Posted on February 13th, 2016

Susantha Wijesinghe

It is with great deference and appreciation, we see, that you took note of indecent remarks made by a  Reporter on the song sung by Miss Kishani Jayasinghe, in her own inimitable style, for which she is talented, and has training on International stage. I see that you have even threatened to cancel licences of such individuals for abusing FEMALES so indecently. In this instance, he took the opportunity to use the words**Wild Bitch…Val Balliyek** in the sinhala presentation. This reporter came on Lanka Web You Tube, evidently to negate this abuse, but was found out about his subtle move.

He has up to now not APOLOGISED to Kishani Jayasinghe in either the Derana, nor on Lanka Web. Iam not quite sure about this, but, if not :-


Procrastination is not the name of the game.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you PM Wickramasinghe for standing up for what is right.

    Shame on other politicians!

    The journalist concerned MUST APOLOGIZE IF he is man of good virtue (something very rare in the profession).

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Derana TV has SACKED that journalist. Well done. Thank you Derana TV. I don’t think he will be ever employed by any other media.

    This is the right thing to do.

    As Fran says, truth prevails.

    Calling a respected woman a “VAL BALALI” (wild bittch) and calling people to THROW HALF BRICKS at her are completely UNACCEPTABLE in a Buddhist country.

  3. Lakshman Says:

    I think the writer and the comments are out of contention. I live in a western country and I listen to sopranos often. When I first heard Kishani singing I liked it and there is no question that she’s got lots of talent. However, we cannot expect the same from the rest of the local folks who are not exposed to such kind of music. And also any cultural presentations at the independence celebrations shall be within our standard cultural norms prevailing, and in my opinion this song was sung at the wrong time and at a wrong place.

    By the way, the Derana reported did not say the word “val balli” or or we should throw half bricks. He only likened the song to a screaming cat and he felt like throwing a half brick to stop it.

  4. Dham Says:

    I agree with Lashman that this stupid man did not insult the singer using the words “Val belli” and not sure from where Susantha got that information.
    As we see in youtube, he says “her singing is like a she-cat screaming at night”.
    But what is clear is that this man has his full intention to insult the singer as he takes the example of a “female cat” and inadvertently he insults all females in the world.
    We all familiar with cat screams and it is often the male cats that makes the noise. Here he exaggerates that and says it is considered as bad omen and he (his friends and relatives) usually throw bricks in the direction of the noise.

    What is the most imporant thing to note is after his throwing of bricks at animals (they might get killed he hits) he goes on to advice the audience that we should be good Buddhist by respecting such “holy songs”.

    Will this type of people love thier country ?

    Acutally this the very curse our country is facing now.

    These people are ruining all the chances of resurrection of the very Sinhla Buddhist culture they pretend to be the guardians of.
    Real heroes are supressed and not allowed to even come forward.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    I do NOT agree that the song should have been sung in Opera style at the Independence Day celebrations. The occasion was NOT right.

    Anyone is free to sing the song in different styles. But the occasion of Indpendence Day demanded that the original style be adhered to. The words reflect a FEELING, and that FEELING is lost with the Opera style.

    The equivalent might be that the ‘Ave Maria’ song may be sung in some modern style, offensive to some Christians.

  6. Christie Says:

    Her singing and the Derana commentators words got nothing to do waht Indian Empire is doing. Indian Imperialists were waiting for the opportunity silence Derana and unfortunately Derana fell in to the trap of their own. This is not much of an issue but they now have a reason.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    Our Prime Minister is so self righteous about people calling each other names. How about his behaviour in calling media personnel “Riri Yaka” and calling members of Parliament toads and monkeys etc. Should Ranil also not apologize? Who is going to question about Ranil’s behavior. It is about people in glass houses throwing stones.

    I agree with Lakshman that the Derana reporter did not call Kishani a wild cat yowling. He was saying if there is wild cat yowling, we throw half a brick,which is what it sounded like to his untrained ears. The Derana reporter was speaking in the local vernacular to his sense of injustice done to a beautiful Buddhist devotional song. If RW who rubs shoulders with the multi-billionaires he met at Davos yet speak to others in an insulting manner, then we should excuse a person who may have a patriotic value system unlike RW who appears to worship the West and Western culture. RW and his friend CBK should both retire and leave Sri Lanka and live in a salubrious place like South of France or Italy where they can listen to opera and discuss wine and Western philosophy with like minded people. Obviously the Sri Lankans are not to his liking.

