Protest demonstration at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on the 12th Feb from 2-6pm 
Posted on February 1st, 2016

The demonstration in which we are organising on the 12th Feb from 2-6pm at the Sri Lankan High Commission is not against any political party, purely  on the national question.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Hats off to the Patriots all over the world. Start building a mass protests all over the world against this current evil regime of Appaya, Gayboy and the one eyed traitors to the Motherland. This is more dangerous era than LTTE terrorism. Before India and America breaks our beloved country we must act. Last time this Gayboy tried to give half the land to Prabakan and now he is going to do the same with Prabakans God father INDIA. Help to stop these maniacs.Organize protests as much as possible and support the Sinhala cause. Long live Sinhala nation.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    What is dangerous is, the current leadership using the tactic of making statements promising the retention of a Unitary State and other demands of the majority, possibly in order to disarm the opponent to a federalist solution and keep them quiet and disorganised. This could then, provide a conducive environment and time for the regime to conduct behind the scene negotiations and announce their decision, which could be quite different to any promise given. This is what happened when the current PM on a previous occasion signed a secret peace agreement with the terrorist leaders, bypassing the then President. Can we take his word this time and trust him to be transparent and honest in his actions?

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