Posted on February 6th, 2016


By Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist and Political Communication Researcher and longstanding SLFP Stalwart – February 5th., 2016. 

In the name of God AllMighty, do not cover up this scandal. There are many powerful and elite society including politicians and medical professionals who have used their lobbying power and influence to either stalemate this scandal report again or block the facts by trying to submit a fake report.

Thanks God that the media, especially, even in the face of threats on other issues have been a champion in bring this out to the public and giving an opportunity for sensible, factual, statistical and researched comments to be presented in this forum which has also been referred to HE. The President, it is rumoured and the reason for it to be handed for CID/Police investigations.

As a longstanding SLFP Stalwart since 1969, I have the fullest confidence that HE. President Maithripala Sirisena will make sure that no political or money power will  cloud the Police/CID inquiries and the culprits will go scotch free at the end, because, there is no-confidence in the 5 member committee appointed by the Hon. Minister of Health to have produced a fair report as they are all from the medical profession (Doctors) who are also in private practice, it is suspected. The Hon. Minister should have appointed a committee of senior public service administrators with a representative of the legal profession and one member of the medical profession from the private medical sector.

This scandal by the medical profession (not all) is the biggest inhuman undertakings that has ever been brought to light by the Indian police and the Media in Sri Lanka. I hope that this will also end up like the culprits being arrested in the Embilipitiya police murder case. All those involved,whatever person he or she is, whatever community they belong and how famous they may be in the medical profession or how close they are to the Hon. Minister of Health, they must be arrested and brought before the law and punished severely in accordance to the civil and criminal laws that apply to such crimes.

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