    Mr. High and Mighty Ranil the great became Prime Minister by deceit on Jan 8, 2015 and has hung on by the skin of his teeth. What has he achieved to date? He has gone to various countries and met all the mighty people and come back empty handed. The visit he did to Davos would have cost the country a lot of money since he took 40(?)with him. Davos is supposed to be very expensive costing a few thousand dollars per night. What did we get out all his visits? NOTHING!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    I recall a street vendor in Colombo bringing to our home some decorative lotus flowers, the petals done by cutting up tin cans. Young as I was then, it did not look right …. Same for this song. It simply does not FEEL right.

    Nothing more to say.


    Christie has a point.

    The INDIANS have caused enough troubles to Lanka during the Cold War times.

    *. INDIANS trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu during ultra-west JRJ times.
    *. INDIANS forced under Duress, the 13-A on the untra-west JRJ govt.

    For INDIA, it suits them to do the Brit ‘Divide & Rule’ in Lanka – Tamils vs Sinhala & Others.
    That way, INDIA controls both Sri Lanka & breakaway state Tamil Nadu.

    To protect Sri Lanka :

    *. It is because of this very reason that Lanka has to always have a conventional Army as well as a civilian army, as done in Switzerland.

    *. For this reason, Lanka has to bring in PATRIOTISM. PATRIOTISM must be taught in every school with a short OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to be taken by all school children, on a daily basis. This same OATH should be taken also by office workers, both in the public & private sectors, at least once a week.

    * The ECONOMY must be faced as is. Please read the Human Development Report, Sri Lanka, done by the UNDP in 2012.
    It shows the right way to calculate annually the wealth of a Nation. The GDP is not the right way – it makes nations appear as Failed States when they are not.
    See website :

    Whatever the topic, we end up with the same conclusions.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! The issue here is not the song very much, but the indecent term used to describe Kishani Jayasinghe… *VAL BALLIYEK*

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LAKSHMAN !!! The Derana Reporter did not say ” val balli” QUITE TRUE. What he said was **VAL BALLIYEK** Please read the Island, and Prime Ministers reference to the wording.

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !! If you read the Sinhala Edition of Ada Derana, you would not have had to agree with Lakshman.

    To enlighten you, I got that information by reading the Sinhala Ada Derana. It was in black and white. Please read all comments on the Reporters YouTube appearance. Thanks.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Susantha,

    That is the local rural terminology expressed in a raw fashion ! – how the rural folk describe a woman who seems unbearable, unacceptable, to them, has hurt their feelings, knowingly or unknowingly. Here the Derana reporter has used words to express his pent up wrath and frustration against, I think, Colonisation, and confusion in values and the negative baggage that came with it. He has taken some artistic license to do so. His words may be equal to his pain of mind. He would not have stopped to analyse his feelings – it just came out that way !

    It is the rural folk who suffered a great deal under the Colonists for some 500 yrs, not the Colombo folk so much.

    As Cerberus says, Ranil too has taken liberties to express his feelings and frustrations against the Parliament (probably non-Colombian) MPs too !

    So we have two parties here who have erred – the Derana Reporter & RW.

    It is up to them to sincerely apologise or not, depending how they feel about the matters. …. ? If not sincerely, an apology is of no use.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !! Agree with your point of view. Yes, with unclean hands, one cannot cleanse another.

    Rural terminology slang is not acceptable in professionalism. He should have pulled the brakes on that. Anyway, it is too late. The whole thing blew up.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    The FACTS remain.

    1. The journalist equated the singing to a FEMALE ANIMAL which is UNACCEPTABLE.
    2. He also linked it to throwing bricks an EVIL practice in SL to throw stones at cats, dogs and birds.
    3. Derana TV APOLOGIZED for the statement.
    4. The journalist concerned was SACKED.

    Ultimately a GOOD outcome. Justice prevailed. I have NO complains and THANK Ranil for his GREAT LEADERSHIP on the matter. IF Run-nil shows SIMILAR LEADERSHIP on other matters he is suited to remain PM or become president. I DOUBT it.

  15. Dham Says:

    But facts remain that Ranil called the journalist who used a feamale animal’s name with another male animal name !
    It is OK with me as we don’t expect Ranil to preserve our Sinhala culture. But I expected Nalin to uphold values of our culture and I am very disappointed reading his statement insulting the Sinhala culture.

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