Demolishing the Tamil Homeland myth
Posted on February 20th, 2016

Shenali D. Waduge

Jaffna was a kinglet subject to the Kandyan Kingdom: Military expedition under Mudaliar Attapattu despatched by Kandyan King Senerath to defend Jaffna Tamils from Portuguese conquest in 1619 is further evidence

Why would the Kandyan King Senarath dispatch a military expeditionary force under Mudaliar Attapattu to defend the Tamils against the Portuguese in 1619 AD? The answer is simple. The Jaffna province was a kinglet and tributary of the Kandyan Kingdom. Just as the Centre would rush in if Chief Minister Wigneswaran lands into a spot of bother, likewise King Senarath wanted to safeguard part of his kingdom and sent Mudaliyar Attapattu with some 10,000 Sinhala troops. It is also no different to the Senadhinayaka ordering the Sri Lanka Military to defeat the terrorist LTTE and the country’s soldiers saved close to 300,000 Tamils.

Father Fernao de Qeuyroz’s treatise ‘Conquest of Ceylon’ records that the King sent an army of 10,000 men under the command of Mudaliyar Atapattu to Jaffna. Unfortunately, the King’s expeditionary force lost the battle due to the overwhelming superiority of weapons that the Portuguese commanded and Attapattu himself together with 5000 troops of the King also perished. This was the last battle for the defense of Jaffna before it fell to European powers and it was fought not by a Tamil army but by a Sinhalese one and much Sinhalese blood was shed for it after the Tamil kingdom had capitulated to the Europeans”.

Queyroz’s book also states:

‘As long as Rajapure (Anuradhapura) was the capital of Ceylon, the whole island was subject to one King”

Queyroz records that when the Portuguese first arrived in Sinhale in 1505  there were 15 ‘kinglets’ subject to the King of Kotte among whom the ‘kinglet of Jaffnapatao was one. That the head of the Kinglets were known as the Emperor and there was only one Emperor in Sinhale and whenever the Portuguese or Dutch referred to Emperor it was to the ruler of the entire country. Another example to deny the separate Tamil homeland myth.

The 15 kinglets were Denavake, Valave, Putelao, Mantota, Tanagama, Muliauali, Triquilimale, Cutiar, Batecalou, Paneva, Vintena, Orupula, Mature, Candea and Jaffnapatao and Kingdom of Cota makes it 16. None of these were ‘independent’ or totally autonomous with sovereign rights or being governed  ‘separately’ and nullifies unfounded calls claiming any independent homeland ever existed.

Sending troops to Jaffna to defend and protect Tamils from a Portuguese invasion of territory under the overall jurisdiction of the Kandyan Kingdom gives numerous other messages.

When the Portuguese under Fellippe de Oliveria were attacking Tamils in the North in 1619 AD, the King of Kandy Senerath did not sit silent or behave like a Nero. He sent his troops immediately headed by Mudaliyar Attapattu who sacrificed his life in a bold attempt to save the lives of Tamils just like close to 30,000 Sri Lankan Troops in the current era made the supreme sacrifice to save the nation from terrorism. The King of Kandy sent his men to fight the Portuguese invasion of Jaffna because the North was part of the King’s Kingdom just like Sri Lanka’s Senadhinayaka did in 2009.

What were the consequences of the defeat of the Sinhala Army under Mudaliar Attapattu sent by King Senerath to protect the Tamils of Jaffna from the Portuguese?

Portuguese Inquisition in Jaffna

It resulted in an extension of the brutal and inhumane Portuguese Inquisition into Jaffna. The Portuguese Inquisition was already in full swing in both Goa and the Western Coastal areas of Portuguese Ceylon. Fellippe de Oliveria, the Portuguese conqueror of Jaffna, destroyed 500 Buddhist and Hindu temples in the Jaffna province. Fellippe de Oliveria punished all those who practiced anything non -Christian. This is the fundamental basis of the Catholic Inquisition. Punish all those who are different by religion or thought and practiced another faith. Homogeneity was compulsory. No room for pluralism. The respect for the human rights of the Tamil Hindus was honoured in the breach by the Catholic Portuguese.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) – a Roman Catholic missionary group, constructed nearly 30 Catholic churches by vandalizing and demolishing Hindu temples. Oliveria introduced compulsory proselytizing – a basic feature of the Catholic Inquisition. Franciscan Friars converted more than 6000 Tamils to Christianity (Prof. Endagama)

The Buddhist Sinhalese looked after the minority Tamils in the past in areas under their control with full respect for the religious rights of the Tamil Hindus. In contrast the Catholic Portuguese forced their religion down the throats of others who subscribed to another set of religious beliefs.

