National Anthem and Reconciliation
Posted on February 7th, 2016

Ira de Silva Canada

The National Peace Council  claims that the singing of the national anthem in Tamil is a strong gesture of reconciliation by the government. It claims that the government had the courage and wisdom to have the national anthem sung in both  Sinhala and Tamil overcoming the objections of “nationalists”.

These opinions indicate that according to the NPC, those who object to the national anthem being sung at official functions in Tamil are “nationalists”. Does it mean that those who do not object, such as the government and the NPC, are anti-national or does it indicate that the “nationalists” are aware of what is in the constitution and the others are not?

There seems to be a general lack of information regarding  the constitution of Sri Lanka. Anyone, including the Government, the opposition and the NPC who would care to check the sections of the constitution dealing with the national anthem would learn that it is clearly stated in Article 7 that the national anthem is in Sinhala and is Sri Lanka Matha. ” 7. The National Anthem of the Republic of Sri Lanka shall be Sri Lanka Matha”, the words and music of which are set out in the Third Schedule.”. To claim otherwise shows ignorance of the constitution and actions to the contrary are unconstitutional. It is a sad commentary on those who claim to be the champions of good governance and organizations such as the NPC, whose main schedule during the period of LTTE terrorism was to get foreign funding to conduct workshops in the south on how to help the furtherance of caving in to terrorists, that they are unaware of the laws of this country.

As for the anthem being sung in Tamil, that it is being done in the name of reconciliation, should not the programme for reconciliation be in accordance with the constitution and involve all groups who suffered from terrorism, not just the Tamils in the north and east? Only when are the needs of the others who were equally affected, displaced, driven from their homes and lost their livelihods are addressed equally can there be and will there be reconciliation.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva


3 Responses to “National Anthem and Reconciliation”

  1. Ben Silva Says:

    If the national anthem is sung in Tamils, it shows division and would sow the seeds of separation. National anthem in two different languages promote division. I put the blame of the state of the Sinhalese as the responsibility of Buddhists. We have to respect and safeguard Buddhism as a part of our cultural heritage. Buddhism is too passive and it caused the wiping out of Nalanda Buddhits. Less than 1 percent of Indians are Buddhists. Do the Sinhalese want to get wiped out like Nalamda Buddhists. Wake up Sinhalese !

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, it is Division of Lanka through the Tamil language – all the way.

    Tamil Leaders hyped up protests through the Tamil masses when the Sinhala Language Act was passed by SWRD in 1956. It all ended up with the violent Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 from the Tamil Leaders of that time. Nothing has changed re the stand with this Resolution yet.

    Best remove the Tamil Language (N&O) from Lanka Constitution.

    *. SWRD was assassinated for bringing in the Tamil Language (Special Prov) Act 1958.

    *. Tamil as an Official Language of Lanka was imposed under Duress by INDIA during JRJ UNP govt and is therefore illegal and ought to be removed by Yahap’s UNP.

    Right now Yahap is busy bringing in MORE Tamil Nadu camp Tamils to Lanka !!

    Let us see if Yahap is serious about a PERMANENT PEACE.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    I did something which I have not done before when Sri Lanka’s National Anthem was being played. I cried! I am not ashamed to say that!! I kept clicking replay to see the clip over and over again. My eyes turned moist and tears kept trickling down my cheeks. I even sobbed a few times involuntarily. It was with the greatest difficulty that I controlled myself. When the “Rupavahini” camera panned on the distinguished gathering, I saw those very important children of the Sri Lankan mother – most of them Sinhalese- standing respectfully erect as the words rang out clearly in Tamil. It was truly a defining moment!-

    Well done Hon MS !!!

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