Traitors of Sri Lanka
Posted on February 3rd, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

There is no better time than now to look back and recall the traitors of Lanka. Just as a terrorist is a freedom fighter to some, even traitors are somebody’s hero. It was always a case of falling prey to foreigners or seeking the assistance of foreigners to remain in power. Kuveni fell for Indian Vijaya, Moggalana brought an alien army to defeat his brother Kasyapa, the reigning King. King Buvanakabahu sought support from the Portuguese to defeat brother Mayadunne, King Rajasinghe II sought Dutch support to drive away the Portuguese, that became an inguru deela Miris gaththa vagey” story.  Then came the two biggest traitors Don Juan Dharmapala who bequeathed his kingdom, his subjects, his country to a foreign foe while the Kandyan chieftans handed over the entire Sinhale nation to the British in 1815 just to spite the King.

It is only those who are ignorant about Sri Lanka’s history who fail to realize why we need to preserve a very rich civilization and why we should be cautious about the ‘friends’ at our door. It has always been ignorance, misguided trust and lack of leadership that has helped the enemy walk off with national interests. The sceptre of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty has been the Sacred Tooth Relic which denotes the reason why any constitution cannot omit to give State patronage and official status to Buddhism. The first and foremost qualification for kingship in Sri Lanka was the possession of the Sacred Tooth relic.

The black princes that betrayed our motherland are many.

Don Juan Dharmapala

It took just one man to shake a proud historical past and he had to be the son of a Sinhalese hero (Widiya Bandara) and Princess Samudradevi, daughter of King Buwanakabah VII of Kotte. He was none other than Don Juan Dharmapala, the eldest grandson of the King of Kotte.

Dharmapala was baptized as Dom Joao in 1557. His gifting mortis causa the Kingdom to the Portuguese was tantamount to the betrayal of his kingship and agreeing to become a willing puppet a trait that can be compared to present day scenario as well.

Just as a band of ‘yes men’ advisors surround present leaders, the same coterie did not object to Dharmapala forfeiting his religion to become a Catholic. It is a reminder of how the former President chose to ignore advice by patriots not to invite the Pope to canonize a person who was a virtual murderer sent to convert natives or kill those that refused!

Dharmapala’s enthusiasm to please his new masters was no different to the red carpets present day leaders are throwing. Sri Lanka’s ancient temples were all transferred to Franciscan Friars (Kelaniy Raja Maha Vihara, the Kithsiri Mewan Viharaya at Kelaniya and the Dalada Maligawa) Dharmapala did nothing to preserve their ancient value but to watch them be destroyed. 12 churches were built on top of them.

They can commit the crime but when the crime is pointed the persons pointing are at fault. Dharmapala’s actions are no different to the manner present day leaders are doling out all state assets as if it were their own property to foreign powers. Just as Dharmapala watched churches springing up in Panadura, Maggona, Beruwela, Galle and Weligama, present leaders are prostrating before nations out to subjugate our nation and turn our people into virtual slaves. The Portuguese satisfied their lust with women reminding us of the 3000 Tamil women raped by the IPKF in the 1980s.

The lesson for present leaders in Dharmapala forfeiting his powers to the Portuguese is that once given it is not easy to take back. If Dharmapala became a virtual slave and puppet of the Portuguese even to be poisoned after being invited to dinner by Diogo de Melo, it is another reminder of the fates that befell CIA assets like Osama, Saddam and Gaddafi all of them having served their purpose were done away with. Dharmapala did not die but remained toothless and a stammerer for the rest of his life.

Though Konappu Bandara’s name is mentioned for betraying Buddhism by converting to Catholicism and changing his name to Don John of Austria, he will be also remembered for turning against the Portuguese and winning the famous battle of Gannoruwa. The Portuguese called Konappu Bandara a traitor ‘Apostate of Candea’ – traitor of Kandy. Konappu Bandara became King Wimala Dharmasuriya of Kandy and married Kusumasena Devi (Dona Catarina). He will be remembered for safeguarding Buddhism and Sinhalese culture before the Portuguese destroyed it completely.

Dona Catarina

 Kusumasana Devi, daughter of King Karaliyadda Bandara was also baptized as Dona Catarina and was brought up by Portuguese missionaries in Mannar. She was proud of her foreign education and upbringing. The Portuguese plan was to marry Catarina to a Portuguese prince. Had that happened Sri Lanka would have become a fully Catholic country under cujus regio, ejus religio (princle that the established religion should be that of the sovereign). What prevents this principle being applied to Buddhism in Sri Lanka?

The division of the Sinhalese is accountable for the fall of the country was aptly shown in the example how the selfishness of King Mayadunne made him join hands with the Portuguese to defeat his son-in-law Vidiya Bandara.

Vidiya Bandara, father of Dharmapala stood up to the Portuguese, was imprisoned but escaped to join King Mayadunne who gave his daughter in marriage. Vidiya Bandara was a very charismatic leader and was able to lay siege on the city of Kotte confining the Portuguese. The Portuguese sought help from King Mayadunne who because of his jealousy over Vidiya Bandara’s popularity took the side of the enemy Portuguese and sent reinforcements to help the Portuguese and Vidiya Bandara was defeated.

Prince Vijayapala 

Was one of the 2 sons of King Wimala Dharmasuriya. After the King’s death, King Senarath took over legitimizing his throne by marrying Dona Catarina and thereafter dividing the Kandyan Kingdom into three between his son (Prince Rajasinghe) and his own 2 sons (Prince Vijayapala and Prince Kumarasinha). Prince Vijayapala was given the Matale province.

He was educated by Franciscan Friars resulting in his conversion. The strategy was simple. Convert members of the royal families a strategy that continues to be adopted by somehow marrying a member of the Church to political leadership in Sri Lanka.