Magnanimity of King Senerath

The Sinhalese came to the rescue of the Muslims as well. When Muslims who were treated as aliens and non – citizen traders and were being hounded and killed by the Portuguese almost at every turn, it was the Sinhala Buddhist King Senerath who again came to their rescue in 1626. The King not only gave them shelter but even provided means of livelihood. The King of Kandy settled some 4000 Muslims in Batticaloa because the East of Sri Lanka was an integral part of the Kandyan Kingdom.

Had the Buddhist King Senerath not given protection and shelter to the Muslims fleeing the Portuguese controlled areas of the country by admitting them to the Kandyan Kingdom, what would have been the plight of the local Muslims?

The track record of the Portuguese and Spanish in South America and Africa is horrific. They destroyed wholesale the ancient Civilizations of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were massacred in cold blood. Muslims in Ceylon may have been subject to a genocide or annihilation by the Portuguese given what the Portuguese did to the Muslims in Goa. All Muslim males above 16 years of age were killed and all the Muslim women ( known as White Muslims) were captured and enslaved as mistresses or concubines of Portuguese soldiers.

What the Germans did to the Jews in World War Two is known as the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” (in German “Endlö-sung der Judenfrage”).

This is nothing new when one examines European conquest and treatment of black, brown and yellow people during the last 500 years.

Human Rights Discourse – Hypocrisy of the West

Preaching Human Rights today by the very same colonial countries is just a smokescreen to conceal their dark past of genocide of native people, mass murder and crimes against humanity.

It was only in 1815 that the Muslims in Sri Lanka were first officially allowed to own land and property in Sri Lanka. Muslims as part of the Sri Lankan polity officially began to be counted from 1815 onwards only because prior to that they were designated as aliens and treated like foreigners, intruders or persona non grata.   Neither the Portuguese nor the Dutch gave them any recognition given the historical enmity of Christians towards Muslims that developed during the Crusades. This enmity continues in various degrees even today.

Donald Trumps diatribes against Muslims in USA constitute the latest manifestation of this perennial conflict between these two Abrahamic religions.

Moreover, the Portuguese & Dutch records referred to Tamils as Malabar (coming from India’s Malabar coast) and this changed only in 1911 when the British introduced for the first time the term ‘Ceylon Tamils’ under the influence of Ponnambalam Arunachchalam then Registrar General who compiled the National Census Report in 1911. 

Therefore Tamil politicians can only refer to period after 1911 refering to themselves as Ceylon Tamils because prior to that Tamils were known as those that had originated from South India. Is this why the Eelam campaign which originally kick started in Tamil Nadu was re – launched and rebranded in Sri Lanka boosted by the TULF/ITAK resolutions and forced upon Sri Lanka via the Indo – Lanka Accord of 1987?

We have given a few more examples to demolish the Tamil homeland myth and to showcase that while there were kingdoms or rather kinglets none of these were running separately as sovereign nations or independently of the whole country. At no point in time have parts of Sri Lanka functioned independently or separately other than when Portuguese and Dutch were ruling parts of Sri Lanka while the rest came under the Sinhala Emperor. It also reiterates a reminder to those drafting the constitution to be mindful of not including any clauses that changes this long standing status quo.

Shenali D. Waduge


20 Responses to “Demolishing the Tamil Homeland myth”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Shenali for this brilliant article of facts.

    Had the Sinhalese been vigilant in 1911 and prevented a Tamil from creating this artificial ethnic group called Ceylon Tamils, the war and all acts of separatism could have been avoided. Tamils showed no separatist tendencies before 1911 as they without a debate accepted them as Indians who must amicably live with locals without making homeland claims.

    A moment’s lapse of vigilance costed the nation dearly. Strong protest by Sinhalese in 1911 would have forced British rulers to abandon the proposed change in census classification and stick to how things were in 1881, 1891 and 1901, and how other countries with a large Tamil influx during British times classify them.

