Wigneswaran puts tiger out of the bag: Warnings for the Constitutional Assembly
Posted on April 5th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge 

There is an ongoing case filed by a petitioner who claims the ITAK constitution’s aims and objectives seeks a confederation to eventually separate. It is an invaluable and important case. Chief Minister Wigneswaran in an interview to an Indian newspaper says TNA wishes for ‘self-rule’ citing the Tamils are the majority in the North. He has in no uncertain terms made clear what the TNA objectives are. No constitution making can take place in the light of these developments. A new constitution is not meant only for Tamils. Reconciliation cannot create a constitution aiming to divide the island and separate an area exclusively to a minority based on lies especially when the question of why were Sinhalese & Muslims evicted from the North has never been investigated or explained and no efforts have been made to return these people to their original homes in the North though these people have personally made submissions to the UNHRC OISL.

Let us not fool ourselves any longer. The quest for separation using the ruse of discrimination has been battered enough. No one has to date come out providing where legally, constitutionally and legislatively the minorities are discriminated while legally, constitutionally and legislatively the Sinhalese are only given privileges. No one can also explain how the minorities have become rich and own property, lands and stocks if they do suffer discrimination as is being promoted.



Thus there is no open articulation of Tamil Eelam” by frontline contestants. Substitute codewords for a separate state however are in use. Terms such as ‘Thamizh Thesiyam’ (Tamil Nationalism) ‘Thaayagam’ (homeland) ‘Suyanirnayam’ (self-determination) ‘Thannaatchi’ (self –rule) and phrases like Emakkendru oru Thaayagam” (a homeland for us) Nammai Naame Aaluvoam” (we will rule ourselves) proliferate on platforms….. Yet the context of such usages on electoral platforms evoke a secessionist mood and fervour very much alike the 1977 campaign of the Tamil United Libertion front(TULF) that sought a mandate for Tamil Eelam” (DBS Jeyraj)

Jeyraj articulates the scenario The concerted efforts to revive the LTTE image is done consciously by an extremist segment of the TNA that is at heart hawkish and fiercely loyal to the LTTE. Another large and largely opportunistic segment goes along with this in a bid to garner votes and consolidate their position within the TNA. There is a third moderate element that is unhappy at this trend but is either unwilling or unable to challenge or prevent this blatant pro-LTTE shift. The pro –LTTE moves and activities are being fuelled by funds from the tigerish elements in the Diaspora.This material support from LTTE and pro-LTTE sections of the Diaspora is an added incentive to those promoting the tiger image through the election campaign.” Where does Wigneswaran fit in?

C V Wigneswaran (born 23 October 1939) inspite of supposed Sinhala discrimination has done quite well in life. Discrimination was no obstacle to gain admission to arguably the best school in Colombo, Royal College. Inspite of supposed ‘persecution’ he gained admission to the University of Ceylon, he entered Law College and qualified as a proctor & advocate. It is surprising how with Sinhala ‘oppression’ he became a lawyer, a magistrate, a judge of the District court, High Court, Court of Appeal and even a Supreme Court judge. With all the supposed discrimination and oppression he lived in Colombo more than 70 years of his life and only in 2013 proceeded to the North where he has now emerged Chief Minister of the Northern Province and only now he has remembered the supposed ‘plight’ of the Tamils during the past 4 years. He has forbidden Tamils to marry Sinhalese but his own two sons are married to Sinhalese – one to MP Vasudeva’s daughter the other to Kesaralal Gunasekera’s niece. The Chief Minister also says Sinhalese are forbidden from entering the North making any to wonder if his sons leaves their wives when coming to visit the father!  With all the oppression from the Sinhalese the Chief Minister is giving an interview to the Hindu newspaper from his ‘residence in Colombo’.

Chief Minister Wigneswaran is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. How many in Sri Lanka have actually wondered about the present constitution in existence? In forcibly changing the constitution via the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 bringing the 13th amendment and the provincial council system are we not already having a federal constitution? There is no law book that says a constitution to become federal must have land and police powers allocated to it. It may be also a good idea to show a picture of India, Canada, USA and show a picture of Sri Lanka for him to realize that these countries are federal for a reason and the size of their countries is why they need to have a federal constitution. That logic certainly in not applicable for a island nation as small as Sri Lanka.

