What have the minorities given the Sinhalese?
Posted on February 2nd, 2016

Missaka A

The question always asked is ‘what have the Sinhalese given the minorities’ and what more can they give? Why is there no question asked about what have the minorities given the Sinhalese and what else are they willing to give?

Tamils came to Sri Lanka via invasions or because Tamil Nadu was too dirty and living conditions too harsh to live. The silly mistake made by our kings was to marry Indian women thereby encroaching Buddhist temples into adopting Hindu customs and religious practices into a very pure and philosophical Buddhism.

Tamils were given the silver spoon by the British and they enjoyed the best of missionary education and inputs by the British on how to sow the seeds of communalism. It was the British that spurred or perhaps imprinted into the minds of Tamil leaders the demands they now make for self determination when they know jolly well that the roots of Tamil civilization finds its way back to Tamil Nadu.

Muslims came from Middle East as traders. They were only male travellers and first arrived in Indian shores and then to coastal areas of Sri Lanka. That is why Muslims speak Tamil, Muslims along coastal areas are dark skinned because they probably married Tamil poor women of low caste. It is impossible to accept that the Sinhalese readily married Muslim men because of their rough looking nature and the Sinhalese were a proud race. Therefore the attempts to project that the Muslims married Sinhalese should be thrown to the dustbin.

Other than complaining and whining what have the minorities actually given to society. They are always having something to complain against. They are never grateful or thankful. They want to sing the National Anthem in Tamil when they don’t even hoist the national flag and never came forward to defend the nation (only a handful of Tamils and Malays came – these were countable numbers and men who the Sinhalese are very proud of because they put country before their race or religion) Tamils and Muslims do not sing the national anthem, hoist the national flag, celebrate independence or any other national holidays but want everything in Tamil.

While they are demanding equal acceptance on the one hand they are very busy working towards dividing the nation and ruling an area on their own while also keeping the right to represent the Sinhalese. What kind of spineless leaders do we have if they agree to this bizarre set up?

Why do our spineless Sinhala leaders not ask what the minorities have done. Did they ever rise against terrorism? Did Tamils celebrate the death of terrorist Prabakaran? Did Muslims celebrate the death of Osama or speak against rising Wahhabi terrorism? No instead Muslims are now doing exactly what the US-Wahhabi terror network wants…dressing in black and becoming a menace to society with their atrocious looking attire and smelling horrible too while the men look unshaven unclean and no one is likely to employ them even. That too would become an issue soon.

Tamils and Muslims can speak for Tamil/Muslim rights but when Sinhalese claim their rights it is quickly shouted down as racism, fundamentalism, communalism.

While Tamils and Muslims can create Tamil/Muslim political parties, when the Sinhalese attempt to do so with every right to secure the land and nation their ancestors built, that too is shouted down, ridiculed and the Sinhalese are ostracized.

Tamils can go round the world promoting a separate state, hold political meetings, raise funds but when the Sinhalese do something similar it becomes an international concern.

Muslims even want the whole of the nation to eat according to Muslim Shariah laws but Muslims cant even respect the Sinhalese rights. The same with the Tamils. Both want only their rights and demands. The world listens to only both.

Its about time these prejudices and hypocrisies change.

Missaka A

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  1. Senevirath Says:

    ඇමෙරිකාවේ ජනපති අපේක්ෂක ඩොනල්ඩ් ට්‍රම්ප් කියන්නේ ඉස්ලාමිකයෝ ත්‍රස්ත වාදී න් නිසා න ඇමෙරිකාවට පැමිණීමද තහනම් කලයුත්ය් කියාය .කිරීමට අමාරුවුවත් කලයුත් තේ කොන්කිරීමය් ත්‍රස්තවාදී දහමක් දෙසන් ඉස්ලාමයට අයත් ය ලෝකයේ අනිත් ය විසින්

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