Sri Lanka’s sovereignty for sale & at stake
Posted on February 6th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 Sri Lanka is facing a very critical juncture of its history. Apart from a handful, the nation appears euthanized and incapable to understand that the nation is nearing the precipice and the collapse unlikely to be reversed. How aware or ready are we to subjugate our nation?

 Danger in India’s incursion

What separated Sri Lanka for over 50,000 years from India is likely to be breached leaving floodgates of Tamil Nadu Tamils to freely enter Sri Lanka. When that happens our sovereignty would automatically collapse. When we cannot control Indian fishermen from stealing our fish can we stop the influx of Indians into Sri Lanka? Even the Northern Province Chief Minister or their newly formed federal government will have no say. The influx will be far greater than the indentured laborers brought by the British and settled down in Sri Lanka. Indians will not care too hoots for any Thesavalamai laws that Sambanthans or Wigneswaran’s will chant.

 Our memories are short. We have forgotten that India started Tamil Terrorist militancy by clandestinely training Tamil youth in India and sending them to fight our forces and destabilize our nation. A friend will never do that. We have never had a proper India policy. We still do not know how many Tamil Nadu Tamils fought for the LTTE or even how many Tamil Nadu Tamils turned Sri Lankan into their home throughout the 3 decades that LTTE ruled allowing a flow of Indians into Sri Lanka. This is one reason why we cannot gauge the number of deaths against the actual Tamil population. We have also forgotten India’s attempt to annex Sri Lanka an endeavor lasting centuries and mentioned in the writings of Kautilya.

 Setting out to achieve that objective is the use of the Tamil card. The Indian Government with one stone is able to deal with both Tamil Nadu and get Sri Lankan Tamil on to their side as well.

 Incremental territorial gains was India’s next option starting off with the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 and tweaking Sri Lanka’s constitution to introduce the 13th amendment and the provincial council system that declared the north and east to be merged and referred to as traditional homeland of Tamil speaking people. The next was to bring in 100,000 Indian troops with no intention of leaving though that plan did not work out as expected. With each incremental gain, India was able to diplomatically exert its will and ensure that Indianization took place socially, culturally, economically and even politically with politicians of all party in the secret payroll of India pushing forward India’s agenda.    

 What role does Tamils and Tamil Nadu play in all this. They are simply happy to play along for all minority political leadership/their families and associates have served to gain by peddling the minority grievance/aspiration slogan, a theme that gels well with the geopolitics of liberal think tanks busy breaking up the nation-states to create mini-states that would provide new means of taxations and bigger profits for the corporates/secret societies that run the world.

 Tamil Nadu is a 99% Tamil majority state. Its official language in Tamil, everything is done in Tamil. But Tamil Nadu’s 72million Tamils does not dare to sing the Indian national anthem in Tamil or even demand to. Yet, in a state where Tamils run themselves why are Tamils not been treated well? DMK and AIADMK are guilty of not alleviating poverty.  19 % of Tamil Nadu’s population consists of Dalit’s, 50% of them are illiterate, 70% of Dalit’s are Christian. If this is the case in the state where separatism started when they can’t even look after their own, on what grounds are they claiming to want their own state to look after and be led by their own people? Meanwhile, 836 million people live on less than Rs. 20 a day in India.

 India’s plan is simple enough. LTTE helped India to make inroads into Sri Lanka. 30 years was enough time for India to decipher which buttons needed to be pressed. The next need was to get rid of LTTE and that too took less than 3 years to complete. India was quick to play its cards and ‘concern for Tamils’ became a perfect ploy to ensure enough of Indians were relocated, given land deeds (for those who never owned lands) and placed in strategic locations that India had been eyeing (which they could easily buy off from the IDPs).

 The perfect opportunity has come with a weak government now in power. India asks and India gets. CEPA has become the ECTA likely to result in detrimental repercussions for all Sri Lankans irrespective of their economic status.

 Everybody is likely to be affected when Indians are allowed to enter, set up business, bring family, take residence and carry on everything that Sri Lankans do in their home. India has 1.3billion people and Sri Lanka just 20million. Tamil Nadu has 72million. A little imagination will help visualize the future. Indian empire just like the Roman Empire is expanding. Sinhalese are destined to become poorer than they are. IT industry opening up 100% to Indians will not only leave 80,000 Sri Lankans jobless but will pose a national security risk with all computer systems under RAW. We will be sovereign in name only.