A provincial council certainly has no right to interfere or obstruct the affairs of a state vis a vis national issues and positioning of the army is one such area that the Northern Provincial Council should have been explicitly told not to interfere in. Do the states in India, Canada or US dictate how their armed forces should be stationed or should not?

Instead of wasting time demanding demilitarization it would have been more productive for the Chief Minister to find out why the NPC has not utilized the money given by the Centre to uplift the lives of the people in the North. The NPC had not utilized funds disbursed in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. When Douglas Devananda the leader of the EPDP made this accusation the TNA nor the Chief Minister denied it or refuted the allegation but kept silent. The GOSL gave the Northern Province Rs5.831m of which Wigneswaran and coterie had utilized only 25% as of September 30th 2014. This allocation of Rs.5.831m is the highest allocation of all the provinces in Sri Lanka – what the TNA requested the GOSL gave without question so why has the TNA not spent that money?

The GOSL separately had spent from its national budget Rs.290,271 million for the Northern Province alone from 2009 to September 2014. http://www.onlanka.com/news/what-is-the-tamil-national-alliance-complaining-about-2.html

The Chief Minister being a judge should very well know that he cannot claim war crimes without even producing evidence of deaths, the names of the dead or even their skeletons. These are good for political stages. He goes on to say that ‘when we came it was almost 25 years of army rule’, he seems to have forgotten that LTTE was the defacto ruler of the North and not the army. He also says ‘we only have two and half years’ but his amnesia is such that LTTE was making USD300million annual profits as quoted by Jane’s Intelligence and the golden question is what did LTTE do to make the Tamil people’s lives any better. Following the 2009 military defeat of the LTTE, within less than 5 years the Northern people were given roads, electricity, new buildings and phenomenal changes took place which the people had not seen in over 25 years. Areas where LTTE ruled were in fact kept in darkness and denied electricity with transformers being burnt. It was the Rajapakse government that gave electricity to these areas. Statistics are available to prove this. Inspite of this if the NPC under Wigneswaran is not utilizing the budgets that they demand from the Centre it just goes to show that they are unconcerned about the people.

For the benefit of most who have forgotten, the TNA was formed by the LTTE in 2002 immediately after 9/11 and the War on Terror. LTTE TNA links have never been properly investigated. Neither have India’s links to LTTE.


TNA that is now speaking about the rights of the youth and Tamil people need to be asked what were they doing since 2002?

  • Did the TNA stop Tamil children from being taken by force to LTTE ‘orphanages’ ? – NO
  • Did the TNA stop Tamil children from being denied their fundamental right to education? – NO
  • Did the TNA question LTTE on why Tamil children were being turned into child soldiers? – NO
  • Did the TNA demand from LTTE that Tamil children be allowed to educate themselves and qualify themselves and become professionals instead of being given a gun and instructions to kill? – NO
  • Did the TNA stop Tamil children from being kidnapped by the LTTE? – NO

How can this same TNA now come and complain about the welfare of Tamil children when for 30 odd years we do not know how many Tamil children were denied not only their right to education, but their right to live as a child, enjoy life as a child, be fondled as a child by parents and relatives and play like a child instead of holding guns and killing people. Why does no one ask this of the TNA or its Chief Minister?

It is also curious that the Chief Minister cites Kingston and Surbiton Borough in the UK. Kingston is where 8000 Tamils reside. Where a referendum was held by the Tamil National Council (TNC). The secretary of TNC, Sri Ranjan, said: The aim of this referendum is to unite the Tamil speaking people and with their support have a referendum for the future of the Tamils in Sri Lanka based on a resolution in 1976, called Vaddukoddai Resolution, the last democratic resolution.”

The NPC is just one of the 9 provincial councils. Its Chief Ministers have no legal right to be signing any MOUs with foreign nations or their councils. It is the national government that has this right and not Chief Minister Wigneswaran.