He was sent to Goa educated by Franciscan Friars and baptised on 8 Dec 1646 and given the name Dom Theodoscio, his entourage of army generals, members of the royal family were also converted. The Viceroy of Goa declared him the Emperor of Candea” though he was in Goa.

A letter to the Viceroy of Goa by Vijayapala confirms his true allegiance

” I was born with a strong predilection for the Portuguese nation. In my earliest days greatly to the satisfaction of the Queen my mother, there was assigned to me as Mestre the Padre Frey Francisco Negrao, who taught me to read and write. Under his instructions I learnt very good customs and etiquette and some special habits which Royal persons employ. Though I am a Chingala by blood I am a Portuguese in my ways and affections” questioning the on paper Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka.

Another letter of Vijayapala states I have no confidence in my own people” (how many of our leaders today think like him) reminding us of the present leadership whose opinion is that solutions to any problems must come from foreign minds only. Nursing such sentiments questions with what integrity leaders can profess to lead a nation when their allegiance is elsewhere.

Vijayapala’s treachery came in crossing over to the Portuguese side to seek assistance to defeat his brother and gain the Kandy Kingdom. He becomes a traitor for forsaking his country, crossing over to the enemy, denouncing his race, betraying his religion and giving up his Sinhala name to embrace an alien Portuguese name. Not stopping there he went on to marry a South Indian opening the doors for the Nayakkar dynasty from Malabar and the influx of Dravidians into the country.

Kandyan Chieftans who signed the 1815 Kandyan Convention

The 1815 betrayal by the foolish and selfish Kandyan Chieftans falling prey to the scheming British goes down as the greatest betrayal in modern history. To spite the King the Chieftans chose to go after the British and the nation ended up saddled with foreigners who refused to leave. The Kandyan Chieftans are responsible for Sri Lanka losing its treasured independence and sovereignty which had been protected and preserved for over 2300 years. It is the principle Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad coelam; et ad inferos – He who owns the soil owns it up to the sky; and to its depth that fights in the Sinhalese still.

Self interest of various actors that have included, Kings, chieftans, priests, monks joining hands with the enemy are endless.

Never before had the Kandyan Kingdom been conquered. The Chieftans handed the nation on a platter to the foreigners. It was due to misinformation that eventually lost Ehelepola his family, misinformation and lies have been hallmarks of the pitiful situation Sri Lanka now lies in. Do these events not strike resemblances of late?

Have we not learnt from the past? If the Chieftans conspired against the ruling King so that they may remain in power enjoying continued favors while sacrificing the nation and its people, is there really any difference in the manner politicians today behave? The Chieftans handed the nation on a platter to the British, what are the present politicians now doing?

In flow of conversions which started out with Don Juan Dharmapala and included King Karalliyadde Bandara’s nephew Yamasinghe who was christened Don Philip, while Konappu Bandara became Dom John of Austria (he poisoned Yamasinghe), Dom Joao, King Yamasinghe’s son eventually became a Catholic priest.

Incidentally, JRJ, SWRD Bandaranaike, DS Senanayake were not Buddhists and came from Christian backgrounds. It has become fashionable to project oneself as a Buddhist to woe the majority masses.

These examples of traitors of Sri Lanka are shown to depict the principle debile fundamentum fallit opus – where there is a weak foundation, the work fails. Where our leaders lack leadership the foundations of the nation have shaken. It was to them the nation was handed to be looked after. They cannot re-delegate what has been given to them – Delegata potestas non potest delegari. Presently we see various parties holding secret discussions and coming to private agreements these private contracts cannot derogate from public law.

Through history we have had lascorins, sepoys, brown sahibs, kalu suddas betraying our own. The Catholic Church has been an accomplice in continuing to occupy Buddhist temple lands that were confiscated, temples destroyed and on top of which Churches now stand. The very culprits of these atrocities point fingers and demand Sri Lanka to reconcile when none of their crimes since 1505 have been acknowledged, apologized or even compensated. The wrongs done to the Sinhalese taking their lands, destroying their crops, livelihoods, murdering their families, converting or killing them have never taken any podium for discussion. This is a miscarriage of justice. Within 2 years the Kandyan Chieftans realized their mistake. Now in 2016, we are seeing the present British envoy saying there is no need to take the President’s statements seriously and there is no reaction from the Government.

There are still traitors amongst us because we have not learnt from history and our past mistakes that we continue to repeat. With each mistake we have conceded what is ours. We are now confined to a very limited space and even that is being siphoned off deceptively to our enemies.

For the people it will always be a case of ‘kabalen lipata’ (jumping from the pan into the fire)

Shenali D Waduge

35 Responses to “Traitors of Sri Lanka”

  1. sena Says:

    Kandyan Chieftans who signed the 1815 Kandyan Convention – hey Madam – How about Colombo Chieftains who carry all the baggage of the English army in their war against the kandyan Kingdom

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    To this must be added the harm done to Sri Lanka by the Mahinda Rajapakse marrying into a Catholic family. His sons must be baptised Catholics and they got their education at the traitor breeding St Thomas’s College. Marrying into this Catholic family is one of the millstones that Mahinda Rajapakse will to carry to the end of his days. Going back on his Presidency one can easily see how he was quietly schooled into their way of thinking. The war winning hero became a lamb in their slimy hands! He made nearly 4 visits to the hideout of the pedophile priests – also called the Vatican to meet its head – the Pope! Today he and the nation at large are paying for those sins.

    There were many things he could have done immediately after the Victory over Christian Tamil Terrorism including abrogating the infamous 13th Amendment, putting a stop to unethical religious conversions etc and doing away with the hated Provincial System of administration.