 Collapse of nation-states – redrawing/recreating nation-states

 These are the visible political situations taking place. These events have a backdrop and are devised by global think tanks with bigger plans for the world.

 How was East Europe Balkanized? By lies helped by UN. How has the Middle East suddenly gone up in flames? By lies helped by UN. Thus, by carving out new independent states a ‘New Middle East’ will be created. Iraqi Kurdistan will be created, Kosovo was created and had nothing to do with saving Kosovars, Yugoslavia was cut into independent states, South Sudan was created, the same happened to the Soviet Union. These carved out new states are all been promoted as humanitarian righteous solutions. For this minorities are used as battering ram and the grievances flogged for public consumption has been language, minority rights, discriminations, minority grievances, injustice etc. All issues given oxygen by well-funded NGOs, human rights organizations, the UN and Anglo-American foreign powers along with their non-white strategic partners elsewhere.

 All these new map creations taking place totally ignores or is not bothered about the root cause of problems. Even the media has failed to highlight that modern conflicts are all manufactured for Anglo-American agendas. The issues that are being highlighted as being reason to draw the new maps were issues that these parties helped create or fanned into further chaos.

 Libya never had ISIS, Al Qaeda or any of its partners. Now they do. Iraq never had Al Qaeda or ISIS, the Balkans were divided all on lies, Africa is kept divided to fleece, Afghanistan is in chaos for gas and opium.


image of ME

Now we come to Asia. Nepal has been pushed into having a new constitution that too drafted overseas. In 2013 a key cabinet minister and the person drafting the new constitution met the present Opposition Leader, members of the TNA and LTTE Diaspora in Singapore and agreed upon what is known as the Singapore Principles. in watching the events that have unfolded since, it is not difficult to understand that the developments have all the hallmarks of outside planning and plenty of money thrown in. The singing of the national anthem violating Sri Lanka’s constitution has been the icing on the cake and a signal to all of what’s to come. What is laughable about all the reconciliation goodwill of only the Sinhala politicians giving everything that is not theirs is that at the other spectrum from the Northern Province Chief Minister, to the Opposition Leader who is doing just what Amirthalingam did as Opposition Leader and the deproscribed LTTE front leaders are chanting separatism and collecting money for it too. The world is laughing at the Sinhalese leaders & their yes-men who are clapping reconciliation with one hand while the other side is scheming to divide the nation. 

When Kerry says he is proud of the regime change and the UNSG sends congratulatory messages when every day a murder is taking place it goes to show the extent hypocrisy prevails in world affairs. 

Since all these secret dealings must take place without the public getting a whiff of it, the best tactic being employed is to divert people’s attention and the politicians are ready to make fools of themselves too. To add spice, and keep scorecard the Opposition are being either arrested, taken for questioning to a serious of questionable entities that have been created only to deal with Opposition members. In the meanwhile the service commandos are named by the UN Resolution and the stamp of treachery comes in the government co-sponsoring it making a laughing stock of the military victory over the LTTE. The military is being further neutralized by allowing the divide and rule masters to restructure the military while UN/US officials are going in and out of our security establishments as if going shopping. Will you find anyone allowing another country or official near the security establishments of US, UK, EU nations or even India? 

If people are clueless about the state of affairs in the nation, it is because we have a sepoy media/press plenty of foreign funded NGOs who are paid by foreign governments, Bar Association’s former president who had much to say before the new government came into power but is now busy having got a job in the new government. 

A specter of silence from quarters that must voice their concern to the public apart from a handful rings alarms to a proud nation that has a longer history than the enemies that are knocking at our doors. Even the social media that had been the only source for alternate opinion is now under attack. So where is this good governance that has been promised? Where is the freedom to voice one’s views/opinions?  

The theatrics at play are all part of a global agenda to which Sri Lanka has fallen prey.  

India’s designs are partnered with the West now on its second imperial venture of Asia having decimated the Middle East and enemy nations and their leaders, Africa is unlikely to come out of its misery any time too soon. It’s now Asia’s turn to be again fleeced and flogged by the inquisitors returning for a second wave of brutality.  