The Chief Minister has opposed the building of 65,000 houses by the Indian Government claiming it is too costly Rs.2.1m per unit. People seem to have forgotten that for IDPs who never had or lived in a proper house, the Sri Lankan Army built houses at Rs.200,000 per unit. http://www.priu.gov.lk/news_update/Current_Affairs/ca201106/20110609army_build_houses.htm Construction of a house has cost the government less than 300,000 rupees since the Army was providing necessary planning, architecture, infrastructure facilities and labor, free of charge.

Northern & Eastern Tamils are not minority. They are the majority in their areas for over 2000 years”. Can the Chief Minister provide historical proof? No he cant except LTTE propaganda and propagandists. Tamils can show no historical roots in Sri Lanka for language, culture, people find their roots back to Tamil Nadu where Tamils arrived as immigrants and from various invasions. Muslims arrived as traders and were regarded as aliens and secured land rights only after 1815. Let us remind the chief minister that the North has Tamils because the Sinhalese & Muslims were chased out by LTTE. No constitution can give autonomy by claiming areas are occupied by that minority which is a majority in that area. If so the Tamils in Canada will start claiming self-determination, the 8000 Tamils in Kingston UK will start claiming self-determination, the Tamils in Melbourne will start doing the same, as will Tamils in France, Germany and rest of Europe. What if this precedence becomes used by other ethnic groups and they too start chanting homelands using the example of the Tamils. This is going to create a major international chaos in the world.

India, Canada & US had no option other than a federal set up. Contrary to what CM Wigneswaran tries to project. The Canadian Government did seek Supreme Court approval when Quebec wanted to cede. http://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/1643/index.do

The Supreme Court also found that there is no right to unilateral secession in international law except for colonies and oppressed people, which it said does not apply to Quebec. If the province tried to secede outside Canada’s constitutional framework, the court warned, the international community would likely reject the action as illegitimate.

The US constitution was also changed from a confederation to its present in view of the dangers of states ceding (the US discovered the dangers of placing sovereign powers in the hands of the states). In India too it was Tamil Nadu that kickstarted a quest to separate from the Indian state and it was the reason why India imported self-determination to Sri Lanka.

What we presently have is more or less a federal system because of the provincial council system. However, what TNA’s main party the ITAK desires and is secretly attempting to achieve is a confederacy, federation or confederal set up which is in keeping with the ITAK’s constitution. It is this constitution that a petition has challenged in the Sri Lankan courts and the case is still being heard. The validity of this case and how valuable it is can be measured now by the manner the Chief Minister is attempting to push for bigger plans. If it is a federal set up that he is seeking he does not need to complain, he is already enjoying a federal framework. It is because ITAK and TNA are seeking a confederacy that should get Sri Lanka’s policy makers to wake up.


Thani Naadu, Thamizh Eezham, Pirivinai poale sotkal illai. Aanal matrumpadi Pechukkal ellam 1977 madhiri Unarchi koppulikkuthu.Paattukkalum appadithaan.Marupadiyum oru Azhivo endru payaai irukkuthu” (No words like separate state, Tamil Eelam, secession are being used but otherwise the speeches are all bubbling with emotion like 1977. Even the songs are like that. I am fearful that we are heading for another destruction again).

It is obvious that Tamils have today landed themselves and the entire country in trouble because their ‘grievances’ have become perfect lullabies for external forces to use to advance their agendas. Now the whole island is in a cauldron with too many cooks putting a plethora of ingredients that is unpalatable for Sri Lanka and its people

Shenali D Waduge









8 Responses to “Wigneswaran puts tiger out of the bag: Warnings for the Constitutional Assembly”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    Viggie is not letting any cat out of any bag. His motives, intentions and declarations are the Eternal Truth of the Tamil Leaders. So it was, so it is and so it ever will be.