  2. Dham Says:

    How true. This is why Anagarika Dharmapala and S Mahinda thero used such strong language to wake Sinhales up.

    I am waiting for the TRUE HERO who need not do anything but just bring it up in a discussion.
    Genocide of Mythical Ceylon Tamil is a must.

  3. Christie Says:

    There were hardly any Tamils in Ceylon. They never had their own kinglets ofr kingdoms except a brief time of Elara when he had a kinglet.
    Ceylon is an island like England. (England is the closes to Europe.
    European like people from India came to the island and the locals in ceylon like the English always did not allow the invaders to set up shop.
    England always stood up to Europeans and rhey still do if you read abut the world affairs today.
    The Tamils and other Indian colonial parasites are not different to Indian colonial parasites in all the former British-Indian colonies in the tropics.
    Time for us to understand Indian Imperialism, Colonial parasites and non violent aggression and oppression and to stand up to the Indian Empire.

  4. Christie Says:

    Dilrook amd Shenali

    Indians and Indian colonial parasites and vermin are worst cunning people on Earth. They managed to fund Banda and form “Sri Lanka” Freedom Party and still call the Indians who settled under the British in Jaffna “Ceylon” (Sinhala Tamils.

    The Sinhalese who lived in Jaffna were reduced to Dalits by the Vellars from Malabar Coast who came as administrators to look after the British possessions that were stolen from the Dutch. They came during the time coastal Ceylon was controlled from Madras.

    I think the book is called Ceylon Under the British

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    In 1911, the Tamils were considered a non-threat in any way. They were the British/Dutch Indentured Labor, all one and a half million of them.

    The grave mistake was from SWRD giving the Tamil Language (Prov) Act. This followed by the 13-A under Duress from INDIA during JR’s time, put the lid on the coffin for Lanka. The TRUMPED UP 1983 Riots (JR’s time) put the screws on the coffin – nearly a million Tamils went abroad as Refugees (only Refugees accepted by the west, especially Canada) to form the Tamil Diaspora which is the worst thing that happened to Lanka, as the Tamil Diaspora spread lies about Lanka and bribed/votes to various VIPs abroad and influenced the UNHRC to bring in the unjustified War Crimes charge on the MR govt & the Armed Forces of Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has been Greece-d ! – thanks to Tamils of Lanka, and Indo-Brits.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    The grave mistake is the TAMIL LANGUAGE in place.
    None of the sub-states adjoining Tamil Nadu (Kerala, Karnataka, Andrapradesh) allow the Tamil Language a place. INDIA is divided into sub-states through Language.

    To save Lanka from further tragedy :

    Remove the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka.
    Remove the 13-A.

    When our LEADERS are divided through Ranil/CBK, how can the country be governed ?

  7. Dham Says:

    If any alternative leader cannot

    Remove the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka
    Remove the 13-A

    He/she = Ranil/CBK

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please talk striaght. I cannot follow what you are stating here.

    Are you saying remove CBK/Ranil ?

  9. Dham Says:

    If the alternative leader cannot remove 13A and the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka then is that fellow is equal to Ranil+CBK.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for clarification.

    CBK/RW are caught in a bind of going ultra west, same as JRJ in the Cold War times. But the Cold War with West vs Soviet Union has finished (1991), with ‘Contain China’ project in place, now slowing down. Like I said before, the take over countries now are Indo/Brit – both have seen “opportunity knocks” here. See how foreign circumstances lead to Lanka’s internal tragedies.

    So CBK/RW must agree with MS to :

    *. Hold Elections (LG) in this case which will expose how the People think,

    *. Resign, as the Economy going down fast (see Dilrook’s recent article on this)

    It is high time these two people grew up, politically speaking.


    Over the recent times, from 1960s onwards, over 120,000 Sinhala/Buddhists have died due to Cold War poltics, JVP attempts to protect of the country, 30 yrs plus LTTE terrorism to carve out Eelam according to the V’koddai Resolution of 1976, etc.
    Some 10,000 Tamil folk have also died in 1983 Riots and LTTE Wars to create Eelam.
    Absolutely correct figures welcome.