    Sri Lanka was not assertive when the situation demanded thanks to the bedroom politics of the Rajapakse family that brought in the Catholic thinking into his administration. Today he is frequenting Buddhist Temples trying to garner support for a come back to power. We don’t see any Catholic “Black Belts” and the pansy ” Pink Belt” accompanying trying to bring him back to power.

    There is no doubt he is the only other credible leader fro Sri Lanka apart from Gotabhaya. Mahinda Rajapakse should not betray the Sinhala Buddhists once over! Otherwise he can easily join the above mentioned list as another Traitor of Sri Lanka!

  3. Dham Says:

    Sons are not Baptised but their behavior is not acceptable to both Catholics or Buddhists.

    The problem is it is not his sons he should shed tears for but those young brave lives which brought him to power in addition to giving us freedom from terror.
    He has not admitted any wrong doings excpet forgiving Premadasa ( another traitor)’s daughter.
    Certainly he will behave the same way. It is us who are pushing him, it is our fault. People want him, he doesn’t want people.
    Before asking for votes he should openly admit these grave faults and promise the nation he will never betray the Sinhala Bauddhaya agin. THIS IS A MUST.

  4. Ratanapala Says:


    I agree with you. Premadasa is another traitor who allowed 600 policemen to be slaughtered. His wife, son and daughter are Born Again Christians – thanks to Rosie Senanayake! You can see Dulanjalee invoking God in her letter to Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Christian / Catholic Church spares no pain to infiltrate political families in Sri Lanka.

    Shenali should make a write up on how Sinhala Buddhist families along with all their possessions and progeny were adopted and finally possessed by the Christian / Catholic churches down the ages. This is the only way we can understand the Traitors of Sri Lanka and their behaviour during the last 500 years of our history!

  5. janakic Says:

    It is Buddhism that bugs our people when it comes to our national identity. We are a country of 70% Sinhala Buddhists (reduced from 75%) and the national identity like in any other jurisdiction should reflect the majority race and religion. Mahinda was presented with a scenario that he had the catholic support because of his wife and that was the reason why he did bend backwards to accommodate christian demands. He never believed that there is an underhand agenda. I am sure his wife too would not have been privy to the depth of catholic action in our country. Currently there is no one to save our country except Mahinda and Gota. Mahinda had on several occasions has acknowledged his mistakes and we can have confidence that he will not trod on that path again. We have to get the two brothers to lead us if we are to survive as a nation.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Thambi mudiyanse must top the list of traitors to Mother Lanka. He put foundations to break up Sri Lanka
    by signing13, 13A. Today chief ministers, state ministers, deputy ministers, etc, etc coming out of every nook and
    corner. They want land powers, police powers, etc, etc. Then imagine the corruption these free loaders will do. Then thambi mudiyanse started killing Buddhist jvpers, while slapping catholic pira(mala)paharan’s catholic
    tigers. Then another traitor, lk premadasa, took over and took the brutality against the Buddhists to a unimaginable horror
    highs. Then came the catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil. He had the advantage of being a token Buddhist to hoodwink
    Sinhala modayas and die hard catholic underneath. So he carried on massaccaring Buddhists.

    With puppet maru sira he is running the show again. Now he wants to start the violence again. He is stirring up things
    against the Sinhalese to get them to rebel. Then he can destroy some more Buddhists population with his kevum eating loving Sinhala police and army personnel. Like thambi mudiyanse did; kill some army and police family members with his pathalyin and put the blame on protesters and they will go blood thirsty kill their own.

    This YAMA PALLAN’S YAMA PALANAYA IS HELL BENT ON KILLING BUDDISHIM OFF FROM SRI LANKA. They’ve already stopped Buddhism in schools. Buddhism gone from constitution. Next step is to rein in Buddhist monks who have always come forward to protect the country and Buddhism while Sinhala deshapaluwo keep quiet for their personal gains. Remember Soma Thero and how they got rid of him quietly and quickly. Buddhist Sri Lanka they call it. So the job is easy when you call Buddhist Sri Lanka and can do any dirty thing against them.

    MR is the only leader who was sympathetic to Sinhalese cause. He had the vision to keep Sri Lanka in one piece by aligning with the Chinese who will never break up Sri Lanka, whereas crafty indians will always try break up the country to please tn tamils. Blaming MR is wrong while he manouvred Sri Lanka with a lot of back stabbers in his own party.
    It was one man against so many back stabbers. Maru sira, nimal sira, sb, parajithaya, durjanana, gon seka, cham pakaya, mongol pongol, etc, etc. Sinhalese backstabbers were a galore. He had only GR he could trust. With so many judas amongst his own, he achieved so much. He was not perfect. But within 10 years, he saved 100,000’s of lives and developed the country.

    He had to fight almost all of the world. We all know catholic church rules Sri Lanka. He needed a lot of support from his lot to fight them. But with so many back stabbers within his own ranks how could he fight? His great mistake was not abolishing 13, 13A, not resettling Sinhalese in north and east. With so many enemies, he fought a war and won. When you compared him to people like thambi mudiyanse, lk premada, catholic traitor chief pol ponil, he is a collosal! He is the best leader Sri Lanka ever had in modern times. He realised his mistakes and would’ve taken Sri Lanka to greater heights in the world if he had won! But short-memoried some Sinhala modayas quickly forgot all the good and went for
    the Buddhist-killing UNPatriotic party’s murderous, robbers.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Catholic church in the world today is an Empire without boarders. It is that simple.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    correcting an error : read as ‘borders’.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    His great mistake was not abolishing 13, 13A, not resettling Sinhalese in north and east.- instead MR promised 13 plus (13+0.0001 ) !!!