    Their demand is engraved with fire on Sri Lanka’s pre-independence and post-independence history.
    Eelam was the goal ever since the Ceylon National Congress split up and the Ceylon Tamil League was formed.
    Then that demand progressed through Ponna’s 50-50, Chelva’s Federalism, and the Vaddukoddai Chelva-Probha separatist movement that engulfed the entire country in a 30 year horrific, brutal, annihilating war.

    The war ended with defeat for the LTTE. But make no mistake, it was NOT a total defeat. Why? Because the Eelam demand did not die with Prabha and his cadres.

    And now having bluffed their way into a ‘democratic’ framework, the demand has arisen from its make believe grave.
    Prabha, the Jesus Christ of S.J.Emmanuel has arisen from the grave. Whereas the original Jesus said: my kingdom is not of this earth, Emmanuels’ Jesus says: my kingdom is OF this earth, it is there for all doubting Thomas’ to touch, see, and believe. It is the combined north and east of the Island of Sri Lanka.

    So where are we? AT THE BEGINNING. The war victory is writ in water. The war victory, the boast of MaRa was nothing but a Pyrrhic victory – a hollow victory. The body of Prabha died, but his soul, the soul of Ealam the 13A MaRa kept alive. and lo and behold that soul has risen again.

    And so the words of Emmanuel’s Jesus proved to be true: do not fear those who kill the body. But fear those who kill both body and soul…. Mara killed Kali’s body, but left intact her soul. Like John Browns body, Probha’s body lies a mouldering in the grave…but his soul the 13A goes marching on.

    MaRa whose favorite haunt is temples was and is a believer of An-Atta (no soul). And so he did not read the HIndu-Christian conviction that the SOUL lives on. MaRa the an-atta man killed Prabha’s body and cried out with .joy: I came, I saw and I conquered. But he left the soul of Ealam, the 13A intact. So his boast was VAIN.

    Now that !3A has become the passage through which Prabha’s wandering soul has risen from the grave. As the saying goes: no work is done until the paper work is done. the wiping of the nation’s Tamil Ealam shit filled Ars wil not be completed until the paper work is done. That paper is the NEW CONSTITUTION. MaRa followed his star gazer and followed the path to an-atta. The Ars cleaning ceremony he left to his successor.

    Now the only question is: Will Sira do it? Will Sira do it? Heis in the process of fabricating the paper. But if that paper does not have the solidity to wipe Mother Lanka’s backside of the Tamil shit, Sira might as well eat it himself.

    The hallowed premises of the new constitution cannot be any other but:
    Sri Lanka (or better the change of name of the country to SINHALA) is a UNITARY STATE
    Sinhala’s State religion is Buddhism
    Sinhala’s state language is Sinhala
    The unitary indivisible State that is Sinhala should have no ethno-religious enclaves.
    Every Sinhala’s citizen has the inherent right to choose any part of the country for his residence and work.
    There will be no ethno-religious political parties in Sinhala

    Any constitution that does not incorporate these nation-saving fundamental and inherent principles is NULL and VOID.

    That will be the day for the call to arms. that will be the day this nation will rise as one man and overthrow the traitors and betrayers.That will be the day that the treacherous betraying scum of this country will be dragged along the streets and beheaded publicly on the Galle Face Green.

    The nation of the ‘Sinhala’ is sovereign, independent and indivisible.

    Mario Perera

  2. Dham Says:

    I did not read the article in full but read Mario’s comment which is much more interesting.

    I beg Mario to start writing again. I love the style, the content always trying not to worship political PAL HORU.

    But the last para sounds like ISIS state, not Buddhist Sri Lanka, let us disregard it.

    I would like to put the same thing in Buddhist way.

    Let us replace the word “suffering” in the four noble truth with “Elam”. Actually Elam is the suffering of Sri Lanka. You can’t use the words “noble” and let us replace with “Evil”

    We must truly understand FOUR EVIL truths
    Arising of Elam
    Cessation of Elam
    path to cessation of Elam

    Arising of Elam – 2nd Evil Truth

    As any other phenomena , Elam is not really there but we Sri Lankans make it up. We thought it was over in 2009 but obviously it kept coming in various forms. But the general public has no opportunity to oppose, even when it arises, especially during MrRa era.
    Remember when “13 plus” came ? It came after 2009 victory. But we failed to understand it was Elam in another form. Not much protest that time. How many articles written against it ?
    Then came LLRC ( Lorenzo called it LTTE). Yet people were not suspicious. Now the LLRC has become the alternative to ELAM but the actual fact is it is THE ELAM. Read it again and you will understand. When the recommendations are complied to ELAM has truly started.