    There is constant ongoing strife. What we have now is a Fascist/Sadistic Dictatorshhip with RW/CBK at the helm, with
    -ms to placate masses (not happening).

    We have to bring a permanent peace to Lanka, for all in Lanka to move foward and enjoy peace and prosperity.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    To answer your question directly :

    Is MR equal to RW/CBK ? NO !
    Never was. Never will be.

    Like I said before : RW & CBK are politically immature, in my view.
    MR is a mature statesman.

    Given the chance (internationally) his govt would have removed all obstacles to peace in Lanka. He is such a person.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “If the alternative leader cannot remove 13A and the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka then is that fellow is equal to Ranil+CBK.”


    IF MR cannot remove 13A and the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka then he is equal to Ranil+CBK. Same with DINESH, WIMAL, UDAYA, etc.

    Politicians are there to do what the country needs. The country is NOT there to put up with what the politicians need.

    There is NO difference between TRAITOR colored traitors and patriot colored traitors.

    SL has been cursed by HENCHMEN of politicians.

    BEFORE patriots jump hook, line and sinker to support ANY politician they should get the politician to agree to remove 13A and the Tamil Language as N&O in Lanka. Otherwise NO VOTES. Patriots have been FOOLED always. We should NOT be fooled again. Otherwise there is not much difference living under RW+CBK.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done Russia. This is how terrorists must be destroyed.


  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR is not equal to CBK plus Ranil.

    CBK and Ranil did NOT remove the LTTE. It took real courageous leadership such as from MR, which Lorenzo admires, to remove the LTTE.

    Lorenzo says ‘well done Russia’ for removal of terrorism. So be it for Lanka too.

  15. AnuD Says:


    If you are buddhist, stay in the present and talk about the present. You will never correct past.

    It is CBK and Mangala Samaraweera, even Johnston Fernando, who want to pay for what they got from Tamils. They are cresting Tamil homeland there. Talk against those.

  16. stanley perera Says:

    MR crushed the terrorism but turned a blind eye to 13A when he had 2/3rd majority. I cannot understand why he was not interested in scrapping 13A. Can somebody give me an answer?

  17. Dham Says:

    Agree, looking at them as persons , past action, dress, speech, went to which school etc. But make some prediction what would happen to the country into the future. If final result is the failure of the country, they are all the same.
    LKY made it happen. His son is in power now and doing even better. Looking into the future, no danger visible.

    Good point. Not only 13-A.
    Tamil High Commission in Jaffna
    Not doing something to save Sunil “the Sinhala war hero turned murderer ” but protected terrorist turned supporters Karuna and KP.
    Helping to set up Elam Council

    A person who pioneered crushing LTTE is simply not capable of doing these wrong actions. So, I go beyond admiration …. for the sake of country.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    I cannot understand why he was not interested in scrapping 13A. Can somebody give me an answer?- MR promised 13 plus ( 13+0.001 ) after finishing VP& CO , as usual our all head of sinhala head of states he did not fullfil his promise .

  19. vichara2 Says:

    1.In the donation of King Dharmapala of the Kingdom of Ceylon Jaffnapatnam was also included. If the Jaffnapatnam was an independent kingdom or it was a region under the Portugese there was no necessity for this. Very likely the donation document would have been drawn up the Portugese themselves.

    2. Thanks to Director Statistics Peiris who did away with the Kandyan – Low Country distinction in the Census, there would not have been the present integration of the two groups as one community.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    Prediction re Future :

    Future is what We the People make of it. This is so for individuals as well as for Nations. Take Denmark, Switzerland etc – it is People First countries that succeed.

    *. Ask Questions, get Informed on What Matters for Peace & Prosperity.
    *. Choose our leaders wisely.



    Attempting to answer your question on the 13-A :

    I think the Tamil Leaders themselves and INDIA have to first agree re scrapping the 13-A. The 13-A, so far, is INDIA’s control button on Lanka. When INDIA feels secure, then the 13-A will be removed. To do so, perhaps Lanka ought to first sign a MoU with INDIA/UN re INDIAN Security Issues. Then perhaps INDIA will agree to removal of the 13-A. What do you think ?

    Ever since JRJ went ultra west, (during Cold War times), INDIA trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu; INDIA imposed the 13-A under Duress on Lanka. See how the picture unfolded ?

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