the camps !

Today the same morning walkers also talk about the piling garbage, dilapidated road network   which were built by the previous regime and how dirty the beautiful water fronts are .Lately we hear the how the press has been crucified for their misdeeds (may be misleads of the public?)

How we can we resurrect this this waning popularity?

  • President can suspend the constitution and sack the parliament .
  • Dissolve the mega cabinet ,
  • Appoint a honest small cabinet out of honest technocrats and put the country on a fast course of development and re -install the strict discipline in the country
  • Nominate a dynamic minister who can lead an APEX BODY to coordinate implementation of all investments ( may be with Harward trained supermen)
  • Re-commence all he development project as fast as possible
  • Build a special detention centre and haul all the corruptive people who are accused of corruptive practice for at least 5 years until proper legal action is completed
  • Sack all the siblings and relations of all the ministers and ruling class and show that the leader is honest and above board
  • Change the orange revolution to a red revolution and run the country for ten years

All the morning walkers are talking about such change for the sake of this country and their children

I surely may not live that long to see the development

But with due respect to the new regime, I can write fearlessly with no white van syndrome but I may have to be little careful about black defenders !


Dr Sarath Obeyseketra

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