    Remember the word used before the war ended , “Political Solution” ? It has not comeback again.

    Like, arising of suffering which is essentially arising of greed, arising of Elam shall be fully understood.

    Only when we can say “Elam has been understood”, then we can say 2nd Eivil truth has been fully realised.

    Cessation of Elam

    With the stopping of arising of Elam, cessation of Elam will be realised.

    Path to cessation of Elam can be copied form Mario’s words. I added one to make it eight fold.

    1.Sri Lanka (or better the change of name of the country to SINHALA) is a UNITARY STATE
    2. Sinhala’s State religion is Buddhism
    3. Sinhala’s state language is Sinhala
    4. The unitary indivisible State that is Sinhala should have no ethno-religious enclaves.
    5. Every Sinhala’s citizen has the inherent right to choose any part of the country for his residence and work.
    6.There will be no ethno-religious political parties in Sinhala
    7. No NGOs will be allowed to work to benefit any ethnic group or any religious group
    8. Any constitution that does not incorporate these nation-saving fundamental and inherent principles is NULL and VOID.

    We await an enlightened leader to arise who could implement this eightfold path. All previous leaders cannot be trusted.

  3. Dham Says:

    Big error “It has not comeback again” shall read “It too has come back again”.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Dham

    You state things better than I could ever do

    With my kindest regards.


  5. Senevirath Says:

    ධම්‌ ගේ විග්‍රහයේත් හිතන්නට බොහෝදෙ අඩංගුය

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DHAM !! Just a small joke:-

    One of the questions at the Medical College Entrance Examination was;- Q- Re-arrange these letters *PNEIS* to reflect the most important name of a Human Body Part, which is very useful when Erect.

    Those who answered SPINE became Doctors, and the rest are sending jokes to each other by email.


    SHENALI !! Many thanks for keeping our memories and thoughts at *vigilance* mode. WHAT WE NEED NOW IS ACTION. WE HAVE TO BREACH THE LEVY.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Shenali.


    Mr Wigneswaran, after receivng his FREE Education in Sri Lanka and living in Colombo among the ‘oppressive’ Sinhala people all his life, and rising to be a Supreme Court Judge, is now talking tongue in cheek, and seems to be challenging the GoSL leadership to probably arrest him on grounds of the 6-A ?

    He said earlier that the demand for a Federal state is not Separatism. We say it is the second step toward Separatism. The first step was taken by using Prabhakaran, a low caste Tamil person of the North, using a ghastly terrorist outfit, the LTTE, and did Ethnic Cleansing of the N&E, terrorised the rest of the country for nearly 30 yrs., till the courageous MR govt & the Armed Forces flattened that attempt.

    Most of the trouble in Lanka is because the Law of the Land is not followed re Separatism. The 6-A has never been activated. The illegal 13-A is still in existence.

  8. Dham Says:

    A well written article from RT worth reading


    How stingy a friend Britain proved to be when – following much political grand-standing and calls for a very ‘humanitarian intervention’ against the Gaddafi regime in Libya – it could only muster £50,000 towards Libya’s reconstruction for 2016.

    Following what can only be described as a brutal leveling of Libya’s infrastructure in the name of ‘democracy building’ in 2011, the very powers that volunteered their military assistance so that liberty’s flame could shine brighter in North Africa (as the story goes) have completed deserted the Libyan people.

    Let me repeat that ridiculous figure one more time so it can truly sink in: £50,000! £50,000… Unless Libyans possess magical powers by way of making money stretch a long ways, I’m not quite sure what Britain’s donations will achieve – if not maybe hurt Libyans’ pride.

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