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    A S !! Thambi Mudiyanse is a word used and started by somebody. It is actually **Tombi Mudaliyar** a title given to JRs father, when he arrived from Malaya or India. JRs father married a miss Jayawardene, and they held on to the name.

    Please Google ***J.R.Jayawardene Geneology,*** and you will find much more.

  11. Jag Says:

    Superb write up Ms.Waduge. No disrespect to MR, but cant agree more with both Ratanapala and Dham.

    Ancient Sinhalaya, talking the truth and reality is never an insult to MR. The more open we are, the more we come to understand our weaknesses as a race and avoid those pitfalls in our march forward.

    I too contribute to the thinking that MR shouldn’t have associated with Vatican while having the full knowledge of how they have embarked on christianising the whole world.

    Failure to enact the ”Anti Conversion Bill”, annual 13A and Colonising NE were three of the most important elements that were missed by MR, EVEN WITH SUCH AN OVERWHELMING MANDATE.

    While respecting him for all good things that he had done for the country, now it is GR that people should ask to be brought in to power. It is no secret that he was indeed the driving force behind MR in bringing about many good changes and HE DESERVES to be given a chance to do his bit for the country as an outstanding leader whom people love so dearly.

    Fortunately, GR is married to a very respectable buddhist lady and we can expect those important changes to take place under his rule.

    I am in no way offending my catholic friends if I reveal the virus that was left by invaders. I am not insulting a religion, but the way the invaders used and keep on using the religion is nothing different to spreading a virus.

    The agents they use to propagate their religion are females. They are often descendants of the invaders, or related to them through marriages having ”parangi blood” in them. That gives them good looks that they use to seduce good educated, well to do Buddhist lads who are looking for beauty, and that is the end of their soul. They are made ”lambs” and the children born with their father’s blood and surname are made catholics.

    This is why we have Catholic Gauthamadasas and Sanghadasas amongst us. It is time our Venerable Sangha address this issue head on (I don’t mean to say that they should be like Ven.Gnanasara, never) and make our Bhuddist character more stronger to a point that they demand their ”to be” Catholic partners to convert to Buddhism.

    The best example we have is Rosy Senanayake. This woman has converted her whole family to Evangelicals. Her husband Athula Senanayake is the grandson of a Buddhist colossal Hon. P. de S. Kularatne who along with Colonel Olcott, established the foremost Buddhist School Ananda College. Not only that, I saw somewhere (not sure whether I am wrong) that he was a secretary of the SLFP.

    Today, Rosy has not only converted that leading Buddhist family to become Evangelicals, but their political affiliations too. Just look at what one agent is capable of doing….. and she hasn’t stopped there. She has even converted Premadasa’s widow and his daughter too. Sajith, although put his hands together all the time as a politico, most probably is married to a Catholic.

    Any way, their ancestors were originally Buddhists who got themselves converted either due to compulsion, if not due to the greed of benefits. This is what our society should talk openly and educate them on.

    We, Sinhala Buddhists have a long way to go in establishing what we want, a Buddhist country. I don’t mean that we have to chase away non Buddhists. But even 68 years after being independent, we are still under Catholic influence and they are in no way ready to let us get off from their trap.

    This is why we need a man like GR at the helm. He has shown how committed he is to our cause. He was the first one to be in Kuragala by himself, flying there straight away upon hearing the issue where Muslims were taking over the Buddhist religious site.

    We need to rally around leaders like GR and Admiral Weerasekera, who is a fearless capable leader with a wealth of knowledge on our history and literature in defeating those evil influences DUE TO THE SIMPLE FACT THAT WE ARE LEFT WITH NO CHOICE, IF WE ARE TO EXIST AS SINHALA BUDDHISTS IN TO THE NEXT CENTURY !!!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Ancient Sinhalaya. MR has had to face the most difficult task of not only removing the LTTE (trained by INDIA !), but also a draconian Constitutional additon (also imposed under Duress by neighbor INDIA during the UNP govt of JRJ !) which divided the country through Provinces and language, making the Tamil language an OFFICIAL LANGUAGE.

    Some folk who write to these columns are deluded if they think that MR inherited a nice, clean country full of Patriots to work with to get rid of the LTTE and grow the Economy !
    500 yrs of Colonial rule have left a permanent mark on the country – never under estimate it. It requires all Sinhala people to watch over their country, if they want to keep it Unitary.
    Expecting MR to do it virtually single handed is another delusion.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    An excellent speech by MR in Singhala.


  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    The book “Sri Wickrema Rajasingha – the Last King of Kandy” by P. Dolapihilla, is very revealing and shows how the local Chief Adigar’s (Pilimatalawa) ambitions to the Throne of Kandy via his illegitimate son (Prince Kannasamy) from a Andra courtesan in Peradeniya, tied up with the British ambitions to take all of Lanka. Prince Kannasamy was placed on the Throne of Kandy after Rajasingha II (Dona Catharina’s son), died in a suspicious way while riding his horse. The Prince was considered an illegitimate son of the King. Pilimatalawa tutored the boy King into the role he had to play. However, the other Adigars grew suspicious of the young King and Pilimatalawa’s role, and the confused King turned to drinking whiskey sent as a ‘gift’ by the British to the Palace in Kandy. In his drunken rages, the King ordered the killing of various people he suspected, including his ‘Aththa’ Pilimatalawa. The worst was the gruesome killing of Ehelepola’s family. And that is how the Adigars, in desperation, handed over the King to the British.

    For the British it was Mission accomplished – they watchfully waited their turn to supply whiskey to the King ! How diabolically patient, how cunning, how sly, how smart ….

    Lanka & India are both united in the colonial tragic past.

