Ban on animal sacrifice in Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka in the offing
Posted on February 21st, 2016

by P. Krishnaswamy Courtesy:  Sunday Observer

Prevention of Animal Sacrifice in Hindu Shrines Bill being drafted:

Minister Swaminathan to present Bill in Parliament:

Significant milestone in promoting Hindu religious concepts:

Animal sacrifice in all Hindu shrines in the island will be banned under a new law that is to be introduced soon, Resettlement, Reconstruction, Hindu Religious Affairs and Prison Reforms Minister D.M. Swaminathan told the Sunday Observer.

He said he will present the Bill in Parliament at the end of this month. The ‘Prevention of Animal Sacrifice in Hindu Shrines’ Bill is now being drafted by the Legal Draftsman’s Department, he said.

This would be a significant milestone in promoting Hindu religious concepts, since animals sacrifice in Hindu shrines and temples was a controversial issue, disliked by a majority of Hindus, he said.

The practice has been in existence in many Hindu shrines and temples throughout the island but the Munneswaram Badra Kali Amman temple became the focus of the issue in recent years. 

Bhikkhus and animal rights activists repeatedly protested against animal sacrifice in the temple and also a minister in the former regime forcibly took away animals kept near the temple premises for sacrifice.

Defaulters will be charged under the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, he said.

Courtesy:  Sunday Observer

3 Responses to “Ban on animal sacrifice in Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka in the offing”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    MR FAILED to do it. IF this govt. succeeds in doing it they deserve to be thanked for it.

    ALL forms of animal sacrifice MUST be banned NOT just in Hindu temples. Muslim animal sacrifice should also be banned. There can’t be ONE LAW for Hindus and another for Muslims.

    So don’t celebrate yet. This may be a cunning plan to deliberately bring a discriminatory bill targeting ONLY Hindus and SPARING Muslims knowingly it will be struck down by the supreme court!! We know how YAAPA(LA)NAYA crooks work.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    The MR govt had temporarily suspended Animal Sacrifice.

    It would be the second best thing Yahap govt has done so far, if they succeed in banning Animal Sacrifice. The first best thing done by Yahap has been banning Glyphosate (by Pres MS). In the latter matter, the MR Govt had already banned Glyphosate in the affected Provinces.

    Tamil Nadu had banned Animal Sacrifice.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    I think the Bill should be a blanket ban on all animal and human sacrifice, irrespective of religious beliefs or practices and not restricted only to temple premises. The ban should cover anywhere in Sri Lanka, both within or outside religious places of worship.

    Good work Minister, I hope you will have the courage to extend the ban to both private and public premises. I’ve heard that the Muslims slaughter goats inside private homes and splash the walls with the dead animals blood.

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