Posted on February 8th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

We have been pushed by India to sign peace accord with Tigers and simultaneously blackmailed us to sign the agreement  to develop Trinco Tank farm built by British

The tanks are located far apart and laying pipeline  and equipment in the tank farm and jungle clearing is very costly and Indians knew about it that it cannot be developed

We might as well clean the tanks and repaint them to be used as silos for storing paddy and flour and even cement rather than developing a tank farm as it is very costly  !!!!!

My experience in Oil and Gas Downstream projects in other countries indicate that building new tank farm elsewhere is much more economical

I was invited by Hon Ministr Fawzi to assist the SOREM project  with Iranian funding but it was abandoned which due to sanctions imposed on Iran

SOREM is the 125000 BPD refinery to be built next to the existing refinery and the land was being acquired to build the refinery

Now Indians want to build a refinery in Trinco perhaps with coal power  Samper is still hanging in the balance with no plans  to implement

They have blocked CPC and prevent CPC in finding a new investor o develop Trinco and Sampur power plant and they want the presence in Hambantota perhaps ?

They will sign an agreement again and hold us by the b…s and block other investments coming in

If they want to build a refinery they can do it in Trincoand expand bunkering and bring more super tankers to Trinco not putting their fingers in the south also !!!!!!

Government should get  Chinese to get cheaper funds and American or Middle east to build refinery in Hambantota and establish a Private Public  Partnership ( PPP) to manage Bunkering  in Hambantota so that local bunker players get a fair chance

Managing the bunker farm can be done with an international operator running  of  Hambantotota bunkering farm which has miserably failed due to stubbornness of previous management  of SLPA who had some ulterior motives

It will be like Indians promise their girls and boys at very young age to get engage with a plan to get married in 10-20 years , so that outsiders have no chance even it is for their betterment ,we will get stuck with Indians forever with no chance like in Trinco

We have to be more broadminded after learning few lessons in Trinco with Indian promises


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THE INDIAN CAMEL IS TRYING TO PUT HIS HEAD INTO SRILANKA TENT, very subtley. Possibly trying to beat the Chinese in their effort.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you very much, Dr Obeyskera. A very informative article here.


    It is just like the 13-A imposed by the INDIANS. It is all about CONTROL, CONTROL & more CONTROL OF LANKA !

    Why do INDIANS want so much Control over Lanka ?

    Like I said before, Sri Lank is a “bloody nuisance” to India. Small island Sri Lankans go too far west.

    India has tried training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu during the Cold War times (JRJ UNP govt in power, going west !) and look where that has got India re her relationship with Lanka !

    Next, the 13-A, and look where it has got India with Lanka !

    India is like Willy E. Coyote laying traps to catch the Road Runners, but in the end falls into his own trap ! Beep ! beep !
    Lay off, India. We can see through you now.

    Now India wants to develop too. Let’s do it together, individually and sometimes together, as good neighbors should.

    What about PM Modi’s One Hundred Smart Cities project ? Both countries can build Smart Cities together, couldn’t they ?

    Meantime, Lanka cannot depend on India. We have to get our PATRIOTISM TO LANKA program going, fast.

  3. NAK Says:

    India has no intention what so ever of building any coal power plant in Sampur, already they have agreed to move to another location in Trinco.
    If they do anything there is anybody’s guess. The sampur land will be given back to its previous owners to put up their shacks untill the US marines land here and requisition that land, there is plenty of time for that.

    I have a question about the tank farm and I ask this due to my complete lack of knowledge on the subject so please bear with me if anyone care to answer.
    If the distance between the tanks is the problem that makes it totally useless, why can’t some of the tanks be dismatled and re-erected in a way that the whole tank farm can be made viable.

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