    But, is today’s N&E of Lanka and some other parts of Lanka being thrown as a ‘bone’ by the new India, to ex-colonists, through the Tamil leaders, the Tamil Diaspora, and some ignorant Lanka leaders, by crashing Lanka’s Economy (measured by a partially failed system called the GDP, when PQLI – Physical Quality of LIfe Index – must be used to measure the Economy too) ?
    Much more subtle than the whiskey in 1815 times …..

    The point to note is that Sri Lanka is NOT a Failed State. We have the Water & Food, Shelter & Clothing – basic necessities for life to go on. There is no need to sell out the country in acts of Economic desperation.

    Do not allow a Fed State for Tamils.
    Do not allow Ranil to lease out 5,000 acres of land on 99 yr leases.
    Do not allow Ranil’s Chunnel to Tamil Nadu to bring in millions of Tamil Dalits from Tamil Nadu.
    Do not sell out assets/resources of Lanka to foreign holders in large quantities.
    Sell as many as ready made, made in Lanka, products as much as possible.
    Use Gree/Renewable Energy as much as possible.
    Teach Sc& Tech

    The list is endless for Recovery and Security. When real Security for the masses happen, real Reconciliation will happen.

  15. charithsls Says:

    Jag raises very important issue on better halves. Buddhists to demand their leaders’ spouses to be converted, we don’t want to infringe on anybody’s human rights but when someone demands to be a leader to lead a Buddhist Society, Buddhists are within their rights to demand so . Well, we all look at the SLFP leaders, what about after Ranil; so far we thought Sajith is like a country Buddhist but with his mother & sister & other immediate members converting to Christianity, Buddhists should NOT support him anymore learning the danger from MR. Dulanjalee to openly declare the blessings of God in addressing MR is tantamount to disaster the country will be facing, the day Sajith succeeds. We should look at both main party leaders who will govern in turns & I think, it is time Buddhists are alerted to Sajith’s danger & find someone else instead.You can see why Premadasas fall to Christianity easily with their heritage ,they know they won’t be held high in a Buddhist society (which is one of our downsides in fact).What about MR’s sons’ future brides? if they want to be our leaders we should demand these now that our eyes are open. Buddhists should lead campaigns bringing these into public notice for country’s future sake.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “Buddhists to demand their leaders’ spouses to be converted, we don’t want to infringe on anybody’s human rights but when someone demands to be a leader to lead a Buddhist Society, Buddhists are within their rights to demand so.”

    We go to dangerous territory and ANTI-BUDDHIST practices if this is done. NO! No one can be “CONVERTED” to Buddhism. It is their voluntary choice. LET ANYONE DEFEND SL. Their religion, ethnicity, caste, etc. DOES NOT matter. The ONLY criteria should be THEIR ACCEPTANCE and DEFENCE of UNITARY SINHELA BUDDHIST SL.

    charithsls used to write SENSIBLE COOL HEADED things. But this little bit is NOT.

    Let me explain.

    SL had HINDU, BUDDHIST, CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM traitors. Religion plays NO PART. LESS KNOWN Buddhist TRAITORS are.

    1. AHALEPOLLA (Punnusamy was also a traitor)
    2. JR
    3. RP
    4. Run-nil
    5. Major General Jayanath Perera
    6. CBK
    8. Ronnie de Mel
    9. Ossie Apegunashekara
    10. Thayan J
    11. Vasutheva
    12. Vickramabahu K
    13. Eknelikodda

    Anagarika Dharmapala identified MANY Buddhists who were traitors.

    Religion has NOTHING to do with patriotism.

    MOST LLRP guys were either Muslims or Tamils. VERY FEW Buddhists.

    I’m an Anglican Tamil SL patriot and I will NEVER change who I am.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Did I forget RATANA thero and Charmpaka in the traitors list?

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    I AGREE Anoma Rajapaksha (GR’s wife) is more suitable to be the FIRST LADY than any other.

    She is NOT a beauty queen but a very sensible down to earth and MODEST woman. GR is damn lucky to marry her. SL should be LUCKY to have her as the first lady.

    2 MISS SLs canvassed for MR in 2015 but lost. Ferdinandez and Shiranthi not to forget KHAN!

    SL people know beauty is only SKIN DEEP. When I was in a Singhala school my school name was KAAPIRIYA due to my skintone, etc. but who cares.

  19. Dham Says:

    Traitor or Patriot lists should be dynamic. Those who are dead cannot make up for the harm they did. Others still can.
    Even MS, RW, CBK still can change although unlikely. Ratan Thero was one of the pioneers of final war. Champika was riding on him.

    MR has to undergo radical changes to his behaviour. He has already betryed the war heros. This is a fact. The grave danger is, he is not changing. He wants GR to follow him, means “India is our Friend”.

    MR without GR- no beating of LTTE. GR was always forcing MR, trying to convince him that without finishing LTTE, LTTE would kill them eventually. MT never believed war can be won until the last stages. Has MR even heard a sound of a LTTE bomb ? GR has.
    MR sacrificed nothing personally. GR and many others dragged him along. He should change. No point making him important more than the country.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    In what way has MR betrayed the armed forces ? He himself is accused of War Crimes !
    Please don’t talk tosh !

    Re India : Although I do not trust India (mostly due to Tamil Nadu), ANY Leader of Lanka will have to work with India. INDIA is most of the problem with their Caste bind and poverty, massive numbers, and wayward East/West relations.

    The so called “Buddhist tag” on politicos and their wives mean nothing ! Look at the ‘pacha’ leaders of today pretending to be Buddhists supporting the Buddhists of Lanka …..

    Just because he has moved in a wise manner throughout these many years of trouble in Sri Lanka, and avoided causing real trouble for himself, his family and the country, no one can say blithely that ‘MR has sacrificed nothing personally’ ! What about being dragged incessantly to the F(False)CID for over one year and now Yoshitha in jail – the harrassment they have experienced and the uncertainty, both from within the country and outside ? Would any one of us in this Forum have done the same for Lanka and her Armed Forces ?