Sri Lanka’s geopolitical position is ideal. That equals the oil and gas that the West is attracted to. A country that secures Sri Lanka is able to even block the trade lanes and supply routes via sea. The antipathy with China is what unites the West & India which is a battle between the corporates that own and run the West against a rising China coming out with its new partners, new banking systems and a new world order that contradicts with the West’s corporate plan. Unfortunately Sri Lanka has fallen prey to global politics and our politicians for lack of any brains or vision have chosen to play along with their appeasement policy siphoning of Sri Lanka’s limited territory to foreigners and our people for sheer selfishness remain silent. 

Where will all this madness end in this law of the jungle, only time will tell!

Only those who know the history value it. Only those who know the true heroes will look nowhere else. Only those who appreciate our ancestors will determine to carry on even if we are the only few standing. We will be remembered for trying not for giving on a platter what was never ours!.

 Shenali D Waduge

4 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s sovereignty for sale & at stake”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Shenali, You are right. We have been under siege by India for a long, long time. They have been creeping up on Sri Lanka very slowly. According the Prabahakaran about 35% of his cadre were from South India. If India had any integrity they would have realized that Sri Lanka is a small country and needs protection by India. Instead they have been doing their best to take over the country against the will of the majority Sinhalese. If India takes over they will impose caste system all over Sri Lanka as in India. The Buddhists, Christians, Catholics and Muslims will be the lowest caste as it is now in India and it will be put on the birth certificates as they do in India. It will serve our Sri Lankan Tamils right to be under the boot of Jayalalitha.

    Please see the article below.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Why only the staunchly catholic countries trying to skin MR alive?
    At the UNHCR all the countries support this move are staunchly catholic. Brasil, argentina, norway, uk, us, italy etc. etc.

    All the countries opposed are mainly muslim. Then in addition, people clamouring for justice for the catholic pira(mala)paharan tigers are: archbishop Two three, kasippu joseph, em manure, Sri Lanka’s catholic church. Is that they are sorry their proxy catholic tigers couldn’t establish a catholic country in Sri Lanka. But they can take comfort, the catholic tigers managed to kill over 100,000 Buddhists and eliminated Buddhism from the north and east. That should be cause for a call for celebration. Also why not these human rights champions can’t utter a word for 60,000 Buddhists killed by the catholic-run UNPatriotic party during the BHEESHANA SAMAYA. DON’T THOSE 60,000 HAVE NO RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BUDDHISTS IN SO CALLED BUDDHIST SRI LANKA?

    Monki boon’s UNHCR is a diabolical organisation. They are impotent in Syria since it’s functioning according to
    the west’s agenda. But Sri Lanka is easy meat. So they want to show their might here. If we had been with the mighty Chinese these human rights donkeys would’ve stayed away or at least taken softly softly approach. But some traitor Sinhalese donkeys voted for the Buddhist killing catholic-run UNPatriotic party. The THERAPISTS OF SRI LANKA. SORRY THE RAPISTS OF SRI LANKA. THEY SYSTEMATICALLY RAPE MOTHER LANKA!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    First, let us thank Shenali for revealing the truth of matters !
    A thousand Thanks, dear Shenali.


    After the war with the LTTE, some 31 Catholic priests emerged from the Vanni with the LTTE Human Shield. There were some 100 churches in the N&E too. What was happening there ? Were Tamil Dalits being brought to Lanka and together with the converted here, forming a Catholic State in the North for Tamil Dalits ? How can Lanka accommodate millions of Tamil Dalits ? If Lanka were a huge country, then such plans may have been viable.

    Sri Lanka has become a playground for international intrigue.

    *. This is why it is so important to have a UNITARY state with a standing Army, also a well organised Coast Guard.
    *. PATRIOTISM should be taught in every school at a young age with an Oath of Allegiance to be taken by all school children, at start of every school day. Same to be done in all govt offices and priave organisations at least once a week.
    *. All citizens of Lanka ought to undergo training for a Citizens Army as done in Switzerland.

    A host of other needs to ensure a UNITARY State here.

    PATRIOTISM the need of the hour.

    Remove the Tamil language (N&O) from Lanka. It can be a regioinal language (spoken and other needs) as much as any other language in Lanka such as Hindi, Chinese, etc. English can be taught widely as the connecting language.

    If there are other ways to protect Lanka in a PERMANENT WAY, please do write in. Comments welcome.

    “Trustful are kinsmen best” – the Buddha.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Why did MUSLIM countries protect him?

    Should we allow more and more Islamic universities because they supported us at the UNHRC?

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