    Shame on Lankans who use political heroes and throw them away. Do give credit where it is due.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    What Dham says about MR and GR is CORRECT. But MR didn’t do anything INTENTIONALLY. Kind hearted MR was FOOLED by cunning people.

    MR remains a good person.

    SF was made the army commander due to GR FORCING it. MANY begged MR NOT to appoint HARDLINER SF as army commander.

    During the war MANY begged MR to REMOVE SF as army commander. SF called TAMIL NADU people CLOWNS and ASSES. SF said SL belongs to Singhalese. GREAT statements. But they hurt some TRAITORS with MR. But GR refused.

    Anandasangaree FOOLED MR to stop NIGHT TIME air raids on LTTE. What happened? LTTE planes attacked SL at night!!
    This is how they operate. After that a FURIOUS GR ordered to carry out night time air raids on LTTE.

    MR continued with the CFA until 2008!

    GR and SF had to talk to MPs and ask them NOT to vote against the defence budget in 2007.

    BR brought down an ENDIAN Hindu priest wearing a funny saffron robe and a long beard and had a BAJAN BAJAWWA with Jayalath Jaya, etc. to bring peace to SL! GR refused to join in.

    Clever GR ordered Shavendra’s 58 division to take on LTTE terrorists hiding around MADU. Shavendra is a Catholic too. LTTE used the church area as a human shield. So and so put so much pressure on MR to STOP the war. GR insisted NO.

    Kasippu Joseph threaten to ELOPE with the statue to LTTE areas. So and so panicked and told MR to stop the war so she can visit the statue. GR said NO. The dirty man ran away with the female statue into lawless LTTE territory.

    But MR was a clever leader. He listened to GR AND managed the world opinion favorably so we could fight the war. MR should get credit for it.

    It was Vartharajah PERUMAL’S minister Thayan J who pushed 13 amendment to MR after winning the war. Truth to be told.

    Victory has MANY fathers. Defeat is always an orphan! Lets find the ONE TRUE father of victory and the one true father of DEFEAT.

    As VP said Singhala people have a VERY SHORT memory. Let me prove my point. If you answer anything less than 4 for these 4 questions, your memory is failing you as VP said.

    1. Who was Vartharajah PERUMAL’S minister in 1988 who now sits with MR?

    2. Which old MP pushed TAMIL National Anthem in 2013 as a minister of MR’s govt.?

    3. Who gave GENERAL RANJAN WIJERATNA a flower reed (the type you use in a funeral) when he went to war with the LTTE?

    4. Who is the signatory to LTTE VADAKUNDI RESOLUTION in 1976 and called VP THAMBI but now pretends he is so innocent that he cannot count to 5?

    Now please don’t turn the KAPARAKOYYA into THALAKOYYA when you want to eat it. Be honest.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    Don’t worry about FCID.

    It is ILLEGAL.

    Court will THRASH FCID nonsense once again.

  23. Jag Says:

    ”We go to dangerous territory and ANTI-BUDDHIST practices if this is done. NO! No one can be “CONVERTED” to Buddhism. It is their voluntary choice.”

    Lorenzo, would you care to please explain as to how we’ll be entering DANGEROUS TERRITORY, if Singhalese men ask their Catholic spouses to become Buddhists, just like their ancestors ?

    So in other words, what you say is…. Catholic women converting their Buddhist men to Catholics is ok, right ? Because that is the ONLY alternative that is left, if the man doesn’t convert to being a Catholic. So there’s no harm at all ? Alas, I never knew that for this long…. that there’s indeed probity and righteousness in such actions.

    All I have to say is, in my usual vernacular – ”ithin apey jaathiya vinaasa vena eka ahanna deyak dha ?”

  24. mario_perera Says:

    Alas, our Sinhala politicians are ONCE AGAIN (as they have done since the 1930s) misreading and erroneoisly interpreting the TAMIL NATURE.

    A clue to the REAL Tamil Nature was provided by S.J.Emmanuel when he openly and publicly proclaimed: I AM A TAMIL BEFORE I BECAME A CHRISTIAN. A strange utterance from a man who by hook or by crook hold a doctorate in Catholic Theology.

    Catholic theology unambiguously, definitely and definitively teaches that God created man, every single man, ALL MANKIND, according to his OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS.

    Then where does this TAMILNESS enter into the equation?

    Catholic theology declares that at birth every man is infused with a LIVING SOUL that proceeds directly from God. It is the soul that vivifies and that gives man, every man, his real identity.

    Now here is a ‘priest of God’, a priest of ‘mother the Catholic Church’ publicly declaring that God created for him (and for all Tamils) a TAMIL SOUL !! What he says is that GOD is the PROTOTYPE of TAMILS…that TAMILNESS is God’s image and likeness.

    Friends, let no one get fooled. What the Tamils are striving after is EELAM, the promised land for God’s chosen people made according to God’s own image and likeness, the people of the EXODUS. there is no stopping them because successive Sinhala governments are bending backwards to accommodate them. Do not the Tamils themselves know that Sinhalaya is Modaya.

    Readers, get this straight. What the Tamils want was clearly enunciated by VIGGIE, that Tamils form a SEPARATE SOVEREIGN NATION. What they call ‘reconciliation’ is the path to that end. The national anthem in Tamil is a path to that end. Getting back ‘their’ land is a path to their end. Modernizing the north is a path to that end. All that the Sinhala government calls ‘reconciliation’ are all paths that lead to Tamil Eelam.

    The Tamils are wielding a much greater clout with their political arm than with their military arm. Indeed the LTTE won their political battle for them.

    What is the solution? The solution is for the Maha Sangha to take over the country because the Sinhala-ness is genuinely engrained ONLY in the Sangha.

    In reality, it is Buddhism is the prototype of Sinhala-hood. Sinhala-ness is the image and likeness of Buddhism.Its epitome is the Sangha.

    These damned politicians must go. The Sangha must rise up and save the country which is being handed to the Tamils on a platter.

    Mario Perera

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    IF a Buddhist marries a Christian there is NO NEED for ANYONE of them to convert to the other’s religion.

    Religion is a personal matter. Let everyone practice WHATEVER religion they want.

    A politician should NOT be driven by his religion or wife’s religion in his work. Just do what is entrusted to do.

    IF MR is remote controlled by the CHURCH through SR, that is his weakness. The CHURCH is NOT responsible for that.

    e.g. IF he listened to the church he would NEVER have gone to THIRUPATHI KOVIL to worship SIVA LINGAM.

    “Catholic women converting their Buddhist men to Catholics is ok, right ?”

    NO. WRONG. That should not happen.

    Have you heard the story of prince KONNAPU BANDARAYAN? He later became king. He married Donna Katrina a Singhala-Portuguese princess. She was a Catholic but he was a Buddhist. NO ONE tried to convert the other!! They lived happily ever after.

    The problem as Mario says is NOT based on religion.

    75% of SLs are Singhala. 70% are Buddhists. 5% Singhala Christians. NO Muslim or HINDU calls himself a Singhalese.

    Therefore the CLOSEST people Buddhists have are Singhala Christians. Don’t try to DIVIDE your community. Learn from Tamils. Tamils having HINDUS and CHRISTIANS also try to GRAB Muslims into our fold by calling them TAMIL SPEAKING people. Buddhists should do same without driving anyone OUT to the enemy.

  26. Jag Says:

    ”Don’t try to DIVIDE your community”

    Lorenzo, this is exactly what I am NOT doing here….. you surely have read me wrong. I am not trying to divide the community. That’s the last thing that any Singhalese wants. Singhalese Catholics CANNOT DENY the fact that they were originally Buddhists. So what harm it does when a Catholic woman converts to her original religion of her ancestors in order to raise a family.

    There can’t be a family with two religions. That’s NOT OUR WAY of raising a family. When children carry their father’s surname, WHY NOT HIS RELIGION ?

    Your suggestion is the ”common bait” that is presented to all such gullible Buddhist men who enter in to matrimony with Catholic women. That is the ”mantra” they use to marry that guy. Then later on, they very well know how to bend that gullible idiot to not only become a Catholic, but to become her slave too. Take my word for it.

    So preaching Buddhists saying, ”let anyone follow their own religion” is absolute rubbish and I vehemently oppose it. Do not try to water down the situation. It is serious. Gullible Buddhist men are being fooled by Catholic women. THAT HAS TO STOP !

    A broad social dialogue must be introduced to discuss this subject and the involvement of our Maha Sangha is a must. People must be educated on this scheme that is covertly taking place in our society.

    If this continues, there will hardly be any Buddhist when we reach 22nd century. ”Sinhala-kama” and Buddhism cannot be separated. Singhalese identity comes with Buddhism, and should remain that way. I am not against Catholic Singhalese. They too are patriotic citizens of our society. But the whole idea is TO NOT TO LEAVE ANY CHANCES FOR VATICAN OR THE CHRISTIAN WEST to manipulate our society and do things that do not agree with our Sinhala Buddhist way of life.

  27. Dham Says:

    You said
    “There can’t be a family with two religions. That’s NOT OUR WAY of raising a family. When children carry their father’s surname, WHY NOT HIS RELIGION ?

    Your suggestion is the ”common bait” that is presented to all such gullible Buddhist men who enter in to matrimony with Catholic women. That is the ”mantra” they use to marry that guy. Then later on, they very well know how to bend that gullible idiot to not ..”

    I fully agree with you, Jag.

    But don’t forget. It all depends on how good is your understanding of Dhamma. If the man is a Buddhist by birth only, he will be happy to be a MKR(Modayata ….. Rattaran) as you said.

    Knowing Buddhism well, in your heart, it is impossible to help to harm your Sinhala- Buddhist ness.

    You don’t need to be a Christian or a Catholic to be successful in a modern world, such ideal is a myth.

  28. Jag Says:

    ”Knowing Buddhism well, in your heart, it is impossible to help to harm your Sinhala- Buddhist ness.”

    Dham, logically what you are saying is right and I agree with you.

    However in reality, the ”honesty” of such good Buddhists have been taken as a way of taking them prisoner… sighting, ”if you really wanted to marry me, then why drag religion in to this ?”….

    so the gullible idiot honours his word… and that’s the end. If he doesn’t cooperate or in real terms ”obey” his Catholic wife, even he doesn’t get a chance to share the same bed !

    That sounds funny, but that’s how those women control their men to make them ”obey”. So that sort of arrangements must be stopped at any cost. It is not the beauty or the erotic sensation that is important for us Sinhala Buddhists, it is all about how we produce good quality Sinhala Buddhist children to this society !

  29. mario_perera Says:

    Below are some quotes from Jag and Dham

    “So preaching Buddhists saying, ”let anyone follow their own religion” is absolute rubbish and I vehemently oppose it. Do not try to water down the situation. It is serious. Gullible Buddhist men are being fooled by Catholic women. THAT HAS TO STOP !”-so said Jag

    “Jag, You said, “There can’t be a family with two religions. That’s NOT OUR WAY of raising a family. When children carry their father’s surname, WHY NOT HIS RELIGION ?
    Your suggestion is the ”common bait” that is presented to all such gullible Buddhist men who enter in to matrimony with Catholic women. That is the ”mantra” they use to marry that guy. Then later on, they very well know how to bend that gullible idiot to not …I fully agree with you, Jag.” – so said Dham.

    Now gentlemen, having said what you said, what’s the solution? You even suggest pulling in the Sangha into the matter of Buddhist-Non-Buddhist marriages.

    for the moment you are only scrutinizing Buddhist-Catholic/Christian marriages. You cam also enlarge your view to include Buddhist-Hindu marraiges – one that looms larger than life is the marriage of two Buddhist women of leading Buddhist politicians to the sons of VIGGIE. The children, at least from their external appearances are totally HINDU…dressed as Tamils, and sporting the pottu.

    We do know that before marriage the parents seek advice, naturally also from religious leaders. Now what you say happen, happens after the contraction of marriage. Even after marriage the parties are totally free to approach their religious leaders for further advice. The advisory process of concerned persons does not stop with the tying of the knot.

    If after all this, what you say still happens, then the sole responsibility rests on the man and the woman.

    If your purpose is to stop the decision making process of man and wife, whatever that be, then the only other recourse is to legislation. That means taking away the decision making power over their lives (religion and religious education of the children is a matter of the parents) from the couple and handing it over to politicians and to religious leaders.

    If you shout loud enough maybe your ideas night find their way into the new constitution.

    As a means to the end, maybe you could begin already by organizing yourselves into a committee that could be called:
    Buddhist-Non-Buddhist marriages. Committee for stopping disadvantages and discrimination against the Buddhist Party.

    Maybe others could suggest better strategies to promote your grievances.

    Mario Perera

  30. Jag Says:

    Thanks for your comments Mario, but it is not a personal grievance as such… it is a major issue in relation to ”conversions”. When the main objective of the Church is to convert Buddhists to Catholicism, Buddhists too should find ways to counter that and put a stop to that.

    This type of covert conversions using females is NOT acceptable under any circumstances. How if we Buddhists too embark on all types of ways in converting Catholics the same way they do ?

    They should have the common courtesy by not carrying out such activities in the land of Buddhists. If they ignore that, then definitely we have to get Maha Sangha involved in this issue and open a dialogue in the society in making people aware of this situation.

    Someone got to talk about this issue, and I do it. Anyone can label me anyway they like, but I won’t stop. I strongly believe it is the birth right of any Sinhala Buddhist to talk about what the Church is doing to Buddhists.

  31. Ratanapala Says:

    There is another side to Christian Buddhist marriages. In most such weddings a Poruwa Ceremony takes place before hand – nowadays mostly for outward show. The real marriage takes place behind the scenes after the poruwa ceremony when a Christian / Catholic priest enters the scene and registers the marriage in the Church.

    Let somebody correct me – one of the obligations of this registering process and marriage contract is that the any offspring should be raised as Christians / Catholic religion and baptised in due course. This way the children and later all property moveable and immovable ends up in Christian / Catholic hands. Many a Buddhist family’s fortunes have thus ended up in Christian / Catholic establishment and their progeny. The non-Christian partner agrees without knowing the full consequences of his action.

    As it is often seen the children get a Christian / Catholic education and upbringing and later end up as virulent Anti- Buddhist for such is the upbringing that comes from the Christian /Catholic partner and from the church. The Anti-Buddhistness of the Christian / Catholic adherents is the most virulent I have seen anywhere around the world for normal Christians around the world are humane beings who are willing live and let live.

    The problems is not in Christianity as such but in the churches which for all purposes and intents are extensions of the bloody Roman Empire, even to this day intent on world conquest and subjugation.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    “There can’t be a family with two religions.”


    There can be. Religions don’t preach violence against other religions. People CAN COEXIST as humans respecting DIFFERING religious views.

    That’s how SLs lived for so long. Many Buddhists celebrate X-MAS. MR and family and others celebrate THAI PONGAL and RAMAZAN. Muslims operate WESAK DANSAL! Buddhists go to KOCHCHIKADE church. Christians go to GANGARAMA temple. Buddhists go to Katharagama HINDU temple. This is how SL should be.

    The TAMIL separatism madness is a different case. It has NO religious issue. That is we should get rid of.

  33. Jag Says:

    Fully agree with you Ratanapala. That is the absolute truth and the ”real” state of affairs that takes place when a Buddhist man marries and Catholic woman.

    Lorenzo, I disagree with you. Please read Ratanapala’s response. Let’s not BS ourselves. That is what ”exactly” happening in those inter-religious marriages.

    This is why we need to open a social dialogue to educate our Sinhala Buddhists. That is the absolute need of the hour !

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is basically a SECURITY ISSUE due to WORLD POLITICS, and not a religious issue.

    When Cold Wars happen, or when powerful Colonists aspire to expand, the various religions take sides on these issues and East/West issues, and that is where the troubles and differences of opinion happen. It is not due to the religions by themselves, but trouble happens due to world politics. Friends friend is our friend, and vice versa, and so on.

    Catholic/Christian sectors will always be with the west as that is where the religion started and is upheld. Muslim folk will always owe allegiance to Mecca and so on. Buddhists would really like to have genuine friedship with India, and so would the Hindu folk.

    All should take an Oath of Allegiance to LANKA, starting with all school children. It is Allegiance to Lanka and her People that matters.

    Comments welcome.

  35. Nimal Says:

    Religions are so corrupted, we can do without it. UK is an example where people are progressive and peaceful. No wonder people from outside the country wants to settle in UK. Could that be the same for our country Sri Lanka? Nobody wants us in their countries with severe visa restrictions and I feel sad for the high achievers in the island who find it almost impossible to visit the developed world.

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